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The Christmas Spirit

DECEMBER 22, 2003

Prayer: Father, prepare our hearts to receive you this Christmas season; to receive a new endowment of your truth and light. Fill our hearts with your beauty and graciousness that we may take these qualities of yours out into the world to share with our brothers and sisters. Prepare us to receive you and our Mother. And we make ourselves available to you in our minds for the healing of this world. Amen.

Greetings, my children; this is Mother Nebadonia who speaks. I prepare the world to receive the Light of Truth more during this commemorative season of celebrating the birth of Jesus on Urantia. It is my Holy Spirit which now encircles the planet bringing this light of the world into the souls of hungry humans.

This season of light is touchingly perceived by us as a time when many human hearts are more inclined toward peace, goodwill, charity, and kindness towards others. It is this spirit of goodwill that we will take now and embellish with your Father’s truth to absorb more deeply into the core of this world, instilling this generosity of spirit into the souls of humanity. The goodwill towards humanity that must linger in each human heart is now making ready to prevail upon the planet. The world is tired and saddened by the lack and the deprivation of this, and there is now such a groundswell of desire for goodwill to prevail that your efforts tonight will enhance the growth of this exponentially.

Find your desire for that which you perceive as the Christmas spirit. Let it grow; let your Father and I augment this now in your being. (Pause)

Focalize your gaze outward now into the center of the room wherein the energy configuration of the planet is gently spinning. Open your heart center and send forth this Christmas spirit into the core of the planet, and we will add more of ourselves into that. (Pause)

Find that place within yourselves that feels the blessedness of generosity in giving. Ask us to heighten this feeling to overshadow your desires to receive. Let it grow; let it become very expansive, natural, and enjoyable. Let yourselves experience this. (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye, step yourselves into the core of the earth, offering yourselves in that generosity of giving to your Creator. Ask to be used as an instrument of healing. It is not important that you understand the full impact of what it is I am suggesting; it is more desirous to be in that centeredness of giving and allowing us to use you. (Pause)

Receive my embrace as you open yourselves to the blessedness of giving. (Pause) Now in your mind’s eye, I would ask you to consider what it is you would like to offer your Creator-Father as you celebrate His birth. What gift do you wish to Him of yourself? Is it your devotion? Is it your perseverance? Is it your faith? Or it could be a quality, talent, or an ability. Whatever it is you wish to offer, think of it now. And when you are ready, place this in the core of the earth in the circle and we will add unto that. (Pause)

Ask that this gift you offer to be woven into the core of the earth; let it be added into Michael’s truth-light and to become a part of the very fabric of this world. (Pause)

My children, your efforts in seeding your own components of your God-being into the planet are appreciated and vital for the healing of this world. Each individual has a significant and a broad contribution to make to the overall spiritual fabric of the evolutionary planets they inhabit. You are adding more of your own truth-light to this world by offering yourself to your Father in this way. And what greater gift can you return to Him in this season where you celebrate His birth – to share yourself with Him as He shared Himself with all of the children on all of the worlds of this universe?

I ask you to consider this as you celebrate His birth. And to know that what you offer is so greatly needed, and so progressively augmenting the truth-light on Urantia. You have all been trained to ask for what you need. You are growing more composed and confident in your abilities to recognize that you have permission to ask for whatever you need, and it will be given. Now it is time to consider the corollary to receiving; it is the giving. Ask: what of myself can I give to my Father for His use in healing this world? This is not just a question for this evening. This is a question to ponder as you move into a new year; into greater phases of your own development. To come into a greater awareness that you are not living life for yourself – you are living it for your Father for His use. We have talked about making you more serviceable to us. This is one way to offer yourself to be made into that instrument.

So as you celebrate your Christmas holiday with the receiving and giving of gifts with your family and friends, think about what you have received from your Father and ask: how may I give to you? Offer yourselves, my children. For in doing so you will only receive more – more love, more peace, more abundance, more confidence. And thereby in turn will you want to share more and then receive more; and so on. And you will grow and expand until you become the very presence of the Father walking on this planet transforming the world by your every action and word.

Think not of the impossibility of this undertaking — the enormity of it. Simply offer yourselves as best you can each day and know that we will make good use of you. Let His light descend upon you now. Feel His embrace warm and pulsate within your heart, and know that everything you offer will be put to good use. (Pause)

In time your heart will fully beat in unison with that of your Father’s. His truth will be emblazoned upon your souls and you will know of no other reality. As you allow this embrace to permeate your body, find your commitment to serve, to give; and to become one with His heart. (Pause) I leave you in His peace, my children. Good evening. (Pause)

Good evening, friends. This is your friend and teacher Welmek. I have been asked to address your questions this evening on this idea of giving of yourself in service to our Creator Father, for I have had the very creature will experience that you are now undergoing. It is my intention to help you make this transition in your thinking from that of receiving in stillness what you need from your Divine Source to that of what you can now give as the mainstay of your daily living operation. This is a significant change in attitude and living that requires your own internal adjustments be made in your decisions. I am here to answer your questions and to assist you in whatever way I may that will help you make this transition more gracefully and wholeheartedly with glad devotion to our Father and Mother. I will add that I am overjoyed to be able to be with you again in speaking to you in this fashion.

Student: Welmek, this subject of turning my will over to the care of God as I understand it: I’ve always thought that God meant the Heavenly Father Himself; now I’m wondering about the appropriateness of turning my life over to Michael and Mother. Is it appropriate to doing it that way?

Welmek: The term "God" connotes a higher being, a divine presence, and you are becoming more aware of your universe obligations and responsibilities. We all live in the universe that our Creator Parents have populated with intelligent life. It is our first responsibility to be loved and instructed by them. The Father-Fragment within your mind is the perfect guide to lead you inward on that journey to the very center of Paradise. But for many, many, many years will you live under the domain of Michael and Nebadonia. It is natural that you would be responsive to them. They are the God-head as you have come to understand it. It is helpful now for you to recognize your relationship to your immediate parents as well as acknowledging the presence of the Divine Paradise-origin Father-Fragment. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, this is much more clear. Thank you, Welmek.

Welmek: Thank you for this opportunity to assist you in your understanding.

Student: Welmek, it’s very good to hear from you. Your friendship means a lot. I’m wondering how to make use of my proposed gift to the world of intelligent creativity. I find opportunities rather rare, and sometimes disappointing in my contact with others and in the business world. It’s hard to know which direction to move in to increase my opportunities to serve in ways that are fulfilling to myself and helpful to the world. I’m wondering if you have any tips on steps I can take to meet the world half-way to enhance my opportunities and abilities to serve and to benefit as well.

Welmek: C, my friend, it is good to be with you again as well. How I understand your question. In offering your gifts of your creativity, it will be very difficult for you to see the many avenues which may come your way. You will not be able to see who it is who will benefit from your gift, will you? (No) And in not being able to see this, will you allow yourself to be frustrated because it is seemingly not being used in the way that leads you to expect or to desire that your gift is being fully utilized? I am suggesting to you to take off the expectations of how your gift will be used by the world.

Instead, what I would recommend you consider is simply using your creative gifts to develop as many ideas and projects as you can. When you are working on them, spend in prayer in offering these gifts to the universe and to your Father and Mother and saying: this is my gift to you; I give it to you and ask you to use this to the advancement of humanity. You can only offer yourself and your gifts. What your Parents make of that is up to them. They will bring in opportunities that will astonish and surprise you and it will also help you to realize that it is not your "job" to figure out how it will be manifested in the world. It is your responsibility to create.

Now, once you have offered this, allow some time to grow between your completion and waiting for opportunities to manifest. Spend time in the quietness of your mind in asking what is the next step to take in manifesting this. Take off your expectations, ask the question, and be patient. This is the difficult part in human experience, is it not? (Yes)

I would encourage you to develop heightened listening skills, and that would become a greater focus for you than trying to figure out how to share this with the world. Do you think you would have an interest in transferring your thought-energy to the desire to listen for your guidance?

Student: Yes, very much.

Welmek: Where will you put your thought-energy? This is the question to ask. The steps are: first and foremost, offer your gift. Spend time as you are developing it in prayer and asking for it to be manifested. Once you are finished, spend time in stillness asking to be guided to the next step. And wait. And when you feel so moved in your soul, you will know what to do. Then continue to just sense and notice when your thought-energies are directed in a more worrisome or expectational way. When you notice that, simply go within, quiet your mind and wait. Do you think you will be able to do this now?

Student: Yes, I hope so. I think so. I feel like I need to ask for the gift of patience and to ask for it to be given to me quickly. That’s a little joke.

Welmek: Yes, I understand that. Do you have any further questions or need for further clarification?

Student: No, I think that’s complete. Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome, my friend.

Student: Welmek, I find the idea of being of service to be challenging in the way that my life is very busy and full of details. I find that at times I don’t have time to go into stillness or have time to read the spiritual readings. Yet, I have found a lot of peace and focus my conversations with Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia. I’m wondering how I can balance my life so I can be of service and still keep up with the details that I need to deal with in my life.

Welmek: C, the need for balance between the internal spiritual development and the external maintenance of daily routines and living is the pivotal question of human development. In your mind’s eye, I ask you to hold your spiritual growth on your right hand and to hold your maintenance of your daily living on the left hand. Where do you notice the weight to fall?

Student: In my daily responsibilities, of course.

Welmek: Use this exercise to help you achieve a greater balance. When you feel the pronounced weight on the left side, still your mind for a moment and ask our Mother and Father to fill you with the desire for communion with them. Why don’t you practice this now and see how you experience it. (Pause)

Student: I feel the weight of my responsibilities shifting more towards balance when I visualize myself in communion with Mother and Michael. It’s almost immediate.

Welmek: Now, if you prefer that the weight shift to the right side, all you need to do is to ask them to heighten your desire to commune with them. And if you’d like to try that now please do so. (Pause)

Student: I think it makes the spiritual side so much more important at this moment and the things I need to do every day much less so.

Welmek: So now you have a tool to use to help you navigate between the interests, desires, and responsibilities and you may use this as often as you need every day to see how these efforts in using this tool play out over a few days or weeks.

Student: I will try this. It seems to be a very powerful visual tool. Thank you, Welmek.

Welmek: Have you any other questions or need for clarification?

Student: Not right now. Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome.

Student: Yes, Welmek, it’s been a long, long time since we have spoken to one another. It seems like over the past few days and months that my identity is being redefined. And it’s like my past identity is being taken away. I’m experiencing these growing pains. I wish to be open to my true identity to who I am because I know when I am in this place that I truly do give from my heart with no expectation, just the joy of giving. I don’t know if I have any question; just seek your advice, because I also feel my relationship with C is also changing and becoming more spiritized. The idea of giving and receiving has been coming up. So any advice you can give to me so I can be more clear in what is ahead for me, because I know I do have numerous qualities to share with this world and community.

Welmek: D, my friend, I have been with you for a time, and have seen your inner yearnings increase. Your dedication to following the Father’s will has become heightened and more refined. Pursuing this particular course of spiritual growth, as you know, is quite rugged. You have many times felt these pains as you strive to be one with the Father.

In doing this, you are taking on a level of growth that requires you to be more faith led, and you ask for clarity in your vision of where it is you are going. I say to you, this is not the path of faith. This is the path of control in wanting to see where it is you are going and then cooperating with your Father Fragment. I say to you, it is cooperating with your Father Fragment and letting yourself be led to experience – rich, challenging, rewarding experience. This is the path of rugged growth.

Can you become more enthusiastic about being in the shadows while your faith expands? I am not expecting you to answer me. This is something for you to take to your Father Fragment and ask. But you have sought my counsel and I give this to you with my best experience as the barometer to help you understand the nature of growth. You are always wanting more and it is in the actual presence of where you are that you will find the true peace and enjoyment. Can you use this time in the eternal now that we have talked about as the measure of your growth? Mastering this is a very noble challenge. In this will you find all of your heart’s desires. Take off the restrictions you place on yourself where your desires to be more than what you are become more apparent than what you are now in this moment. Have you not said that the Father is in me and I am in my Father in this very moment? (Yes) So you know the truth of my words now. In this moment are you not one? So you are already there!

Student: There’s this fear that I sense within me, in this growing pain…it’s like old ideas about relationships that I’m holding on to. I’m tired of holding onto in my gut. But there’s this fear to let that go. What will become of my relationships? What will become of me? I guess it’s a fear of being totally alone and isolated.

Welmek: And you know the fallacy of that, do you not? Student: Yes, I do.

Welmek: How will you ever experience this unless you let it go?

Student: Because I also sense it’s constricting my relationships with people, especially with C and not allowing it to flourish as it can.

Welmek: Well then, what are you waiting for? Let it go, my friend. Let it go. You just needed some encouragement that it was OK to let it go, did you not? (Yes) I hope I have provided that for you this evening.

Student: I guess I was afraid of losing everything. Thank you.

Welmek: You are most welcome. (Pause) I am happy to be offering these final closing words to you. My friends, you are all so near and dear to my heart. Even though I have not addressed you as a group, I have watched you and I participate in these evenings here and in other aspects of your lives. I am so enthralled at the growth I see in you living on this very rugged world. I did not have these life experiences. No, my friends, my life was quite different. For I grew up with ideas that are very advanced than what you have faced, and your faith is truly marvelous for me to behold.

In this season where you celebrate our Master’s birth, I thank each of you for the gift that you give to me of yourselves, of exposing your humanness in your faith struggles. I honor you and I love how you portray the Father as best you know how. You are truly a living inspiration of how our Father in Paradise lives in you and guides you each day.

We are so blessed to be living in this universe. One day your planet will know of the multiple inhabited worlds that are a beautiful part of this universe of Nebadon. One day your planet will be fully vibrating with the life forms of other worlds as we share our cultures together. It is so precious to me that we can have this time together now in spirit and know that the quality of our friendship will last for an eternity.

I celebrate each of you this evening. I wish you the happiest of Christmases. Good evening.