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Your Days Of Spiritual Impoverishment Are Over

OCTOBER 27, 2003

Opening Prayer: Divine Mother and Father, we come into your presence in faith – not being able to see you or touch you, yet we trust that you are there because we crave your presence within us. Our souls have so languished in spiritual dejection and isolation. And we come to you to be uplifted to a new understanding of who we are, who you are and what our place in the universe that you have created is. We invite you into all of those places within our being that you know so intimately and ask to be restored to full spiritual health. We ask for our system of consciousness in mind and body to be freed from all of the dark shadows of error. We come to you in faith and we receive with open hearts in faith, your loving mercy, your forgiveness and understanding. We come to you in faith. Amen.

Good evening, my dear precious children. This is your Mother in Spirit who speaks now. My name is Nebadonia, and my arms are open to receive my little children of faith. For truly it is your faith that has led you to this internal quietude where all things of beauty and truth exist. It is your faith that leads you deeper into this quietude in the depths of your mind where you access divine rest and replenishment. That place of Spirit is actually in my arms. I hold you each of you within me—my Spirit essence and person. I am your Mother. You are knit into my being as an expression of God moving through the universe. There is a deep soulful recognition of this within you.

I ask you to find that place within you that longs for the Divinity within you to come forth—that piece of you that is the very perfection of the Infinite Creator. Invite that spark within to resonate within you a deeper vibrational presence that will leave a soulful impression of Its reality. Ask for this now to come forth. (Pause)

My children, you have a relationship with perfect peace. You have access to perfect complete love and understanding. It is not important to look to others for love or compassion. You have everything you require within your being to satisfy all of your soulful needs of your everyday life. Internally is where you connect with this Source. And you all, at varying levels, understand this. Tonight, it is my desire as your Mother to open you to even further in your awareness of this Internal Source, thereby creating within you a new stream of thoughts and feelings feeding you with perfect love! from your perfect Creator-Father.

The human striving for this has long been relegated to those religious minds who gravitated toward mystical pursuits, sometimes cloistering themselves in societies where they would delve into this internal quest over the long course of their lives, taking them away from the normal rigors of everyday commonplace living. But you who are among those individuals who have answered the deeper yearnings of your soul know that it is important to maintain both the internal focus on your Source while maintaining an external stance in living your material life. As your Mother, I wish to help you achieve higher Father-consciousness of this perfect love to stabilize you and to inspire your life.

Relax into your seat. Let go of what you think you need. Invite me in. Invite me into the very depths of your being, and I will resonate in you. (Pause)

As I move in your mind, allow me access to those deep places of sorrow, those unfathomable depths of sadness within you. I will wipe away your tears. Do not be afraid to touch these deep realms of distorted perceptions of yourself, for beyond that shadow lies unbridled joy and love and a sublime happiness that your heart will swell with such contentment and peace. Be not afraid to invite me into the depths so that I may expand your heights. (Pause)

Now I ask you to focus your attention on receiving forgiveness—that quality of merciful understanding, compassionate wisdom and judgment that sees beyond what you have experienced, sees into the very intention of who you were created to be. Come into your heart’s desire to receive that understanding, and ask for all of the misperceptions in you to be forgiven. (Pause)

My children, you were created in love. Let these words go deep into your cells. You were created in love. You were wanted. You were planned. You were part of the original plan of the universe. You were created in intention, this intention of intimate and perfect love. Let this intention soak deeply within your being. (Pause)

Now I invite you to participate with me even deeper as I take you into a place where cellular memories of being devalued have been stored. Simply invite my presence into this place, this is all you need to do, my children. I will heal you simply by your asking me. (Pause)

Now there is one in whom your bodies may re-pattern itself within. This is your Creator-Father, who as the source and embodiment of Living Truth nurtures your cells with this most revitalizing substance. It is what you crave deep, deep within you. The need for this has been most acutely felt and now you may invite more of that substance into your being by simply asking for the Living Truth to enter into your being to fill you. (Pause)

Your days of spiritual impoverishment are over, children. Your days of spiritual isolation and abandonment are behind you. You were created in love. Let the truth of these words enter deep within you spreading more of the seeds of love to all of those places within your thought patterns. (Pause)

Now call upon your Divine Source to resonate within you an impulse of love—that first vibrational impulse that emanated from the First Source and Center of all there is, that echoed out into the starry realms, in whose intention you were created and carried forth on this echo of love. Call upon your Source and listen to this echo. This is your love song speaking words of directly into your soul. (Pause)

Dear children, tonight is a night of experience only. In our next time together, you may come to me with your impressions and thoughts what you experienced. Tonight when you slumber call upon me as this integration continues to build a new soul matrix within your whole being.

Share your experiences with one another tonight. Celebrate the love and the intention that you were all created in and endowed with. Relax, and enjoy the energy that weaves in and through you and the room and throughout your energy-space presence. This is me that you sense. The all-pervading and al- encompassing stream of love that moves around you that binds you into this universe of love you were created in. You live and breathe me. I am your Mother and I love you dearly. Good evening my little ones.