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OCTOBER 20, 2003

(See T/R Notes at the end of the transcript)

Opening Prayer: Dear Mother and Father, we are ready to come into your presence. We so look forward to being with you in this way. You are our life force. We you’re your being. We are ready to receive you as you encircuit us in you. We thank you with grateful and humble hearts for all your compassion and love. Amen.

My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Good evening to all of you. Sit back, relax, and receive the embrace of your Father and me. (Pause) As my Spirit moves through you allow your internal core to yield to my soft touch. This inner core has places of brittleness that sometimes deflect the divine spark of love. You may sense this by noticing pockets of tension or discomfort moving about your body in various areas. These are a more concrete physical representation of a thought-form that has not yet been properly aligned in the Fath! er’s will.

As you sense these within you, you must now make a choice to keep these places of resistance closed and off—deflecting the divine spark—or choosing to open this by inviting my presence; and inviting a deeper level within you of Michael’s love by offering this to us and asking for that merciful, compassionate, understanding forgiveness that will help you to receive this more easily. As you sense these places within you—choose. Which will it be: continued resistance or yielding? In choosing to yield, if you feel this softness not yet opening, ask for forgiveness from your Father and then relax. Do this now, my children. (Pause)

Your life vehicles were designed to contain a divine light. Through years of prolonged error on this planet have dark masses reached deep within your bodies, your thoughts, and shielded this divine light. As we have said to you, we desire for our children to no longer carry this burden. The abject poverty of Spirit on this planet has created a sinful energy that unbeknownst to you does impact a level of your thought processes in a very negative manner. You carry around with you this burden of error through no conscious choice of your own.

I invite you now to come before your Father, the one who loves you beyond all human measure, and simply ask for his forgiveness to fill you. This is your birthright, children: his mercy, his understanding, his intimate knowledge of your innermost being; all of the places you know not of yourself are known to him. And his forgiveness of all known and unknown human frailties is your birthright. Forgive yourselves for your own shortcomings now, and let him further cleanse you through his merciful forgiveness. (Pause)

Be whole. Be full. Be swollen with this quality of forgiveness that restores you into the full measure of your status as a child of the eternal infinite Father. Do you sense how this has the capacity to restore your own human dignity and worthiness? Do you sense the redemptive quality of his forgiveness in that it stabilizes your position to Michael and me as our child welcoming you more fully into our family of loving harmonious peaceful and joyful relations? Do you sense how this is your lifeline when you struggle with your own sense of smallness and human frailty? T s quality of forgiveness is a gift that we imbue in you that re-establishes, re-patterns, reconnects a greater level of love within you.

As your Father and I take you into this journey to remove the stigma of the Lucifer Rebellion from your being, there are times when you will sense the enormous burden of what has impacted you personally and what has impacted this beautiful world. There are times when you will feel frustration and anger and a sense of pain and remorse and sadness. Call in us to uplift you through this period. But know, my children, that to fully

comprehend the enormity of what is occurring as this disruption continues you may be taken into deeper domains of cosmic understanding of the rebellion.

I would ask you to consider now that even though what has happened on this world has impacted each and every member of this planet adversely, also it has been a great blessing. Ask to see the blessing, to see the good. Come into your hearts into a place where you would be willing to forgive the perpetrators for what they have done. I know that this is not always an easy thing to ask of you, my little ones, but truly you have it within you to reach this level. You may not fully trust it yet, but it is nonetheless seeded deeply within you.

For the planet to be truly healed there must be this collective level of forgiveness that bathes the planet in truth. And you, in forgiving these perpetrators in a similar fashion as your Creator-Father has forgiven them, will you reclaim this planet in light and truth. So in asking you to consider this, call us in now and ask us to imprint this idea onto your minds and into your hearts. We will help you embody that quality of divine forgiveness that is so healing and love-restorative. Do this now, my children. (Pause)

As your Creator-Father stands in front of you, center your mind on any feelings of resentment or hatred that you have of the pain of the world—the sin of the world. Open your heart and invite Michael to remove this from you through his forgiveness. (Pause) Ask for his mercy now to fill your heart with such compassionate understanding and let this soak, soak in, my children. Go into the vibrant core of your being and become his mercy and compassion. (Pause)

Does not your body feel light and free when you embrace these divine characteristics? Surely you would desire to live in this purified state. Daily, by coming to us you can gradually attain that lightness and purity of being. This is what we desire for each of you. This is your birthright. You have a right to own this, to desire this, and to claim this as your very own. See within yourselves your own sense of authentically claiming this as your own. If you feel somewhat tentative, ask for us to show you how this is yours, and to impart to you ! why it is important to not hesitate any longer. It is yours. It is yours. And we gladly restore this in you. (Pause)

I will be open to receiving your comments now, my children. I ask you to share your thoughts with one another about your experience. You may address me when you are ready.

Student: Dear Nebadonia, in theory it’s easy to forgive even Lucifer because we see it as pride, but is it the 400,000 years of enmity that he wouldn’t give up in that we have to face? That intense hatred like a lion and a hyena that’s doggedly not given up? Is it something like that we have to face?

Nebadonia: Only if you are willing. It is not something that you would necessarily choose to do on your own without some supportive divine encouragement, now is it?

Student: Yes, I would say that’s very true.

Nebadonia: Because of the violence of the enmity—that degree of malicious evil that has been perpetuated here is overwhelming to the human heart. So we present these ideas to you to soften the blow as it were, and to help you realize that you have the power of Michael at your disposal to accompany you in your forgiveness. Your human capacity to forgive could not possibly encompass the sin of the world, now could it?

Student: No, it’s just a little bit too big.

Nebadonia: A little bit too big? It is unfathomably too big. In time as you grow in your own sonship status, as your consider this idea, there will come a point in your mind where it will seem inevitable to forgive Lucifer. And at that point, it will not seem so daunting or all-consuming, but a natural progression where Michael’s mercy and compassion will be so highly magnified in your being that it will be able to take on this level of forgiveness. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, I think I’ve been prepared for that kind of understanding. I really appreciate that.

Nebadonia: Does this settle this idea in your mind, or do you have further questions you wish to bring to the table?

Student: Only that I’d ask to learn to pray to my guardian and my Thought Adjuster too for that.

Nebadonia: Come into my being. Ask me to weave my love through you. Call on Michael’s mercy and ask your Father Fragment to reveal to you why it is safe to forgive Lucifer and all of his fellow perpetrators of sin and darkness. (Pause)

Student: Thank you for the safety to do this.

Nebadonia: You always have this safety. It is yours for the asking, my beloved one.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Mother, I would like to ask your help. You spoke of the dark areas within us. Despite my efforts to find these dark areas—to penetrate them—I don’t seem able to accomplish that on my volition. I would ask you to help me with this, to perhaps read into me these dark areas—what they are, what thoughts hold them me so I can allow the forgiveness into them.

Nebadonia: R, my son, the human mind can be a great trickster. There is a level of deeply embedded willful resistance; though stubborn, not fully unyield-able. As you consider going into these deep unknown places within ask your Father Fragment to begin to illuminate your mind as to new ideas to consider about seeing what may be holding you back. As you begin to see more deeply into your own inner resistance, call on me to soften that and ask for Michael’s truth and love and mercy and understanding to open you fully in your mind. Then when you have seen this more fully, ask for his forgiveness. And you will receive this, my son. You will be forgiven. Are there any other questions you have regarding this?

Student: I need to ask what tricks are my mind playing on me now?

Nebadonia: Go within. Call on Michael to embrace you in his truth. Ask your Father Fragment to open the door just a little bit more for you to see. Spend a few moments in doing this. We are with you. (Pause) Do you now see, my son?

Student: I can only trust. (Pause) Yes, I do see.

Nebadonia: Invite our tenderness into your heart. Let our love release you from this burden. (Pause) Call on his forgiveness. (Pause) In the coming days, I would ask that you put aside your evaluations of yourself. Ask to see more and more of who you are from our eyes. Ask to see your child-likeness. Ask to see your innocence, your sweetness, your unspoiled faith. Those resistant resilient protective defenses that you have barricaded yourself in will more! gracefully yield when you see this buoyant beautiful boy that you are in your soul. Pay no attention to the harder shell of the grown man. Ask to see more and more to see this radiant young boy that is your true soul self. Can you do this now for us, R, as you disassociated yourself from who you think you are into who you truly are?

Student: I will try with all my heart.

Nebadonia: And will you make a commitment to relinquish your judgment upon yourself by seeing this boy more and more each day?

Student: Yes.

Nebadonia: Thank you.

Student: Mother, I find it difficult sometimes to forgive myself fully for some of my bad habits and ignorance. It’s difficult for me to pinpoint some of these things and to forgive myself and to heal myself, more importantly. Can you show me how I can do that?

Nebadonia: Ask yourself this question: What have I done that is so bad that my divine Mother and Father could not possibly ever forgive me? As I say these words to you, my daughter, what is your immediate response that comes to mind?

Student: I don’t think I’ve anything so terrible so as not to receive your forgiveness.

Nebadonia: Exactly. Do you think then you could forgive yourself?

Student: Yes, I can do that with that thought in mind more easily. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Daughter, you have done nothing that would render you incapable of receiving our forgiveness. Ask me now to weave this thought more deeply into your being. Do this now. This idea will become more focalized in your consciousness and give you greater desire to see your shortcomings in a much more compassionate light. Can you do this now, C? (Yes) And receive. (Pause)

I also ask you to consider to release yourself from the burden of self-evaluation. Are you willing to make the conscious choice in your mind that says: "I am no longer interested in evaluating myself by the criteria I have established and have been influenced by others." Are you willing to do this now? (Yes) And ask me to weave within you a greater desire to release this crushing evaluation you have pronounced upon yourself.

Student: Please do so, Mother. (Pause)

Nebadonia: Find that desire within yourself to forgive yourself more fully. Let us impress upon you a greater interest in receiving this now. (Pause) And be in my peace, my dear one.

Student: Thank you, Mother, that relieved my burdens quite a bit.

Student: Mother, I’ve noticed that what I see in the world and in my relationships affects me very deeply. That anything or anyone resistant to the truth or to the love of God, or to joy or love really really affects me. So much so that it takes away the joy of being in my own body. I have a hard time letting go of that pain and anguish. I feel it in my body.

I wish to have a better understanding in my relationship with C and her two boys. There seems to be this dense veil of not being valued that pervades their beings and distorts their true identity from their visions. This affects me very deeply. I wish to be of service for me—to love and nurture them in the best way possible. For their pain really affects me. I want nothing but the truth and light for them as I want for my own children.

Nebadonia: D, I wish to introduce an idea to you tonight. Are you willing to consider something that you may have not faced in your own inner depths, or would you prefer to discuss this with me privately.

Student: You can bring it forth now.

Nebadonia: Thank you for your courage. There is deep within you great sensitivity to being valued. I ask you to go into your Father Fragment. And if you are willing to ask for a symbol-picture to merge within your conscious mind of the sensitivity you have to not being valued that is but a mere reflection of what you are witnessing in your beloved and her family. Are you interested in doing this now?

Student: Yes, I am.

Nebadonia: Your Father and I will be there with you as you do this. (Pause) Are you willing to surrender the bastion of your defenses? (Pause) Ask for Michael’s truth now to move the spirit poison so that you may more sincerely be patterned yourself in his image. (Pause) Find your desire to follow the Father’s will at whatever the cost. We will help you dedicate yourself to this. (Pause)

As you slumber this evening, ask for Michael’s truth-light to bathe you, to bathe your mind in purity and holiness, in righteousness. As you awaken in the morning re-establish this connection and allow the truth to free you. We are with you. Have no fear. (Pause)

Your sojourns on this world are so brief. And yet you have such a distance to traverse in your spiritual growth. Let not the distance of this growth diminish your enthusiasm to thwart your desire. Instead, renew yourselves each day with the assurance of our promises to you. We are with you. You are moving forward. Your growth is slow but steady, and there is a captivating reason for this which you will grow into understanding in time.

More and more ask to see yourselves the way we see you. Your mind will tell you other than this. But I say to you, pay no attention to this. Ask to see who you are in our eyes. The more you identify the greater your capacity to understand yourselves, and easier it will be to come to us for forgiveness. And it will open the door to more love than you can comprehend.

You are our children. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are important. You are loved. I know the pain in your hearts, but as your Mother, I can heal it—each and every wound. We sent you out into the evening with one final embrace to impress upon you how accessible I am to you each and every moment you live and breathe. (Pause) Good evening, my precious ones.


Dear All:

On this subject of divine forgiveness, I'd like to add some impressions from the lesson that Mother gave. As I pondered this idea in stillness, what came forward were the following:

It is difficult sometimes for us to accept this level of forgiveness due to the separation we have operating in us from the Lucifer Rebellion. As evolution progressed with this distorted influence running amuck on the planet and hearts becoming hardened to following the divine will, coupled with the inherent animal nature, we amassed a collective energy about doing what we wanted regardless of the consequences. It made wanting to do God's will seem hard to imagine or understand. Our minds just couldn't quite grasp what that meant. Religious belief systems tried to tell us what doing God's will was all about, but Jesus truly freed us in showing us that it was merely to invite God into our lives in a personal relationship and to let the Divine influence our thinking and actions. However, many years of distorted thinking often deflected the simplicity of the ideas Jesus promoted.

Forgiveness has the spiritual energy to absorb all distortion within our minds. Our Parents understand all of the ramifications of the Lucifer Rebellion and how it perverted our minds. We only have to accept this forgiveness and let them come into our being to swallow all of our shortcomings. Our role is to invite this sweet merciful understanding and forgiveness so all of our errorful intellectual ideas and hurtful emotions are aligned in Michael's truth and love. Then our Thought Adjusters have more space in our minds to teach us God's will for our lives. Without it, our Adjusters do not have the freedom in our minds to influence our thoughts to the thoughts God wants us to think. So, in this dynamic, forgiveness is a path to eternal life, and our accepting it shows our respect for this wonderful gift our Parents freely bestow.

As spiritually awakened individuals, I believe we feel the shame and guilt of error (both personal and collective) quite acutely. At one level, this shame makes us shy away from divine forgiveness because of the persistent resistance Lucifer and the other rebels had to doing God's will. Since they negated the existence of the Father, they negated the need for forgiveness. But, we need it! Not because we are sinful in nature, but because the forgiveness is the spiritual energy that understands why we have behaved in ungod-like actions and has the capacity to take our errors and make them right. We cannot make it right in our minds alone. We can forgive ourselves and others at various levels and that does correct our thinking to varying degrees. But because of the sheer magnitude of the distortion contained within our being as a repercussion of the rebellion, accepting divine! forgiveness cleans out more levels of error and restores more of our consciousness to holy relations with God. The more we forgive and accept forgiveness, the freer we are in mind and body to following our Father's will for our lives at the material, mindal and spiritual levels.

I, for one, am very excited about what Nebadonia is doing in us as she and Michael continue their ministry to free us from the toxic stranglehold the rebellion has had in our minds. As they pour their forgiveness into us, surely our minds will yield to the attraction of truth and love that their mercy delivers. We are ready to be freed from this horrific legacy of sin. In accepting their forgiveness will we find more of the Father in us. Great times are ahead!