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Center for Christ Consciousness

Larkspur, CA


Lesson on Change

OCTOBER 6, 2003

Opening Prayer: Dear Heavenly Parents, our minds are still and our hearts are open as we present ourselves to you for healing; for our being to be imprinted upon you – your truth, your beauty, your goodness, and your loveliness. Encircuit us in you. We ask for our beings to be filled with your presence. We desire to grow more in you, become more like you—helping us to step out of our past into our present as we grow more God-consciousness and God-like. And we thank you for your ever-abiding and abundant presence in our lives. Amen.

Mother Spirit Nebadonia: Good evening, my little ones. This is your mother Nebadonia who greets you this evening with a mother’s tender heart and loyal devotion to her children. Last week we took you into a deep imprinting experience within that being of Michael, who is the living embodiment of truth, for your system of being to nourish upon. We asked you if you were ready for this deep resonating essence of divine love and truth to be made more fully experienceable in your being. As the time grows when more truth will be revealed on this world, it is now time to come into us as your Divine Parents to receive more fully that which we long to give to you—the very substance of us.

Again, we ask you: how much truth do you want to ingest? Take a few moments, think about this; ask yourself what does this mean to ingest truth—to be imprinted upon truth? (Pause) Find your desire for more truth and allow that desire to deepen within you as your mind quiets and stills. (Pause)

As you explore this question, you will notice a quality of resistance, perhaps at a very deep level, within you; or it may be more superficial in your mind. Wherever you notice this resistance, ask me to come into that place where you harbor a defensive posture in receiving truth, and I will soften that within you. (Pause) Where do you find your resistance is coming from? Is it the unknowingness of doing the will of God? It is a quality of unworthiness that you do not deserve to be a vessel of truth and purity—a recipient of the divine affection and embrace? Wherever you sense y! our resistance, ask for your Mother’s touch within you to show you there is a nurturing hand helping you to step out of this thought pattern so more truth can enter your mind. (Pause)

Now ask yourself this question again: how much truth do I want to ingest? Let yourself feel your own inner response. (Pause) Do you sense a qualitative distinction between the first time you posed this question internally and the second time? Does your desire for truth seem more real, more sincere, more honest, more desirable? (Pause) It is important now for you to begin to qualitatively determine your own inner yearnings for this will dictate how far you will progress in your spiritual growth, in your soul development. That you can have all of the love and peace and joy and guidance that you desire is simply a matter of allowing your internal environment to open to receive this. It is your desire for this that creates that dynamic flow of our essence and our being into you.

And I want to make it clear to you tonight, my children, that you are changing. Change will ever be a part of your life. But if you can sense that this change is for your advancement—for your benefit—then seek this quality of active positive change in your life every day and know that the divine hand will come in and part the ways of error in your mind for the greater implantation of truth.

So now in your mind’s eye, see where you were approximately one year ago in your journey into God-consciousness. (Pause) Look where you are now. (Pause) Do you see positive change within that timeframe? Do you notice your growth; do you see your expansion? (Pause) Tonight I would draw you into a greater capacity within your mind to want to change, to want to grow even more than you already have. Is this something that you all desire? (Pause)

Find that place within you that wishes for change and call me in as your Mother to breathe safety and dynamism into this quality of change that will give you more bite—something to chew upon in your faith—to be assured that this change is a new direction of bountiful blessings of the Father’s love into your life. Ask for me to breathe in you the enthralling thrilling dynamics of change. (Pause) Now, my little ones, ask for more truth to enter into your being—that liberating light that makes change so positive, dynamic, effortless, and desirable. Ask for the truth to be imparted deep within you in all those places that need to be fully spiritized within your being (Pause)

Relax in the truth—our love for you—our comfort and guidance is ever resident in you. Receive this foundational truth and grow. (Pause) Receive as it builds slowly but steadily within you. (Pause) I will address your questions when you are ready to bring them to me.

Student: What do you say of prophet Mohammed?

Nebadonia: I am willing to answer all of your questions, but I would ask that you hold them until a time when we can converse together in private. This is a time of experiencing a deeper inner relationship with that source of renewal and refreshment. And the tendency to focus on another being or to engage the mind of intellect would diminish the experience of what is actually occurring in your being. And while I understand your interest and concerns, I would ask you to allow yourself to be still in your thoughts so as to incorporate what is occurring into the fabric of your being. Would this be acceptable to you, my dear? (Yes)

Student: Mother, I would like to say that as you know my heart is wide open for truth. Once again, I would like to hear your thoughts and words on what is slowing down my receiving the truth that I so much desire and how I can work in these areas more so than I’m doing now to open up more to the Father, to Michael, and to you to experience it more fully?

Nebadonia: R, my son, I know full well the desires of your heart. And I caution you not to perceive that you are not progressing. As this quality of deeper experience begins to uproot more of the distortion in your mind, you will sense some stubborn places within you that do not seem want to yield, and therefore, it will be easy to associate within your mind that you are not progressing. Is this not now what you are experiencing, my son?

Student: Yes, this is what I am experiencing. I also use the amount of joy that I feel in my life as my yardstick because I know the closer you come to truth the more joy there is in every moment in your life. This is also what I’m experiencing and I would like more joy now.

Nebadonia: And there will be more to come. But also allow this sense of deepening into those resistant places to soften, soften and soften. You will want to find to depth—this extremely deep place of the Father within you. But the resistance is great and you will feel it so deep—so deep—my son that you will feel it is not yielding fast enough. Pay no attention to this. Pay no attention to this. Every time you feel this resistance, call upon me to soften and breathe as you yield; to soften and to breathe and to yield. As this yielding opens up your being, what do you think will come forth? More lightness and that effervescent quality you find so appealing—your joy.

You ask me what you can do. If you do this, you will achieve it. Let this be settled in your mind now. It is not that you must do so many things to achieve this high degree of God-consciousness. It is not necessary. Coming into me and letting me soften you and yielding into that—this is what will bring you into the heights of joy and the love of your Spirit Source. Can I count on you now to give yourself a break and to trust me more as you are led into this deep experience?

Student: Yes, you can count on me, Mother. Your words are always so soothing to my soul. Thank you.

Nebadonia: Rest in me and you will find that place of the qualities that you seek.

Student: Mother, all the time you were talking I could really hear the words, and a metaphor developed in my mind that the truth it struck me as living. It’s in motion, and it’s alive. And it’s like this magnificent beautiful horse that’s moving and so powerful—it’s the whole universe—it’s God’s will just moving along. Here I am kind of ambling along. So there’s no way of avoiding a sense of a scary kind of acceleration into goodness if I just grab hold of that horse and get a hold of God’s will. Just like someone said: /SPAN>it’s like jump! ing off a cliff and what’s going to happen to me. I’m just ambling along half in my past and a huge now. Obviously it’s going to be very disrupting. But when you said to so deeper, I had a sense that this feeling of myself of ambling along is an illusion. It’s very comforting but actually I’m on that horse; I’m actually in the universe, and there’s no stopping it. Evolution can be relentless. I’m just going to have to trust that if I can get really on that horse that some kind of miracle happens and it’s really peaceful. But for a while I get caught going back and forth. That’s where the trust comes in.

Nebadonia: J, my son, use this fear now as a stimulus to face the unknown. Feel this fear all around you, and ask for your Father and me to hold your hand as we walk with you into the unknown—the unknown experiences of your life. We will be there to accompany you. You are not alone. While it is very (tape turned), the fear can seem quite all-consuming at times. How will you know what lies beyond that unless you look it square in the face with us by your side? Your fears are so well understood by us.&nbs! p; Do you think that we would want you to go through these experiences without the help and understanding and the courage and conviction that you need? And where does that come from? It comes from us.

The horse that you speak of is not untamed; it is not wildly out of control. But it is directionized, and wants to leap out to support you with wings. Think of that mythological creature Pegasus. While it was a horse, it had these beautiful light-filled wings that could take you soaring to the heavens. Jump on him, for we are the wings of the horse that will carry you forward.

You have often talked of your exhilarating experiences on your motorcycle. You were the one in control, were you not? (Mostly, but not entirely.) Now we are asking you to let go of your control, and just find that curiosity within you that says: "Where will this take me?" And come along for the ride of your life. You will not be disappointed; you will be inspired and exhilarated. Let me imbue you with this quality that you now need to carry you to the next level. Are you ready to receive th! is now, my son? (Yes) ( use)

Student: I feel very fragile. (Words too faint to hear, student remarking on feeling like a lost child)

Nebadonia: R, my son, a lost child is very fragile, is he not? When you feel this fragility within yourself very pronounced and almost overwhelming, call in your Father Michael as your strength. Ask his arms to uphold you and protect you. You are not in life alone, but you have a source within you—deeply, soundly—working to uplift you. And even though you may not feel this at times; over and over call in your Father. Bring your awareness to him many many many times during the day. You know that you have deepened your faith. You know that there is change occurring within your mind. These are real experiences for you, are they not? (Inaudible comments)

But you feel as if you were this fragile lost child, so what control does a child have? (Not very much) No indeed. So why would you not desire to call upon your Father more and more. (Only lack of faith) And so will you be more consistent in your attempts to call on him? (Yes, I accept) Call on him now in the quiet of your mind and let his presence build your foundation of faith even stronger than it has already grown. Do this now, we will add something into you. (Pause)

Student: I feel I’m infinite pretending to be finite.

Nebadonia: My daughter, the quality of infinity is deeply ingrained within your being. Every cell has the imprinting of spaciousness of infinity deeply encoded in a cellular level of your consciousness. But also encased within you in this physical body that you inhabit is a very discernable reality of the physical being as being conditioned by time. The body is exhaustible and will eventually return to dust. But this is not the real person—the real you—the real daughter-spark of the Infinite Creator. This is only transitory garment that you are wearing for a time while you walk ! on a physical sphere.

But it is, in terms of the here and now, something very real and something that you can accept and enjoy and appreciate. Let that quality of infinity overshadow that and bring into a greater proportional harmonic resonance so that you know yourself more as who you truly are in a universal cosmic sense. This being that you inhabit is a marvelous vehicle to experience life in this domain.

But you are so much more than that—you have an infinite capacity to receive and learn and grow. As part of this dynamic growth process of the separation of the dual nature of human experience and living on this world is to allow these two opposing natures to blend—to harmonize, to work in concert one with the other—so that you can embody the very essence of God through this very finite body that you inhabit. While the body is transitory, it is nonetheless what you are experiencing now.

As you grow in comprehension of yourself as this infinity creature—created daughter, spark of the Divine—use your vehicle as a sensing device to experience all the joy and wonder that the universe has in store for you. Allow yourself this time of integrating a greater sense of who your Creator Source is in a very intimate and loving relationship. You will be so delighted and so inspired that your whole being will sense a new authenticity of living. Receive my blessings upon you, my dear one. (Pause)

My children, change is all about you. Look to those places within you that harbor fear, uncertainty, loneliness, despair, abandonment. Would you not wish to be free of this? This is what change is all about—creating a new environment within you of connection—of love, of peace, of belonging; belonging to a friendly universe, belonging in a loving family where you have bountiful support and guidance always available. You are living in a time of great change. Get used to it!

You have all feared change for sometimes change was not in your best interest. But you are all here now because you are beginning to perceive a different reality of what change means. Change is growth—positive and dynamic—soul-fulfilling growth. There is nothing to fear about this time of great change on your planet and within your beings. As we have said to you these past few weeks, how will you deal with disruption? And to encourage you to agree to be disrupted so that this positive change takes root new potentials of truth and goodness and beauty and breaks the open the seeds planted within you to fully blossom. Can you get used to growing more beautiful? I think you can.

So open your hearts and say "yes,"—yes to all the change that you can allow in. And to perceive with your external eyes the changes on the planet that are occurring and say "yes" to this and bring your desire to be a part of this change to your own inner disruption. It is safe. The new foundation growing within you is real. It is solid in peace. It is stabilized in love. It is the time of truth being poured over this world with such loving compassion, understanding, mercy, and infinite forgiveness. Drink this in, my children, and you will change, but you will be free. You are growing in your Father and in me, in our truth. And there is no greater change that you can make than to grow in us. Good evening.