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Larkspur, CA


Seek Us To Aid with Disruption and Lack of Equilibrium


September 13, 2003

[Appended Message from Donna D’Ingillo about previous transcripts and those that follow the first anniversary of the founding of the Center for Christ Consciousness.]

SEPTEMBER 15, 2003

Good evening, my children. This is Nebadonia, your Spirit Mother who speaks now. Like the little chicks who run to the mother hen for safety and protection, so now come unto me and I will safeguard you from all of the troubles that you face.

Last session your Father discussed the nature of disruption. And you were brought into an experience to handle disruption with more ease and with greater acceptance. For those of you who were not in attendance, I wish to expand this exercise for it is quite significant as more changes come to this planet—that you would need to feel the stability of our protection within you as you see these changes occur around you.

Take a few moments to search your mind and to sense that true quality—that emotional posture—that you hold within you about disruption. Your honesty about disruption is key. I know you do not like this, and it is perfectly acceptable to your Father and to me that you would recoil at first at the idea of embracing disruption. That is why we wish to help you tonight to gain a greater foothold in stability so that you will see disruption as a mere flash that comes and goes in your life and it does not diminish your effectiveness or your composure.

So find within you the irksome-ness that you feel about disruption and when you have had enough of it call me in and ask me to fill you with the peace of Michael. (Pause)

Ask for His peace to overshadow any emotional disquieting you feel regarding how disruption impacts your life. (Pause) Ask for my essence to weave you into the truth embodiment of why the nature of disruption is essentially positive. (Pause)

Go deeper into your desire now to be steadied and peaceful and when you feel the fullness of this desire, Michael will appear in your foundation. (Pause) Now in your heart’s desire for peace and stability, ask for this peace to flow outward from you into your daily routine—projecting it into the days and weeks to come, and asking for this stability to carry you forward. Your Father and I will add something into you now. (Pause)

Now see in your mind’s eye an individual who is close to you, and in projecting this peace outward invite them into the peace of Michael, and allow this energy to compel them in to the center of stability. (Pause)

Now ask for this peace and stability to be woven even further outwardly from you into the energy matrix of this world. Ask for it to be directed into all of those pockets of conflict: war, poverty, illness, suffering. Ask for this peace and stability to strike at the very root of the causes of all of these, and we will add something into this. (Pause)

Now call forth from on high the love light from the very Source and Center of Paradise to flow into the core of the woundedness of this world to soothe all of the suffering, and we will add something into that. (Pause)

My children, hold your heads high in looking to the future—a future that is rich with promise of the day when humans will stand side by side as brothers and sisters of the cosmic family of our Creator. We are preparing you for dynamic spiritual service ministry that calls you to embody a point of stabilization of Michael’s peace on this world. We have asked you many times if you are ready to serve in this capacity. And if you are willing to do so, then you must be the embodiment of love and peace itself.

We bring you these experiences so you can participate and allow Michael and me to weave more of ourselves in you, to mold you into that greater spiritual drawing power that will draw your brothers and sisters to you for compassion and comfort. Will you have opportunities to teach them? You may if they ask. But more and more we ask you to hold out your arms and to give a sympathetic hug or warm gaze to lift the spirit of those around you when they falter in confusion and doubt.

Your stability is so vital to this, for you will find many interruptions that could easily detract you. But how much more enjoyable and effective your day would be should you grow your capacity to be stable, still, and peaceful. Would not your day seem to be more effortless and joyful? And so you only have to come to us and ask for our stabilization, and you will find these disruptions in your daily routine not so troubling or irksome, but a way for you to challenge yourself to grow more stable and peaceful in us. I will now address your questions on this topic of the evening, my children.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, I would like to ask a question about the seven adjunctive mind spirits, and how they relate to this topic of peace and to embrace disruption in our lives. How can we use these spirits to bring this about more fully?

Nebadonia: You can hardly be consciously aware of these mind endowments which have been placed within your being as a way for you to grow your conceptual awareness and feeling sensitivities of the Father-First Source and Center. In answering your question with an intellectual answer, it would tend to diminish the embodiment of peace that your Father and I wish to bring into you that is more of what you need now to stay focalized in deep and secure peace.

All of those mindal endowments are a conduit that weave this peace in and through you, and they all have their functional ability to this effectively; most particularly when you invite my presence and your Father’s presence into you for these are the conduits through which are ministry flows. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, that helps and I understand a little better. As I get to know you more and learn more of your presence I wish to use the text, The Urantia Book, and what I learn here tonight to teach others about who you are and how you work in others. That’s why I asked that question. It is a desire that I have to teach others about this wonderful gift of knowing you. Thank you.

Nebadonia: All humans need love and compassionate understanding. Tell them they have a Divine Mother who is able to weave this into them. Tell them it is their privilege and their birthright to come to me and I will reveal myself to whomever asks, and it will be given fully and freely. But it must be each person’s desire. Whet their appetite for the desire to feel this compassionate understanding and tender devotion. It is in the yearning of each soul on this world. If you are able to effectively stimulate this desire, then you w! ill have found a way to present me to my children. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.)

Student: Mother, since we last spoke last Monday about disruption and even prior to that, there had been a sense of disillusionment with the way things were and are in the people I see around me and in my life and myself. That I wish to come from a place of spiritual simplicity and clarity--clean. I desire to shake off old belief systems and ideas that no longer work in my desire to live the ideation of the Father as it unfolds naturally.

It seems like over the past week I’m hanging by a thread as I’m letting go of what was and allowing myself to be open to what could be and what is right now. It’s a very vulnerable place and my body has physically experienced that release. It’s also affected my relationship with my lady-friend, and that there’s a sense within me of abandonment and not being loved, of not being seen or heard, of not being important. And so as I sat here tonight, I felt this whole surge of energy where I could hardly breathe. And it came and kept coming, stopped, and came again.

I gladly welcome the disruption because I know from my past experiences, I open to greater experiences of who I am and who I wish to be.

Nebadonia: My dear son, the disruption you seek is the separation of the transitory primal nature so that you may more fully embrace your divine God-given self. It is a place of great vulnerability, as you say. This slender thread that you sense within you is very delicate and tender, and there are strong feelings upon it that you sense. As you present this slender thread to your Father and to me, ask us to add that which is our nature onto it to absorb any of those less attractive qualities of your primal being. Our nature grows within you. Layer by layer you are gro! wing a new self as the thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences and behaviors of following the Father’s will gains greater depth and breadth in your consciousness. It is safe to expose this slender thread to us, for there is something within the primalness of this that comes from the very source of all life, and we are adding only more of what is beautiful and real onto it. So my son you are always safe in this place of great vulnerability. Rest in us and grow in the Father. Are you ready now for this, D?

Student: Yes, there’s no turning back, is there? I’ve had glimpses and tastes and I just want it to unfold naturally and simply.

Nebadonia: And it shall as it has ever been.

Student: I just wish to say that I honor my ladyfriend, C, for her patience and tolerance of me during these moments of very high emotional acuteness. She helped me with my growth. I hope to do the same for her.

Nebadonia: You will be given many opportunities to serve those whom you love to show them a deeper level of the Father’s love through your devotion.

Student: That is what I want. It does no good keeping it to myself. Thank you.

Student: (tape turned) Sacredness is a hard thing to appreciate in times of blindness. I think of times I’m lost but it all comes and goes and is okay in the end. Life is interesting.

Nebadonia: My dear daughter, you are beginning to experience life with a different set of eyes—your eyes of faith—in being able to pierce through the shadows of confusion and doubt; at times to view the greater reality of the love and comfort and peace that is always present for you to nourish yourself. As you transition between times of seeing life through the eyes of the everyday material nature, be not disheartened by the difficulty that you see. For this difficulty is only a fluctuation of an unreal energy form that is casting a shadow within your mind. Take your internal hand and wipe it away. Ask for the clearer! vision of Spirit perception to dawn upon your conscious mind.

These faith eyes must be exercised to grow strong, so that you are then seeing life with a duality that you have found to make it very interesting. When you sense this dual nature with the diversity and the breadth of life, it will seem to be fuller, richer, more vibrant with color and a sense of song, because it will be full of various harmonies that weave a new quality of God within your soul. It will strike a chord within you and cause your heart to sing with appreciation and wonder at all the fullness you experience. As you make this transition from only seeing through the eyes of the material, call on your Father and me to present the greater picture of reality that will lend you this enhanced perspective. Your mind is so open and young, and it still is virtually unspoiled by the ravages of living. So now is an ample opportunity to cultivate this faith perspective that will set you on a course of an adventureful, fearless life that blazes new spiritual trails.

Student: Am I allowed that? I don’t feel worthy.

Nebadonia: Oh yes, worthy indeed. And not only worthy, this is your universe privilege and responsibility to rise up and become all you can be. For there is something so rich and compelling within you that will not settle for anything than becoming the best. You sense this at times, dear one. And yet you also sense the shadows. But they are not real; they are only the fluctuations. Find your desire to become the best you can become. Find that compulsion, as it were, to strive to achiev! e and let that sing forth from your soul like a song offering it to Creator to say: "This is my gift of myself to you. Help me to achieve this." And God will, step by step, help you achieve all that is in your heart that is truly good and beautiful and wondrous.

Your worth and value are immeasurable, as is the worth and value of each child in the universe. Devaluation has taken a heavy toll on the human heart. But as we say to you as your parents who love you beyond your comprehension, it is not so. It simply is not so. You are so dearly loved and intrinsically valuable to the universe for you are a part of the universe; a piece of the very essence of God. That is YOU! What could be of higher value than this? That is YOU! That is each one of y! ou. Let your Father and I weave this more into your mind, and I say this to all of you now. Breathe in your value, let it fill your lungs and swell within your hearts. (Pause)

Student: The thing that keeps wanting to roll off my tongue is to love to live and to live to love. To love to live and to live to love.

Nebadonia: Let that become your special motto, C, and carry it deep within you all the days of your life. (Pause) My children, bring me your questions or concerns about disruptions you encounter. I am here now to add more comfort into you.

Student: Mother, I’m not sure I see a disruption as a disruption. I think what disruptions are are an essential part of growth. I don’t always recognize as being that. Sometimes they are just an annoyance, or I don’t want to do it. Sometimes I just plain don’t see it. I wonder how I can look at them and recognize them for what they are.

Nebadonia: When you sense a disruption are you willing to notice how you feel in your body? (Yes) Then when you feel this disruption reverberate in your body, call on your Father and call on me and ask us to bring that peace and stability into you. It is not so much that you notice the disruption as important as to notice how you feel internally when this occurs. For it is in feeling the disruption that destabilizes your equilibrium, does it not? (Yes) What is more valuable to your well-being is to be able to capture that feeling! within your body of disruption—to harness it—by calling in our peace. And then the outward manifestation of the disruption will not seem so important. Do you understand the distinction I am making here?

Student: Not exactly, would you explain it again. I’m not quite sure what a disruption is.

Nebadonia: What I am suggesting is that you do not try to sense or see a disruption, but to notice how you feel internally when you sense that this dis-equilibrium occur within your body. Do you understand now, my son?

Student: I’m beginning to.

Nebadonia: Pay close attention to how your body responds during the day—if you sense a greater feeling of slowness in your movement where you are not rushing about. If you feel that rushing around is a sense of dis-equilibrium, would that not be a disruption then in your life? (Yes) And if you sense a feeling of confusion or uncertainty, would that not be considered a disruption as well? (Yes) And so, when you notice these, what is it that we are asking you do to?

Student: Call you and Father in to smooth the disruption to be at peace.

Nebadonia: There you have it! Do you understand now, my child?

Student: Yes, Mother, thank you. What a great tool.

Nebadonia: My little ones, you all have such busy and sometimes frenetic lives. This is the way of your culture at this point in your history. But we are teaching you to come to us and to find the superior way of handling your lives’ challenges. And as one who walked among you who excelled and achieved the highest degree of Father-consciousness, your father-brother Jesus is the example for you to look to and ask for greater understanding from a human perspective to find greater tools to master daily life.

All of your life will be a challenge. It is part of your intrinsic nature; you cannot, will not ever be separated from this quality of overcoming challenges—facing them head on, asking for help, and being guided through them. Disruption is a necessary and vital component of life that will compel you to seek and to handle challenges with greater spiritual and divine aplomb. We can only encourage you; you must spend time within to find your own desires for this. And when you have come to a fuller appreciation of the nature of disruption and challenge, you may call your Father and me into your being to take you that next step. ! But you must first recognize within you that this is a vital component of your life.

Will you do this for us, so that we may help you in turn? (Yes) We ask these things of you because we know what greatness lies deep within you. You must exercise that deep faith to stir the creative juices and potential within you for this to become manifest: all of the love, all of the peace, all of the patience and goodness that you desire will be achievable and is achievable bit by bit, faith step by faith step, holding our hands as we walk you through life—abundant life, full life, eternal life. Good evening, my beloved ones.

September 13, 2003

[Message from Donna D’Ingillo about previous transcripts and those that follow the first anniversary of the founding of the Center for Christ Consciousness.]

Dear Friends: After a spectacular one year anniversary message last week, the meeting last night was not taped due to technical failure of the recorder! Also three weeks earlier a sublime message on Hope was not recorded as well due to recorder failure. Notwithstanding these difficulties, I wanted to recap the message and ideas that Michael and Mother presented for your meditating pleasure.

Over the last several months, the theme of their messages and experiences was to help us grow into more mature levels of faith--trusting that our Divine Parents watchcare and devotion to our lives is firmly in command. They have continued to assure us that we don't need to fear; they are taking care of us in numerous ways and we can rest easy in them. These unrecorded messages have followed that theme.

Message on HOPE (August 18th): The experience centered around feeling the quality of hope in our hearts and letting Michael and Mother expand that quality. They wanted us to feel deeper levels of hope within us and how hope actually has a buoyancy that keeps us afloat in difficult times. In creating this experience for yourselves, ask to feel a sense of hope, and when you sense it, ask Michael and Mother to expand that into your heart center. Relax into it as they grow HOPE in you.

Message on DISRUPTION (September 8th): Michael talked with us about how we handle disruptions (of all kinds) in our lives and asked us to consider how this is actually a good thing as it opens the door for more of the Father's plans and will to move through us. This is especially significant because it takes us out of the realm of wanting our own agenda and expectations to prevail and allows our Father's will for our lives to dominate. The exercise began with us being invited to consider how disruptions are necessary and good. We were advised to ask our Father Fragments to help us understand the dynamic nature of disruption. Then we were guided into inviting disruption into our lives and to welcome it and embrace it. Michael and Mother then added themselves into that invitation, expanding us more into this. As Michael and Mother were doing this, I could feel the fear in my heart c! enter that the group was experiencing over this, and our Divine Parents were softening it through their ministrations until the pain softened and became pliant. Finally, we were asked to consider loving disruption. They again added themselves into our being to help us overcome our fears, and eventually the energy moved to become soft. The meeting ended with the assurance that we can rest in their peace and know that things are well in control no matter how chaotic things look. They grounded their peace in us as we ended the meeting.

It was an important message and one that I felt needed to be shared since it was not taped. The message on hope seemed to establish a foundation in us so that we can stay firmly rooted in them as disruptions occur. I certainly feel that more tests of our faith are on the way!

If anyone is interested in having one or both sessions recreated for them via the phone, please feel free to call me at . . . . Hope to have the messages back on-line next week.

Namaste, Donna D'Ingillo

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