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Illawarra District, New South Wales, Australia,

Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

Subject: "Womanhood and Absolute Equality".

November 24, 2002

Received by Sandy Montee

Mother Spirit: "Greetings, my daughter. This is Mother Spirit. On this beautiful evening, I would like to talk with you about womanhood.

"To be created a woman is to receive from our loving Father the blessings that place us in absolute equality with our male counterparts, and in His eyes. I am His child, also, and in the very same way that you are His child, as are my countless female mortal children on this earth.

"As women you continue to conceive, co-create, and give birth to both sexes, and this is greatly beneficial to your spiritual growth, for you are endowed by our Creator with a natural urge to nurture, and give care to others, yes, with this gift from our Father with which you are so blessed.

"Our Father understands the prime need for the gift of unconditional love He allots to women, and they innately understand that everyone in their circle very much needs to be loved. It is in being loved that a person finds happiness, and it is love that matures, and gives strength to all mortals. Her nature to love, creature instinct for survival, and natural feelings of caring can be discerned in womanhood by her readiness to defend and protect both, her children, and all children.

"Her patience shown in teaching others, brings with it her recognition for self as a contributor, and an ability to gain self love and self esteem, and to be proud of the successes her toils will bring. Womanhood certainly doesn't need to represent "submission", or her being "lower than" her counterpart, no.

"Long ago your culture did go so wrong when the initiatives were taken to pursue this male-dominant way of life. Recognize your potential for feminine strength you may show in insisting on peace, tranquility, and caretaking - the gentle, softer view of life. This is much needed at this time of serious consideration of employing warfare and death in solving strategic problems.

On a world run by women there would be much less reason for "conquering" and "the bringing under control" of my family unit. Honor your womanhood, my children, and others will learn to honor you and all females of this special planet. What we ask for, and how we explain our needs, does make a difference in our communicating to all that we are proud and thankful to be women.

"As our Urantia women first gain a more positive attitude about their self-worth, all will realize that the sincerity and depth of loving self and others represents the greatest power in the universes, for love is a natural and stabilizing force that brings misguided opposition into clear focus, and onto "oneness."

"Your learning to be proud, happy, and entirely satisfied with your being women, gives you an opportunity for growth, and He trusts that you may one day begin to truly believe that the Father created man and woman to be equal, although opposite, on a par with each other, although diverse in function, yet always "one".

"It is late, you are fatigued, and you are having some trouble receiving this, yet I trust that you will also take in, and take to heart, my lesson on this subject in your own life of many lessons you had to learn. So, let us stop this transmission now, and we will see what your male counterpart -- of absolute equality in His eyes -- can do in finding the topic of this discussion, and, yes, remind him to format it into a lovely message.

"This is your Mother Spirit, who sends you her appreciation and her love."

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