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Salt Lake City, Utah

Michael and Mother Spirit

Stillness Healing Exercise

January 26, 2002

[Note from the T/R: Dear Friends: I was recently with the Salt Lake City group conducting a stillness healing meditation/workshop. We began the workshop with a brief prayer and then Michael led us through the following alignment and encircuitment healing exercise, followed by Mother. Here is the transcript of that guided stillness exercise. If after reading this transcript, and you try the stillness exercise on your own, I would be very interested to hear of your experiences/comments if you feel so inclined to share. Many thanks to Mark Greer and Sandy Porter for their speedy transcription. Donna D'Ingillo Stillness Center]

Stillness Healing Exercise conducted by Michael and Mother Spirit

Donna: Let's just take a nice deep breath.

We want to speak to our Thought Adjusters, our beautiful inner spirits, a gift from the Father. We want to be more receptive tonight to the words of the Father within us. So we just open our minds and our hearts and pray that Michael and Mother Spirit - you are our divine parents. You know each place within us what needs your healing touch for each life situation, each cellular frequency that is out of step with the Father's will and the Father's way.

We invite you now to come into our being. Putting aside our expectations, putting aside our agendas, our resistance, being totally receptive to your presence, power and healing deep within us. We thank you for this opportunity to gather. We thank you for your love. We are your humble children and we only seek to grow more beautiful as children of our Father.

Ok, let's just sit back now. You might want to close your eyes while we do our experiential. Let's just go into stillness for a moment to a quiet reflective state of being. Get comfortable in your chair. And now we ask to be encircuited in the divine universal energy, asking Mother Spirit to now to envelop us in the universal current.

I want you to imaging that at your right foot is a beautiful thin line of energy. Draw that in through your leg, through your hip, up your right side, up through your brain to your pituitary gland that is located in the center of your brain, just a little bit above your eyes, and then draw it down through the left side and out of your left foot, and send that over to your neighbor to your left. Just stay in this flow of energy. Slowly, deeply breathing feeling it enter on the inhalation, and exit on the exhalation.


Now I want you to envision in the very center of our circle, Michael; or, of you prefer, Jesus. Ask to look deeply in his eyes. He is facing each one of us. Look deeply within His eyes, and invite His presence, actually, physically into your being. You and He are one.

Michael: My children, this is your creator-Father who now addresses you. I am, through my power, personally present in each one of you. I ask you now to participate with me in this healing exercise. What I am inviting you to do is to be fully centered within my being that has the potential to heal whatever has been afflicting you. Your faith, your sublime trust in my work within you is the catalyst to all true healing.

The more your sense my presence, the deeper you experience my love, the more you will feel how precious you are to me, and the more you will wish my presence within you to be made manifest. For some of you this may be the first time you will experience these sensations. I ask you to be relaxed and open and to stay present with the directives I will now be giving you so that you are more fully aware and experiencing the alignment of your body within me.

Your bodies, for many years, have been out of tune with the divine energies. As part of the massive correcting plan that I have instituted on this planet, your bodies are now being re-encircuited and reestablished in a higher degree of cell harmonics and balance.

For some of you, you may feel an acceleration within you. It may at times feel a little disquieting or disorienting, but it is truly nothing to fear for it is a time of great opening and great healing. Therefore, I suggest to you that at any time when you feel you are out of balance, out of step, out of harmony; to call upon me, and to align yourselves in my presence which will sooth your soul and calm your cells to establish this balance and harmony.

You can do this everyday, and even from moment to moment if it is in your hearts' desire and conscious recognition to remember to connect with Me.I am in each of you. My spirit of truth is living. It is an active force within you. It is only your awareness - or a lack thereof - that affects the level of truth you receive.

So let us now begin our alignment.

At the base of your torso in the area called the perineum is the location of the base chakra, the red energy center. Bring your awareness to this center and in your mind's eye, tell your mind through your mind, your conscious mind, direct your body to now align with Me.


This is your anchor, your base. This is the center for the encircuitment of the first of the adjutants of mind the spirit of intuition. It is the action of our holy Mother, through the outpouring of the infinite Spirit within you. It carries within it the potential to learn, the connection with the mind of the infinite. This anchor is indelible, and it is not broken until you actually physically leave this planet for your continuing morontia adventure.


The deep encircuitment you feel here is allowing you greater access to the spirit of intuition. We will continue to move up the energy scale into the second chakra, the sacral energy center of the color orange, which is located in the center of your pelvic region. Now in your mind's eye tell your body to align this center in Me.

This particular area is the focal point for the spirit of understanding, the second of the adjutant mind spirits. Once you receive the capacity to learn, you receive concepts that you come to know within as ideas, and your ability to learn to associate information begins to permeate your being at this center. The action of the Mother also allows the inter-association of human relationships in varying kinds of relationships of association. Feel the anchoring, feel the centering, and the depth with which this is now realigning your body. Some of you may feel a heaviness or a sense of sinking as if a great weight is pulling you down. This is normal and expected. Do not be concerned with what you feel. Do not try to understand what it is you are experiencing.

Just stay in the state of experiential enjoyment as we now move on to the next center, the third center or chakra which is most typically represented as the color yellow. Allow your mind now to anchor this into Me.

You are My children. As my children, you all have life in Me, and through Me, and with Me. The center we are now indeed harmonizing is the center of your ability to cooperate through your free will choices. The esoteric literature calls this the will center, but I say to you to begin to appreciate this center with the joy of coming to bring your choices to me so that I can teach you the better way, so your own choices will be more informed and made a part a solid bedrock of knowledge. This is the center of courage and as such, you have the capacity to experience that which moves you forward in life, in faith, based upon the information which youbegin to collect and understand from the two lower centers.

Each of you has the capacity to choose, but will your choices be made on that which you already know or think you knew? Or will you step out on a higher level to ask for the divine to be known within you. When you do this you are acting with a high degree of independence that is nurtured by the spirit current. I would ask that you now take a moment and center this idea within Me. We are moving forward together in the revelation of the divine. Once you begin to move more in harmony with the divine will you begin to elevate yourself from the mere animalistic ego tendencies that are part of your lower nature. You begin to become more fully aware of deeper meanings that may even yield cosmic insights.

So as we move into the fourth center now; the chakra is typically represented by the color green. You will notice that this also called the heart center. This center is the co-mingling of the esoteric literature that depicts this as the center of love; but because the adjutant of knowledge is encircuited here, this is the center functioning in a way that is more consistent because you have now grounded in deeper levels of divine values, so you naturally move from a place of love, the deep unconditional love of the Father. So as you ask your mind to anchor itself in Me, you may feel a space opening within you that allows for a deeper recognition of unconditional love and what that feels like in your life. This space that is being created in you opens the door for greater recognition of the love of the Father for you, greater self acceptance, greater self forgiveness, and a greater sense of self validation and authentication.

I hold each of your hearts in my hand. And now, tell your body to allow your heart to be in harmony with mine.

And as we move to the fifth center, commonly referred to as the throat chakra, typically represented by the color blue, it is now time for your body to again be centered at this juncture. Those experiences which you incorporate to become a part of your life that have been rolled into the previous four centers now begin to culminate in your ability to communicate your experiences and your understanding. And so this adjutant of mind of counsel as it is encircuited in this fifth center is the vehicle for you to communicate your ideas, experiences, concepts, and your unique way in which you see life and have lived through it.

The more you anchor yourself within the (word unclear) will as aligned with the divine will, the more your heart is open to unconditional love,the greater your words of truth be to those who hear you speak. So when you are totally encircuited and open and purified within these centers, you are actually the embodiment of living truth. This is a highly desirable state, and highly effective state as a human.

In this state, your willingness is magnified through your alignment of this center within the Father, "Not my words, but Your words, I speak". Anchor this intention into this center and into Me. (pause)

Located in the center of your head in the very core of your brain lie two exquisitely designed and balanced glands. This center is commonly known as the third eye in the esoteric literature. It is represented by the color of purple. And so, as you ask for this center to be now aligned with Me, you are gingerly allowing your delicate endocrine system to be stimulated gently.

(Tape change sides)

(Missing words)..influences to permeate down through your spinal column and into your central nervous system. As you grow more Father conscious your ability to see your reality from a higher universal perspective will grow. For this area in your brain is being gently stimulated and yields the capacity to see things from the Father's eyes. And when you see a higher level of reality, the combined influences within you culminate in the worship experience of praise of your heartfelt appreciation for the grandeur and glory of God. Your ability to recognize Deity is through the auspices of this circuitry of worship that is exquisitely housed in this center. As you are now being more fully stabilized within this energy, take a moment and appreciate the gift, the gift to recognize the Father, the gift to be able to see that which the Father sees.

The culmination of this exercise yields the anchoring of the crown charka, the energy center located at the very center in the very top ofyour head. This portal to eternity is your accumulative capacity to become like the Divine in your own experience. Anchor this now in me and open the door to eternity.


As experiential children of the Father you gain knowledge and experience with each choice you make. That is actually permeating each of these energy centers so that if you were to stay fully anchored, the resulting awareness would culminate within you as those true cosmic awareness's that border on true wisdom. The adjutant of wisdom is anchored in this center, and so the more you grow in your awareness of the universe, the more you stay anchored within me. The more you are able to receive the bestowal of the Thought Adjusters' love, guidance, and support within each cell of your being. I retreat while our Mother completes the encircuitment within your being.

Mother: Good evening my children. This is Nebadonia who speaks. The presence of Michael is deeply within you. Each moment of your day, each breath you take has Him in you. But my dear little children of this planet, you have been sorely at a disadvantage for many years, and we are now here to help you re-establish those endowments which should have always been yours as your divine birthright.

Some of you, I should say all of you, have had what we would consider to be holes or gaps within your energetic, divine circuitry, and so now what is being done for you is the restoration of this circuitry that will allow for higher mental functioning and emotional stability as well as cell rejuvenation and longevity. So I ask now for you to imagine yourself encased in a giant oval of golden light that shimmers and sparkles and effervesces. This is the action of purification and rejuvenation, and it is my blessing and gift to each one of you. I will encircuit this within you, but if you have a particular area within you that does require special attention, I want each of you to identify whatthat is and ask for a higher concentration of this energy to be localized in that area. Take a few moments and receive my blessing in you.


Your vehicles of corporeality are not a curse. Cell degeneration, decay is not an eventuality that you must accept within a short time frame of 80, or 90, or 100 years. When you invite our presence into you, you are partaking of a fundamental quality of infinity that has a tremendous capacity to re-invigorate, and somewhat you then, and modify your cellular structure. And so the more you replicate this exercise in your daily regimen, you will be actually in essence youthening yourself. You have all agreed, at some level, to be participating in the correction plan that is now enveloping your planet. So we need your involvement to do this, to heal yourselves, to become living vessels of faith, to inspire your brothers and sisters to the ways of the spirit. My mantel of blessing will continue to be upon you as you move into a discussion. And so my children, the fabric of energy that is now weaving and correcting the areas within you that are damaged will grow in time, but in order for you to continue this, spend time each day with me and our Creator and aligning yourselves in Our Being. I retreat into Michael. Good Evening.

Michael: My children, our gifts to you are bestowed freely and we ask that you share what you learn and what you receive with one another in the spirit with which it was given. You live, and breathe, and move in us, and we are here to heal you and to guide you, but it is your walk of faith, your heartfelt alignment within us each day that moves you forward. My spirit lives within you, and my presence overshadows you. Good Evening.