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Salt Lake City, SnowBird Conference

Teaching Mission Conference

Nebadonia: T/R: Steffanie Murray

Tarkus: T/R: Jim Cleveland

July 7, 2001 (Sat. morning session)

Greetings, this is Nebadonia, your universe Mother who loves you with a mother’s love. This TR this morning has gone through some sadness over a son who is not able to be here because of some acting out behavior.

Many of you in you lives on Urantia have experienced deficiencies with your own parenting. Seeing the beauty of the children who are here today had greatly affected this person through whom I am speaking and we, Michael and I, and your planetary Prince Machiventa, have assured that the embrace of our love is not only around her but around all of you to relearn.

You’ve heard your mission, your role, this morning referred to as the Melchizadek university and indeed that is true, but those of you who have been students of the Urantia Book have occasionally looked upon the universe as a vast hierarchy, an organization. We’ve been speaking of organizations here as well, but as Father planned the creation, it’s really planned more of a gigantic family, a diverse family with many, many different members of many kinds.

The diversity of life, the one common denominator, is the love of Father in all of you flowing through you and that is the basic and simple plan of the universe, that that be the extension of Father’s love. Here on your mortal world of nativity where you have had such a fiery trial--and part of that is because of some of my own many, many sons who are entrusted to love and care and look out for you and have also engaged in acting out behavior, and the degree of that that has grieved my heart is as even the mother that is also before you in mortal form.

We have worked with this and I want to pledge you today the entire support of Michael--of all those you might view as a hierarchy--to understand that it is never easy for us to deal with family discipline. Those that have not been able to understand that 'Father’s love is all there is' - that individuality, somehow held apart from the good of the whole, would somehow be beneficial. But as any family, the universe of Nebadon will work through its differences. We’ll heal whatever wounds can be healed. We pledge to help you here from this point, and always have as well as we’ve been able to, give you, in your sincere desire to do the Father’s will, our undying support on every level, spiritually especially.

Also, as much as possible, that you find your way in position of service that will benefit the whole, to make your way in your earthly mortal lives and that you will find the time for your families to have the time together to be blessed in one another’s company and that the burdens of the labors of this world will be lessened as you reach out to your brothers in service and support.

We will assist you in every way possible, the midwayers being the interface between the spiritual, the morontial, and the purely earthly and material. But there are certain things, parts of this mission, that only you can do. The parts of extending that helping hand and being aware that there is a parental role in this, not just your sibling-hood, your sister and brotherhood to one another.

But that the Father’s love, through your Thought Adjusters, expresses to one another that which is Michael’s plan, which is my plan, which is the plan of all the loyal children of the universe -- to be here for your assistance. I mean they volunteer. It’s amazing to behold how many have wished to come and help not only your world but the other rebellion worlds, to find healing and help and strength and we are all in this together as a family.

I want you to know that as we look on, with your trust with your faith, it just gives such a feeling of joy and hope, that all of this in the correcting can be corrected with your assistance as well which is invaluable. Each one of you plays a part that none other can play. Each of you is precious.

With that I would bid you a good day and the blessing of the Father’s will to guide you as you make your decision not only for organization on a practical human level as you have to with this conference but the ways that will be carrying forth the Father’s plan. Do not neglect to tune in to the best of you understanding of the Father’s will and try to carry that out.

Your attempts will be honored for those who cannot clearly hear the voice of the Adjuster. The Teachers are providers. Ministers are provided. Every assistant and adjunct will be given to you and the gifts are given freely so give freely unto yourselves as well. Continue in our blessings. Thank you.

Salt Lake City, SnowBird

July 7, 2001 Morning Session Tarkus TR: Jim Cleveland

Good morning, I am Tarkus.

My emotion runs deep as I look about and see many dear friends and brothers and sisters from this great adventure. How far we have come together. How far we will go together.

My beloved colleague, Welmek, has spoken of true leadership, which can be translated to mean service. As we conclude to our way of perception, a few brief years of organizing upon your world, I must perhaps advance your perspective somewhat as we retrace this history.

It seems so brief and while it may seem to you that after these few short years you need to somehow organize, may I remind you that the organization of the correcting time of the many planets of this rebellion has required an infinite amount of organization over a long, long period of time, and your vanguard, the wonderful Abraham, only a short time ago made contact with a carefully selected, small gathering of humans on a small island country; people carefully chosen for their humility and their grace.

From this very small beginning has come years of phenomenal organization not human organization, for it did not exist, but the organization of the Melchizedeks, the organization of Christ Michael, the organization of multitudes and legions of those who will work co-creatively with many personalities to reclaim and deliver to glorious light and life these many planets, yours among them.

And as these few years have progressed, we have utilized our own organization to inspire each of you to positions in which you can all be leaders. As needs have arisen, they have been filled. Great progress has been made in building an environment in which you can be truly open and loving, non judgmental and non-fearing of judgment from your fellows. It delights our heart no end to see your camaraderie, your hugs, your laughter, your smiles, your joy at being together, coming to be re-fortified to go out into the world.

With you all working together and no matter any appointed office, we all continue to work with you individually through your own heart, through your own mind, through your own spirit to help do this great work. You will be individuals to us no matter what structure you build around you.

This is of course your prerogative, as you build organizations, come great challenges to work together and grow. But, truly in this case, you might consider returning to the very essences, the very basic truths, the very basic simplicity which we all, where we all, should begin. This is where the reclamation of all the planets begin. This is where the reclamation of your planets begins. This is where the reclamation of your soul, the building of your soul, the shining deliverance and ultimate glory of your fully built soul will come to fruition. So consider you r organization to be a soul-full thing if your essence is your should.

The building block is simple as well. It is love. Love will build your soul. And in the very beginning, Abraham told this first small group that God is the ultimate simplicity; that he and the Teachers come to reveal the simplicity of God; that humankind complicates even as you see your organization complicate and build conflict where truly none exists, only misunderstanding.

And so, if God is simple, if the great and glorious God is simple, then should not everything else be simple as well?

If our mission is Love, is it not simple to spread Love? If simplicity is the hallmark, then it is no wonder that the simple but eloquent golden rule applies to every soul on the planet. Perhaps this is all you need.

As we have moved forward these many years, the truths remain the same. I would urge you not to complicate but to focus instead on the basics, the love, the service, the building of your soul. So, if you would organize, I would suggest you consider the one great mission for all the personalities of all the world, of ALL the worlds.

Our mission is simple: it is to reveal the great simplicity of God, the love of God, and build your soul, individually, whatever planet, whatever society, whatever creed . . . God is simple. God profound. It is profoundly simple that God is profound. It is simple. It is simple. God is love. God will help you build your soul, and if you would organize, perhaps you should simply organize under love,, simply organize under love, simply organize under love.

Let love be your guide and you will be empowered with leadership. This mission, which we observe to have made extraordinary progress in a short time, as have indeed all the planets, virtually shows the power of the Michael’s missions; shows the power of the Melchizedek simple curriculum; reveals the power of love through the stillness in which this love permeates and energizes your every core, your every fiber, your every fragment of being so that you feel it, love it, want it more, want to share it.

Love: we are empowered by it. And this, I maintain, is embracing spiritual reality with practical arms.

So, this first segment of years, bringing us to this milestone, may be considered a time in which you have learned these simple lessons. You've learned to work together reasonably well and now can focus on bringing forward the Mission to new realities to new people, to personalities not now in synch with your own. You can find this synchronicity with them -- the various religions, the various dogmas, the various and many individuals looking for a higher level of spiritual growth. Sometimes with strong and adamant ideas which you must work with in order to bring you both to fruition of the spirit.

You can reach out and you can reach many other people, and many other organizations with the power of your love which will give you magnetism; which will literally draw people to you, wanting to be close to your essence; wanting to become part of it. Let them express their ideas fully and freely, and listen fully and freely as the Master did on many places where he traveled. Listen to them with respect and know that their beliefs are not what you need to challenge. What you need to do is help them build their souls as you are building your soul.

By sharing love more than ideas, sharing passion, by sharing a knowingness that comes with finding each other’s eyes and making a Divine connection that moves you both, coalescing much higher than your differences of opinion.

I urge you to consider these things as important to you, to find these simplicities of great truth, these pearls of great wisdom and bring them into YOUR lives. You will thus radiate them all about you in your troubled environments to which you must return. Know that those of you who go back to troubled situations - many of us will follow you. For we have heard your yearning, your cries for help, your subtle desires to bring forth higher realizations and you will be rewarded as you step forward.

In Faith we are empowered by that conscious act to step forward more fully and embrace you more fully with the empathetic and loving ministry we are so blessed to provide. May it be worthy of you, for we honor you; we respect you; we feel deeply with you about the challenges that permeate your lives. In the simplicity of the stillness--and fully feeling the simplicity, the profound glory of God within you, within each heart--you will have the power to radiate forth and deal with all manner of organizations which are much more limited in their leadership than the leadership which you bring forth as living waters of truth from your soul within, from Michael’s profound empathy and love for you which energizes this mission, energizes us all.

Feel the energy; love one another. Have a good time. We’re having a great time with this conference, and we’re having a great time watching you have a great time. We love you very much. We will be ever with you. Peace.