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A Session from Hayden Lake Idaho

Michael, Nebadonia

We Are One Cosmic Family

February 17, 1997

***Nebadonia (TR: Jill) : My daughter, you are one of many daughters who I am working very closely with these days. My arms enfold each of you to bring out your own recognition of who you truly are in your uniqueness. Each of you has traveled an incredibly long way in your lifetime to reach this union with me. Each of you has known grief, sorrow, humiliation, agony, desolation, and for each of you when you thought there was absolutely nothing left to hold on to, you found your Father and I. You had faith when you did not know the meaning of the word. You had courage when you could see no reason for it. We walked beside you when you had no trust left from your experiences with your fellow brothers and sisters. You unwittingly became the childs trust in us. And from that moment on, dear ones, your Father and I have walked hand in hand with you in each and every moment. And today my beautiful daughters, each of you, and you know who you are, stands tall and sure and filled with grace, and yet humble because of the journey you endured to get here in this moment. And now my greatest joy is seeing you reach out your hands to your other sisters. We are one Cosmic Family. We cannot live without the other. We can not know our Universal Fathers Love without reaching out our hands to one another and saying: "Here I am, I will walk with you." That is what your Father and I gave to you, and that is our greatest joy now, seeing that you have recognized that gift and you in turn are giving it.

My daughters you are the Light unto this world. You are my children of whom I am most proud. And I encourage you, walk on each step of the way with the reassurance that we still hold your hand. Be at peace. I know your struggles are not over, but you know who you are, and you know that you cannot fail.

Go forth in Love, I embrace you all. This is your Mother and I Love you.

***Michael (TR: Daniel) : And to all of you, My Sons, you know that I am with you. You feel the presence of myself and your mother. We are there to guide you, to challenge you for sure, and to Love you with the Supreme Love our Father gives to us. You are pressing forward along your pathways, nurturing and conceptualizing your ideals. You are beginning to feel the Quickening in your own path, drawing you forward, my arm around your shoulders as we go. Your feelings of Love from the Father who is within you is allowing and aiding you in this. No good comes to you but through our Father. Within you. He is the Source of all of your true inner longings and desires, and I as your father and brother am so very proud of you my sons. You are accomplishing so much more than you can perceive from your material vantage point. We can see all of the outworkings. You are being sustained by your Fragment of our Universal Father. Trust in your leadings toward Goodness and Beauty. Trust that, that which you feel compelled to do and are beginning, is where we would have you go.

I take great pleasure in seeing your recognition of that part of myself which is a part of you. You each exemplify one or more of my own traits, for indeed you are my sons. Together we will accomplish very, very much in the transformation of our planet towards the Light and Life of our Father. Continue to follow the leadings which are so strongly felt within you. Ask always my Father, and yours, for the guidance which is available to you at your request. My sons, the opportunities for growth and service on this planet are abundant. All of you are doing that part which is significantly yours. And though you cannot see as clearly as your mother and I, the interconnectedness of all of you, and so too all of our daughters, you must ever be drawn by your own strengthening faith towards the Supreme goal. You are all so dear to us. This time has been long prepared for, and all of you my sons and daughters, are here for it. You are going to have the opportunity to taste the full flavor of the Supreme joy of service. You have, so far, merely smelled the delicious aroma. Much have you already accomplished, Yes, but you are in the midst of preparing for a real Thanksgiving Banquet. Support each other in your own uniqueness. Feel not that you should follow one another, for indeed I say to you, you are all leaders. You each have a great inner strength which is integral to the Whole feast.

Your mother and I send you our assurance that we are indeed with you, guiding you and sustaining you in your individual struggles for wholeness, and your individual quests for revealing the Supreme. Merely ask us, and that which is Father's Will, is yours.

I leave you my peace. And we leave with you all, our dearest children, our eternal Love. We are your Universe Parents and we Love you all so very, very much. We leave you not. Goodnight.