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Daniel - Walk with Confidence in Spirit - Jun 13, 1993 - Pocatello, Idaho

Group: Pocatello, Idaho

Teacher: Daniel

Topics: Walk with confidence in the Spirit

June 13, 1993



Daniel: "Greetings my friends. I am Daniel. I am happy to be here with you today as your friend and guide. This has indeed been a busy week for all. Even on our side there has been a lot of business to attend to. In the work of the Father there is always much to be done to bring about His love into the hearts of men and women, to bring about an understanding of what it means to be a son and daughter of the First Source and Center.

As you have bravely walked through this week you have called upon the goodness of our Parent to give you that courage that was necessary for you to continue to not only be able to broaden your understanding of His presence in your life, but also into the realm. Courage will always be one of the mainstays that you will call upon to shoulder you in your daily lives.

This week, this day, our format will take on a different mode. I have a question for you. I wish for you to take a few minutes to think about this. What does it mean in your life, in your being to walk with confidence in the Spirit? Please take a few minutes and think on this and then we will have a discussion."

B3: "A couple of things. What I noticed initially as I got into this whole study of the Urantia Book and the teaching mission was that my confidence levels did increase. First of all I noticed that it was a matter of faith; that I had unquestionable faith. I knew what we were doing was right. There was no doubt in my mind. Lately the courage factor has literally given me the faith to not quite walk into the lion's den yet, but I think it is moving that way. I ultimately will have the courage to deal with any situation that rears its ugly head, and it is clearly growing that way. Courage is one of the things that I was told by Mouchy back in January that I needed to work on. It's coming. I feel much more confident about where I am going. I am not sure I am going but I feel confident about it. And that for me is a real step of faith."

V1: "I'm not sure that I can say with such surety that I walk with confidence. Knowing that the Spirit is within me is what the question was, but I know that I am far more confident as far as God working in our world than I have ever been. And that's because of the knowledge that the Thought Adjuster, God's gift to us is working in each one's life. And that is tremendous confidence that God will have His way on this planet and we will evolve and become a sphere that will have Light and Life with justice and kindness and love for everyone. I do have that confidence, more than I ever have."

N1: "As I understood, the question was, what does it mean in my life to walk in confidence with the Spirit. And what I notice, I guess, is the difference is more like thinking about when I don't walk in confidence with the Spirit, what is that like and sort of the comparison that hits me. And the days that I don't have that confidence of not turning it over to the Spirit, of not having that trust and that faith, I find that I worry a lot, I fret away time a lot. I find that I am reluctant to make a move because the move might be the wrong thing; that I am tired a lot. So I guess if I was going to turn that around, for me what it means in my life to walk in confidence with the Spirit is that, I am confident. I have energy. I make decisions. I walk in trust. I walk in faith. I see the beauty. I feel like I can handle things as they come up. It's like a switch, on or off. If I am in confidence in the Spirit I have the courage. I have all those fruits of the Spirit that we have talked about much more readily available. And when that switch is off it seems like all the fruits slip away and I am much more in a mire and not sure what to do and nothing goes quite right."

B1: "My experience is very similar to yours, N1, in that I can see a real contrast in those times of confidence, and those times of not being there. The overall picture for me is that I am much more confident than I ever was in the past of the love of God, the care of God for the world, for self, of course, and everyone else as well. I am much more confident of the availability of help from the First Source and Center and all of His subordinate helpers; a great deal less anxiety. And also a real sense of contrast when I am not in alignment is so evident, is so unpleasant, that I can't put up with it for long, whereas in my past life when I was an active alcoholic I was always that way. So this is a totally different life, for the most part. And when I get off center it is really clear and can be dealt with very easily. It is just a matter of turning back to that Indwelling Spirit."

C2: "I guess what it means for me in my life to be confident, to walk with the Spirit is security, a freedom that knows that something . .if I make a mistake, it is going to be fixed. A security that empowers me to risk and to welcome change and yet be open enough to not have to know what is going to happen, maybe even the next minute! To be free to be as fully human as human can be and still know that I am accepted and loved; even though lonely at times, that I am not alone; that there is just a kind of peace even in the midst of all kinds of chaos that's a settled, secure confidence/acceptance. And also that every now and then I might just get shoved to wake me and guide me and direct me where I need to go. And trust that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it, if I stay not only with the Spirit walking with me but me walking with the Spirit as well."

B4: "Mine is very, very close to C2's. I guess the biggest change that I have noticed is that I am not afraid any more making the wrong decisions. I see a lot of people very afraid of failing, turning the wrong corner, going here, going there and that's where they are supposed to be. And then they are stuck there and that's where they are going to be. And I'm not afraid of that anymore. I am not afraid of being alone as much. I am not afraid of failing. I try to see it now as I go where I go. And if I fall on my face I will get back up. It is kind of an ongoing circle. The only time I will stop is if I choose to stop and that is where I will end up. So, I guess that is the major confidence that I see is that it is going to be OK no matter what."

K2: "Everything that they said goes along, mostly, for me. It's peacefulness and knowing that Father and the Spirit and all those people working for me and with me want my happiness probably more than I do. So I feel confident that everything will be OK one way or the other."

K3: "There are many things that come to mind when you say `walk in the Spirit'. The popular expression on a radio show today is `mega ditto' to everything that has been said here, not to mention any names. Walk in the Spirit. To walk in the Spirit of Truth, to walk in the Spirit of God means to me to look at my fellow man, again, as I have said before, as through the eyes of Christ; to know that they are in the same boat that I am in; that we are all ascending; that we are all trying. And it gives me the confidence, it gives me the faith to know that they are with me; that we are seeking, and that we will make it."

S2: "Well, I guess one way it just reinforced my belief that I have had for a long time that we are all in this together. There is not just one leader of the group no matter what color, what belief, what faith, what language or what country. We are all in this together and we are all going to one place. And it just makes it a little easier for me to know what I have been thinking for a long time, is there. It is not just me by myself thinking this. I think that about covers it. I do better expressing myself inside than outside. I think that Daniel knows a little better what's going on in my head that didn't come out. Thank you."

P4: "Well I think I am with everyone else in the room as far as what's been said. I think maybe fear has been a big factor in my life for a long time and I think it is pretty well gone. And so I have peace."

M4: "I don't know that I can add anything to what everyone has said. I think it is all about the same for me. There's still times I am not sure how far along I am but I think it has given me more courage. I'm with P4, I have a lot of fear still, but I think I have more courage than I ever did before."

N1: "I had one other thought. I think that when I am walking with confidence in the Spirit in my life I seem to feel a lot greater ability to love people around me. That is the one other thing I wanted to add which goes along with the fruits of the Spirit. I feel both the ability and the desire to love. I like that a lot. It feels much better."

Daniel: "I wish to thank all of you. For some it is easy, for some it is hard to speak and let go of inner thoughts, inner feelings. Part of your mission, my dear friends, is to be able to open up in many different directions that you can, that you are capable, that it is within your being, the potential to help your brothers and sisters, not only by the way you lead your life, but as you grow in the confidence to be able to speak your innermost feelings; that you can let others see that even though you are human, you are also letting yourself be vulnerable in the faith and name of the Spirit. As you speak to one another here in this very controlled and secure atmosphere, you do and will continue to gain further confidence. And over time you will begin to see that, indeed, you are all beginning to walk more and more steadily, surefootedly in the confidence of the Spirit.

The confidence of the Spirit comes from, of course, that Indwelling Spirit within you. As you allow yourself to come into greater contact/communication with that Loving Presence within you will begin to upstep and grow in a more spiritual realm. And the divine nature, of which you all are, will become a guiding force in your life. As you turn yourself over to the First Source and Center, as you pray daily to Christ Michael and the Indwelling Spirit, as you ask that the Spirit of Truth be given to you that you can make these gifts of the Spirit a part of your life, you will, my friends, begin to walk in more and more confidence, not only in the confidence of the Spirit, but in the confidence of your humanness.

Indeed, you have all spoken the truth. Indeed, you have been teachers for one another here today in that you all see that by your opening yourself to that Inner Presence you have gained the freedom that is necessary to walk in confidence with the Spirit. As you do this the self esteem that you have in your own mind and body also is transformed. And that which you are filled in the divine aspect in word is projected outward. And when the disharmony of the outer penetrates the inner, the way to change and bring about the reverse is to seek that Inner stillness, to turn over again to the Father's love. You can know and be able to serve Him with confidence.

As your life has been changing for the greater good, the greater benefit of all, you are witnessing that which is truth. Truth can only be found when you are open and ready to listen. Truth becomes apparent to those who take the time, take the initiative to allow it to become available to you. Do not ever shut yourselves off from the mighty divine flow which you have all opened up so readily and are now being generously endowed with. Those who walk with confidence in the Spirit walk in confidence as a human as well. You have all seen this, you have all felt this, you have all experienced it. And those who are in reality in a good mindset will always turn back to that which will work, that which will bring about the will of the First Source and Center.

This week there is no major lesson, but rather a reflection upon where you have been and how far you have come; a time to show gratitude and thanksgiving that you have been so transformed, that you are becoming, that your innate potential is being realized in this lifetime!

Many are there who do not do as B4 has said. Many stop themselves before they even get started. Indeed you can go as far as your own desire allows you. If all in your age bracket, B4, had this concept the world could change so dramatically!

This is the new education that needs to brought into fruition. This is the new thought that we teachers are instilling to bring about. What we can do is guide and give advice, but you are the ones who must act to bring it about. As you are able to become more confident in the Spirit, this will come about. Change will occur. The Spirit of Truth will become a dominant factor in the lives of all Urantians. In time, through the efforts of groups like this, many groups around the country, around the world, there will be this change. You, my friends, individually must be the ones that effect and bring about the change within your own life. Knowing that responsibility for this change lies with you gives you the incentive to shoulder that responsibility. As you seek to know the Father you shall be nourished and fed.

This week I ask that you take time to consider the growth you have attained, to ask that you be given the gifts necessary to continue on your path in service and love of the Father, the Mother, and your brothers and sisters. I will now accept questions."

K3: "Daniel, in answering your question this evening you heard our words. Do you also receive our inner thoughts instead of just our words or both?"

Daniel: "Those who wish for me to feel their thoughts, I am able to. And those who do not wish this, I respect that. I, of course, heard your very beautiful and giving words, all of you, and you are truly coming into that confidence. You are truly beginning to understand your divine natures. And It has been very rewarding for me to see your growth. But, my friends, you should be very pleased with the gifts you have been given, that you have been able to grow and reach greater heights as well. Has this helped?"

K3: "Yes, it has. Thank you. I knew the answer to that as soon as you said it. You have said that before. Thank you, Daniel."

K2: "Daniel, you were probably here when we did our sharing time and I asked the group if it would be alright for me to ask you if you could give me some insight as to why this neck injury is taking so long to heal."

Daniel: "There are, my friends, many forms of healing, many different types of injuries, and many different ways in which the body must heal or not heal. You have an injury that will take time to mend and heal. As with most chronic problems, these have slowly evolved over time and can only be rectified, again, over time. If Christ Michael were here amongst you in the material realm like yourselves, there could be miraculous, instantaneous healing. There is, however, not this prerogative at this time.

We have been very pleased and joyful that because of more circuitry opening the universal healing energy and Love of the Father and the work of Life Carriers and Physical Controllers is being called upon in more and more areas to bring about a healing in body, mind and spirit. One must remember that because healing is such a broad area, that one must, besides seeking the spiritual healing, often seek other avenues for healing as your medical doctors, etc. The healings that you have been given have been beneficial and will continue to aid. Do not expect that you will have instantaneous results. P4ience is a real necessity in this regard. Know that the area in which you have your injury is one that is very vulnerable and is easily affected by the situations of life. The neck, shoulder, and head area are affected by stress as you well know. And in your job where you must maintain a certain profile you have held much internally. And this has worsened your condition, made it harder to be healed. Also, as you are concerned that the events of the last few years have had some impact in this, this is true. As you continue to work through the process of what has taken place then the areas of stress and areas of tension can be slowly released and let go. Remember that healing is mindal, body, and spiritual. And as you can bring all three into more alignment you will, indeed, see a difference in your health.

Because your body has been slowly, over time, developing this arthritis, this is a disease that slowly erodes away the tissues and you will need to take every precaution possible to keep from further degeneration of the tissues. And so, consult not only your doctors and follow their advice but seek other avenues such as the weekly or even daily healings. Be open to all areas of healing available. You, as you spend time in quiet meditation, will be inwardly directed and will know the course to take, when it will be the time to not put in chemicals, drugs, when to seek other avenues.

For now, because of the stressful situation your body is in, allow the drugs that are being given to help in relaxing these muscles, in bringing the inflammation present to be dissipated. This is short term and as you become more in harmony in that area you will be able to forego these drugs. It is important that you all remember that the drugs and chemicals that have been made available to you do serve good purposes when they are not abused but used correctly. And so let me say that you are on a correct path. You have been led and you will continue to be led when you turn yourself over to the Father. Has this helped?"

K2: "Thanks Daniel very much. It has helped a lot."

Daniel: "I would like to apologize as would D3 regarding this transmission. It is not smooth and D3 becomes very fearful when asked questions regarding individuals' health and life. I would like to thank her for laying aside fear and for working so hard to understand my message. This is all."

B1: "Daniel, in our discussion before the meeting, which I am sure you heard, we decided we would consult you in regards to the question of submitting our transcripts to the InterNet system. If so, in total, edited, only your teaching or perhaps questions and answers without the names? Do you have any guidance for us on this issue?"

Daniel: "There has been concern and discussion on our side in regard to the best way to allow these teachings to be disseminated. For the time being I ask that you hold off on any movement either way, that we can give further research, further thought regarding this. We who are the teachers are a part of a whole system, a whole framework, and it is important that what is done is done for the best interests of the work of the Father as well as in the interests of the people involved such as yourselves. I will be able to answer this better at a later date. This question is one we are currently discussing as well."

B1: "Thank you very much. I will relay your statement to Allene which is pretty much what I thought possibly you would say. Thank you Daniel for that guidance."

N1: "Also earlier in the sharing time I expressed some concern or shared with the group kind of where I am right now in regard to feeling gratitude and feeling guilt. And I don't even know that I need to ask that question because I know that guilt is harmful to our spirit and that I need to take things to the quiet and turn them over to God. Is there any other guidance you can give me beyond that in understanding the situation I am in and some of the fear that I have?"

Daniel: "Individuals who are of loving natures often find it very difficult to see fellow brothers and sisters in situations that are seemingly difficult. And this is a part of the dilemma you are in now. You are only capable of helping another to a certain degree. And as you are able to understand this then you will realize that as you live your life each day, as you are willing to turn yourself over to the will of the Father, you will realize that you do the best you can every day with every situation and that is all that could ever be asked of you. Why shoulder shame, guilt or fear when you know that within you is that Indwelling Spirit and when you know that you are working to be in that communication with the Indwelling Spirit; that you will be so led that when the time is right you will help another or you will be able to help even this other individual? And it is not for you to know now or for any to know except for the First Source and Center, that the help that you have given, the support you have given this young man has not been all that was necessary or needed for this given time. The feelings that you have are old tapes replaying. When the human body is in a state of disharmony as yours has been due to the surgery and the like, then it is difficult to maintain the poise you would like in walking in the Spirit. As you mend and heal from the surgery, as you get back your strength and energy this harmonizing effect will again take over and you will not be so caught up in the old habits, old thoughts, old patterns. And as you become aware of these things happening in your life, you all are being able to quickly turn around that which is not working and to again find that alignment with the Spirit. Understand that your body, N1, has been in much shock and this is all a part of the after effects of this shock and will in time be healed. Does this help?"

N1 : "Daniel, that helps a lot, explains a lot. Thank you very much."

Daniel: "It is unfortunate in many ways that the spirit that you all feel and want to be dominant in your lives is sometimes hampered by a material body. But at the same time it is through the work and the experience that you have on this plane that your spirit nature will be ever so enhanced. So while life may, on a material plane, often seem difficult rejoice in the fact that you are able to feel and to experience and to utilize all that is presented to you as an opportunity, difficult though it is to often see. If you can hold that in your mind, then the trials of life will have a broader and different perspective, different purpose, and you will be more ready to work through them."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. This is a risky question for me, but I need to ask it anyway. I really do open myself to you to collect my thoughts when I am not able to articulate it. As you know in terms of my profession and commitment to the institutional church that is a very strong one. And I also have been exploring other ways of ministry that still are connected to the institutional church. I would like to hear some response from you that a crazy idea to think about `converting' the church? Is that like batting one's head up against the wall? I guess I would like to hear some response, whatever it is."

Daniel: "You have had the greatest teacher on Urantia walk before you in this same thought. Did not Christ Michael seek to bring about revolutionary ideas in a very confined, institutionalized place? And did not this one great man, great Bestowal Son change the course of history? It is true that Christ Michael is different, yet the same. He was different in the fact that He had greater perspective, yet for you to think that you are limited because you have not had His background is to limit your potential. Know that it is through the individuals such as yourself, and there are a great, great many in churches today, who are seeking to bring about a restructuring and a re-evaluation of the way in which the concept of God is presented, in that the organized religions must realize that it is not that they have been bad for Urantia, but rather that their time and way of reaching the sons and daughters of the First Source and Center is no longer viable, no longer bringing the individual closer to the Father. As you, my friend, continue to work through the organized church you will bring about change. You will be looked upon as one who is different. You will suffer from this difference. But, you see, in the end you will have planted those seeds, and as the young and the youth see these things as possible, it becomes a part of their thinking pattern. And over time, then, changes can come about. Continue to work to bring about these changes. Do not try to do it all. Do not overstress yourself. Remember you have a limitation as far as your physical body is concerned. You do need to take care of the physical! Do what you can. Continue to love and serve as you have done, and you will continue to plant those seeds.

All of you must realize that you are on individual paths; that the concept of the First Source and Center, while you may hold this as something that you all think you see together, it is only your personal relationship with Him, the time you spend daily with Him, that you all know Him differently, you all know Her differently. You all respond to the Spirit differently. This is your uniqueness. This is what is necessary, that you all walk with the First Source and Center on your individual path, all heading to that place in the far off future where you will be there in His/Her personal presence.

It is important that the seeds that you plant instill within the individual the responsibility of their own spiritual growth, that it can only come about through their work and their desire to allow it. Does this help?"

C2: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you. Do I understand to have heard you say that the institutional church is still a viable organization? It does need to modify and it does need to evolve and it does need to facilitate in different ways, but that it is not passe, and in spite of the persons who feel that it is no longer a path that will have validity or can meet people's needs, that it still is?"

Daniel: "If the organized churches can grow, can evolve, can change, they will, indeed, carry on and be a part of the Spirit of the First Source and Center. If they fail to, then the many, many who are unable to be as these groups will be short changed in their understanding of the First Source and Center. There will be for many, many years a fluctuating of many religions. There will be a growth and there will be the ebbing away of members. As the churches realize that their membership is dwindling, those who are really in touch with the Spirit of the First Source and Center will be the ones who will bring about change, will be instrumental in helping the churches to evolve. Indeed, that which Christ Michael brought to this planet has much benefit. But the time for there to be a rebirth is at hand. As the masses of people have evolved, so, too, must religion evolve. It must be living. It must be something that all can be a part of. It must be delegated from the concept that religion is not something that controls people, but rather gives them the freedom to become and grow. Religion must not be that which dictates to people what they must believe, but to give them the tools that they can learn and know what is best for them on their path. If the churches can do this they will remain a primary means for helping to bring more and more people into a greater and more purposeful understanding of life and of the First Source and Center. Has this helped?"

C2: "Yes, Daniel. I do know that I am in the right place and in the right church. If that's going to happen I think that the church that I am affiliated with at least envisions that. So my prayer is that it will. Thank you."

B4: "This is a question dealing along the lines with what C2 was dealing with but more with denominations. I am not sure if you are aware of the problem that I have been having being the director of the Chrysalis and the sponsorship of a boy who is Mormon and etc. And that has just been a whole ugly mess. And I was wondering if you give me an insight as to...will the denominations slowly fade into one church, or will we always have that separation?"

Daniel: "As the planet moves toward Light and Life there will become more oneness in thought and unity. And there will become more oneness of belief. And because of the oneness of belief the denominations that are so different will fade away. And that which is the dominant belief will be held. And from the many varied religions you see on this planet you must realize that it will take a great deal of work and it will take time. But, you see, in the overall picture things are evolving. Things are growing. Things are changing. You in your lifetime will not see this oneness of religions, but as the course is in motion, so shall it be carried out; that while you may walk varied and different paths, the understanding of your relationship with the First Source and Center, your understanding of your relationship to many myriads of being, peoples and planets, and your relationship to one another here on this plane will become something that is common knowledge, something that is understood by all. And it is through this that there will be a unifying of thought. And in that there will be the goal to seek foremost and first the will of the Father. Does this help?"

B4: "I was hoping that was what you would say. Thank you."

V1: "Daniel, I think that from that answer I probably know the answer to this. On spheres of Light and Life are there not so many denominations and churches that would say that they have the `answer' even though they might have, but there are not so many labels? Maybe that is what I am trying to ask."

Daniel: "When everyone understands the bottom line concept of the First Source and Center, then there cannot be the different labels attached, for there is but one thought, one understanding. It is, though, in many ways that individuals will work to perfect their own understanding of their relationship with the Father that will continue to have a great divergency of people, but form together in a common bond of love and understanding and a greater concept of doing what is the best for all. There will be a greater concept of righteousness and of what is the right path to follow. And while there are on some spheres different (what you would call) religions, there is still the understanding of one First Source and Center and the understanding that you have been given through the Urantia Book of your sonship and daughtership. There are also planets of Light and Life where there is but one religion. Many planets, many different routes. What will evolve on this one is yet to be seen by ascending beings as myself. Of course, the First Source and Center knows all forwards and backwards. And in His/Her concept, all is already perfected."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel. That was beautiful."

N1: "Daniel, I am back to an old theme of mine. You said earlier in your discussion about walking in confidence. And you commented that we were all doing that or at least had an understanding of that with regards to the Spirit, and we would also in time gain confidence in walking in our humanness. I was wondering if you would address that a little further, please."

Daniel: "Human nature by and large is very changeable. It is subjected to the electro/chemical makeup of which you are. Mood changes, eating patterns, environmental changes, health patterns, work patterns, all of these things fit together to form who you are at any given time. And because of this you will always be, while on this plane, subject to the physical apparatus of what you are. However, as you become stronger in the Spirit those things that transpire in the physical body will be less and less important to you in the fact that you, because of your confidence, because of your spiritual side, will be able to turn around much more readily, much more quickly those things which are happening in the physical. As you become in that alignment...let us take an example..those areas in personal relationships which seem to hinder you the most will, when you continue to grow in the Spirit, not be the barriers that they had been once before; that even though you may be having a bad day, that things are not working well, if you can keep the alignment with the Spirit, then the things in the outer world will be more easily met, more readily accepted, more easily worked through. And that which you used to disdain and dislike about your humanness, you will have a new appreciation for. You will see it for what it is and be able to act upon it with more surety, more confidence, and with a greater understanding that because you are of the Spirit you can work through your humanness through divine ways. Does this help you in your understanding?"

N1: "Yes Daniel, that did. I think I may have heard you for the first time. I appreciate your patience with me on that particular thing. That was helpful. Thank you."

Daniel: "My friends, I will now take my leave asking that this week you take some time to realize that while you are human, while you are divine, you are also that combination thereof. And as you grow stronger in your divinity you enhance your unique humanness. Go in peace this week. Call upon the First Source and Center to provide you with those things necessary that you can better serve Him/Her, can better serve your brothers and sisters. I send you my love and am looking forward to being with you again next week. Good evening my friends."

Group: "Thank you Daniel."