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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group,   Arcadia, California

Teacher:  JarEL

Topic:  Significance of Michael’s Resurrection

April 21, 2003

Prayer Larry: Dear Father, thank you so much for all the blessings that you bestow on each and every one of us, we love you so very much. We appreciate and we love you Father, Michael and Nebadonia. We would have you walk beside us on our journey from imperfection to perfection. We ask you Father to guide us in the proper actions to take in our daily lives. Thank you for the speedy conclusion to the war. Thank you for the peace that is to come to our world. We pray for Light and Life. We pray for that time when all men and women are doing your will Father, in Christ Michael’s Name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Though there are less now then usual, however, it is an intimate group. Tonight I would like to speak to you about the significance of Michael’s resurrection. Although there are many views that people hold on the event and the reasons behind it, I would like to introduce to you a particular reason. Most of you know this already because most of you read The Urantia Book; however, I would like to reiterate the significance. It is a promise to everyone. It is a promise of a better world. It is a promise of everlasting life. It is a guarantee, in some respects, that you do survive this mortal life and go beyond it. What awaits you on the other side is another opportunity of life. Michael’s resurrection had a profound impact on your world. For it changed many peoples’ lives and it continues to change and people continue to be inspired by him. People are inspired by his words and by his way of living as an example. Likewise you have been inspired by him. The interpretations that people hold about Jesus should be respected and honored. It is their way of viewing, it is their way of knowing and this is not something that you should take away from them. It is possible for you to expand their knowledge of Michael. You can introduce them to new ideas about him.

It would be wrong of you to take away from anyone’s belief system or religion. I would suggest to each of you to hold peoples’ beliefs with the utmost respect. This will help you to avoid conflict with anyone’s belief system. I, in the same fashion do bite my tongue from time to time when I see many of you falling into error. It is not my place to correct you. I am only here to enlighten you and to educate you. Sooner or later you shall correct yourself. It is up to the individual to learn and to grow. Nothing can be forced on someone. If it is forced, it is useless. You would be resentful. In the same fashion of enlightenment you should give the knowledge about The Urantia Book or about Michael. Freely give them this knowledge and if they choose to accept it, it is for their own benefit, but if they do not choose to accept it, do not force it upon them.

Another aspect of Michael’s resurrection is the gift of the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit that enables you to recognize something for what it is. It allows you to recognize truth, beauty and goodness. This gift of the Creator Son is a marvelous gift that should be cherished by all of you. It has allowed you, up to this point, to recognize the truth that has come to you throughout your life. If it were not for this gift, you would have been fooled into whatever treachery anyone could have devised. You would have fallen far from your path, but the Spirit of Truth combined with your Thought Adjuster has allowed you to find the way towards God, towards Michael, towards your destiny. This is the gift that has been given to you by Michael.

There are many more reasons for Michael coming here to Urantia, but I cannot name them all. What I can tell you is that he so dearly loves your world. He loves all of you. He is honored by the amount of respect that he receives each year during Easter. He does listen to everyone’s praise. He does recognize everything that people ask of him. Even when people use his name for wrong reasons, he does not judge them nor condemn them. Michael accepts all and he loves all. Jesus loves you, his children, his brothers and sisters. Jesus’ life here on earth meant so much to him and he has forever felt how it is to live here. He fully understands each and every one of you. Jesus knows how it is to be sad, to be in pain, to be in anguish or to suffer. He understands all of this because he went through it himself. He felt every single emotion that a human can feel. He did this for you. He did this because of you. I am not saying that he died because of you. Nor did he die for you. He died because he had to die the death of a mortal and yet he lives.

What Michael did was to come here for you, he came to this world, Urantia, because it was so alone, so tattered and so chaotic that it formed the perfect contrast for his message; for his gift. That is why he prizes your world most of all, for it is a promise that one day this world will reach Light and Life. This world will usher in this new era. Michael knows it in his heart and he is glad to see it coming. He just wishes that he could share this vision with you, so that you won’t worry so much about what your world will become. Michael understands where you are coming from; he understands your limited point of view and your limited ways of thinking. He wishes you would open your minds enough to accept new possibilities and new ways of thinking.

When you arrive on the Morontia Worlds you will automatically have a more open mind. Your minds shall be more superior on the Morontia Worlds. That doesn’t mean that you will stop holding certain views. The power to explain something to you will be easier, you will quickly grasp concepts, instead of me having to explain something over and over again until you finally begin to see. Michael has patience and faith, he knows that sooner or later this world will show signs of improvement. There are signs of improvement as we speak. Do not worry and do not be afraid of what is to come. Michael is here, he is all around you. He shall protect you and he loves you. Michael is always with you. Are there any questions?

Lucille: JarEl, my daughter-in-law is Jewish and she is raising my two grandchildren in the Jewish Faith. Is there any way that I could talk to them about Jesus or just share the love? She does not recognize him. It makes it difficult for me to not talk about Jesus to my grandchildren.

JarEl: TR, George. It is not so important that you bring up to them the figure of Jesus. What is important is that you make that connection with them, with love, that you harmonize with them and that you set examples for them. People will always have different beliefs, but that is no a reason to drive a stake down and separate the family. You shall find other ways to connect Lucille and those ways shall be remembered by your grandchildren. Lucille: Thank you. I dearly love them and they talked to me on the phone tonight, so it was……..but they are raised with a lot of love that is for sure.

JarEl: TR, George. That is what is important and it should be like that. Are there any other questions?

Lucille: Is it possible to have the feeling that Jesus is standing beside you? It seems like I have seem him standing by me more lately.

JarEl: TR, George. Yes it is possible. When you feel something and it feels real, it is real. This is something that I would like all of you to try to recognize; the reality of certain things that are not seen. You will soon find out that these things that are felt are more real and meaningful than the things that can be seen or touched. The next time that you feel Jesus standing next to you, know that is real.

Lucille: It certainly gives me a beautiful feeling of love.

JarEl: TR, George. Jesus feels the same love from you. You are all children of the Everlasting Father and that makes you my brothers and sisters. You are destined to reach Paradise at some point in your lives. Inside of you, you hold the eternal beacon that one day shall lead you to the eternal fusion. What you create in your lives and your souls shall be the offspring of what God the Supreme is and will be. Respect each other and love one another for we are all brothers and sisters. You are doing good. Continue with your works. Until next time, good night.

All: Good night.