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Daniel - What Is Spiritual Strength - Jan 10, 1993 - Pocatello, ID
Group: Pocatello, Idaho
Topic:  What is spiritual strength
Teacher: Daniel
January 10, 1993

Business and sharing
Opening prayer

Daniel: "Good evening my friends. I am Daniel you teacher. I am happy to be back with you, that our group again is together. During our absence from one another many of you have grown and have turned into greater self awareness, greater spiritual awareness. As you continue to follow the path to the Father, as you continue to give over to doing His will, so too will this awareness of your humanness, awareness of your spiritual path become more clear for you, become more workable for you. My words to you are to continue in that quiet time, to continue in your prayer time. For when you are in this alignment of prayer and communication with the Father, so too, then, will the channel that you have with your spiritual self be more open, more ready to serve you in your life here.

As we are coming upon the time of our being here together for a year, I, again, would like to remind you of one aspect that is still continuing to plague many of you, and that aspect is fear, the fear that you will err in your communication with the Father. Put aside your doubts! Open yourself up so that the teachers who are serving the First Source and Center can be available to you in helping you in your ascent on this first plane of existence. Happy are the teachers and the other celestials that are a part of this teaching mission in that so many have laid aside fear, so many have been willing to open up, to believe, to continue to attend weekly meetings, that their heart, that their minds and spirit can be enhanced, can be fed and given the nourishment necessary to travel along the road of life.

Our core group has remained, has grown in many ways. And I wish to personally thank all of you for your dedication, for your work in weekly making the choice to be here, that through your coming together you have not only strengthened yourself, but you have added much to the spiritual upliftment on this plane. It is not easy for you to conceive of your help in this regard, being such a small group. Group size is not indicative of or a necessary prerequisite for strength. Spiritual strength far exceeds that which you understand on your material plane. This week let us look at spiritual strength. I would ask each of you to think for a moment, to come to some idea that you consider to be important and that which enhances spiritual strength; after which time

I would ask each of you, if you are feeling confident enough to do so, to reply what spiritual strength means to you. As you can see, the format of our lesson will be changing. You have built and formed and have come to sturdiness in your foundations. And now we must begin the next phase. V1's teacher is so right in stating that you cannot plant seeds in the field if you stay in the house. Sharing with the friends you are comfortable with will give you confidence and strength to share in the fields. And so let us turn off the recorder for a few minutes and think about that aspect that you think provides spiritual strength."

(Each member of the group shared their reflections on spiritual strength, after which Daniel resumed.) Daniel: "A very good dialogue. I am most pleased with your answers for it is true that spiritual strength is all that you have spoken about. One derives spiritual strength in first having the faith; and from then on spiritual strength is fed through willingness, willingness to turn your life over to the Father. Willingness to follow His path provides you with the spiritual strength to grow in all the other facets that are part of spiritual strength: love, service, willingness to let go of fear and doubt, willingness to allow yourself to be empowered, willingness to allow that change is possible. And so this week, think about those things that you have given one another here tonight. You have been teachers to one another in a very nice, open forum. Each of your thoughts added to the stew, so to speak, and yet it is all part of one pot.

Spiritual strength is, indeed, growing in each of your lives. And it is growing because you allowed faith to bring you to the path you have trodden, and through willingness has spiritual strength grown in the many, many facets of which it is a part. As you become teachers to others your spiritual strength will grow. It is always changing. There are, of course, those days when you do, as N1 said, feel like a vacuum. During those times it is most necessary to call upon that spiritual reserve that you have been building up to help you through those dry times, those times where you are in a void. And as you progress beyond this void you will have empowered yourself and your spiritual strength will grow.

Never lose sight of the fact that even though there is much to be discouraged about, you are a part of God's wondrous plan. If He is not so discouraged as to just turn His back on all, can we who are ascending mortals be any different? Draw upon your spiritual strength. Add to your spiritual strength through willingness and the knowledge that you now have of the Father and His wondrous domain. Let spiritual strength be something that you think upon this week. As you live your life, think how the strength you have been given over the last year, and the many years you have been on the path to the Father, how it has supported you and how it is now supporting you in your daily walk. When you rely on spiritual strength you turn over to the Father, and in turning over to Him you are given much insight. You are given more strength to carry on. And so this week focus on this aspect of your being. Realize when you are drawing on reserves. Realize when you are adding to it; another state of awareness to become a part of your thought processes. And now, I will accept questions."

B1: "Could you go over the last couple of phrases, Daniel. I am not sure I understood it."

Daniel: "When you are in the mind framework of realizing when you are adding to your spiritual strength and when you are drawing from it, this is another aspect of your becoming, of your being. It is another aspect of you realizing the potential of which you are capable. It is important that you become aware of your dual nature and in realizing those times when you are being carried by your Spirit, is another way of your becoming aware of your divine nature. And be aware, also, of those times when you, because of your willingness, your service, the love you give, the time you spend with the Father, you are adding to your spiritual reserve and growing in spiritual strength. I am asking you to just become aware of this aspect of your being. Does this help?"

B1: "I understand. I was thinking as we were talking about spiritual strength..I believe the American Indians have led a deeply spiritual life and would have developed considerable spiritual strength in view of that, nevertheless it didn't seem to serve them well. Can you comment on that?"

Daniel: "How do you mean, it has not served them well?"

B1: "Their culture is in disarray. In the material world they haven't done well at all."

Daniel: "In the material world, maybe. In the spiritual world their path has been one that has been very much in touch with trying to understand the Great Spirit, as they called it, and their oneness with the natural elements of their existence. This understanding of spiritual strength is not going to necessarily mean that you will do better in your material world because of it. It is rather an awareness to become, to be a part of your thought processes, so that when you are in the vacuum, as N1 has spoken of, that is the time that you know that you need to get back in touch with the First Source and Center so that you can continue to go on; to call upon the spiritual strength of your being to help you to continue on your life's path. Is this helping?"

B1: "I believe I understand that very well. I was just concerned that these very spiritual people were probably now considered not as spiritual due to the fact that their material existence has deteriorated. I'll pass."

C1: "Daniel, as we talk about dual nature, that human and divine, I am in awareness that spirituality is not dual, our natures are dual, but our spirituality doesn't just belong to our divinity. It is very much a part of our humanity. That was a new insight for me as I was reflecting on the life of Christ Michael and His decision to be that life when He really didn't need to in that conflict situation. That His choice to recognize His humanity and then commit to human service, so to speak, was really a part of growing on that spiritual plane..(words lost). When we talk about the whole idea of what spirituality is all about in the human realm, do we not need the evolving spiritual force to enable us to move through this world of (words lost) I don't think that the disciples would have been able to survive without an inner spiritual presence, the way the world has treated them. And that we, as I look at the life of Christ Michael, His material world was the pits, too. Look how He ended up on the cross! And that we need that spirituality that bridges the human and the divine. Is that not really what Christ Michael did?"

Daniel: "You are innately given and predisposed to a spiritual nature that continually calls you to seek the higher path, to come into awareness of that which is divine. Indeed, Christ Michael bridged the gap in many ways. Yet, part of the nature of the ascending mortal is this inner force that calls and beckons to move in the higher direction, and is, indeed, that spiritual aspect of man and that spiritual aspect of woman that helps them to survive in the material world. Because you are of dual nature, there is this molding and coming together of both, which cannot be separated. And so, the teachings of Christ Michael and His experiences and the examples He showed helped bridge the gap so that His brothers and sisters on this plane could, in fact, realize that their humanness and their divineness is, indeed, very closely aligned, is, indeed, a oneness that cannot be separated. Even those who have not heard the news of the Kingdom in some shape or form, or some way, are led by that Inner Innate Gift that helps them to move in the higher direction, to think that which is divine, to nourish and feed your human and spiritual aspects. The American Indians did, in fact, have much in their spiritual dialogue that helped them move in that direction, to seek the greater Spirit. And, indeed, they are fortified today by this, their desire to learn of the Great Spirit."

V1: "Daniel, I was thinking about that you said it begins with faith and this reminds me of something that I read in the Urantia Book yesterday about the ascendant mortals. After they are on the mansion worlds they get to go to world number one once a year at least, sometimes even more to see the materialization of those higher spirits, having ascended spirits. And that this increased their faith and that was the reason to do it. And as I reflect on the fact that we are experiencing you as part of the teaching mission, I'm wondering if one of the purposes of the teaching mission is to increase our faith as far as God caring, that, indeed, we can be very optimistic because Christ Michael has not given up on this planet. Are you part of this faith mission that we might become better people because of it?"

Daniel: "Interesting. I would say that yes, that is a definite part of this mission, indeed."

V1: "Can we ask for greater signs? I'm teasing."

Daniel: "You continue to bring me into great laughter when you doubt your own being."

N1: "Daniel, I guess I just wanted to comment more than anything on what mom just said. I want to thank you and all of the teachers because I know that this mission has increased my faith and helped me to work through a lot of my anger about how the world is. In reading the Welmek papers, what was written there about the fast advancement into Light and Life and the real concern of all of the beings with our condition. It's really been helpful to me because it is really hard to believe in a God who loves and cares when I look around and see..but to know the teaching mission and to realize that these beings are flooding to our planet to help us and there might be great events in the near future or within my lifetime, possibly, it really does make a difference and it does increase my faith. And I find it real fascinating to read that in other places that don't have things as tough as we do, faith is a harder thing..I don't remember how it was put...but we have to go so much on just faith here, where on other planets there is a lot more evidence that there is a God that loves and is actively working. And I am really glad to be in touch with some evidence! It really helps me! I guess I am a lot like Thomas[the disciple]. Thank you."

Daniel: "So noted, N1. And thank you for your nice comments. Know that your preparation on this desolate planet is, indeed, appreciated, and the struggle that Urantians have in faith is fortifying them for their ascent. And this faith will help them in their future service to the First Source and Center. And so what appears to be struggle and hardship now will be a valued aspect at another point in your existence."

N1: "I think I am starting to understand that. Thank you."

B1: "Why will faith continue to be such as large issue once we have advanced beyond this plane of existence? I should think that waking up on the mansion world would do a lot for my faith. And after that I can't see looking back. So I am a little confused around that. Thank you."

Daniel: "You have misunderstood what has been said in the fact that the faith you are struggling with on this plane will help you in the service and your ascent on the ascending worlds; that, of course, you must still take in faith throughout all eternity the fact of the First Source and Center. Even Christ Michael had to take by faith the fact of His being a Creator Son, and on this planet so claimed, when He came into the reality of His existence as the Creator Son. Faith, of course, as you ascend becomes easier and is not a key issue as it is on this plane. The struggles you have here in faith will serve you in your ascent. Faith, however, is an attribute that you will carry with you throughout time. As you come closer and closer to fusion with your Indwelling Spirit, then the matter of faith is second nature, of course, with you. Does this help?"

B1: "That's sort of the way I thought about it."

B2: "Hi, Daniel. I received a letter from my friend H1 in California last week and he has formed a new study group and has been receiving your transcripts from the beginning. And the group has come to accept the teaching mission as real and they are very excited about getting there own teacher. He wasn't sure what steps to take but has formally asked..because he has received your transcripts he has formally asked me to ask you if they can receive a teacher. He didn't know what steps to take but he says the study group is in Los Osos, California and the members names are J6, C7, J7, H2, A2, S4 and H1. And they are very excited about getting a teacher. I don't see anything else specifically that they have asked. If you have any input they would appreciate it."

Daniel: "We are aware of this group, indeed. And a teacher has been assigned to them. As they come into more quiet time they will be more prepared to receive a teacher. And presently they are waiting for a T/R to commence the lessons. A teacher has been assigned, however. Tell this group that we are most pleased with their willingness and openness and that we have been watching them for some time. Send them my love and know that their teacher is with them even as I speak."

B2: "Thank you. Do you happen to know or are willing to share the teacher's name at this point?"

Daniel: "I have not been given permission to divulge this. They are also in the jurisdiction, somewhat, of Rayson who is well aware of this group as well. As they open up more this will be made known to them. Does this help?"

B2: "Yes, very much. Thank you. I will pass that all along."

B3: "Daniel this is B3. And I want to tell you that it was a pleasure to have you involve us in the conversation tonight and have us help teach each other. And your statement that we have reached a new phase, are you going to surprise us every time now with something different? (I'm sure you don't want to answer that) but are we going to be doing more of this interaction such as they do in Welmek's group? Is this part of the plan?" Daniel: "This is an experiment tonight to see how well you handle this type of teaching. You are, like I said, beyond the need of formal formalize lessons as we have had in the past. This does not mean that you are perfect. It means you have grown to a level to where you are able to stand on your own knowledge and your own understanding, that of the Urantia Book and of spiritual matters. And so this has been an experiment. It went well and there will undoubtedly be sessions in this format. And I again wish to tell you how well you did.

The circuits are closing down and communication is becoming difficult. I do wish to say to B3 that what has happened for him this week is on target and you are, indeed, beginning to receive messages. Continue and your spirit of enthusiasm is well felt.

My friends, I am happy to report to you that the last year has been one of great promise. And what has happened has been very good for not only you personally, but, again as I said earlier, for the spiritual upliftment in many, many areas. I send you my love and ask that you be more open to one another and continue to serve one another as you have been doing. My love to you all. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening, Daniel."