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A Day In Spring




 A DAY IN SPRING such as today

     I often give my heart away

 I cannot hold inside my mind

     A grasp on others of my kind

 And those like you who also say

     I'd like to take some time today

 To pay attention to my world

     And see the wonders now unfurled

 Of warmth and beauty Springtime brings

     To boys and girls and queens and kings,

 To bees and rodents, cats and mice,

     Birds and bees, and bugs and lice.

 All the creatures great and small

     Are testimony to it All.


 A great and wondrous God we've got

     Our world is gold inside the pot

 Of life and love at rainbow's end

     And so I wish for you, my friend,

 A day with butterflies and sun,

     A spot of shade and lots of fun,

 A friend whose countenance is glad

     And times like these that can be had

 Because the dark and cold have gone

     And Summer is soon coming on.


 Enjoy your Saturday, my friend,

     And in our hearts will never end.

 We'll always hold within our soul,

     A sense of how our lives are whole

 Because of God and me and you

     And family as such as likened to

 A universe of life and light

     From God to tiny flicker's mite.

From the Transcriber:

From the Spokane Teacher Base, Gerdean TR's this most amazing poem, in case you missed it. Jim Cleveland, no wonder your poetry is great, with Bakim's influence as here...



 BAKIM: Bakim here. Greetings. I am a celestial artisan. I would like to leave you with a short piece.


Bakim - Poem "A Day in Spring" - May 29, 2001 - Spokane, WA