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Group: USA-California?

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Practice T/R’ing and Lesson on Faith

November 21, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. What a delight to have two small children in the house. To see these young, new faces is very similar to you at your spiritual side. You too are growing and learning and are very inquisitive and show the love of the Father. Today, we will, if you are agreeable, to try some short teachings or lessons from your teachers, and perhaps questions. I wish to do this informally, so it is not a threat, it is not scary, but just an attempt, a try to see how you do. So my first question will be to S1. Would you be willing to give a short lesson, T/Ring your teacher, Curtis.

S1: Yeah, I would like that.

Iruka: That is wonderful. It probably won't be very long, so I will turn this over to Curtis.

Curtis: Hello, this is Curtis. Yes, I am here to talk with you. I have much to say and would like to start by saying that I can only hear you when I am listening through S1, not like Iruka who can hear through the T/R(?). I would like to talk about the new life of . ..I would like to discuss the new lives of children today. There are many ways......T/R loses contact and has to stop

Iruka: Hello, I am Iruka again. You were not doing badly. One thing that can happen is somehow the words start to wander. Sentences can run on and get lost. This does happen and practice makes it better, improves the situation. If you wish to start again, that is fine, if you feel very uncomfortable we do not need to start again. This was to learn, this is to try out, like the first steps of a child. Sometimes you fall and you get up and you start again. It is up to you. Do you wish to start again, or has this been enough for today?

S1: I would like to try again.

Iruka: That is wonderful.

Curtis: Yes, I am here, I am Curtis. I will continue to transmit to you. Please continue listening. Now I was saying that you should be happy for the new lives in your midst. There are wonderful things to learn about life if you view it from the eyes of a child. There are many more opportunities to learn and grow with.....T/R loses contact and has to stop

Iruka: I am Iruka, thank you very much for trying. It can be very scary or threatening, and thank you for taking that first step. Now, I will let Curtis finish his short talk through my T/R.

Curtis: Hello, I am Curtis, thank you very much S1 for making a try. You did very well, but I know things can get clouded, the circuits can break down, and it can become frightening. So I will just take a few more minutes and finish about children, about seeing through their eyes. They have an openness, a wonder, an amazement, and they can perceive without former attitudes or things they have learned from other places, from the culture. It is difficult at first to see things with the eyes of a child, without things that you already know, with fresh eyes. But with practice you can do this without your prejudices, without judgement. See if you can accomplish this, this week. Look at something without any expectations and see how different it starts looking to you. Think of it as looking at something through the eyes of God, how perhaps God would see those things. Whichever makes you feel most comfortable, would be fine. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, this is also a new experience for me and also a little scary for me, and I thank you. Good bye.

Group: Good bye.

Iruka: Hello, I am Iruka, and now I would like to ask G2 would you feel comfortable T/Ring a short lesson from your teacher?

G2: Yes.

Iruka: Thank you.

Cereon: The love of God surrounds everyone, the peace of God encompasses everyone's daily life. Good afternoon, my name is Cereon and this is indeed a fine Sunday afternoon. Everywhere we go the love of God shines through to the hate and discontent that flows through the dark things that may be perceived in everyone's life. Taking time now to look at the good things that God gives helps people to realize that when bad things happen God is there for support. All you have to do is call on Him. For the love of God is not there just when things go good, He is also there when things go bad, and all you have to do is call Him. People realize faith just when things are going good, not when things go bad, but a true test of your faith is asking God for help when things go bad. When you ask for God's help when things go bad, you can be amazed at how fast things seem to turn around. The love of God is not judged by what other people think of you, but by what you feel inside. Do not be afraid to show God your love, for just like the beautiful day today, things can turn bad tomorrow and the same love and joy that you expressed today for life should be carried through to tomorrow. So for the next week, treat all the good situations with the same joy and love and emotion that you would for a bad situation, and praise God, and things will turn around. And though you walk through the rain, God is indeed your umbrella. And even though you are in bad times, God can make bad things seem like sunshine. Are there any questions?

E1: I just would like to say thank you to G2 and to you Cereon for being here.

Cereon: You are welcome. Like Curtis and S1, I am also new and it is amazing talking to a group. When G2 and I first started talking it was through writing and we tried words and letters that did not make sense, and then through the terminal. As G2 got comfortable receiving the information from me, as he has told you before, he was concentrating so much more on trying to type the material out that we switched to recording our conversation. Since then, we have just gone into silent meditation and we talk. Sometimes he has a lunch break, and on his lunch hour we would talk, by talking and getting on a more familiar relationship we get common ground. A lot of people have the impression that I can help G2 in situations he is unfamiliar with. At this stage it is just like tilling soil. You can't grow corn if you planted squash. We tend to work together, and through time I can take some of the things I have grown in my spiritual garden and plant them into G2's and likewise. For we both come from two different environments, two different backgrounds, two different experiences. A lot of his experiences that I see, I don't fully comprehend how it feels, and a lot of the experiences that I have been through, I can relate to him in ways that he can understand because I have been there. Basically that is all I have to say today. Please enjoy the rest of the afternoon, and remember God changes seasons not to be mean, but to make you treasure the differences. Some people love winter and hate the summer. Others love summer and not winter, and still people like autumn and spring. So God has different seasons for different reasons, for different people. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.

Iruka: Hello, I am Iruka, thank you so much G2 and Cereon. I wanted this to be a good experience, a positive experience to widen, broaden your horizons, to help you feel more comfortable with a teacher, to help those who have not yet communicated with their teacher, what some of the possibilities are, and the joy that can come from this beside the growing and the moving along toward the Father. When your understanding grows, your appreciation for other beings grows. This is a partnership between two separate kinds of beings and even though we have experienced space, time, physical being as you are experiencing now; many of the things you are experiencing in your lives, we have not. I have tried to tell you in the past, that we grow as you grow, and I am not sure that you fully can understand or appreciate this. Maybe today you can understand a little better, because that is what we are doing for each other. You are helping our understanding, and we are trying to help your understanding. This is truly delightful on our side, on our part. We thoroughly enjoy this. We know that you have experienced frustration and sometimes boredom, but we hope that you also experience the joy, the pleasure it is from getting to know another being and appreciating him. I had no idea how long this session would last and I have not prepared a formal lesson as I have in the past. I will open up this to questions, questions about teachers, or any other questions that may be on your mind.

G3: Hello Iruka, how are you doing today. I just wanted to ask you about my teacher. I haven't been able to really communicate with him since I was assigned one, and I wanted to know if you have communicated with him, and what he has told you about what is going on with me, and our relationship and the rate that I am getting to know him. I know this is going along very slowly, because I have been spending so much time taking care of the baby. One time I believed he was possibly trying to communicate with me about five weeks ago when I was on my job, maybe six weeks ago on my job, and I just had a strange sensation in my head like I was dizzy, was getting ready to get dizzy. I grabbed my head because it felt like it was moving, like it was going to fall off. I didn't know...G2 said that could possibly have been him trying to communicate to me. Do you have any ideas on what is going on with my teacher, Haverly?

Iruka: Your teacher has been working with you, yes, but also understands that with a new baby your time has been consumed with his care and also just getting used to the idea that there is a third person that you are responsible for. So, it may take more are very distracted now with this exciting new life. When you have a chance and you feel good, try to communicate, but know that the first several months can be quite busy and tiring. It does take some energy to settle yourself down and concentrate, so don't be frustrated, it will happen, it may just take a little longer. Does this help?

G3: Yes. Do you know if that was my teacher that was trying to communicate with me on my job, about six or seven weeks ago. Do you know if that was him or not?

Iruka: Your teacher does accompany you to your job and yes, it may have been, because there have been times that he has tried to get your attention. Yes.

G3: Thank you.

W1: Good afternoon Iruka, I am just curious, any word on Melchizadek?

Iruka: As in can he be contacted? Is that what you mean?

W1: I know that the last time we were here, we were discussing his whereabouts, and phone number, and what he was wearing, and eating at McDonald's, things like that. Anything you can share with us about what he is doing now?

Iruka: Not at this time. It may seem that this is moving along rather slowly, but when the time is right things will start to happen and you will be aware. You will hear about it.

W1: Is it Machiventa, or is it a different one?

Iruka: It is one of his group.

E1: This thing on the Melchizadek subject, do you all meet in the "ethers", and if so what do you discuss, any plans of visiting the group?

Iruka: You are referring to the mission as a group, and do we meet, is that what you are referring to?

E1: For example, when you are not T/Ring do you all meet and discuss the agenda as to the things that you do next and what plans you have coming forth in the future and things like that. Also, have you talked with the one who is here on the earth plane now?

Iruka: To the first question, yes we do have meetings and while we discuss future, we go over what is happening, what has been happening, how many new individuals, humans, need teachers or want teachers, in general, the progress of the mission, yes. There are ways to communicate with the Melchizadek. I personally am in this group and stay in this area, but I am aware of others who do contact him. Does this explain?

E1: Yes. If others are contacting him, does that mean that you are capable of contacting him? If so, do you plan on contacting him?

Iruka: I receive news of what is happening, it is not necessary for me personally to do this. This is made available to all who wish to find out on my side. It is like your newsletters. Anyone can read them and find out what has happened in another group. This is my area of responsibility, someone else takes care of that responsibility. Does this make it clearer?

E1: Yes, in response to responding to the newsletter, is it possible to respond back and let this Melchizedek know that we would like to have a visit from him? Through the T/R, maybe a message that you may receive from him to Iruka through the T/R?

Iruka: When the time is right and certain things have been perfected, have been made right, this can happen in the future. Yes, but not in the immediate future. Does this answer?

E1: Yes, so that means that he will be here for quite a while, right?

Iruka: To be on this planet for many, many years, that is the plan, yes.

E1: Will there be another Melchizedek coming down to help him? I think this thing will flourish quite a bit.

Iruka: We certainly hope that this will happen, yes. But we take it one step at a time and try to have everything in place. The first step has happened, so as things continue in the progression that we have projected, yes.

E1: You indicated things had to be right. Is there anything for us humans that we need to do to get ready for it? I mean we don't need teachers do we?

Iruka: Not specific things, but just take care of yourself. The same things I have been talking about. Getting close to the Father, learning, spending time with Him, becoming like Him is the best thing that you can do. Not a "job" that you have to go out and put signs up, not like that, but get yourself ready, get yourself closer to Father. So no, there is nothing you have to do in those terms. Does this answer? [yes and thank you]

G3: Iruka, I wanted to ask you....I remember one time we were talking about the fact that each one of us in this study group have been assigned an angel. Do you know at what point in our lives are we assigned an angel? I am speaking from birth up to a certain age. Is there a certain spiritual point or are we assigned an angel at birth, a guardian angel. Do you know?

Iruka: It is when you have reached a certain spiritual point.

G3: OK, I have a specific reason for asking. I have been reading about angels, specifically the cherubim and seraphim I believe is in the Urantia Book. Also, when a baby is born, because they haven't been able to develop spiritually, would their parent's angels be watching over them, just in case of some type of emergency or accident. To protect them from something that their parents could not avoid.

Iruka: This often happens that the whole family is watched over because of the parents, yes.

G3: OK, I was wondering because there was an incident that happened, I know G2 doesn't want me to speak about this but I am very thankful for the fact that my baby is still alive and well. It was basically my fault, but we had left his parent's house and the baby was in his car seat and I forgot to strap him into his car seat, he was just sitting in the seat. When we got to the children's furniture store, G2 lifted him out of the car seat and the car seat tilted and the baby fell out and he had a neck brace on his neck and he bounced off the neck brace, and he didn't hurt himself at all, but it scared me, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, because I thought he had hit his head. And I just can't imagine, other than God and angels watching over him, how that could have happened, that he would have bounced perfectly off that thing and not hurt himself. We took him to the doctor, the doctor examined his head, because I still...G2 kept saying he bounced off the neck brace...and I still wasn't convinced. He didn't cry, he is exactly the same as he was before. Of course I examined him myself, but I was just wondering, I am so thankful, I was just wondering if maybe he has a guardian angel because there had to be somebody or something spiritual that allowed that to happen precisely, so that he wouldn't hurt himself. That is why it was so interesting to me about angels and how they protect us and everything.

Iruka: Indeed, you are very well protected. When I say you, I mean the whole group. If there are no more questions....OK

S1: Hello, I have a quick question. It has been kind of a hellacious week for me. Basically I was rounding up some of my best friends, or some friends that I think could give me some wisdom and I felt like I was trying to shave some rougher edges off my personality. I feel very warm and accepted here, but still there is a lot of things that I have carried on for many years. Sometimes I don't even know it, sometimes it is very slow to make its appearance. I think the lack of progress that I have made has caused problems in other areas, that just seem to burn through. I know that Iruka knows what I am talking about without elaborating here. Any suggestions on this important area of being accepted by one's fellows, and I am not talking in this group, I feel accepted here. What I would like to talk about, why I am asking the question, is in general. I tried to map out a procedure by which through concerted effort and submission to the spiritual realities that I knew, could I accomplish this. So my question to you is, after all that, is am I on the right track at least.

Iruka: You are on the right track when you seek the Father and wish to become like Him. You have, and I say this to all of you, your own personalities, your own ways of thinking, of doing things, of talking. You are not to get rid of, not to change your personality, other than to grow to become like Father, in that you become more loving, more gentle, giving grace, becoming non-judgmental, in that way. But He did not make all of you unique so that you could all become the same. So when you refer to rough edges, to become gentler, in that respect yes. But enjoy your uniqueness, enjoy your unique humor, your way of talking. Does this answer?

S1: In a general way, yes it does. Not to say that I don't appreciate it but I knew a lot of that already. I knew that to become like the Father was the goal, and I was looking for more practical suggestions i.e. I felt that as I looked back over a period of time, the times that I made the most progress was when I was memorizing Bible verses. It just seemed to literally bathe my mind in Godly wisdom. I couldn't help but be thinking about it, thinking about certain aspects, just having it reminded to me all the time. Oddly enough I was taking a class out of a church, so I had to memorize it to pass the class. At that time, it was just for me to pass a class to be accepted, a mighty motivating factor. But now I guess my emphasis, of course it is still to be accepted, but also a maturing relationship with the Father, so that is one aspect that I was working on as a goal. There are other aspects, as I read the Urantia Book and I look at Jesus's character, as I believe Him to be literally one of the best examples of a man, of an individual you can possible have. I see His well balanced character, so I began to think up things that would even out the balance of my character. I tend to be more into one...certain things that I can do well, or I feel that I can discuss well, and tend to be technical and scientific. But that is not the whole world and it certainly is not a balanced character. So, suggestions?

Iruka: I do have a few suggestions and of course looking at Christ Michael's life is the best example there is. But I can make some suggestions that would apply for everyone, not you specifically, but everyone. First is to love and to forgive yourself. Once an individual has done that, then it is easier to look to other people. Love, accept, and forgive yourself, that is easily said and can take a long time to accomplish. For S1 specifically, if memorizing beautiful lines from the Bible helps you, then by all means do that. If that is what you have noticed helps keep you in balance, then find the most beautiful ones you can and memorize them. Keep them inside, know that they are from the Father and this will certainly help you.

S1: OK, well that is encouraging to know. I am on the right track in those areas. I have also mapped out some other strategies, I am not going to go into them here, but as you see fit, or as you come up with any ideas, I would be interested in hearing them...

Iruka: It may be a situation where you try things and the ones that work, you continue to do, and the ones that don't work you throw out. It may be a trial and error thing.

S1: OK, that is fair to say. I am good at trying things, at least once. I think we have dealt with the question, thank you very much.

Iruka: You are welcome. Now if there are no more questions, I have quite enjoyed this meeting. When more participate, more teachers have been able to participate, and more humans have participated, and I think that is very good. I think that this promotes growth on all sides, and that is of course why we are here, is to...all of us, to grow toward the Father. Enjoy this week and thank you. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.