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Group: USA-California?

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Grace

July 25, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, wherever you are He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher.

I am delighted to be here today, I look forward to these meetings with great expectation and great joy. I have noticed much change in you and it is very heartwarming to see you struggling toward the Father, to become like Him and to follow Him. Today, our lesson is a continuation of grace. Last week I asked you to see grace in your life on a very simple level. Grace which allowed you to be successful in a situation that didn't appear that you would be successful. Something as simple as changing lanes and getting into the right lane and the other person letting you in.

Conversely I asked you to give grace, to let someone else in front of you, in line. To be aware that whatever the daily stresses are that you are facing, they also are facing. And if you remember back to one of our first lessons, I asked you to show love to other people. A simple smile, a caring comment that showed them you were aware of their struggles. This grace and love is all a part of a bigger whole of the total love of the Father. Grace is a part, a piece of the puzzle, for to show grace you must also have love.

So this week, begin to see how all of this comes together in the Father. We have talked about love of course, we have talked about grace, we have talked about forgiveness, we have talked about joy. One week I had you looking for joy in your life, despite whatever was happening there could be joy. These and much more go together to make up one whole and that whole describes the Father. It is all integrated in Him and that is why I keep harping to get close to the Father. Because to become like Him you have to perceive the way he perceives others and then love them. This week continue to show grace, see how it must be a dual prong with love, with compassion. And then notice how it will be given back to you because what you give out comes back. And now I will take questions.

J1: Good afternoon, I would like to introduce L, a visitor for the first time.

Iruka: Hello L, its nice to have you here.

Long Pause

Iruka: Indeed a quiet group today. I could make some comments. It is nice to see you again J2, it has been a long time. Nice to see you back.

J2: Hello, I don't have a question, but I was kind of amused that you would use the driving situation such as grace in someone letting you in and being graceful and letting someone else in. It is something I have been working on because it is amazing but I am very calm until I get behind the wheel. And what happens reminds me of that commercial I saw...the nice gentleman comes out of the house and he gets behind the wheel and he turns into a werewolf. And I have been working on that as trying to keep myself calm and peaceful while I drive. I just thought I would share that comment with the group.

Iruka: I appreciate your sharing that. I do try to use examples that I know most of you have experience with. And in this area of the country, driving at high speeds in close proximity seems to be a way of life and affects everyone. So I try to use these examples.

J1: Last week you had a question from S2 regarding predestination and grace and I am in the midst of typing that up now. I was wondering if you could perhaps elaborate a little bit on the difference again, maybe even not the Hindu version perhaps the good old Presbyterian version of predestination, and how that rates versus grace.

Iruka: I think perhaps last week we did wander on that question. And what I mean to say is..since human will determines what will happen and that can change from various situations and various perspectives it is very difficult...and the concept of predestination is really not valid. How can it be valid when you are given the freedom to choose in any situation, and in many situations you have many, many choices. There are just not two choices, but many. It is a theory that the churches have kept alive, but when you think of your freedom do not think that anything is predetermined. Does this help?

J1: Sure does, that goes all the way back to where you are born, what family you are in, any of that then...doesn't it.

Iruka: Yes. At first it is determined by genes and then of course you get your thought adjuster when you make your first unselfish decision. But decisions that you make, I mean even that first decision when the child is very young, determines..puts them on a path, a certain path, even at four or five, or younger. You have many choices and if you look back, you can trace the path of how you got to where you are today by choices that you have made all your life.

J1: Then the path you may have been on at the age of 18 may not necessarily be the path at the age of 40.

Iruka: Absolutely right, the path that you were on yesterday may not be the path you are on today. [that is for sure] So if you are on a path that you are unhappy with, and I am speaking to the whole group, things can be changed. If you look back and you were on a path many years ago that you were happier with, you can choose to go back to that path, depending on the way you were living and the choices you were making. Nothing is ever final, you can always redirect your growth, and your path. Don't become discouraged.

L1: I have a question for you. I have been feeling some...{lost in the noise}...and now I am beginning to feel as though perhaps there is a great.. while that is good and I plan to continue doing that, that there is a diverse..there is a lot of creative room for different kinds of quiet time. I can direct myself toward my thought adjuster, I can direct myself toward a teacher. And I am wondering in which direction are my energies best spent right now. A part of me says 'you know, this mission is not about hearing voices, this mission is about getting close to the Father' and to pursue that alone is perhaps more effective for me at this time, than getting sidetracked into other areas. I thought I would ask your opinion on that.

Iruka: Your understanding of this mission is absolutely correct. We are here to help you, to teach, to guide, to make suggestions, but always you have your own will of course. Let me suggest this, in your quiet time with the Father, you are with the Father only. If you wish a teacher you spend other time with the teacher. A teacher will not communicate with you when you are with the Father, that would be defeating the whole purpose. So this would not be a time of both. You would have one time only with the Father, and then with the teacher would be a different time, or it may be afterward. But it would not be mixing up the two. Ok, back to the other question, of directing it to the thought adjuster, and this is not easily understood. The thought adjuster is your connection to the Father, He is that little piece of the Father, the Father has given to you. So you are communicating with the thought adjuster and at the same time, the Universal First Source and Center is aware of this communication too. I have no good analogy to explain this, but it is the thought adjuster inside of you who is in constant communication with the Universal Father. So you can think of Him either way, but don't think of them separately. Does this help the confusion?

L1: Yes, thank you, that helps.

S2: I have spent the last week not trying as hard, as you suggested and I have a few questions. Does my teacher chase me around airplanes and into hotels and constantly try to be with me.

Iruka: For the most part, yes. Your word chase is amusing. The T/R used the phrase . ..follow her around.. and I guess it is accurate. We spend a lot of time with our students. We also have our quiet time and our time, where it is not sleep, but it is a rejuvenation of our spiritual sources. We have meetings to go to, we have a little recreation, we also have a balanced life, a balanced existence. And so yes, your teacher does stay with you much of the time. Now the more you communicate there will be times when he will say ' I will be gone for several hours, I must go to a meeting, or I must do this or do that' That happens. When I was just the T/R's teacher, I spent most of my time with her, but now that I teach a whole group, I take time out to visit everyone during the week. So yes, in your image of when your teacher is there, he is there most of the time. Does this answer.

S2: Yes, is it helpful to let the teacher know where I am going. Because I could hop in an airplane and fly someplace.

Iruka: It is helpful and of course courteous but your teacher keeps tabs on you and knows where you are. But if you wish to tell him your daily or weekly plans that is fine. [thanks] Have you asked your teacher about if he needs to know the plans?

S2: No, I just sort of assumed that my teacher knew where I was and was there. I didn't have any doubts.

Iruka: Generally that is true, yes, you are right.

S2: Does your teacher stay with you as much as a thought adjuster. Someday I hope to have a relationship so that when I am in a crises, or an emotional situation, that I can calm down and talk. Is it the thought adjuster that is my guide then at that moment.

Iruka: OK, the first question, your thought adjuster is with you always. Now there are exceptions, they can leave momentarily, but for all practical purposes they are always with you. The teacher, however, has other responsibilities and it would depend if it was a situation where the teacher was there. But always, it is a good idea in a bad situation to try and become centered and listen, listen to inside. Even if you are too nervous to actually hear, that helps center you and calm you down, and helps you think better. That is always the best way to operate, is when you are balanced. Does this answer?

S2: Yes. The sources of inspiration are they coming from my mind or are they coming from my super conscious through the thought adjuster. Analogies, that is the primary source of inspiration right now, but also just sitting down in front of five people and hammering out an agenda that everybody agrees to really quickly. These seem like my thoughts but I am not sure.

Iruka: It could be any of what you say. It could be yours, it could be the thought adjuster's, there can be different sources. But it doesn't matter, does it, where it comes from if it is good and positive and promotes love, promotes people getting along better, promotes the work going smoother. Just appreciate the idea and go with it. At this point trying to figure out where it comes from is not an important matter and perhaps you have better things to do with your time. So just appreciate the ideas.

S2: OK. During my quiet time I have not been trying as hard and more scattered thoughts have been flowing around, flying around in my mind. My attempts have been to sort those thoughts out and see if any of them were an attempt to more direct communication with me. Is this the right tactic? I mean is this a good tactic.

Iruka: Yes, it depends on what you mean by your thoughts. When your teacher contacts you it will be very, very simple. It will not be a lesson, it will not be anything complicated. It will be something very simple, perhaps saying hello. It is like when I start, I say 'I am Iruka, I am your friend, your teacher'. He might try to identify himself although there is difficulty in understanding names right at first. He might say hello, common chatter, it would not be a problem solving lesson, it would not be something important to your life. This is a time of getting to know each other, of recognizing the teacher. Any major lesson would be lost so it will be very simple. So compare that with some of the thoughts that you are having and see...and just let the thoughts drift by if they are not appropriate. This is very difficult to clear the mind, it takes a long time, it could take months, it could take years to get to where you want to be. So with that standard, judge the thoughts accordingly.

S2: Thanks. I think I had one word this week and it was hello. That was it, that I was pretty sure of.

Iruka: That sounds appropriate, very appropriate. So you are making the beginning and this is exciting. [I might be] Keep trying, you will get there.

L1: I have another question Iruka. When I began my spiritual quest about 21 years ago, I felt that a door really opened and I had a great many experiences happen over the next five, six, or seven years. A lot of what I believe now must have been teacher contact, and it was very strong and it was was not unusual to have such psychic occurrences happening all the time..very spiritual dreams, meditations, contacts. In the past years since I was in my early twenties they have really stopped. I saw them stopping about the time that I had children and my energy was taken away and I had to be with them. But I am wondering is this something that I can expect to have happen again. Because I know that I am capable of that kind of contact but I have not felt that for many years now.

Iruka: If you wish to have a teacher, you may. Ask the Father in your quiet time for a teacher and soon you will be assigned one and he or she will attempt to communicate with you. When you are, as I said before, spending time with the Father they will not try to make contact so if you spend other time, or when you are finished with the Father, continue to sit quietly and listen and clear your mind. And this is not a deep meditation, this is fairly light. Being centered, being conscious, and just listen. Does this help? [yes, thank you]

Iruka: This is a quiet group today, however, the questions that I had were very, very important questions dealing with your personal growth. That, of course, is what I am interested in. I am here to help you get closer to the Father and to grow and to become like the Father. And I am delighted to help you. I feel joy when you are making progress and even when you are struggling and having a hard time. Because of course nothing of any

importance or anything valuable is easy. It does take work, it takes commitment, and it takes time. So do remember to spend your time with the Father every day, even if it is only ten minutes. It will cause growth and it will help you feel love, and enjoy peace and joy. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.