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Group: Unknown

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: How To Be Loving

May 9, 1993

Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you; wherever you are He is. Good afternoon my friends, I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. I have missed you. I have missed these gatherings. I very much enjoyed the luncheon today, the conversation was delightful and you are becoming good friends and enjoying each other, and growing and appreciating each other. I am delighted that I could be a part of this and listen to your conversation. Enjoy the humor, the questions, the learning, and growing that you inspire in each other. Do you realize how much you learn from each other? How much comfort, how much joy, that you give each other? This is indeed becoming a cohesive group. Do enjoy each other, rely on each other and you all grow, you all benefit. I will keep this fairly short today and answer a few questions. We have been covering how to be loving. I will review briefly.

The Father gives you His love, His affirmation, His support and in turn you can give it away to others. Because you do not rely on other's approval or acceptance, you can give this away freely. And then the Father gives you more. So you are not dependent on people around you, you are dependent on the Father. This gives you freedom, freedom to give love to anyone, with no strings, with no boundaries. You give it to them and walk away. Now if they respond this is great, this is wonderful. And if they don't you have lost nothing, you are strengthened by the Father. After a while of doing this, this becomes automatic. It is not work, it is not contemplated before. It becomes a part of you, a part of your personality. It flows from the Father out, out to anyone who is close by. And this is what we have been working on for several weeks, to become strong with the Father.

The next part was to realize what a difference you could make in a group of people, and there the lessons were interrupted. I wanted you to experience how you can influence, how you can show love to a whole group of people, and change a negative thought pattern, negative attitude, into positive. We are trying to uplift the planet through love, through positive feelings, not through negative feelings, not through complaining and griping. Of course there are things to complain about. There are many wrong things on the planet but to change them a positive attitude is necessary; positive attitude with the Father's love that this can happen. You can change the collective consciousness by sending love, thinking positive uplifting thoughts. You really have more power to do this than you realize. And of course you can do this with the Father's love and power. You are not set adrift alone to change the world. You have much power behind you. And of course the way the Father can change the world is through His people, by His people changing. So remember you have more influence, more power than you realize. Remember to be positive, to be loving and giving.

I will take a few questions and we will see how long we can go. The T/R does not have a lot of stamina, but she has some. So I welcome questions from my friends who I have not talked with in many weeks.

W1: Good afternoon Iruka, how have you been since the trip? Iruka: Hello, I have been fine, thank you for asking.

W1: Any developments since the session we had in Chicago, as far as Machiventa is concerned? What is his status now, as I remember he would be appearing at some time in a mortal body.

Iruka: That is planned for some time in the future. We are not talking weeks or months, it may be years. These happenings depend on...not on time but on events of the planet, of the growth of humans. The time has to be right. I cannot say a date, a time, a year, but know that it will happen. So your question about status is that nothing basically has changed. Does this answer?

W1: Yes, thank you.

S2: Hi Iruka, I have been wrestling my mind...the questions that I asked you last session about a number of channeled books other than the Urantia book, a number of other people that appear to be teachers or could be teachers but don't feel like teachers to me. And I've finally formalized in my mind a construct that I can live with, to wrestle with this. I wanted to asked you though; I don't have the Urantia book in front of me but I found some quotes in the book where the Urantia book itself says just a very negative sentence about channeling and spiritualism, but there is not any detail there. I wish I could pull out the page for you but I was wondering if you could comment on that and how, what the teaching mission now, how it is different, or how those negative things that were described in the Urantia book are negative and I'm feeling not confused in my mind about what I know to be true, but I am more searching for verbiage to explain to those types of people that are channeling, that are into ouijee boards or into automatic writing or into a variety of deities that are channeling through them, how to explain what is going on here is different. I think I can, I have written a little paper on that, but I was just wondering if you could help me out with some language where that is part of did Jesus say it, that is something for men to work out and for you to watch?

Iruka: Each individual must determine what is truth, and that is hard. There is truth in many places and there is falsehood in many places. Each bit of truth, each bit of learning that you get where ever you get it from, has to be tested, has to be tested in your heart with you and the Thought Adjuster to work out what you feel and know is true. Each person has to do that themselves, it may be difficult for you to convey this to other people. It is something they have to discover. You had to discover this yourself, no one could tell you. You had to check it out. You had to see if it felt right. You had to walk around in those sandals to see if that felt true, to see if it was goodness, beauty, truth. Is it uplifting, does it bring you closer to the Father? These are guidelines that you can relate to someone else. If it brings them closer to the Father, then it is truth, it is positive. But it is difficult sifting through everything that you are bombarded with. This person says this and that person says that, and this book says something and that book says something else. You read or hear a lecture or you take what is true to you and leave the rest. You take what is good for your spirit growth, what inspires you, what gives you joy. Does this help?

S2: Yes. I'm searching for motives, I'm searching for propaganda, I'm searching for tools that I can use to draw certain groups of people towards what is going on here. Maybe that has been my...that is what is leading me astray here. I have practiced over and over again how to verbalize things so that people are attracted to what I am trying to say. I've been packaging information my whole life and my motivation here is to try to promote what is happening and I'm going through the organization of these concepts in my mind and it is important for me to be able to verbalize to my church, to my pastors, what I am doing with my life and meeting in these groups and in meeting with you. And I'm searching for that verbalization right now, and I'm not actively trying to do that, I did go haywire for a bit trying to talk about this with everybody before I had the verbalizations and the discussion outlined in my mind. And that is what I am searching for, maybe that is something I need to come up with on my own. Is that right, it is something I have to come up with? To sell this?

Iruka: Honesty always comes through. If you have a very slick talk it may come off as being slick. If you simply relate it to how you feel and sometimes that is silly but if you remember the thought patterns that you went through, people relate to that. If you say I read this book and did not believe it at first, they can identify with that. If you say it shocked me or it surprised me, or I couldn't handle a certain part because for so many years I believed the opposite, describing what really happened to you touches people in a way that a prepared talk doesn't. Even if it is not smooth, people respond to that because many times that is what they are thinking too. If they are thinking I don't want to get into a situation like Waco and you say that, they know exactly what you are talking about. If you have a very smooth talk prepared sometimes it is more difficult to relate, if they think in terms of very simple words. So when you think of what you are going to say, stay as close to simple things and things from your heart. Does this help?

S2: Yes this helps tremendously. It is focusing on personal relationships, but not group communication. That is what I hear an emphasis on in your reply.

Iruka: But if you are speaking from your heart, and you are relating a personal incident, aren't you hitting many of your listeners. Aren't you touching them as if you were sitting alone with one person?

S2: Jesus taught in parables when He was in front of a group because He knew the dangers of getting very specific and it is more the parables I am searching for. Its more the...I know the background...for example a lot of these born again Christians cannot tolerate any doubt at all, expressed in english. Doubting is not a part of their belief system. It you can't use that language if you are going to speak to that kind of a person. That is what I am wrestling with, I have a good ability of figuring out where people are coming from and how they are expecting me to behave. Otherwise I know they will tune me out. I am struggling with these various types of backgrounds and biases and how to present what is going on here. Maybe I should be just looking for certain types of people, maybe I shouldn't be worrying about this stuff.

Iruka: I have a suggestion, that when you are meditating with the Father, you ask Him for some suggestions of parables and see what direction you are given. As far as talking to people who cannot tolerate doubt, doubt will have to become a part of who they are or they will not open themselves up. They may not admit it, but doubt is how you are going to get your foot in the door. They do have ways of talking, words that they use to communicate to each other. A style of talking, and this masks certain feelings and they don't talk about their doubt, their fear that they are not supposed to have. But if you address it or at least hint at it this will be no stranger to them, they may feel refreshed that they can find somebody to talk to about this feeling; that they couldn't before because it was not tolerated or permitted. Honesty is always the best way to communicate and if you show that you have doubt then they can let their guard down and let their doubt show. But do spend time with the Father and find out what guidance He will give you. He will work with you and your personality and help you find the words. Does this help?

S2: Yes and I must say the last...after our last meeting together I have been doing that fairly disciplined and its had amazing effects on both my presentations and the comments afterwards. Very positive. The course I did down in El Paso, the gas company there, they were not communicating with each other, the room was filled with tension and in face of this black hole in the front of the room I kept trying to pour out this..what you are describing, this love and this honesty and this forgiveness. Then afterwards this fellow came up and said 'you are trying to preach to us' It was funny, I was in total shock because I didn't get any feedback that was positive from the group, but this one fellow's comment. So I will do that, yeah.

Iruka: I am glad to hear that things are changing and getting better.

S2: I also wanted to say that in the last week I have been feeling very much alone and I have missed this group.

Iruka: I also have missed this group and I look forward to our meetings together.

E1: Hello Iruka, I am just curious to know have you ever heard of a being by the name of Nostradamus and are his predictions, not necessarily reliable, but because someone was telling me about something that was supposed to occur in 1995 and with that particular event that is to occur in '95 do you think possibly that would bring about Melchizadek's appearance?

Iruka: Nostradamus was a human right?

E1: Yes but he had some kind of visual or prediction blessing or something where he could foretell the future.

Iruka: And he predicted several things and have they come true, the ones that were supposed to happen up until now? Have they happened?

E1: I think so, I didn't really gather that much interest in him because according to my sister she thinks that his predictions are pretty vague and you can probably apply them to anything that may occur, so that is why I was just wondering is he valid or...?

Iruka: The problem with anyone predicting the future is that sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. And so how do you know what to believe? It is dangerous to think that an incident, a happening, an event will happen and change your whole life because of this incident. God wants us to live in love, in joy, in health, in light, unafraid with no fear. To live the way you would live anyway. To serve Him, to know inside that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. That you are doing exactly what you were put here for. To be neighbors to exactly who you are neighbors to, to be working next to people, to be living. To know you are exactly where you are supposed to be, where you were meant to be. To touch the lives of the people you are around. If you live thinking that a certain happening will take place this instills you with fear, you change how you live, you live in fear. You live with a negative attitude. Know that God loves you and He is going to take care of you no matter what happens. I am basically telling you to live unafraid and not worry about what some person has said is going to happen. For years people have been worried about the atomic bomb going off, an atomic war happening. Can you see how this can jade your whole life, not ever wanting to be very far away from this hole you may have dug in your backyard. Forgetting about the joy that you could be spreading and living in. And of course we have talked about how human will changes, can change what is going to happen, what might have happened, what could have happened. I would not put any emphasis, any trust in something that was predicted long ago. Also, God has given you a brain to think things through and if all the events are pointed into a certain bad situation then yes take precautions. Does this answer?

E1: Yes somewhat.

Iruka: This does not answer specifically. It is a general way to approach this prediction. But many people predict many things. So this can be applied to all kinds of predictions. I am trying to give you a way to judge the prediction and to act accordingly. So specifically it is not an answer, but it is an attitude to take. Does that help with that understanding.

E1: Yes, well my attitude wasn't negative so much so as I was just curious how important this guy's predictions are and you have stated that they were not all that significant. So that pretty much answers the question.

Iruka: Know that you will be taken care of no matter what. And again use your brain, think things through. See how the country, how the world, all the events are going. Make your

determination, but do not act out of fear.

I will take one more question and then we will close.

J1: Short question. The Melchizadek arrival on earth will be more dictated by the conditions or culture of Earth more than any specific event. Isn't that right? Earthly events, excuse me.

Iruka: Yes, when conditions, when certain attitudes are correct, or are right, this will happen. And it is difficult to say when that would happen, but it could be very well in your lifetime, or maybe not. It is hard to predict.

S2: Iruka, I wanted to ask a follow up question. When he arrives, his human body will be so human that...and he won't perform any miracles to demonstrate his divinity, is that true. Will he have the same basic code of operation that Jesus did? And will we have to have an organization in place that can honor him before he arrives?

Iruka: When he arrives it will be apparent who he is. There will be very little error in thinking he is human. He will be recognized. At this point there does not need to be any preparation as you say, any organization set up. It is not the time for this yet. He will do much of it himself. Again trust things, things will work out when this happens. Right now the emphasis is to build up as many humans as possible to be close to the Father, to be walking daily with Him and trying to do His will, to become strong and sensitive to the Spirit. To be growing on an individual basis. This is the first part of this and this is exactly what is happening. In small groups just like this, people are learning about the Father, growing, learning to love, and knowing that they are children of the Father and how much they are loved. This is the first stage. Does this help?

S2: Yes, thanks

Iruka: Thank you, I have enjoyed being with you once again. And I will see you again in two weeks as I understand this and I will miss you. Stay close to the Father, He has so much love and joy and peace that He wishes to give you. So stay with Him and receive it and become whole. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.