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Group: Unknown

Teacher: IRUKA

Lesson: Extending Love To Others

January 31, 1993

Initial part of the lesson was lost due to recording difficulties. The transcript picks up in mid lesson.

Iruka: . .....and then out to other people. It becomes a river, a channel of love. And when you see your fellows, your neighbors, with love you see them the way the Father does. And this casts out any prejudice, or condemnation, or criticism that you would have for them. This week, again, I would like as your assignment to practice loving your neighbors, co-workers, whoever you come into contact with. It maybe just a person in the store, just a momentary action of paying for groceries, or something you have purchased. Show them love, greet them, ask them how they are, and then listen because listening is part of loving. Just being quiet while they talk, just being a listening ear. It is rare in this world to have someone who just listens, without condemnation, without judgement, without thinking of the next thing that you are going to say. And they will feel that and they may be amazed. It is a rare occurrence. This can be momentary, or it can take an hour or two. But try to practice this even only once, and see if you can tell a reaction in the person. Sometimes just a smile can lighten somebody's burden. Think back to the times that a smile has lightened your burden. That's all you needed was somebody to actually look at you as a person. Not as another person to get through the line or to get out of their way, just a person. And it will make you feel better also. And now I can accept questions.

S1: Hello, good to hear from you again. Its been an exciting week for me. Do you think that I am correct in what I have stated prior to us making contact with you?

Iruka: What you shared earlier is indeed progress, a real step forward. These children are teaching you about yourself. Do you remember when Christ Michael said "to approach the kingdom of God as a child"? This can be very enlightening and indeed they are showing you some insight to some problems.

S1: Thank you. I think that is very accurate. Do you think I have a learning disability?

Iruka: That is not for me to say. But if you can find easier ways to learn then do so. Anything that helps anyone learn faster or better, or improves their life is worth seeking.

S1: Yes, I agree. Thank you very much.

E1: Hello Iruka, I would like for you to explain to me how does one who is impatient go about getting patience?

Iruka: First of all, if you ask God for patience you will be sent situations where you can grow patience. In other words, you will be sent frustrating situations. It will get worse actually. So it may become frustrating. One thing that might help is looking at life, looking at time in the concept of eternity. Another thing is examine what is causing the impatience. I made an assumption that it had to do with time because many times it is time. You are stuck in traffic, or something you thought would take 10 minutes is now taking 30 minutes. So if its to do with time, think of eternity and that you have all the time in the world. If when you examine the impatience, pin-point the reason and then change the perception of how you are looking at the situation. Does this help?

E1: Yes, in terms of explaining what was causing the impatience, could you elaborate on that, for example what do you mean...

Iruka: Become conscious of why you are impatient, what is causing the impatience. The example I used of time, sitting in traffic when it was supposed to take you fifteen minutes and its taking forty minutes. If that is what is making you impatient and frustrated re-think the time frame, either accept that you are going to be late or accept that it is going to take a lot longer than you thought. Before you can solve a problem, you have to pin- point what is causing it. And examine what you think about it and what is causing this anger and frustration. Does this help?

E1: Yes, While you were speaking it came across to me that sometimes my impatience is when dealing with people and how they perceive things. Now the way they perceive it I can't control it, but I think my impatience goes up when they don't use all of their intellect. What do I do then?

Iruka: You have to love them like the Father loves them. You have to accept them. This goes along with the lesson this evening. Accept them, love them, and then patience will grow.

E1: OK you can say that; "I accept them and love them" but the impatience is still there because it takes time I would say for the patience to evolve. So what do I do then just I guess as I am in a situation pray for the two that are involved at the time or just what...

Iruka: Pray certainly helps, but patience does have to grow. It will not come quickly. And again if possible, change your perception of the situation. What boundaries have you set up in the situation that you can take down? You obviously have certain expectations and they are not being met. Is it possible to change those expectations and perceive the whole situation differently. Of course asking for wisdom from God will help, but you have to change the boundaries that you have put up. Does this help any more?

E1: Yes, one other question, I would like to know at what point will we be graced by visiting teachers in terms of them coming through P--?

Iruka: There is no timetable. It can happen at any meeting, but it might be a little while. First of all, she is still relatively new and the group itself has not jelled, so to speak. The group is new and still learning and growing and becoming a group. So we are in a growth stage right now. That is what our concentration is on. At this point if a learning teacher needs some experience, they will go to a group who has been doing it longer and has more experience. So in the foreseeable future, there probably won't be any visiting teachers. Does this answer?

E1: Yes it does, I noticed in the newsletter, that Ham of another group left and was promoted more or less. At what stage or what point will you be promoted and leave the group?

Iruka: Of course anything can happen, and change. But right now that is not foreseen. In the case of Ham, he has always had a leadership position, but some of the developments happened more quickly than were anticipated and so he has changed his focus. But as for me, I do not expect that I will do anything differently for a long time. Does this explain better?

E1: Yes, when the adjudication ended in 1984 did channeling occur before that time, and if so was it ordained by Christ Michael?

Iruka: This mission that I am a part of was not ordained until after the 1984 adjudication. And I am not allowed to talk about other things, other communications.

J1: Good evening, Iruka. In last week's session you were talking about the meeting you attended and the re-connecting of several circuits that were going to have an effect on most of the planet in terms of up-stepping people's perception of this type of

communication. Could you elaborate on that a little bit, that sounded pretty important, and seemed to have slipped by us.

Iruka: Yes, the re-connecting of the circuits goes hand in hand with more teachers being assigned to whoever humans would like them. With more circuits we can have more teachers. We anticipate that soon many many humans all over the planet will seek this communication and want a guide, a teacher guide. And so there are plans that have started to re-connect more circuits. At this time there are enough circuits for the people who are communicating and for many more. But we are anticipating many many hundreds, thousands, more and we want to be ready. We don't want them to wait when they are ready for growth. We don't want them to wait to find out how much the Father loves them, so this is in preparation for something we think will happen in the future. This mission has grown much faster than was anticipated much to our delight. In evaluating the humans on this planet, we underestimated their thirst for learning and their searching for God. We knew many would be interested but it has grown quickly very much more quickly than we anticipated. And we are very pleased. So we are now making plans to be ready when this spreads even farther. Does this help?

J1: Yes, you are relying on the teaching mission groups such as this to spread the word. It sounds like you are expecting an exponential growth, sounds like events beyond simply spreading the word through the various reading groups. Is that in mind, or are you looking for growth out of the various reading groups?

Iruka: For a long time it will be growth out of the reading groups. And this is looking quite into the future. At some point, it will mushroom on its own. But for right now it will be out of the reading groups. So both, but the reading groups are first, and then into the future it will spread everywhere.

J1: We call that critical mass. How many groups are there, without knowing who and where, are functioning in North America and the world?

Iruka: At this time, probably less than a hundred actual groups. There are many individuals who read the book on their own by themselves, and do not share it with anyone else. They are afraid so they keep it to themselves. And of course there are many with teachers in a reading group, so one reading group can have several teachers with one group teacher. So there is possible growth in many directions.

J1: One last question, the Christian religion has a big thing about the cross, Christ Michael dying on the cross. Could you expand on how that came to be? Why they have this belief. I understand from teacher Daniel that it is not the appropriate belief, but how did they get to where they got with that belief?

Iruka: How they got to the belief that Christ Michael died for their sins? It goes back thousands of years to sacrificing something to a god so that the god wouldn't hurt them, make them ill, make them poor, cause ones they love to die. It was keeping the god happy, and this has never left the majority of Urantians. This ancient belief in appeasing someone who can hurt you has never left. The fear has never left. And so Christ Michael's death was substituted as this sacrifice, as an appeasement to make the god happy. So now we have Christ Michael dying to make the Father happy and to look on his children with love. It seems to be difficult to see a Father who does not require a sacrifice, a death, in order for Him to love His children. This is a puzzlement on our side, but we understand it is very strong with Urantians. And it is frightening to give up a sacrifice because then the god may come back and hurt you. And that is where we stand now with the majority of beliefs in Christianity. Other beliefs around the world do not demand sacrifices, but this one has a lot of power now in many countries. Does this help?

J1: Yes, thank you.

S1: Iruka, I have a couple of questions that I just thought of. Any suggestions on how I should deal with Ernest Moyer? He seems to have adopted a witch hunt kind of an attitude. Very very much against the teaching mission. I had a very unusual association with him in that I went up to Indianapolis with him and met the folks in Indianapolis and I felt the teaching mission was real and he of course had a very set opinion. Every knows this is very interesting and I have a special relationship to him I think as a result of that. We all started off at the same point so to speak. How should I deal with him, do you have any suggestions, aside from occasionally I pray for Ernie that he have a clear mind, things like that.

Iruka: Yes, I have some suggestions. Back to the lesson this evening is to love him, show him God's love, accept him and be non- judgmental. Remember he is on the path to the Father, a different path, but still he will reach the Father. He is operating out of fear. And fear clouds your judgement and changes your perception. He cannot hurt you so don't fear him. He has only rejected one tool, an important maybe strong tool, but that is all. Every creature has free will. Do not judge him because he has rejected this tool, in fact the more you can accept him and listen to him, non-judgementally, the better he can operate without fear. Does this help?

S1: Speaking of growth, is Curtis aware of the things that are happening for me, and has he been instrumental in causing them to occur?

Iruka: Yes, he is aware of the growth that you have been

experiencing and he is trying hard to help you. He could also offer insights if you communicated with him, but he realizes that you are going through major changes, major turmoil, major

enlightenment, and he wishes to help. He is delighted that you are making progress, and he sends his love. Does this help?

S1: Yes, thank you very much, both of you.

Iruka: If there are no more questions, we will close for this evening. I understand it will be a couple of weeks before we get together again. So you have a couple of weeks to practice loving your fellow man and I look forward to hearing how well you did. Good Evening.

Group: Good Evening.