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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: Ham

Topic: Spiritual Priorities

May 31, 2001

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy you have come here this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss spiritual priorities. Every day as you live and work in the world, it becomes easy to lose sight of your spiritual priorities. The demands of the moment are so pressing and the mind tends to clutch and tear at problems with a passionate frenzy. If you have pressures upon you, the spiritual life can be quickly drowned out by the noise of the present time. The spiritual life is lived in eternal time, in that space between thought, in the silence. Life is so hectic and the drive to succeed so strong, the spiritual life is often put aside as the demands on your time and the worries of your mind increase.

Have priority for the spirit. Give yourselves the time that you need to think in silence and to rest the mind. Often times, humans think that they must devote their mental energies to their situation during all waking hours or else they will be guilty of sloth and negligence. But such is not the case. Wisdom is never found in going over a problem again and again. Wisdom and perspective are only found by stepping away, refreshing the mind with something very different, a change of scene, a change of relaxing activities.

Learn to trust the Father’s spirit who lives within, trust him to guide your thoughts and to give you back new ideas and new perspectives. You don’t have to work those things out. Give it to the Father, then let him give back in his time. Everyone wants answers now. No one wants to wait for anything in this culture. The spiritual life requires waiting. Waiting is a good part of wisdom. Trust your mind to the Father. Remember that you don’t need to control it and control your thoughts all the time. Realize that every single person on your planet has problems and struggles and worries. But, as Jesus said, worrying can not add a fraction of an inch to your height, or change anything about you.

When you have your priority be the spirit, then you respect the spirit, you can release your mind to his watch care and give over the problems of the day. The Father delights in helping his children. But, like stubborn children, human beings want to do it all themselves and not allow the Father’s help. The world doesn’t stop for you, no, but worry can stop.

Breathe in the space between thoughts, let those spaces be long and delicious. Allow yourselves the luxury of living in the moment and for that moment be without fear or worry.

Often times humans think of the spiritual life as another thing to work on, but it is not so. The spiritual life is that which frees you from the drudgery of everyday work. The stillness shouldn’t be a chore but a delight. Give yourself over to the spirit, allow him to refresh your soul. You don’t need to control and to have so much fear that you cannot enjoy the passing of the moments before you.

Breathe deeply and enjoy the breath. Relax. Find those still and beautiful nuggets of peace. They are yours. We have had some rather difficult lessons and tonight, I would like you simply to think about the priority of the spirit and what that means in your lives. How is it that you make the spiritual life a priority? Be gentle with yourselves. Do not push or pull yourselves into thinking certain ways or doing certain things that you think promote the spirit but may in fact be a chore or a vexation. Let the spirit be a full part of your lives, a part of every thought, every feeling.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q: The greatest challenge I have is to turn my mind off. On the rare occasion I am successful, is also the rare occasion I go into a deep peaceful sleep. It seems that shutting off my mind is very difficult. I have tried breathing and visualization techniques but my little brain does not seem to want to shut down.

Ham: Remember Descartes, I think therefore I am. The mind fears nonbeing. It seeks to fill space with itself to be and harnessing or taming its frantic constant "I am , I am, I am" requires that the soul begin to take the place of the mind in I am. The soul knows that it knows, the soul is peaceful, and is content to be without thinking. To calm the mind takes great discipline over quite a period. But, it takes something further. It takes a courageous letting go and a knowing or realization that you are not thought, you are much more than thought. Have peace with your soul and your thoughts will become more peaceful. Is this helping?

Q: Some, part of what occupies my mind is not problems but ideas that build upon each other and when they get flowing I can’t seem to turn it off. Frustration I can turn off, but ideas are kind of hard.

Ham: Yes, think on this.

Q: IT’s not emptying yourself but allowing yourself to be filled is a better way to think about it.

Q: How is what you are talking about different from being detached from the world or is it?Ham: When the Buddhist use the word detachment this is actually what they are describing. To Western sensibilities, that word isn’t exactly the correct description. The Master spoke of being in the world but not being smothered by it or consumed by it. The spirit is so serene, so peaceful, that those who spend time with the spirit seem to have a detachment from the passions of many people. So yes, I would say we are talking generally about the same thing.

Q: Is a part of this becoming as a little child, is that a part of it?

Ham: Of course. The child trusts the parent completely. The man of the spirit trusts his life, his fortunes, and all of his mind to the Father. There is nothing which he holds away from the Father. This is as it is with children. Children depend for all good things upon their parents. The child has complete trust and confidence that the parents will provide all that the child needs. Yes, it is very similar.

Q: How is it different from being passive towards the world or is it?

Ham: Well yes, there is a difference. True spiritual development results in active loving and a person who actively loves his neighbors is not passive concerning their welfare. There is always some confusion when humans try to strike the pose of spirituality without true understanding of spirituality. This has created many strange customs throughout the ages and one is that complete passivity or emotional removal from the world. The Master love life, loved people, and was passionate about God. He was not a passive one who sat in meditation while others adored him. He was an active teacher, a healer, and a great friend. Whenever there is confusion concerning what the epitome of spiritual living consists of, look to him.

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message?

Ham: Certainly my son. I see I you one who is walking toward the light, one whose foot steps are sure and certain. Yes, no more are you tempted by detours or short cuts, rather now are you walking erect and full toward the light of the Father. Trust, trust, trust. Have no fear or worries at this time. You will be provided that which is needful. That is the most important lesson during this time period. Yes, developing trust, it does not occur rapidly.

Q: Ham do you have some words for me about connecting with my teacher or teachers?

Ham: Of course. The connecting process has already begun, but this is unconscious. There will be a certain number of days pass by before your teacher will try to make contact and at this time you will be ready to receive this. There can be greater damage done through premature contact than anything else we have found. We are very careful to allow our contactees sufficient time for the adjustments that are required before this great gift is laid before you. Time will be simply what it is, there is no predicting only patience. These adjustments are not conscious. Everything occurs on an unconscious level for some time. Do not be worried about it, but simply live loyally as yourself as you grow and develop and change. The Urantia Book say the quickest way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live loyally as a tadpole. So it is with spiritual transformation. You cannot speed things up, nor can you slow things down. But waiting is required. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you so much.

Ham: I have a question about waiting. Is that dependant upon our spiritual awareness? Do we all have a teacher?

Ham: Yes, and each person will be able to receive or to reject that teacher at some point. It is up to you how much contact that you would desire. The teachers do not force themselves upon their students. The students must ask, then will they receive. If you want a teacher, you must first request a teacher in your prayers. Then, after a certain period of waiting, a teacher will be available to you. How much or how little you partake of this teacher’s guidance and teaching is entirely up to you. Is this helping?

Q: Thank you that was important for me to know.

Ham: I have a question that is not related to the lesson. It’s my understanding that we as humans are body mind soul and spirit. The body the physical, the mind joins the body and the soul.

If the above is true, how much control do we have over our physical reality and are there true limitations or do we impose limitations on ourselves?

Ham: Well, there are many levels in this question. Of course there is only limited control of the physical environment. The Father gives man freedom, the freedom to chose to grow toward him or the freedom to reject him and within that context, human kinds physical control must be limited. As you progress in the universe, after physical death, you will find that there is more and greater freedom. But freedom for the immature person is limited, of course. Is this answering your question?Q: I understand what you are saying, but you are talking on a broader scale and I am talking on an individual scale. In my spiritual learning we are God and God is us. When I am speaking of control I don’t mean controlling others or the world. Do we have the power to create with God if are wants and needs are parallel?

Ham: This is an interesting philosophy and it is very tantalizing to the human mind. But, when you say I am God, you are actually speaking in a very metaphysical sense, a very theoretical sense. In other words, you are saying if the Father’s spirit indwells me, then I am he.

He created us in his image, then it would have to be our spirit which is his image.

Yes, but that spirit is not the mind, that spirit, that soul, that is his eternal creation is not the mind of the creature.

No, I know.

Q: Wouldn’t the spirit have the same potential as its creator.

Ham: Not necessarily, no.

Q: This is from Nikki. I had a very serious head trauma 12 years ago and have denied the seriousness of such. I have refused to take the medication and have caused undue stress to my loved ones. With recent events in my life, I have finally admitted that I have these problems and would like guidance. I also feel that God has given me these disabilities to help others. Can I have guidance in how to use this gift?

Ham: My daughter, you are doing very well. The physical trauma you speak of has been the very thing which has brought you closer to the Father and to a greater awareness and understanding of yourself. You are learning to partake of God’s nature, to find him in your heart and in your life. This is what shall lead you forward and will give you all the strength that is necessary. Be of good cheer, for you will have gradual, slow improvement.. Don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy these moments of living. Know that you are a beloved child of the living God who has blessed your life is many ways. Have faith that you will feel and know of his leading. Be unafraid. All is well.

Q: This from Anne. I have had thoughts of moving to California for a number of years. I have been told by a notable psychic that I am just running away and it is a pipe dream. The thoughts keep coming up. How do I know if it is running away or what?

Ham: My dear child. It is well and good that you examine this issue for there are always various mixtures in any motivation. That said, the spirit always acts in a drawing manner and thus when you feel strongly drawn to something, there is usually some greater purpose behind it. Of course, there are possibilities and opportunities every where. There are many leadings of the spirit. It is not for me to pass judgment on what you should or should not do with your life for that is a personal decision between you and the Father. Pray for his guidance and surely it will come.

Q: She says, P.S. are you part of the Abraham family of teachers. Abraham is channeled by a woman called Ester Hicks. My feeling is you are part of the same nonphysical group out there.

Ham: I work closely with Abraham in all things. His words are brought forth by several humans. His assignment is to oversee the human beings who make contact with spiritual or morontia beings such as myself. Be assured that he knows you and sends his greetings as well.

Q: A personal message for Marija?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter. Your upcoming trip is certain to be very eventful and full of good fruits for your life. You have great courage and a great ability to see through the stance people take to the real person. This great love you have for people is very attractive and you attract many injured souls to your warmth. Realize that you can’t help everyone, but you can love every one possible. So be of good cheer and of a welcoming heart for you do very well.

Q: Mary John would like a message.

Ham: Of course. My daughter, you are very precious in the Father’s sight. Many years have you devoted to him and to his truth. Know that you are closely watched over and very greatly treasured by the teachers and beyond. Be at peace as you go through these physical trials. Cleave close to your indwelling spirit, allow him to sooth your tired brow and to cradle your weariness in his arms. Be at peace with his will.

Q: Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly, my dear. You are also going through a period of acceptance. Of all the things that human beings find difficult to accept, the most difficult is your helplessness. Accepting helplessness is a difficult and also liberating step. Be at peace with this, all is well.

Q: Elena?

Ham: My daughter, your life is very full and it is wonderful to see. Have the courage to expand still farther, reach for things you didn’t know you could accept from the Father’s hand. Find happiness and peace in your heart.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you have joined forces with a righteousness which has faults. All human endeavors which try to advance civilization is faulty. The spirit, alone, can provide pure answers. Be wary of the answers of the intellect.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: My son, you also have strong opinions which rest on sand. The mind is always endeavoring to shore up any particular stance taken by the will. The will decides, I will stand here, and the mind immediately builds the platform. This is universal and human. All human beings, no matter how powerful or brilliant, are prone to errors great and small. You must both keep that in mind as you go through the next few weeks.

Q: Could you be more specific about the area. I have no earthly idea what you might mean and I would like very much to know and to amend.

Ham: Know only that sometimes when differences of opinions about politics or anything arise that the mind always works in that way and often contradicts ones heart and true feelings. Is this understandable.

Q: I understand what you are saying that the mind fabricates a place to stand for the will, but I can’t figure out what area, is it something about our task?

Q: No, just in general, something to keep in mind.Ham: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly, my son. You do very well. More and more, your spiritual understandings are coming into play in your life. These awarenesses are broadening the scope of what you can receive. It is important for you to realize that people tend to narrow their scope out of fear so that what information is received bolsters preconceived ideas. So, when you deal with others who have a narrower scope, simply be aware of it and take it into consideration. You can’t change it, but knowledge is power, so they say. Understanding others is extremely important for all of you. Do not close your minds to other’s points of view. Be sensitive and open without closing off what information you do not desire.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: My son, be at peace. Be loving and understanding with those who are a vexation of spirit. Try to the best of your abilities to love all who you are in contact with and you will find greater peace in your heart than you ever have known before.

Q: Do you have a message Mira?

Ham: Certainly. My dear, you do well. You have much to offer and much to give. But, also be open to receiving and to accepting the good intentions and the love of others. Have the deep knowledge that learning to be truly open involves a lot of two way streets, a lot of acceptance as well as giving. You do very well and should be very happy with your spiritual progress. Yes, be at peace.

Go in peace then my children. My love and my prayers go with you. Farewell.