AUGUST 19, 2002


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I so look forward to being in your presence. I enjoy your rainbow of personalities and the personal gifts you each bring. I am with new inspiration to forge ahead in any direction Father would have us go. Mother's declaration of commitment to our Father's will has cleared the view upon my path. I am also with a renewed dedication to wholly embracing Father's will.

To mortals it would seem to be a confusing endeavor to discern what Father's will entails. I realize that the ego and spirit poisons create barriers to being able to have our ear in Father's direction. I can say one who dares to go forth with determination to be within the Father's will is on a correct path to actually discerning what His will is. Commitment to the doing of Father's will is constant, not wavering in troubled times. Commitment to Father and His will is about maintaining an observant mind, instead of having emotional reaction.

One who is devoted to the doing of Father's will is also committed to attaining self-mastery. Where there is effort toward mastering the self there is an ear for God, there is an ability to better discern His will. Tonight our discussion will be on self-mastery. Many of mortals inability to master the self is much of the time due to poor physical health. One who feels sickly is one who reacts out of some desperation. This week I would recommend that you each evaluate your physical well-being and tend to the needs of the body. Rest, diet, exercise, are all important in maintaining physical balance.

Second on our list to attaining self-mastery would be to have understanding and resolution of past experience. Where there is no room for understanding or forgiveness there is an open wound. These open wounds also bring one to react from a place of fear or desperation. There is always that need to protect the self from further pain. In this protection there is blocking new
experience, which brings new learning, growth, self-mastery and higher levels of ability to discern our Father's will. I ask not for you to wallow in past pain, but have understanding for it and know that Father has complete understanding and can help you find resolution and forgiveness.

Third on our list is stress and anxiety levels. This perhaps is the greatest hindrance toward attaining self-mastery. This is where Mother can be utilized to bring you back to a place of balance. There is such over stimulation in the world. There seems to be practically no place to find quiet. Constant stimulation becomes somewhat habit forming and some find the quiet to be either fearful, lonely or non-productive. If there is opportunity for quiet time at least once a day, by all means take advantage of it. This is wonderful rest for the mind and an opening to the presence of Father.

You each understand for the most part the spirit poisons, and in the midst of this, there is very little self-mastery. With the onset of the spirit poisons it is altogether wise to interject with your spiritual tools before total control is lost. The Master had His human moments. He had His experience with spirit poisons. He had His moments of what some would term as weakness. Never did the Master take time to self-punish or harshly discipline that human side, no. He went directly to the Father. His trust in Father was that living link from which He received divine strength. Divine strength does not so much block the spirit poisons so as to internally bury them causing various ailments, no. Divine love diffuses the spirit poisons with spiritual solutions. You need not be controlled by your emotions. Your cravings need not manage your life. You and the Spirit within has complete power to overcome any and all things.

This week let us recommit ourselves to the doing of Father's will, whatever that should entail, always staying with an observant mind, instead of reacting with emotionalism. Remember our divine Parents are loving as well as logical. Evaluate your physical health and make adjustments where needed. Journal about those wounds that you feel still interfere in your life today. Be ready for understanding and resolution. Take advantage of quiet moments and remove yourself from external noise when possible. Maybe there will even be a moment or two for stillness.

This is a time for celebration on your world. Let us think about the Master and all the changes He has made and be open to all the possible changes to come. Forget not that the Father wants for your abundance and well-being. Take a moment or two for gratitude. No questions. We have a busy week ahead. My love is ever growing for you each. Until next time, shalom.