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Events Which Developed the Revealment of The Teaching Mission &
The Magisterial Mission on URANTIA from 1895 to 2011

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About This Time Line
By Ron Besser

For the HTML version of the Time Line, I have removed all formatting and hyperlink references.  If the student wishes to read the formatted and live references given as a hyperlink in the Time Line, please select the PDF version also available on this site.  Copy this link or into your browser or click on it for the PDF version: 

This Time Line covers the period of the last 20 years, from about 1989 to the present, and looks back at some events which predate (1895) the 20th century. The Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are integral parts of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and what has happened in their brief histories will also affect how the entire epochal revelation will play out in the future.

Please feel free to use the Time Line as you wish. It is an educational document and therefore has no restriction on its use.



The Teaching Mission began as an idea by the Creator of Nebadon, LinEl tells us, some 2,000 years ago after Michael completed his bestowal on earth as Jesus of Nazareth.

Thea Hardy, Transmitter:
        “. . . [The celestial teacher] LINEL, who has been here since the turn of the last century [19 century], told us that as soon as Michael got back from his incarnation, he planned both the UB [Urantia Book]  and the mission. That the mission was always part of the fifth epochal revelation. According to LinEL, even while they were bringing the FER [Fifth Epochal Revelation] into the purview of the Forum, on-going discussions of how to handle the mission were constant, particularly as the revelators gained more personal experience in working with us humans. And the ten years before of "official starting point" sounds about right from what we have heard, though that would only be official since the planning long predated such a time. Hence some will have had preliminary pre-echoes all along the way. However, my impression of the lasting time of the mission is certainly quite different, as Calvin also says, than a mere relatively short number of years. To my understanding the mission lasts into the era of light and life and instead of stopping, transmutes into that era. So in a sense, the mission is "forever" - not truly, of course, but in our terms, yes.”

hyperlink[For more narrative see: LinEl]

The fifth epochal revelation is not finished.   More is to come. The first Michael decision after returning from his bestowal was to provide a major revelation when Urantia would be ready.  He wished that the revelation would inform us about Urantia’s checkered past, and to show how our planet is spiritually governed, along with a revelation for an increased knowledge of God–   the Paradise Deities. The Urantia Papers are the first part of the major revelation published in 1955 as The Urantia Book, which is often referred to in the Teaching Mission as its reference text.  The Papers were prepared and released by the Urantia Foundation of Chicago, Illinois, which continues to foster the volume in re-prints, study aids, and translations.  An outreach  organization,  The  Urantia Book  Fellowship,  complements  the  work  of  the Foundation in many ways, and provides an extensive time line of its own describing the development of bringing forth the text book.

From 1955 to 1991 the Fifth Epochal Revelation in the United States was represented by the sole presence of the text book. However that changed in the early 1980's, when a New Zealand group introduced the U. S. readership to the phenomenon they had experience several years earlier where volunteer students of the book joined with a transmitter (then called channel) who was in touch with Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek. In 1991 several U.S. student groups attempted to emulate the same thing in America. The project caught fire quickly, and by 1993 there were well over one hundred groups receiving celestial information through invisible teachers concerning the Urantia Book and changes that happened between when it was published and the present time. Since the early 1990's, the Teaching Mission has undergone large changes as the program has matured and has had many of the original students graduate the courses offered. Today the Teaching Mission continues to be offered to new students in and outside the United States. Its structure has become somewhat modified to compliment and accommodate the proposed Magisterial Mission soon said to appear.

The Magisterial Mission is not the Teaching Mission, just as the Teaching Mission is not The Urantia Book, but they are all inter-related and  designed to be one as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. The Teaching Mission so far has been the primary vehicle through which new information is passed about the approaching Magisterial Mission. Hence this Time Line represents both Teaching Mission history and the Magisterial Mission developments as a coordinated historical unit.  Since all of these programs use the concepts revealed in the Urantia Book, the reader is encouraged to become familiar with the text to better understand what is being described herein.

Nothing would be done or happening without the foresight of our Creator Son to help Urantia improve its life for the population born here.  In recognition of Michael’s generosity, the Magisterial Son for Urantia, Monjoronson, spoke in tribute to Christ Michael’s great effort on our behalf:

        "Michael is investing immense resources heretofore unknown in the millions of years—billions of years—of Nebadon’s existence. Never before has a world been reconstructed through co-creative participation of the mortals who live there. You correctly anticipate the words of the Midwayer who spoke today to your friend, who said, ‘The rehabilitation of your planet will not be diminished by a lack of resources on the part of Michael.’ Restating that, Michael will not withhold any resources for the immediate healing and eventual integrity of your planet and its societies, and that those resources will be applied and made available as soon as they can possibly be used.

        "In real terms, your planet has been given the benefit of borrowed Midwayers from other planets, as you learned earlier, today. These wonderful creatures are necessary to help pull the social strings of your society, to tug at you almost measurably, to help guide you without usurping your decisions, and your will, by offering real-time suggestions, insights into your minds, and the options of taking action. You who are here today and those who read this transcript, take this to heart—listen, see, and ask for insights and guidance —not only pray for your own upliftment and healing, but for insights on how to apply yourself, your time your lives, and your co-creative participation with Michael and this wonderful corps of beings who are on this planet to assist him. Do not be surprised when you have this insight, this flash of awareness, that you see an option that you had not seen before!" [ See Transcript:   Monjoronson on September 21, 2003.]    hyperlink  Time Line of Events

    1895** - Final Preparation for The Fifth Epochal Revelation Begins.

This is the date that the First Revelatory Commission (FRC) was said to have been established to prepare and deliver the revelatory text book known as The URANTIA Papers. From what we know, establishing the FRC appears to have been the signal to start the unfolding process for Urantia’s first major revelation since the bestowal of Christ 2,000 years ago.

[** Editor: From an unpublished transmission to a transmitter from Christ Michael.  In that document Michael mentioned that the FRC was established to become the primary operator of the revelation, but that there were other problems associated with the Lucifer Rebellion which precluded it from taking immediate action on behalf of the mandate by the Ancients of Days and of his own desires to see it become reality immediately.  We will have to wait for a more formal revelation of the history of this period to verify this and other historical data waiting in the wings to be disclosed perhaps as early as the second volume of the Urantia Book announced a few years ago as a companion volume to the original Urantia Book.]

1955 - The Urantia Book is published for the first time. (For its history see The Fellowship Time Line 1875 to Present.)

1978: Abraham of the Old Testament Arrives To Scout Urantia to Test Reception

1978- ABRAHAM The SCOUT. Abraham arrives on Urantia by special permission of the Ancients of Days. 1978 predates the dispensation ending the Lucifer Rebellion circa 1984-85. [Bertrand transcript for October 12, 1992 for 1978 date and see Bertrand transcript September 21, 1992 for Ancients of Days’ permission as cited by Abraham below]:
        “The Ancients of Days on Uversa gave me permission to return prior to the most recent dispensation which occurred at the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. All sleeping survivors were taken to the morontia spheres and resurrected at that time. Since then, the special permission was no longer necessary.”

1983: FOG & The Vern Grimsley Affair Also Causes Problems for The Teaching Mission

1983 - October - The Vern Grimsley affair erupted when that individual who was also closely aligned withthe Urantia Foundation, claimed that he was receiving messages from midwayers declaring nuclear war was imminent. In December of1983 because of Grimsley’s assertions, the Urantia Foundation removed him from their service (Letter of Dec 02, 1983).  In retrospect, no other event served to derail the coming Teaching Mission cause than did this mis-step  within and between  the organization  of the Foundation itself and its special representative, Vern Grimsley.
The Urantia Foundation felt it was being manipulated by the experience  and  warned  that  belief  in other  "Contact  Personalities"  could  lead  to  the contamination of the revelation.  Not only did the actions of Vern Grimsley cause harm at this time to the organizations themselves, but the Foundation itself sowed the seeds of fear within the readership sufficiently to fracture attempts by Michael of Nebadon to then expand and more informally teach concepts of the fifth epochal revelation. While there is no connection between the Teaching Mission and what happened between FOG (Grimsley’s organization, The Family of God) and the Urantia Foundation, this unfortunate incident, just as the Teaching Mission was being activated, has since served to isolate many Urantia Book readers from the universe input that would better serve efforts at dissemination of the text.  

    The Birth of The Teaching Mission

    1984-85 - New Zealand Begins Historic Contact with Future Teaching Mission.

It began in New Zealand.  The  New  Zealand  group was a Urantia Book readership organization loosely based on how the American practices were being put to use in the United States.  During the process of examining the Urantia text, one member found she could hear Abraham and began the regular practice of Transmitting/Receiving (T/R) several persona including Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek.  

The fact that the activity first seen in New Zealand also coincides with the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion should not be dismissed as only coincidence.

 [Editor: From Dr. Pratt we learn that  in August 1989 (University of Waikato), evaluated the New Zealand phenomena in a letter which states:
        "Since early 1984 Mrs. Miller has been functioning as a "medium" facilitating "communication" between the group of three men and, initially, a "spiritual teacher" called Bertha, then one referred to as the ‘Master Abraham’. More latterly the oracular persona has been ‘Melchizedek’."  See: Dr. Pratt, Lecturer on Religious Studies, University of Waikato Evaluates Group Phenomenon, August, 1989 , TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN]

    The 1984-85 Adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion

1984 - ADJUDICATION of the rebellion was ANNOUNCED variously in 1992 and 1993 by the teaching corp assigned to Urantia to various groups of students sprinkled throughout the United States as having occurred in 1984.

The celestial teacher Iruka dates the ending of the Lucifer rebellion in 1984.  See: Iruka Transcript for 4/11/93.  But the teacher Bertrand says the event was around  the fall of 1985 ; however, he is speaking generally because of the time differences between events in outer space sectors and the difficulty in calibrating distant universe events to the Urantia calendar.

The Teacher El Tanere in 1993 reported that,
        “It has been over 2,000 years since your last dispensation. When Jesus was crucified there was a dispensation and the sleeping souls were resurrected. And in 1984 upon the adjudication of Lucifer, Caligastia, and Satan, there was another dispensational resurrection.”

In January, 2004 Gabriel of Salvington proclaimed Urantia free of the rebellion in the first official universe broadcast from Salvington to the planet since the circuits were severed 200,000 years ago.  In part he said,

        "This is a momentous broadcast from Salvington. In the interest of all assembled hosts of heaven, we bid you welcome at this celestial broadcast. Present are innumerable hosts to witness this auspicious occasion of the institution of the first official broadcast to Urantia. The time has come to officially pronounce that the Lucifer Rebellion has ended and the adjudication has now been completed. With the help of you mortals, we now set ourselves to the task of helping Urantia and her sister planets onto the path to Light and Life by eliminating the remaining causes and effects of the rebellion.” See the Proclamation Broadcasts (Part VII) file dated January 2004 with Gabriel’s expanded remarks included.

1988- ORIENTATION DAY. Original 100 teachers arrive on Urantia. Some of the advanced group arrived a little earlier. Some teachers trained a 1,000years for this mission [Reference Bertrand transcript for October 12, 1992;  Signa arrived on Urantia October 21, 1988; Bertrand trained 1,000 years, see 7/22/92 Transcript, op cit]

1989, June - initials "TY" in Iowa received this confirmation that Machiventa Melchizedek was the current Resident Governor General of Urantia.
        [6/18/89 Machiventa: "He is requesting confirmation, it is right he should do this. "One moment .. you will transmit this reply ....You are correct in your assumption that I, Machiventa, a Melchizedek, am resident Governor General of the planet Urantia. You have requested authenticity of these claims ... From the Paradise Father I give you confirmation ... I AM .. This is the end of my message."]

1989, July 27  

Letter from New Zealand arrives at home of Thern Blackburn  [of the original Woods Cross Group] who responds with questions and later follows up by establishing teacher contact to begin the teaching mission in the United States.  The letter and its response as well as additional history of these early days is recounted in a group-history narration ending at 1998.

1991, January/February - Ham makes initial contact with the Woods Cross Group (United States with the organizational help of Thern Blackburn ), and begins weekly lessons on March 7, which are recorded, transcribed and sent out to all who requested. Many throughout the Urantia Book family requested these weekly transcripts, which established a momentum to initiate the Teaching Mission. Most in the Teaching Mission use this date as the actual beginning of the mission in the U.S. 1991, March - Teaching Mission.  However, the Teaching Mission as part of the Correcting Time was officially recognized by the universe on February 01, 1992, when Ham announced it at IC 92 as follows:

    February 1, 1992
    Meeting in Los Angeles, Calif.
    “The Light of God surrounds us.
    “The Love of God enfolds us.
    “The Power of God protects us.
    “The Presence of God watches over us.
    “Wherever we are, He is.
    “My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham, I have been commissioned to bring the light of our Father to Urantia. I am one of many Teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many Teachers among you. One moment. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. One moment. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves, no, indeed. Rather are we in service of Michael. This day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia - an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day. Blessed in the sight of our Lord. Gracious listeners, I bid you WELCOME TO CHANGE. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day.”
     [Part of Transcript:     http://www.tmarchives.com/transcript_frames.php?tid=965]

    Teaching Mission ORGANIZATION in the Planetary Government revealed.

The one-time mortal, Ham, is identified as the presiding director/coordinator of the Teaching Mission. Abraham explained that Teacher Ham was Teacher Staff Coordinator.  Both are under Machiventa Melchizedek’s (the then Vicegerent Planetary Prince) direction.

1991, October 27 - The teacher Will introduces herself to the Tallahassee Florida Group

1991, December - Will discusses rumors of Gabriel’s proposed materialization in Utah and his failure to do so as of no consequence to the group.  Groups eventually split on the materialization possibilities which was finally resolved as false expectations by events at the  1993 Naperville conference.

1992, February 1 -



[See entry for January 1991 for full text]

The Correcting Time is an umbrella designation of the official program designed by Michael of Nebadon to bring Urantia and the 36 other apostate planets within the system of Satania into the regular universe government’s rule. That rule was disrupted by the secession of 37 planets who joined Lucifer’s independence proclamation over 200,000 years ago and only after the 1984 court decision against Lucifer by the Trinity heads of government on Uversa, was Urantia free to develop normal relations with the rest of the universe once again.

The Correcting Time is system wide and is the administrative mechanism through which the Michael government works with the individual secessionist planets in Satania to coordinate their various reclamation projects such as Urantia received in obtaining the Urantia Book.  In the late twentieth century they added a public educational arm that we call the Teaching Mission in order to reach people who either were not familiar with the Urantia text, or would never have been exposed to its contents for various reasons.  

The Correcting Time is a term which represents those policies which promote epochal revelation to populations taking origin on the target planets, and also coordinates the appearance of other divine Sons who are to be instrumental in changing the dispensations on these planets so they may progress under the regimes of the new Planetary Managers.

1992, February - The Sarasota Florida Group begins.

1992, March - MELCHIZEDEK SCHOOLS. The Melchizedeks will establish material schools when Urantia is prepared [Will transcript of March 29, 1992]

1992, Summer - The INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA GROUP begins its own transmissions of the highly popular lessons from Welmek. These were weekly meetings filling an entire house with attendees until the Naperville fiasco (see April, 1993) caused an early dispersal of interest in the teaching mission.  According to some members, Welmek and the other teachers  let  the  error go  uncorrected  and  let  nature  takes  its  course  as  to  how  the Indianapolis group would come back together. Welmek returned in regular sessions in 2009.

1992, August 21 - REDEMPTION MISSION GIVEN OKAY BY ANCIENTS OF DAYS. Gabriel arrives and brings with him the full approval ofthe Ancients of Days for all 37 planets involved in the Lucifer Rebellion to undergo the redemption mission. Up until this date, the Ancients of Days had given only provisional approval for the teaching mission. [Bertrand: Transcript August 25, 1992]

1992 - A COURSE IN MIRACLES commented on: Bertrand (10/30) "It is a personal revelation between an individual and their Thought Adjuster. The guidance for the Course In Miracles, the inspiration, most definitely is from Michael. They are not directly Michael’s words." Transcript.

1992, Nov 11 - Elyon group begins at Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

1993, January 29 - FIRST REVELATORY COMMISSION that produced The URANTIA Book announces their support and notes that,
        "You and others like you are being asked to pick up the torch of truth, to carry the baton of fact or actual spiritual communion experience to your brothers and sisters. Not only those you may meet in the future, but also to those in the Urantia movement that you have met in the past. We ask that you fellowship those Urantia Book reader-believers, who having read faithfully every word, have intellectually concluded that the time of revelation (God communion) have either occurred in the past or in times to come, and to someone other than themselves! “You readers have been told time and time again of the necessity of patience and calm and steady perseverance. This injunction to patience will stand until the time when you are so aligned with the will and meter of God that patience has become superfluous. But exhortations and patience were never meant to be understood as a denial of the ability to experience the immediacy of God communion and its immediate effects in your daily life." [ See tmarchives document: Revelatory Commission 012993 The UB Caretakers]

1993, April 24 - NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS DEBACLE. Holiday Inn meeting of 225 enthusiasts of the teaching mission expected Machiventa Melchizedek to materialize. This event represents the high point in numbers of those who followed and participated in the Teaching Mission.  The sensationalists were culled out the mission and thereby greatly reduced group numbers when no materializations took place. See Invitation and Registration ]

1994,May 17 - Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, speaks of the PROCLAMATION that informs the universe that Michael is returning to Urantia, and that Nebadon awaits the awakening of the mortal mind to acknowledge his staff and his spiritual presence in the near future.[See T/R News Network; Editor Allene Vick, July, 1995; Page 2]  

1994, May 27 - MARGUL, A TRINITY TEACHER SON, CONTACTS A WESTERN GROUP to assure them the foundations are being put in place that will make possible the visitation of those high in authority to bring a new spiritual age to Urantia, and that this foundation building is the mission itself as well as other projects to uplift Urantia.

A Brilliant Evening Star, Gavalia, reports,  
        "Margul is the residing Teacher Son of overall influence. There are a corp that are here with him. He is part of this mission, yet not so pronounced in visibility. The Teacher Sons and the Melchizedeks work closely together in the schooling. At this time the staff is working alongside many of your ascendant teachers, helping to formulate their goals for imparting upon you and in approaching you. The Teacher Sons teach the ascending staff along with the Melchizedeks, and in effort are spreading the groundwork for a major enlightenment throughout your world. In due time there will be a thrust that is more pronounced and this initial bestowal here of the teaching guides begins to establish this groundwork for what can transpire." See: Aaron052794Gavalia-The Spiritual Experience

1994, December. Archangels Corlatia and Coronas,
ARCHANGELS, SPEAK OF THE DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS of their order on Urantia and how it is used to inter-communicate between isolated worlds, but that now, the regular circuits are being opened again and the archangel circuit will be used to institute new types of communication not seen here before. Even archangel training has to take place for this new form to be dependable on Urantia. [See T/R News Network; Editor Allene Vick, February, 1995; Pp 7 and 8 printed message received  December  13,  1994]  

Subsequent disclosures  concerning  this  circuit  were announced  in  2008  indicated  that  Urantia  would  be  considered  a “status  sphere”  in Nebadon’s ascension program for mortals and that the divisional designation was to provide  Urantia and Salvington sufficient personnel to coordinate the activities that would be brought to Urantia to fulfill its destiny. (See August 21, 2008 entry in the Time Line)

1995, January 30 - ABRAHAM RESUMES WEEKLY TEACHING as he did in New Zealand, and to the Woods Cross Group. Ham had moved on with Rebecca as instructor in December of 1992. The group were told to digest Ham's words and when ready, a teacher would resume.

1995, June 8, - NEW [technical] DISPENSATION - Michael announces a new dispensation which clears out the last vestiges of the Lucifer Rebellion. It will take years for the human level to feel its effects. [from Tallahassee, Fla transcript 6/8/95]. This is not an epochal dispensation but a technical one that modifies the current fourth epochal dispensation.

    Michael Has Established a Personal Residence on Urantia

1995, September  -  Gavalia, a  Brilliant Evening Star,  affirms  that  MICHAEL  HAS ESTABLISHED A PERSONAL RESIDENCY ON URANTIA. Emphasis that this is important but that Michael is not in material form.

        “It has been announced on different levels from different groups, here and in their hometowns, that Michael, our Creator Son, has established personal residency on Urantia. This holds serious import -- more so than an archangels headquarters . . . .” [See T/R News Network; Editor, Allene Vick, September, 1995; Page 5]

    URANTIA To Be Used as a Nebadon HQ World

1995,October - Teacher Johnson (a Melchizedek) speaks to Michael’s preparation to use Urantia for his headquarter administration as well as planetary administration.

Johnson Melchizedek:
        “The upper administration for the planet is held by the Melchizedek Order. They coordinate activities of all the various agencies and orders of celestial life on this planet. There are arriving on this world a vast number of intelligences from all over the Universe. The preparing of this world as a base for Michael's headquarter administration as well as planetary administration, is accommodating numerous personalities and beings from Paradise on down through our local system, Satania. The establishing of encircuitment again affords this world its Universal Spiritual Heritage, to be an active and living part of the organization of evolutionary worlds in Satania of Nebadon. The Teaching Mission activities has increased the spiritual duty to this world.” [T/R News Network, August 1996; p 7]

Of particular interest on the subject as to the destiny of Urantia, the student is directed to read the entry for August 21, 2008 wherein Christ Michael speaks about Urantia becoming an architectural world for ascension activities in Nebadon.

    1995 Reflectivity Messages

1995, October 20 - POSSIBLE USE OF REFLECTIVATORS announced. The teacher, Rayson, forwards a message from the Father Melchizedek offering encouragement to mission groups and that he will sometime teach through reflectivity lessons using a Transmitter/Receiver.
    “One of the purposes of this mission, in fact, is for there to be cultivated a core of persons such as yourselves who are desirous and willing to offer themselves as blinded reflectivators of a universe circuit message. By blinded I mean that although you will receive and transmit a universe circuit message you shall not do so consciously. This has been arranged as what you might call a 'fail safe' mechanism, for, my friends, while you are not savages, you are semi-savages at this time(laughter) and because of this it has been determined that it would be in the best interests of this mission to protect you and the purposes of the mission by making the reflectivation activity tamper proof . . . .” Rayson, October 20, 1995

    Magisterial Mission Announced

1996, March 10 - The MAGISTERIAL MISSION MANDATED FOR URANTIA is announced. This is the first known publicized reference to the coming Magisterial Son mission to mortals on Urantia. The announcement was made by Manutia Melchizedek to the Tallahassee, Florida group on this date.  Traditions have it that as early as 1993 some groups received an inkling that a Magisterial Mission was going to be announced later.

Manutia Melchizedek:
        “For unto you has been given the task of opening the way to a broader acceptance of celestial intervention. We give no time table for already have you understood that due to human nature and human freewill, this is not possible. Yet I say unto you this evening, keep your eyes open, your ears as well, and open to the guidance you receive from your own inner spirits; accept the possibility that indeed within your lifetime this will come to pass. A Magisterial Son has been mandated for this world in the near future. Praise be to the Father on high! For now you begin the long struggle from the dark into the fullness of day.”

    1996 Reception of URANTIA Broadcasts from The Universe

1996, Oct & November - SYSTEM BROADCAST RECEPTION TO BE INSTITUTED. Berca and Johnson confirm the Midwayers will help individuals to receive these broadcasts when they are started and that the morontia circuitry is being put in place for their reception when the go-ahead is given. [T/R News Network, November, 96, pp 11 through 13]

Johnson Melchizedek:
        “Individuals will be prepared to receive these messages and information; in turn, to pass along this information. In time more and more people will be able to directly connect with these broadcasts. At first the midwayers, the unseen helpers on your world will aid in the reception of these broadcasts. These broadcasts are the primary planetary hookup to the system capital. All exchanges must be transmitted through the system capital. On your world the broadcasts are non-referencable. The system circuits to your world were shut off so long ago that there is no mention of them at all in our historic records.

        “Part of the correcting time intentions are to establish a reference for these broadcasts which will appear in the near future on your world. These teacher transmissions are an important step for you to access information from off your world. For the purposes of this mission of Michael's, the teaching information is mainly and purposefully spiritual -- for it is the spiritual growth which will affect rigorous change in your human perceptions. Yes, the time is now, that you may begin to grow accustomed to the presence of Spiritual Power on your world. Too long have you been isolated with confusion and distortion of truth and reality.
        “It is our endeavor to prepare as many of you as possible for the changes which are upon your world. The re-connection of your world to the broadcast circuits of the Universe will engender much confusion and speculation at first; once the primary shock is absorbed, this is when there will be tremendous responsibility to interpret and to help bring people into the correcting time.”

1997, August - TEACHER NUMBERS NOW UNLIMITED. Rayson announces the unlimited expansion of the number of teachers available for the Correcting time for the rectification of Urantia. Those who seek a teacher shall have one.

1997, August - YOGANANDA speaks of his involvement in planning for upgrading and uplifting the planet through teaching. This teacher, while on earth, taught reincarnation and has been asked to see how those terms may be approached to teach the higher principles of ascension. Transcript, 1997

1998 - A year of consolidation for the teaching mission with the teachers beginning to integrate what is made available to them through the universe while stabilizing the groups still participating in the teaching mission. Machiventa Melchizedek’s summarized the year 1998 as one of timing and transition into the more difficult years ahead.

Machiventa speaking about 1998:
    “Greetings. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince acting in behalf of Christ Michael, Master Son of Nebadon, Planetary Prince of Urantia. I have been invited by Minearsia to celebrate with you this year completed and to bring you my news. As one who has walked on this beautiful sphere, as one who has presented the truth of the righteous eternal God of the universes to struggling mortal men and women, I know from my personal experience what it is like to be a mortal, at least to at least to a certain degree.
    “We Melchizedeks relish emergency missions. We are natural "wanna-fixers" - that is, it is a natural feeling for us to correct that which is astray. And so I am honored to represent my sovereign, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God and Son of Man as acting Planetary Prince.
    “Indeed is Michael present on Urantia often. He continues to supervise his entire universe as befits a Universe Sovereign, but he has of course a unique relationship to this planet, this planet of his seventh bestowal, of his mortal experience. And, of course, it is his work to bring this Correcting Time to this planet. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit authorized this special dispensation to the rebellion planets of Satania. They endorsed the plan of our Sovereign Michael to bring a fifth epochal revelation to this world. It was a stupendous, enormous undertaking to materialize The Urantia Book in English, and it was a project of many, many years of Urantia time. Of course I had a lot to do with this project because of my connection with the administration of Urantia.
    “The book has simmered gently in the waters of truth over the past number of years and its impact has been gradually increasing. Never was it intended to be understood or experienced in fullness until the process of spiritual and cultural evolution reached the necessary levels to make it possible for its revelation to meaningfully interact with your world. It is our appraisal that the time is near for it to be impacted in a major way. “ Even I do not know the future, for I am merely a Melchizedek Son. But our best models of prediction are exciting us with the prospects of what this Correcting Time is going to be accomplishing. And so, like you, we feel excited. We feel that the future will continue to surprise all of us with its potentials for dramatic improvement, for its capacity for correction. The transmissions of the past which emphasized sudden changes were not in error in content but were misunderstood due to a compression of events that appeared to signal immediacy.
    “If evolution has collapsed over many years into the space of weeks, it appears miraculous, dramatic, and so forth. All the perspectives that you have illustrated in our conversation this evening show what improvement has occurred in your lives in a mere six years. In a mere six years! When this kind of progress becomes more and more pervasive, there will be synergistic acceleration which will sweep across this world with such dramatic effect that it will take your breath away. I am not saying this will happen tomorrow. But I am saying that the progress you have made is illustrative of what is possible, for this is a group experience of the summation of all of our individual lives.
    “The new thing that is beginning to happen is an infiltration into your culture - and by this I mean the culture of Urantia, not merely the United States - of higher values, of greater truths, of fore-shadowing of the future. For example, your fad of angels is not merely a fad, but is fostered by the angelic corps active on this planet. The infiltration into your media is a result of spiritual men and women who are listening to their inner Adjusters that are suggesting to them ideas which are finding fruition at many levels. Yes, this is your seventh year coming up. It will complete the cycle of seven. I too am excited over its prospects.” (T/R NEWS NETWORK A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts February 1998 (Vol. 6, No.2))

1999, August - The COMING OF A MAGISTERIAL SON CONFIRMED. Machiventa Melchizedek announces at SpiritFest99 (Held at Half Moon Bay, CA)that Urantia is to receive a Magisterial Son, date of entry unknown [see 1996 for initial suggestion that a mission is assigned to Urantia]. His name is known but not revealed and for now is known as the "Beloved One"(April 20, 2001).

    Inter-Species Alliances

2000, November 12 - THE COUNCIL OF 24 (Jerusem) announces they support man’s initiatives concerning efforts in "Inter-Species Alliances" and other associations.  It is the Council of 24 which oversees those interests of other inhabited planets and who wish to visit Urantia.  Every morning, the Council of 24 provides the Teacher Corp Urantia’s emerging cosmic perceptions that result from the re-encircuitment of the spiritual and communication lines on Urantia. The Council will take under advisement the possibility of an interview with a representative or Assistant to the Resident governor General.  See:CouncilOf24111200Midwayer Interest

    1,000 Midwayers Returned to Urantia After Rehabilitation

2000,December-MIDWAYER REHABILITATION . Machiventa Melchizedek announces that Urantia is receiving help from returned midwayers.  The Return of over 1,000 rehabilitated midwayers announced to work for Urantia’s reclamation. [Included in various transcripts as in transcript of ABC22 December 09, 2000.]

2001, July 27, - MAGISTERIAL SON IS HERE - Abraham through SE Idaho transcript on this date announces presence of Magisterial Son on Urantia to begin his planetary mission. Confirmation came via Christ Michael and the Magisterial Son himself 10 August, 2001 through the DC teaching group.

Abraham (July 27, 2001):
        “You have been discussing the Magisterial Son's mission, his coming and certain presence on this planet. Of course the Correcting Time is correlated with a Magisterial mission; could it be otherwise? Our Son is here, as you have been told. He is in process of beginning his mission. He will not likely knock on your door and ask to have a bite to eat, however he will make contact according to his agenda, and according to his purpose. Yes, you have been told repeatedly that you are surrounded by spiritual presence and when it is permitted for someone to see the morontial events, you are all strengthened. This is as it should be. I encourage this kind of faith building information. Indeed, the Urantia Book is here for similar reasons.”

2001,September 11 - Terror Attack
TERROR ATTACK - Attack on the United States by terrorists - World Trade Center complex in NYC taken down by two passenger jets flying into them, and in Washington DC, the Pentagon was hit by another passenger plane. In western Pennsylvania a passenger plane crashed near Pittsburgh as passengers fought the terrorists to prevent a further attack on Washington. About 3,000 known dead. See transcripts this date and later in various groups transmit Abraham, Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek, Monjoronson, Ham, Elyon and others who comment on the tragedy.

2002, June 27 - Web site called TMARCHIVES.COM goes on-line..
The web site was established to provide material outreach through the world-wide-web so all who have access to a computer could access the celestial lessons and announcements given through the teaching mission. Tmarchives.com allows the public to search transcripts by key words. Other modifications to expand the site were made on January 03, 2003, and on July 12, 2004 a major redesign in appearance was completed and additional pages were added.  Subsequent updates of web design and additions were made in 2006 and 2008.

    Population on Urantia Living Dangerously

2003, July 20 - DANGEROUS - Monjoronson indicates that the humans species has developed well on Urantia, but because the mind has not also been spiritually attuned, humans have become dangerous to themselves and others who would approach them. Monjoronson also said that the Planetary Government would tackle the grass roots in education of the truth, while he would work from the top down. The Teaching Mission was trained to work in the Correcting Time to have individuals available that understood the nature of the correction and would cooperate to bring it about.[See file on tmarchives.com: Elyon072003Monjoronson_Satisfaction_TheMission]

2004, January 08 - ARCHIVING Mandate.
The Magisterial Son requests that the Teaching Mission update its archives to include other features including brochures, pamphlets, FAQ’s, and other elements in anticipation of his appearance. The site is to inform a much wider audience and should be designed to eventually take millions of visitors in a short period of time. Monjoronson 010804.

2004, January 29 - PROCLAMATION - Over a dozen messages were received simultaneously in the United States and elsewhere which also was the first time a message was sent from Salvington to Urantia in 200,000 years while announcing two distinct news items: 1) The Magisterial Son would begin his mission in months; and, 2) the Constellation Fathers announced the communications circuit from Salvington to Urantia was a multiple clear-channel method of transmission that made it possible to  send  many  messages  simultaneously  and  without error.  
[See Proclamation012904Monjoronson's Mission-Clear Channel]

2004, February 28 - CAPTAIN ARMANDO, the name of a spiritual entity, transmitted a message to Celestial Nights Conference with the blessings of the Council of 24

        "We [off-planet mortal species] have looked forward since ancient times in your reckoning to be of service to you in a more overt way. This is the beginning of the recognition of our presence among you and it will become more overt, more of the world will recognize this reality and we will be part of the conversions, part of the Correcting Time. At times, we’d like you to know that Michael rides with us! This sounds funny, but he is a wonderful person to work with. We enjoy our association with him and we look forward to enjoying closer association with all of you. Please, open your hearts to receive our presence with you so that we may work more closely together. The more hands we can join together around this planet and in this universe, the grander the scale of the revision in the Correcting Time.” [See tmarchives.com file:Monjoronson022804Michael-Capt-Armando-Aaron-Mach_ Celestial Nights]

Machiventa Melchizedek responded to a question about such changes and made these comments:

    “There was issued, quite a serious mandate to the contact commission to make every human effort to keep the structure, integrity, and content of the Urantia papers pure. Having this mandate in place, the human individuals involved in the contact commission did their best to compile, to edit, to include the papers in the Urantia book with the very best of intentions and to the best of their abilities, and they fulfilled their mandate to fulfill their requirements. These requirements were not issued to an institution, but rather to a set of individuals present, and therefore does the discussion arise about the purpose of changing the text. Each generation will have to take up this discussion on down through the ages.
    Do we keep unchanged word for word the scriptures? Do we include language that is common and normal at the time to make the message more palatable? Do we remove sections which have become politically incorrect? These are ongoing issues that are good cause for discussion and debate. The motivation that you have to be about the bettering of what you have to work with is the premiere issue at hand and one can argue over the details of how a motivated individual goes about doing better, but the spirit reality of your action is one of an attempt to be helpful, be fruitful, be beneficial to the process. This motivation is well noted in the spiritual realm, but nevertheless you have to answer to your brothers and sisters in the material realm who may take issue with you rearranging or editing any part of the text without giving complete credit to having done so.
    You are free to editorialize and to comment to your hearts desire as long as your additions and comments are clearly outlined as such and not indicated as part of the text. Otherwise we look to motivation, we look to intent . . .” Machiventa041504 Teleconference Policy On Urantia Book Modification 2004,

2004 April 18 - MORONTIA BLENDING - For several months the teaching mission has been receiving information about the experimentation of blending certain morontia mind realities with the existing Urantia mind particularly with those in teaching groups. On this date, a Melchizedek teacher [Sondjah Melchizedek] assigned to teach morontia beings on the mansion worlds, addressed the Northern Colorado group about this possibility and in what ways changes might be felt when the experiment is undertaken. For greater detail about these changes and what they mean, read the referenced files noted here.

[See: Sondjah Melchizedek041804 and Sondjah Melchizedek 052304.]

2004,  May  13  -  INCARNATED MAGISTERIAL  SON’s  ADMINISTRATION  TO  CONTAIN PLANETARY HUMANS - The teacher Elyon explained this possibility to a group of students and in part said,

        "The Magisterial Son will coordinate the departments of celestial administration on Urantia. These, and by that I mean those of you that are being trained by the master seraphim, are of great value to this Magisterial Son. You have been told of the 12 departments of the master seraphim and of the human associates, the reserve corps of destiny, and the many of you who are actively engaged in the ministry at all times. Monjoronson will enlist these 12 corps and will establish his own working group, not unlike the apostles when Michael was here. These individuals will be spread around the world, working in many regions, assisting the Magisterial Son in the transformation that is required for the new dispensation on Urantia. This corps will not simply be 12 individuals, but will be made up of....I am only at liberty to say numerous human beings. You refer to the mortal/morontia inter-fusion.

        It will be this condition that makes it feasible for Monjoronson to make sound progress to complete the transformation in efficient time. All agencies upon Urantia are now in coordination, unlike the ancient ages in your past." [Elyon051304Teleconference_MagisterialSonHelpers]

    Gabriel: Second Revelatory Commission Formed

2004,November 21 - CREATION OF A Second Revelatory Commission ANNOUNCED by Gabriel. The Second Revelatory Commission is established to provide a second volume complimentary to the Urantia Book, and to be completed over the coming years.
Said Gabriel:

        "This is Gabriel. Welcome my friends, to a new day, a new era in the journey of your planet into The Days of Light and Life, the civilizations of your people into light. I am here in the presence of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Council of Twenty-Four, and Machiventa Melchizedek. I speak with the authority of our Sovereign Creator, Christ Michael of Nebadon. This pronouncement today is to inaugurate the Second Revelatory Commission for the enhancement, [and the] development of the documents known as the Urantia Papers. The Second Revelatory Commission will be adjunctive to the offices of Machiventa Melchizedek until the offices of Monjoronson are open and operational. We foresee this process as a decades long process that will be co-creatively developed and brought into existence through the assistance of mortals, midwayers, Melchizedeks, and those who have higher authority, knowledge, and awareness."
        [See: Second Revelatory Commission Project 112104 Gabriel Announcement]

At the end of 2008, Monjoronson reported where the SRC project stood at the present time.  His remarks may be read at SRC Updated Status Dec 2008

    Existence of the Planetary Supreme Announced

2005, May and later - Revelation of the PLANETARY SUPREME

The Planetary Supreme announces Her Presence this year in greater detail. Hints of the presence of the Deity of the Planetary Supreme were received as early as 2003, but in May, 2005 much more information became available. The Planetary Supreme is called Urantia and our planet takes its name from this Supreme Deity present on Urantia. [See: Urantia Planetary Supreme]

    Appearance of a New Morontia Creature Created on Urantia Announced

2005, April 28, - WAVE is Created

Wave is the first-born name of an unrevealed morontia order taking origin on Urantia on April 28, of 2005. WAVE and his siblings are Adjuster indwelt and have many human characteristics with bodies of morontia-energy forms. They are personalized by the Father in liaison with the human will and hence partake of the human nature as well as of the divine will of the Father.

Many more of this order are projected to be personalized. In 2006, a sister morontia being was individualized on August 21, and given the name of LIGHT. WAVE and LIGHT, and all others to follow them, will act as liaisons between mortals and the invisible staffs of Urantia’s Magisterial Son, the Planetary Prince, the Planetary Supreme and the specialized work of Christ Michael on Urantia. Additional creatures of this order have come into existence but their whereabouts and names are not presently revealed. Their future numbers and additional work assignments are unknown.
[ See WAVE]

    Monjoronson’s Staff of 100 Arrive on Urantia

2005, September 06 - The 100 ARRIVE - Serena announced their arrival. The 100 are the visible support staff for the Magisterial Son’s mission on Urantia. This grouping consists of various orders, both revealed and un-revealed personalities. The descending Son ofGod (an unrevealed Son) who calls herself Serena is chief of staff for the 100 and will incarnate in the female form. The 100 are composed of Melchizedeks, Avonal Sons, and yet-to-be announced personalities. Humans will be trained to serve with them. [See: We Have Arrived.]

2005,September 24 - Serena is introduced as Monjoronson’s Chief of Staff (the 100). She indicates she will incarnate with the Avonal Son in the female form.  Serena and others of her Order remain unrevealed and are not discussed in the Urantia Book.
    “Good afternoon, this is Serena. (Group greetings.) I am the pro-tem Chief of Staff of Monjoronson. My primary functions are appointments and assignments for those who will come in with the permanent staff. I come from one of the orbiting planets of Uversa. My assignment to you, to this planet, to Monjoronson, to Christ Michael is the participation of Orvonton in a small way in the establishment of your Correcting Time and the permanent staff of Monjoronson.
    You have been told in years past that you are each a beacon of light upon this dark planet, and that as we approach your planet and view it from a distance and see the energy of the spiritual beings who live here—those mortals with spiritual energy—we see their spikes of energy on your planet. Some of those spikes are higher than others. These individuals represent those who are receptive to assist Christ Michael and Monjoronson directly in their work. You would not be here today, were you not one of those individuals.
    “I have preceded the permanent staff in preparation for their arrival. I can speak with you as I am today, from a distance, though I am materially manifest already on your planet. I have been interviewing—what I call interviewing—many of you on your planet to see who will be workable, and who will not be, in this mission of Monjoronson’s. Who of you can be paired with members of the permanent staff; who of you can be relied upon to pursue similar goals without extravagant, ecstatic or extreme behaviors because of your association with the staff? I have met some of you already; a few of you have recognized me; none of you recognized me immediately, though some of you have thought you were in the presence of someone who was extraordinary.”

2006, January 30 - PLANETARY SUPREME Has Her Own Planetary Staff - Many entities hidden until now which will be revealed. Contact is assisted through Nebadon’s Creative Spirit.  Urantia the Supreme

2006, June 11 - POPULATION DECIMATION probable on Urantia - Monjoronson spoke to the situation, and said:

"This situation of over-population of your planet will be self-rectifying. It is unavoidable; it is now in preparation, we are aware that there are forces in your world, which will change the population level dramatically in a very brief period of time." [See  Population]

2006, August 21 - LIGHT - A new morontia Order as companion to WAVE was personalized at approximately 11:11EST on this date through group human liaisons and Deity. Please see entry for April 28, 2005 for fuller detail. More of this order are appearing but their names and numbers to be personalized have not been further revealed.

    Unrevealed Crisis Delays Magisterial Mission

2007,April 22 - Monjoronson taking a temporary assignment away from Urantia. Mission may be said to be slightly delayed. No reason was specifically given.

        [ Question: Is there a Magisterial Mission Delay?] “That is correct. Your world is on the cusp of a major change in the coming months and near future. . . . You have, and we have enough work to do with the material that we have [already] provided through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, and through the publication of The Urantia Book, to deal with at this time. Monjoronson has provided this group and interested groups with much "homework" to do, and there are other backlogs of work that need to be attended to. As well, this puts you far ahead of where the rest of your world is and the development of insights of similar natures through religious groups and spiritual groups, which do not read The Urantia Book or who are not part of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission. The Most Highs' work continues on and there is necessity for your larger social groups—ethnic groups and cultural groups—to be prepared for what you have to offer them. It would not serve the purposes of the Correcting Time to have one culture, one nation, far ahead of others, as it would be a target of other groups that are far behind, or are not awakened to the spiritual development of your world. We are conserving our resources wisely, at this time . . . ."[ Monjoronson - Magisterial Mission Delay - Apr 22, 2007 NOCO98]

    2008 Unpredictability for Urantia

2008 May,13 - Great changes in the planetary government have happened including new Most Highs who have rotated in taking the place of most of those given names in the Urantia Book. Monjoronson warns mortals not to get too deeply into making predictions about how things will look or how they will be accomplished.

        “I would state in rather broad terms that we are in new territory. We have new everything. there has been such a shift in the "normal" evolutionary path of this world that you may consider all bets off as to predictable patterns which may be adhered to. In this particular instance, we do have new Most Highs and we as well have an untold number of additional volunteers arriving daily to assist us in this most gigantic of undertaking. This current project is seen as a gem in the crown of Michael's universe and an event not to be missed. They are literally flocking in from far and wide to simply observe what happens when a world is reclaimed. Such opportunities are rare to witness and many are choosing to come and volunteer, assist or simply witness such grace in action.
        “Be assured that all things are becoming new in this time and you may see for yourselves the truth of this statement as you witness things unheard of on your world transpire.”[See:  Great Changes]

    2008 Lessons on Sustainability Begin

2008, May 20 - July 15 - Sondjah Melchizedek, a mansion world instructor, began his series on survivability in the face of large disasters, and how to sustain civilization when so much change takes place at once. After July 15, Sondjah withdrew from the general group (NOCO), and began giving lectures through Daniel Raphael on sustainability. Raphael provided a seminar open to the public in mid October, 2007 for those who wished to learn how to make contact with celestial beings. It is in these lectures that the term Co-Creative Working Groups and Co-Creative Design Teams (CCWG and CCDT) were coined. [See: Lesson #1]

    2008 URANTIA’S Destiny Defined by Michael

2008, August 21 - Christ Michael reveals portions of the destiny of what Urantia is to become.  The planet, he says, is to be modified and retained as a status sphere for the ascension activities in Nebadon which in part answers just why there is a divisional Archangel HQ already at work on our planet.

        “Urantia is also playing a role. It is becoming the world upon which it may be said, that sphere which was last shall be first. We have throughout Nebadon, many architectural spheres, ones so designed as to function quite conductively to the education of all who pass through those spheres and to the efficient operations of the rulers in those realms. Urantia will be over the course of time, redefined as an evolutionary sphere to one of architectural status, it will become a blend. This will not occur immediately for the evolution of The Supreme must continue according to our Father's will and you and those who follow after you in the course of time to dwell on this world are not to be prevented from undergoing the critical living experiences of human form.
        “Yet when the potentials for supremacy attainment are realized, I will decree Urantia to be redefined. I will usher in this new status by sending to your world various celestial administrators who can modify the planet's physical arrangement that it may stand throughout eternity as a witness to the triumph of good over evil, to the ability of mankind to rise from darkness to the light. It will show the mercy of our Father who can turn time into eternity, who can grant everlasting life to any soul and even everlastingness to any sphere. I chose your world for my final bestowal toward sovereignty attainment because it offered me the greatest challenge a Creator Son could confront.”
[See the August 21, 2008 transcript for extend remarks by Michael on this subject.]

2008, September - Monjoronson calls for more effort by people on Urantia that would allow him to plan for his arrival and the immediate dispensation that comes witha Magisterial Mission on our planet.

        “So often am I asked by you, and by countless others, when it will be that I am due to arrive on your earth, in person, and in similar physical form to you. Well, I am here with you now and yet, for me to walk your earth, as you do, there needs to be a greater balance. There needs to be an improved harmony. There needs to be an agreement of all nations that peace, prosperity for all, and a minimum in living requirements are to be enjoyed by all. That is my bold, blunt answer.
        “In fact, it is my turn now to ask you that question. When will you make it right for me to arrive and teach you lessons far beyond what you yourself already know? It is indeed a requirement that more of you orient your thinking towards peace, a fair distribution of the extraordinary wealth your planet provides, and by claiming your voice to be heard by those you have placed in charge of you, yes, your governments, your councils, your elders, for them to not default in executing their social mandates.” [See: Monjoronson “When Will You Make It right . . .”]

    Additional Melchizedek Spiritual Circuit Added on Urantia

2008,September 21,2008 - Machiventa Melchizedek announces that the spiritual circuitry on Urantia has been enhanced to provide liaison work between the Melchizedek Order and mortals living on Urantia. A simple petition is all that is required to obtain cooperation from Melchizedeks assigned to this project.

        I am Machiventa Melchizedek making my way into this forum to make an announcement. It is an offer really, that those with the desire may consider that they may be granted assistance from ones of my order in what will be a more intimate relationship than perhaps has been enjoyed thus far as a new dimension to the spiritual circuitry that is being enhanced on this world. We are going to try a more direct process of engagement between members of the Melchizedek order and willing members of the family of man. [See: Melchizedek Circuits ]

    The  MENTORI

2009, March - A group of celestial specialist have been arriving on Urantia to help with areas of the world which need help and correction.  Machiventa Melchizedek describes the Mentori as,
        “. . . specialists of all kinds. They are progressive in their ways. They are healers, and they come from many different sources, even from this Super Universe ‘availability.’ So far, as it concerns your additional Midway Helpers, they are from this localuniverse. A percentage of Mentori Specialists have arrived from far beyond our realm. The greater number of these consists of individuals of different species you have never heard of. They are still unrevealed, but they are specialists.

A spokesman for the Mentori advised that,

        "I speak with the common voice of all those who are progress oriented, and belong to the Mentori. We are advanced individuals and specialists in our specific healing professions. We are trained to function with a common mind. Therefore, I am the voice of all, and you may refer to me as Mentor. Mentori is the plural. Mentor, when you listen to my personal deliberations.
        "You have long known that we would arrive on your planet, for you were given that information by your Midwayer Friends (in 2001). You will see, as we go about our business, that a great deal of healing will take place on this planet, where it is so badly needed. Many of us have put our further ascension on hold, in a sense -- have put our further spiritual progression on hold -- and yet, we know that in dealing with the ‘lowly human’ we are dealing with equally-loved brothers and sisters. We are here to assist you, to move you forward, to bring you out of this Correcting Time and into Light and Life. Indeed, we shall be here for a prolonged period of time. [See MENTORI]

2009, June - Monjoronson.com Added Streaming Audio of Live Transmissions

2009,  June 23 - Monjoronson.com, a web site dedicated to the promotion and education about the Magisterial Mission initiated audio streaming in order to broadcast live various celestial transmissions as they are received.  These sessions are recorded and saved for anyone who wishes to utilize the archive library found on site.  It is the first use of the teaching mission telephone conferences which have now been opened up to a wider audience for dissemination of the Magisterial Mission information and for other news related to the fifth epochal revelation.

2009, July - Group Transmissions Being Broadcast to Nebadon & Quarantined Planets
The Welmek Group of Indianapolis, Indiana has been training in its 2009 sessions to receive feed back from observers on Satania’s other rebellion spheres. Welmek reports to the group that group sessions are being broadcast to the local universe and are being received on the rebellion planets in Satania.  A first-stage spirit (former) mortal calling himself Michael is leading the project to place communication circuits between Urantia and the other group of planets placed in quarantine.  One of the T/R’s observed,  “ . . . we have been treated with some “call in” statements and comments from those who are watching.”

2009, September - Phase I of the Correcting Time Completed
September 2009 - Correcting Time Phase Icompleted. Michael directlymanaged the first phase of the Correcting Time but allocated the remaining phases of correction on Urantia to Machiventa Melchizedek and Monjoronson.  

    (September 13, 2009): “I have signed the Executive Orders for the completion of this phase. This also declares that I would not be the exacting executive, moment-bymoment, but have given way for the more direct influence and management and execution of these plans by Machiventa and Monjoronson. Do not interpret this as a withdrawal on my part; it is simply managerial; it is simply executive in function to have these two individuals begin the process of more direct participation in the events of your world, as they unfold.”
        “. . . [M]y relationship with Machiventa is as it has been since I arrived. We are, so-to-speak, two parts of a tripartite leadership, management, [and] executive function of Urantia. Christ Michael is one-third, I am one-third, Machiventa is one-third, and with Christ Michael delegating his executive powers to myself and to Machiventa, we become the balanced and empowered dyad of the future. Always we check with Christ Michael, and with the Edentia Leaders, and Uversa Leaders for direction and guidance in what we are doing. We want to move forward; this is our desire, and this is the time to do so. These are auspicious and incredibly instrumental and pivotal times and events that are occurring during this year and next year. They will be instrumental and influential to set the course and the effectiveness of our actions, well into the future. That is why this action by Christ Michael has been taken now.”    
[From the Transcript: Michael; Monjoronson– Correcting Time Stage 2 Sept. 13, 2009 – NOCO #110]


    The Inauguration of the Foundation of Light on Urantia prepared on Urantia soil

October 13, 2009 - Gabriel announced that the work has been finished in spirit to open Urantia to a new era; all has been put into place to welcome Monjoronson to Urantia when the Magisterial Mission is determined to commence. The Herald of a new dispensation-to-be is in place.
Said Gabriel:

        “Greetings to all those who have ears to hear. I am Gabriel of Salvington and I come in humble recognition of all that has been achieved to this point. The temple has been prepared, the teacher has arrived, the staff is all in readiness and now there is the calling of the flock. Like any good and worthy temple, there will now be installed the great temple bell and this temple bell will be struck and will ring out far and wide across the land and all will hear this tone and many will recognize this calling and be drawn in search of this ringing. Like moths to the flame they will arrive in great numbers responding to the ringing that will now be the crowning touch to all that has been prepared.”

[Editor’s Note: The preparatory work alluded to includes those plans which allow the Magisterial Mission to coordinate with the various other spiritual agencies operating on Urantia. These agencies which are helpful in making Urantia be in conformance with the spiritual policies of Michael, include the Council of 24, the Bestowal Commission, the Most High’s Commission of Observation and Preparation for Light and Life, those agencies under the stewardship of Urantia’s Planetary Manager (Machiventa Melchizedek) working with  the  staff  and  court  of  the  Magisterial  Mission  under  their  Chief Executive, Monjoronson.  

While this address does not refer to the actual morontia temple being in place, it does indicate that preparations are made to receive it on Urantia after Michael prepares its placement with a formal dedication of the Temple Seal.  This 13 October announcement anticipates further authorization of things being disposed while events unfold to ready Urantia for the first-phase inauguration of the era of Light and Life at the conclusion of Monjoronson’s work.]

Monjoronson addressed those gathered on 13 October, by saying:
        “So [Machiventa Melchizedek’s] steadfast commitment to building this temple and arranging it and seeing that all the details had been put into place to make it so, were both an example of his vision of a future state and as well his creation of this future state by his very action in building it so that they could come.”

And Monjoronson continued,

        “ . . . I am deeply humbled and honored to have a platform whereon I may make my arrival . . . .”
Ham, the ascending mortal placed in charge of the teaching corp on Urantia, also spoke at the occasion of Gabriel’s announcement on Urantia
        “Tonight we announce the Inauguration of the Honorable Foundation of Light on Urantia. "The Foundation has bee poured and the cornerstone has been laid to the temple on Urantia in the spiritual dimension. All is in readiness. . . . There is Rejoicing in Jerusem this evening."

(Above: From the transcript: Gabriel; Others - Urantia Is In Readiness to Receive The Magisterial Mission - Oct 13, 2009 Audio #15  Transcript also Cross-Indexed as: Monjoronson; Gabriel; Machiventa; Ham; Nebadonia - Urantia Is in Readiness to Receive The Magisterial Mission - Oct 13, 2009 - Audio #15 - Special Session

    Portions of Historical Magisterial Mission Information Disclosed

2009 October 18 -  Historical Preparation for the Magisterial Mission Began During The Middle Ages.  The collapse of Rome in the 5th century AD already saw the institutional establishment of the 4th epochal dispensation on Urantia.  The presence of Christ Michael as Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia gave rise to his emulation of the good through Christian societies and the congealing of this spiritual enthusiasm into the Church.  It was during these later centuries known as the Middle Ages that the planning for the restoration of Urantia after the Lucifer rebellion had begun.  The Magisterial Mission was already planned as part of this restoration.

    “With Christ Michael’s arrival for his seventh and last bestowal, the outcome of that was very decisive. You recall in reading the Urantia Book about his contact with the Caligastia and Luciferin Rebellion, and those who were in darkness. The conclusion was soon in coming.
    “What you have seen is a cessation of the direct and powerful influence of negative forces upon your world, as the forces of light began to take hold. Shortly after this era of Christ Michael’s presence, and the beginning of the Christian era, there was the period of darkness of cultural demise of the western world. . . .
    “Preparation for this current era began in earnest with the middle ages, the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, with the development of curiosity that expanded. The discovery of the New World had a huge effect upon the consciousness of your world, particularly those individuals who were intellectually and spiritually inclined. There began an eruption of spiritual consciousness, and awakening in the minds of mankind, individually and as a race. This continued on for centuries, until the present time. You have seen a technological development that began even before the Industrial Revolution. It began in the cottage industries, in the countryside, where people conducted their businesses at home with their families. You have seen a tremendous rise in cultural and social change in your world, and it continues to accelerate.”

From the transcript: Monjoronson – 2000Year History of Mission Preparation - Expansion of Archive - Transition Era; World of Change – Oct. 18, 2009 – NOCO #111   

    Peace & The Prince of Forgiveness

2009 November 15 -
        “Whereas Michael is known on our world as the Prince of Peace, Monjoronson will be known as the Prince of Forgiveness.”

The Creative Spirit explained in what way forgiveness was part of an understanding heart.

Creative Spirit:
        “Open your hearts. I ask you now to fully open them as wide as you can in your intention and allow your brother, the Magisterial Son on Urantia to come upon you. The peace of Michael is not achieved by words, sophistries, ideologies or wars of men to coerce men into systematic belief. A peace of Michael will be achieved with goodness, with fraternal understanding, cooperation, respect, and the harmonization of the various diversities of the planet into one unified whole. Forgiveness is your endowment to build into another person’s heart. The desire to forgive, the need to forgive, the willingness to forgive; you are being instilled with the higher vibrational pattern of forgiveness so that your minds can endow this into another person.”

To establish peace on Urantia, we are told, spirit needs the cooperation of all who can find forgiveness in their hearts for those who have themselves “wanting” and “taking” that which was not theirs to do. It is in this act of forgiveness that Monjoronson seeks to build the new Urantia reality of fairness and justice as embraced in the mercy ministrations of love.

        “Greetings my friends, . . . I am Monjoronson and I very much appreciate your having been touched by this message about my mission and the mission of Michael. Truly He has become known throughout as a result of His service to this world, as the Prince of Peace. Likewise, when this correcting time and this Magisterial Mission reign have passed, I will be known as the Prince of Forgiveness as my mission will be built upon this foundation of forgiveness at this juncture in this world's evolution.”

From the transcript: Monjoronson; Nebadonia (from the CCC) - I Will Be Known as The Prince of Forgiveness - Nov 15, 2009 - North Idaho


    Co-Creative Efforts Being Made  to Help Construct A Planetary Entry Portal

2010 June - - Monjoronson and the Teaching Mission corp faculty are cooperating to make known the concept of a portal.   Portals, they teach, are entry facilities between two or more different systems which allow the realities involved to be translated for use of from one kind of system to the other.  Portals are to be used on Urantia, they instruct, to facilitate the entry of spirit to be able to translate into the physical realms meaning the transfer of invisible forms to the visible forms of materialized (incarnated) spirit personalities.  Some human students have begun to receive instructions on how this may be accomplished and actually participate in the construction of such a facility.  If the concept can be realized on Urantia, more news regarding these efforts will likely be forthcoming during 2011 and later.


A Mighty Messenger Has Been Selected to Become Planetary Manager for the Urantia Triumvirate

2010, July 16  - It was first announced on this date to Urantia that the three supervising divinities–  Machiventa Melchizedek; Christ Michael; Monjoronson– see the need to have a coordinating personality available to them on Urantia in order to better facilitate the three missions each is directly involved with.  The Planetary Manager (or Planetary Prince as the title is referred to in the Urantia Book), would be a Mighty Messenger who has volunteered to produce an accelerated program to insure that Urantia may received the Correcting Time, the educational programs of Machiventa Melchizedek, and the Magisterial Mission, as one unified effort for the uplift of the planet.

The Mighty Messenger has been installed and is active with universe personnel and mortals. Charles, as he has elected to be called, has experience with other rebellions and their aftermath requiring the activation of those universe principles to root out the causes of evil in human thinking.  Each of the Urantia Triumvirate have their on-staff managers and it is Charles who will coordinate their work when policies and actions affect the other programs.

Monjoronson -
        “I simply need a powerful “right hand” and a “left hand” who can do everything that I can do, but be an Avonal Son himself.  Charles will remain with me and my staff as long as I and my retinue remain on this planet.  This will be several thousands of years, and we are literally “permanent residents” for all of your concerns.”
    [Charles Mighty Messenger - New Mission Manager - Jul 16, 2010-Special Session #17]

September 2010 Reveals Beginning of Human Modifications for Extended Life of Service on Urantia

As promised by Monjoronson on several occasions over the years, mortals will be allowed to serve with the Magisterial Mission until its completion. The following narrative is taken from evidence reported by individuals and has not been announced in any specific transcription.  From the evidence we believe mortals will be trained and classified in two large groups:

Group #1) Those mortals who will be transient and require no life modification to serve.  These individuals will live and die on Urantia during their normal life span.

Group #2) Those other mortal individuals who will be invited to participate as an actual Magisterial Mission Staff Adjutant.  These persons will have their life spans increased for their period of service.

Groups 1 and 2 are individually approached and no public announcements are being made to identify those candidates.  In some cases, those in Group #2 will be modified to receive the universe broadcasts for distribution to Urantia through the various agencies yet to be designed for dissemination at this writing.

Some of Group #2 will be undergoing the process of modification starting in September 2010, with the period of life extension lasting longer than a year to complete.  Others in Group #2 will be waiting further along in time to begin modifications.  In all cases, the modifications are in three areas to complete:

I) Physical Adjustments

Reports begin to come in during September 2010 of persons telling of changes to their systems.  Some speak of being deep-tissue scanned to discover overall physical conditions. In some examples,  new mitochondria was authorized to be injected on the spot exchanging old and existing mitochondria in the bone marrow.  Old mitochondria is oxygen poor and revitalization of the bone marrow through a transplant injection of universe-provided energy bodies brings forth oxygen-rich mitochondria for reproduction into the blood stream and improved energy/vitality for the body.  All other vital organs are examined an appropriate actions are being taken to fortify their processes within the body.

The aforementioned discussion of physical adjustments is preliminary to other and more meaningful changes for those to be called to service with the Correcting Time and the Magisterial Mission.  Two other areas of major changes what will require some time to complete may be characterized as follows:

II) Mind Adjustments and Make-Overs:

Mortal Servers as Staff Adjutants will require a mind change bordering on the morontia existence to modify by increasing the capacity to think on levels approaching the divine nature of mind.  The Urantia Book refers to this type of mind circuit as Cosmic Mind to distinguish it from the present usage of Adjutant Mind in most mortal candidates.  Those mortals who have completed their Cosmic Circles are already entering onto the lowest levels of cosmic mind, but this renewal work by the universe will bring forth those areas of mind generally only reserved for the morontia existence beyond life in the flesh.

Divinity of thought is the capacity of mind to be unified in its thinking to become better aligned with the will of the Father.  No one has yet to discuss this aspect except Olfana who briefly mentions it through Susan Kimsey (T/R) at a Teaching Mission conference.

III) Spiritual/Morontia Career Modification:

The successful candidate who will have extended service on staff (as opposed to those mortals temporarily assigned to staff) shall have what we have no word for in the language but can be described as receiving a permission to waylay their ascension career.  There is a limited grant of additional morontia sensing allowed when this edict is recorded.  This also includes receiving approval from Salvington and the Thought Adjuster to permit the ascension career to be placed on hold for special service.  This modification and its implications have not been addressed at all except as a concept for now.

Importantly: No actual changes, according to Monjoronson will be made operational on any level until the Magisterial Son enters Urantia and begins the Magisterial Mission.  All of the above is likely preparatory for now.


Magisterial Mission Is For All Beings on Urantia.  Monjoronson Reveals the Nature of Some of these Beings

2010 September 03 -  On the surface this announcement in September appears to be obvious to the mortal as to who it will affect.  But remember what is obvious to the reader is limited to what he knows about life forms on Urantia.  The Magisterial Son has removed some of those restrictions on our knowledge base about life forms on Urantia to receive the benefit of adjudication.  These forms include:

        1) Midwayers - The Urantia Book describes the secondary midwayers who are located on the surface of Urantia.
        2) EBMH - Earth Bound Morontia Humans (sometimes referred to incorrectly as EBS) who remain even after the Lucifer rebellion adjudication and who live in fear and confusion.  These are former mortals who have not learned that there exists spiritual allowances for them to move on to their ascension careers and insist on remaining on Urantia.
        3)SRG - Spiritized Racial Groups who have been allowed to remain on Urantia even after their group died out centuries ago and to begin their ascension careers here.  Some of these groups have recently fused with their Adjusters on Urantia and have been adjudicated on the mansion worlds and returned.  There are several of these groups, one of which called the Briltandorans has only recently been revealed.  In a Population Census broadcast in 2005, we assume it is among the Briltandorans who have fused under the category “Fused Mortals on Urantia”.

[Earth CENSUS] As of 16 May, 2005]
Category: Fused mortals on Urantia
Category: Mortals with full conscious communication/communion with their Thought Adjusters
Category: Mortals with partial/full communication with morontial/spirit beings
Category: All others moving Godward, sooner or later:
Category: Total Living Mortals on Urantia
[See Transcript “Census”]

    4) The Planetary Supreme Family - They are part of the Magisterial Mission’s judgement of the realm and their numbers are of legion and of Orders not revealed yet on Urantia.

For a further and more detailed discussion of the Urantia Planetary Extended Family which will be affected by the Magisterial Mission, please reference the Urantia Central Intelligencer published January, 2010 which may be viewed at  [UCI at http://www.box.net/shared/dviyxd9e2g]

        We are here for you—the living—but we are here too for the living in spirit.  Sleeping survivors will sleep until the end of this [the 4th epochal] dispensation, and then we will engage them.   My realm and my retinue and my presence on your world is for the full spiritual spectrum, those spirits who are living in the material bodies as you are, and those others who remain here.  It is essential to the welfare and well-being of this world that it be fully cleansed of ignorance, and those who are earthbound spirits, most are in ignorance about their existence, and we will have a rapid educational program for them when I am here fully, and in body.  So then, it is a co-creative effort between you mortals of spirit and us, unseen spiritual beings of light, to engage these beings and educate them as best we can, so they can make conscious decisions to move on. [Monjoronson - Post-Mortem Experiences on Urantia Require Education To Move On - Coming Awake Upon Resurrection -
        Sep 03, 2010-Special Session 21]

    Incarnated Melchizedek Teachers &  Schools

2010 September 18 -  Malsutia Melchizedek announced he will be an instructor in the coming Melchizedek School on Urantia following a statement made by Monjoronson on May 26, 2010, that the advanced schooling will be established through the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

Malsutia Melchizedek:
        “Hi, I am Malsutia Melchizedek. I wanted to drop by and introduce myself as one of the Melchizedek teachers of the Melchizedek schools of Urantia. During the upcoming days ahead, many of you will be contacted and invited to participate as students and teachers of the newly established Melchizedek schools on this planet.
        “Myself and others of my order have been commissioned as teachers, to teach you up to the limit of your individual capacities. We ask only in return for your cooperation, your willingness to be of service to others and a steady faith in the Father of all. Again, I am Malsutia Melchizedek extending an invitation to all the Light workers.”

Schools will be modeled after those in Eden [the Material Son and Daughter’s Garden].

         “. . .  Schools will be developed by myself and by you, to educate your populace around the world.  We will begin much as every Eden on most worlds has always been established by having a nuclear location, and inviting emissaries from other countries, other cultures, to come to this location and to learn.” [Monjoronson; Machiventa – What Will Not Occur – May 26, 2010 – NOCO #117 ]



    Early 2011

February, 2011 - Appearance of the First of the Master Spirits to Speak Directly to Urantia

We have observed the planning of the Correcting Time and their subordinate components of the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission over many years of their announcement and development with man on Urantia.  In this time of observation the Teaching Mission has bloomed and faded into the background sometimes while the Magisterial Mission showed itself prepared to inaugurate its plans quickly and immediately; that is, it did so up until 2005.  Going into the out years of 2006 thru 2009, students noted a sudden pull back from earlier positions of these missions.  Christ Michael himself came to Urantia in 2008 and was resident on the planet for almost a year of our time to undo what he calls a minor rebellion in the ranks of certain celestial orders who could not fathom the need for a teaching mission which would not, or could not, produce the changes on Urantia for his return.  In turn, the Magisterial Mission which was designed to hold the gains received from what Teaching Mission successes there were, suddenly was faced with a decision to either abort all planning up to that point (2008-2009), or propose changes that would meet the approval for those beyond Nebadon itself.

This was the state of affairs on Urantia at this time regarding the Correcting Time.  By the year 2011 there was very little being done to expand the teachings of the revelation.  Unknown to students on Urantia,  a major change in plans was dictated from Paradise itself by the Universal Father’s personal request to be directly involved with the plans for Urantia.  In effect, the Father chose to control the situation on Urantia from spinning out of control and lose the planet as an ascension sphere.  In Paradisaical messaging outside of Paradise itself, the individual Master Spirits are selected in accordance with which Paradise Deity wishes to speak.  Master spirit Number One is the Father’s Voice.  This Master Spirit does not just interpret the Father’s will but is the Father’s actual will given voice.  The Voice of the Father is named Siraya, Master Spirit Number One.

April 19, 2011:
    SIRAYA: “. . . I'm speaking to you as the representative of the Creator Source, to use that phrase. My work is as the voice for his ideas in what you call the superuniverse of Orvonton.  I am the expression of the Creator's intent and observations in this configuration of the Trinity. My words are his words, as a rule, although I am capable of voicing my own observations and guidance. I am the conduit for his energy to be expressed in this seventh universal manifestation.”
    [See transcript: Siraya, Master Spirit #1 - Urantia Will Be Corrected by Father - Magisterial Mission Deflected - Apr 19, 2010 - Abundanthope, Jess Anthony.  Tmarchives URL is:  http: //www.tmarchives.com/ transcript_frames .php? tid=5507]

Siraya indicates that the difficulties on Urantia in the past ten years, dating back to about 2000, are the result of too many factions placing too much emphasis on their agenda to run Urantia as though it were a personal fiefdom of man rather than a planet of young ascending sons devoted to the rule of the Father.

    “The last ten years have been a series of preparations and disappointments as the entrenched resistance on Earth proved more difficult to deal with than expected. Ultimatums have been ignored and the number of inhabitants waking up has been less than hoped. Earth has graciously held off a little longer to allow man to catch up. This has reached a point in the cosmic synchronization where delay is impossible for Earth and man.”[Ibid]

Meanwhile the changes for Urantia are what some would call unmitigated disasters that will cause many things to fail.

    “Look for the collapse of civilization as you know it and be prepared for upheavals on Earth that are unprecedented in known history. Many will leave and much of the Earth's surface will be changed. This is the necessary closure that is required to shift the direction and frequency of your existence.” [Ibid]


March, April, and May 2011 - Other Master Spirits have come to speak to Urantia in concert with Siraya.  Master Spirit Number Seven, the Master Spirit which oversees the development of our own galaxy called Orvonton, is also the Voice of the Paradise Trinity.  Aya is Master Spirit Seven’s name.  The Eternal Son is voiced through Master Spirit Number Two, whose name has been revealed as Kuwaya.

    “Hello my children, I come to you and especially to thank [the Transmitter who]. . .  now understands the role of my Son, Christ Michael, in this Local Universe; who understands his great goodness and all the efforts he has done to try to recover you and get you out of the claws of this rebellion. His plans are excellent and with certainty of success.” [Broadcast on May 04, 2011 using reflectivity and not recorded.  This is the first incident of the Voice of the Eternal Son being received on Urantia.]

AYA: “[Addressed to the Transmitter:]  
    You have been chosen to make this first test [of the reflectivity circuit on Urantia]. We observed you for a long time and we know that you will do . . . very well. Later, . . . other transmitters will work with the same system, but it will be later and in terrestrial terms this could take several months or several years, everything will depend on the candidates.
    “Yes, my children, things are changing slowly in the right direction. This could not be otherwise with all the efforts we have put in it.  What is new is that I, the Master Spirit, who speaks for the Trinity as a whole, Siraya as the Voice of the Father and even Kuwaya , the Voice of The Son, already could express ourselves and pronounce and speak a few words through this system.  The Father Melchizedek is . . .  radiant about the fact that he also could finally say a few words. We are all full of joy here because finally we can communicate more easily and more accurately.”[Broadcast on May 04, 2011 using reflectivity.]

(Reference noted for the reader: See the entry of Oct 20, 1995 in the Time Line about the future use of Reflectivity Messages and why they are to be used.  The 1995 announcement probably anticipated an earlier use of the reflectiviation process which had to wait until 2011 due to difficulties attributed to the lingering effects of Lucifer rebellion on Urantia and Satania)

    April, 2011

On October 20, 1995 (see the Time Line entry of that date for details), the teacher Rayson announced that reflectivators would be used in the future for messages.  

During April of 2011, developments occurred to test reflectivation on Urantia to establish that it would work and that the human transmitter(s) could accommodate the higher frequencies the process uses.  The tests were successful and it is through reflectivity and these circuits that the Father Melchizedek and Master Spirits use to speak to Urantia for the first time in living memory.

Reflectivation is the process that uses reflectivity.  Beings of Paradise origin, or entities such as the Father Melchizedek, communicate only by reflectivity.  Since the Father (and therefore Paradise) has become the principle manager of Urantia’s changes by His own choice, it became essential to place the reflectivity process and communication circuitry directly on the surface of Urantia.  This enables the Master Spirits and others to directly communicate with humanity on Urantia and to establish the means by which they may be heard at universe headquarters of Satania and even Nebadon.


May 22, 2011

Christ Michael:
    “This is a day of all days my children because the Magisterial Mission has been given the go ahead from our Father.  The dreams that you have all had will become a reality.”(See: http://www.tmarchives.com/transcript_frames.php?tid=5679 Title: Michael - The Dream of Certainty - Magisterial Mission Go Ahead Approved - May 22, 2011 - Monjoronson.com Paul Conklin)
    June through December, 2011

June thru December 2011 - A new series of papers transmitted using various methods,  including reflectivity,  were produced under the title “The ABC Summaries”, consisting of 9 different subjects for dissemination in an unofficial capacity to those who wished additional information about the changes to take place on Urantia.  They are to continue subject to unknown schedules.

Document -C- ABC Summaries, June 2011 - Adam and Eve, it is told, are to accompany the Magisterial Mission and prepare Urantia for race blending programs and schools of learning and doing.

Document -D- ABC Summaries, July 2011 - The Edentia Melchizedek School which examines the Lucifer rebellion in Satania and Urantia in particular is to be moved to Urantia.  Malvantra Melchizedek, currently head of the school, will vacate this seat for Michael of Nebadon who shall be its head, advise about the school’s curriculum and studies for the examination of the Lucifer rebellion and its effects throughout all Nebadon and Orvonton, and even the changes it brought to the rest of the time-space superuniverses.

COUNCIL OF 24 In Document -D- it is also announced that the Council of 24 will loose the member known ABC The First (Secondary Midwayer) and two other seats that were held by Adam and Eve.  It is reported in this document that the Council of 24 will likely hold scheduled news conferences to keep the population updated about all the extraordinary changes slated to take place on Urantia.

URANTIA TO HAVE THE STATUS OF AN ARCHITECTURAL SPHERE AND SCHOOL WITH UNIVERSE STANDING.  Document -D- explains briefly how architectural spheres will be added in near space to Urantia to provide administrative support to Urantia’s standing as an architectural sphere when the planet enters into its first stage of Light and Light.

MASTER SPIRIT REVELATION  - Document -E- The ABC Summaries July, 2011 advise the world of the participation of the Master Spirits of Paradise origin in Urantia’s affairs.  They are named in this document as well as their superuniverse assignment.  Only superuniverse number six remains unnamed to this point in time (2011).

GOD THE SUPREME is the subject of Document -F- July 28, 2011 and expresses the choice by the Revelators to prepare this document as an update to the Papers in the Urantia Book in order to ready the world for a larger revelation by God the Supreme when Monjoronson appears in the flesh on Urantia.

GRID CLEANSING are revelations in Documents -G- and -H-, August 2011,  from the Melchizedeks and others concerning the depravity of Lucifer and Caligastia and the trapping of souls in the energy grid which surrounds Urantia.

THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION is the subject of Document -I-, September 2011 provides various insights into the meaning of the ending of the Fourth World Dispensation and the introduction of new features of governance by the Melchizedeks for Urantia in the Fifth Epochal Dispensation for Urantia.

METATRON INTRODUCED in Document -J-, December 2011, and was defined as a multi-Deity cooperative unit used in an emergency and is a working chain of Deity personalities that is conferred with transcendental liaisons with Paradise, even to using the absonite-creativity level of the Deity Absolute.

OCTOBER 2011, The Grid Cleansing with human participation is ended.  Michael of Nebadon announces that the grid was completely removed and replaced by fiat of the Universal Father and that the Melchizedeks would take care of the technical aspects of the remaining work to be done.  All in all there were about 150 humans involved with grid cleansing in groups of two or three or more, and they added substantially to the energy and aid the Melchizedeks needed to prepare lost souls to go to the light and be taken to the mansion worlds for ascension.  The nature of the grid was such that Lucifer designed a code which prevented many human souls to ascertain they had even passed over and who remained docile and unwilling to go forward.   Additionally, the last mercy pass by Monjoronson was during this month.  It forced angelic and other celestial personnel still working on Urantia, and who favored the Luciferin philosophy,  to declare themselves ready for remediation.  Those who still refused remediation were apprehended by the liaison officers of the Ancients of Days known as the Assigned Sentinels in the Urantia text and were confined on the 7th mansion world.

NOVEMBER, 2011, A silence has fallen over the entire preparation of the ABC Summaries as Urantia is prepared for the incarnation of Monjoronson.  Much of the celestial communications circuitry to Urantia has seen less important messaging defer to  the high volume of priority messaging from Paradise to Orvonton and Nebadon and even Urantia.

DECEMBER, 2011 - One more ABC Summary was produced and the doors swung closed on the anticipation of receiving the incarnation of Monjoronson on Urantia this year.  This is not to persuade individuals that the date has been delayed, but that the Magisterial Mission has a  rhythm and meter of its own.


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