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Ham - Gods Mercy - Dec 16, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT
Group:  Woods Cross, Utah
Teacher:  Ham
Topic:  MERCY
DECEMBER 16, 1991

Our Father is unbounded understanding.

His mercy is abundant and ever available for you to draw upon. Our Father is always bendable or malleable to any situation. He is not inflexible. He is always able to respond to your innermost heart.

He is abundant in wisdom and this wisdom is merciful. No thought or deed is too far for His all-encompassing knowing. Blind iniquity stands alone by its own choosing. All who desire to know God and find their way in His bountiful Kingdom are welcome. No man may close the door my Father has opened.

Abundant is His knowing, understanding and merciful forgiveness, and indeed, His joy at finding His lost children. Many of His children feel that they must hide a part, a secret part, from His loving gaze. This is not true.

Our Father knows your hearts, and by your willingness to open your secret places to Him are you increasingly strengthened and indeed, SAVED. His love is ever ready to respond to every opening of His children. By His power have you truly power. By His strength have you strength.

By His love have you love. It is by increasing to the opening of your innermost being that you increase your God-knowingness and God-likeness, and by this you become a living channel for His light and love. Fear has no place between our Father and His children. Knowing His love is all that is required.