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Ham - Material Purpose and Morontial Existence - Sep 02, 1991 - Woods Cross, UT


Group: Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher: HAM




This teaching is on the affairs of our constellation and its connection with our local universe. By decree of Michael of Salvington, the system circuits are being restored and are now nearing completion. Yes, I have spoken of this before, but this re-encircuitment into the greater spiritual communication circuits of the local universe will greatly accelerate our ability to communicate to and from Urantia directly to Jerusem, to Edentia, and even to Salvington. You see, this communication has necessitated the use of other circuits, angels and messenger spirits, which was a difficult and tardy process. Now that our circuitry is being reinstated, we will have news and information from a wider universe on a more regular basis and will be impersonal touch with those high in authority who will be able to clear decisions to enable us to work more efficiently.


On the first mansion world, indeed, on throughout the mansion worlds, is the beginning of teaching of morontia mota. This insight is beyond your physical level of awareness. It is a morontial sensitivity to reality which you, in your state, do not possess. There is a greater philosophy in mota than you can even begin to be aware of in your earthly way of thinking. It is not only expanded awareness, it is expanded thought and receptivity to ideas, reason, logic, sensory awareness, spiritual sensitivity and insight, and the blending of the spiritual, the mental, with the general sensitivity of a, for lack of a better term, bodily awareness of reality.


On these mansion worlds you will be more sensitive to the presence of your Thought Adjusters. The actual presence of God within you will be a greater awareness, an extreme sensitivity, a focalization which you cannot begin to perceive as you are. Even in these first mansion world existence's, though youare still apart from the actual fusion of the two minds, the guidance is extremely clear. His presence - your indwelling Father/Thought Adjuster, is extremely clear and well known and felt. His words are clear and distinct. It is as though there are two minds within a single bodily frame of energy that you may be very closely linked in awareness. His over-control of thought pattern is almost complete. The morontial mind thinking pattern will be more closely attuned to the Adjuster's expression of the Father's will so that if there is a deviation, that deviation is immediately known by the subject. He can easily attune his will, his mind, to the will of God as forecast by the Adjuster.


This seems to many of you to be strange, to be something of a surrender of will to an over-control which you are unsure of. This over-control is not something which you will be unsure of by that time. His presence within you now is something very much a part of your being. It is sensed as a being a part from you. On the mansion worlds in the morontia form, this sensory, the entire sensory apparatus, is different. You are becoming more who you are. You are becoming more Godlike and more spiritually sensitive and aware of those spirits surrounding you and guiding you in your morontia career as they guide you here, though you are largely unaware. In the morontia life you will be much more sensitive and aware of their presence.


The Destiny Guardian Angels who have guided you in this lowly existence are also present on the morontia worlds, the first mansion worlds. They are relieved of their immediate duties as Destiny Guardians and are released to follow the ascendant career as ascendant beings. They are still companions, but their guardian duties are no longer necessary. There again, you will be able to perceive these beings as discrete spiritual entities which, in the state you are now, is really a near impossibility.


The morontia life is much more enjoyable than your toiling and stressful earthly experience. You will see with divine clarity the purpose of your ordeals in this life, and will appreciate the ordeals themselves and guidance which brought you through them. This appreciation will be a great unburdening of your worrisome self, for you will be able to know your purpose. You will be able to foresee your future purpose and all this, together, will be a great relief as well as joy in your innermost core.


This life is not without a greater purpose. Your ordeals, your suffering, your hardship, are for a divine reason! Rest assured, when your short life has been run, when this race of existence is completed, when you reawaken in glorious resurrection in the worlds on high, you will know that your life has had divine meaning. Our lives, our material lives, may many times seem haphazard, seem futile, seem purposeless and barren of redeeming value. Yet, I assure you with the authority of one who knows, of one who has survived the material existence, and has gone on to greater, purposeful, meaningful existence, I assure you that your life, your toil, your work, your stressful suffering is meaningful, is purposeful and has supreme value.


God is not only with you in times of meditation, in times of spiritual thinking, in times of elevated consciousness of His being, He is with you day in and day out; through your days and your nights of labor, He is beside you. He is watching over you. He is entrusting you with the task of the ages, with the task of by your decisions, by your life influences and by your influence in life, to grow, to develop, to become more perfect as He is perfect.


You who are called to this teaching are called to emit a brighter light , are called to become perfect, are called to shine forth that light of Divine goodness and truth to your fellows as the apostles were called of old. There will be many times of hardship. There will be many disappointments. There will be many trials for you, individually, to endure, yet, I say to you with utmost surety, that God is never gone. He is never far from your side. He is with you. He is with you through it all. You may easily look to Him, and His guidance will be there. I say this with authority as one who knows. If His guidance is sincerely sought in any circumstance, this guidance will be forthcoming.