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OCTOBER 16, 2000


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and thank you for coming. There is such a peaceful atmosphere here this evening. We are connecting more on a soul level. In the peace we are allowing our daily troubles and worries to slip away. We can literally become closer and my words will come with more accuracy and have deeper meaning because you are so open to them. I am filled with gratitude to Father, for His glorious works are ever unfolding and upholding. When we step out with the faith\trust factor we can relax and be confident that we are intelligent children able to understand our Father of all things.

As we go about daily living we are sometimes overburdened by past baggage, present stresses and future worries. It is difficult to be just that pure soul\entity\child of God. As we learn to step out with faith and trust we can release everything and be at peace with what Father wills us to handle. This overburdening baggage that we seem to carry in mortal life creates an endless cycle of difficulties. We forget to be who we were destined to be--that learning child of God.

The baggage is imprisoning and stagnating unless you can release it to Father and allow Him to transform it into valuable understanding and meaning. This baggage perhaps could be difficulties you do not know how to handle; it could be past pain you have not yet dealt with; it could be unpleasant behavioral patterns you would wish to be free from. This is so much for the soul to handle when Father has not been allowed to transform these weights into evolving understanding and ideas.

Many people act out in various ways to be free from their baggage. They may overindulge in unsafe behavior. They may give in to unproductive self-gratification. They spend their lives trying to compensate for past pain. They spend their lives doing things that mask that baggage they are so committed to carrying. When you can step out with faith and trust you can allow these things to fall by the wayside. You can feel confident that Father will help you sort through them and He will be your compensation. He will be your deliverer. He can free you to be that soul you were intended to be. You need not be caught up in that material world. You need not feel the pressures of your peers. You need not continue to live your life as if you are compensating for the pain you have experienced.

With so much baggage it is difficult to give you new divine information or new and better ways to live. The ego holds close that baggage. The divine cannot see over top of it or through it. The divine needs to feel that freedom to explore your past painful experiences and assist you in dealing with them, providing you with meanings and values. If you hold too closely to what you believe to be true, then those evolving thoughts cannot help you. You can be literally blocking divine information.

Rest assured that Father is strong and He can not only help you carry your burdens, He can sort through them, provide for you meanings and values, and throw away those self-imposed burdens that you have put upon yourself. Allow your mind the freedom to be moved by the Spirit. Allow your soul to be strengthened by the Spirit. Know that the ego only has power over what you allow it to. That is enough for this evening. I will continue with personal assessments and questions.

SAMUEL: Abraham, I would like to have a spiritual assessment, and if possible, the meaning of my name?

ABRAHAM: Certainly Samuel. I see you, my son, as having made great strides in these last few years. You are daring to show yourself as you really are. Where before you felt as though you were not acceptable and have not right to speak what you thought. Those many experiences you had did indeed leave you questioning your worth as a person. Your experiences had you feeling as though you were not worthy of other people's acceptance or love. You did tend to go inward as if to shut out the rest of the world. You are becoming stronger, my son, and your perception is being corrected. You are finding out you are most worthy of friendship and love. You are finding out you are acceptable more so to God, and the rest does not too much matter. You would do well to take the initiative to step forth in being of service because this is further training you. You are finding your way and you can become what you have always admired in others. I also understand that impatience you are feeling with personal aspects of your life. I can say as you step out in service to others you will meet people of greater integrity. Father has someone for you, worry not. In the meantime, focus on becoming more courageous to speak your mind and be aware that a more calm tone of voice has a greater affect. You are building strength in character, and events that happened to you now help you to progress. Samuel means one who is growing into full potential, yes. Have not worry, my son, you do well. Thank you for your courage to accept this personal assessment.

IMARA: Daughter, I see you as such a diligent worker who has great faith and willingness to be helpful in the Kingdom. You are ready to begin a more spiritualized lifestyle, but have a difficult time making it also practical. You tend to separate regular daily events from things spiritual. The material and the divine can co-habitat, leading to a more balanced life. You have opportunity to meet people and your treatment of them is an opportunity to show a spiritual example. Your calm demeanor opens other individuals to being accepting of spiritual seeds. Your enthusiasm, on the other hand, is also attracting people to want to know what is so wonderful. You are feeling somewhat regretful of having missed out on certain mortal experience. I say have not regret, nor worry. All has gone according to Father's plan. He can make sense out of your disappointments. He can make your life look as though it was lived deliberately and for the good of all. You are also hiding aspects of your personality as if they are not acceptable. I would say you are beautiful as you are, and to hide parts of yourself is holding back the hand of God. Have that freedom that you can be who you really are, and should others not be accepting of it, so be it. Focus on getting to know the personality of the Mother Spirit. Her qualities are a shining example for all females. (Nina: He knows I don't like that.) A shining example for all people. Women of this day and age tend to hold resentment of past treatment and have difficulty moving past it. Mother is well balanced in her function and duty. She is in Her rightful place as an honored being of Nebadon. She need not fight for Her place. She has taken Her place and performed it to the utmost of Her ability. Have not regrets, daughter, nor worries. All really is well. Thank you for your courage to accept this personal assessment.

RITA: Abraham, can you tell me what my name means? Rita Charmain

ABRAHAM: I am giving definitions to spiritual names. I realize our text says we do not receive spiritual names until we are one with our Adjuster, but in this new day and age and Correcting Time we are allowed to release spiritual names. Do you desire to know your spiritual name? (I do please.) One moment. You are known on High as Azsuray. (How would you spell that?) One moment. (Nina: I think he is asking somebody. He says do it like this: A-Z-S-U-R-A-Y.) (Thank you.) Certainly. I believe the name means to be the bearer of many things, yes.

I will bring our meeting to a close, but not without expressing my love for you each. I am uplifted and inspired each time we meet. As always, my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom