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Bethera - Establishing Teacher Contact - May 23, 1999 - Susan Kimsey, Half Moon Bay, CA


Establishing Teacher Contact

Courtesy Susan Kimsey, Half Moon Bay

May 23, 1999

Student: Bethera, do you need a transmitter/receiver to work with you in this area, to speak for you?

Bethera: I have searched long and hard among those of you whom I feel would be open-minded to this process, and I do, indeed, sense a readiness, a willingness, on the part of a number of people. I have an easy capacity to transmit my words through any of you who may wish to attempt this, and I am certainly asking for volunteers, if this is at all what you are leading toward.

Student: How would one learn how to do this?

Bethera: This transmission-reception process is much more natural than you may, at first, realize. God has given this capacity of communication to all of his time and space mortal creation on many, many levels. There is a way in which your focus and desire alone will allow me much opportunity to work with you. I would never presume to force myself upon any potential candidate. (Smiling) I wait calmly, and patiently, and hopefully, wishing to be invited in. I would ask any who wish to hear from me to please begin a more regular and committed pattern of meditation. This quiet time is a great doorway by which I can enter and join with you. There are many different ways in which Teacher reception is perceived by our human transmitters. Some will literally feel much more a physical, almost a tactile presence, tingles, small bursts of energy, a sense of enlivenment of fresh activity in the mind, new thoughts. Others will respond in a more, I would call it, "right-brained" manner to my approach. It will not so much be word-by-word-by-word that I express myself through you; but instead, there will be this somehow complete understanding which will begin to rise. A question will be posed, and you will fully, suddenly, understand with clarity, an answer. Other than that, I can say that this TR process, like so many things in life, becomes easier with practice.

I would ask now if there are those in the room who would, indeed, be open to the possibility of contact with me to enter into this with a very open mind. I will be gentle with any of you who wish to connect with me; but, there will, indeed, be a way in which, given your own understanding of yourself, you will know that I am there with you, also--that you have, indeed, established this contact. Other than that, I would simply ask that in the broader group, if there are those who would desire the possibility of a group forming, that you will be there as a supportive audience to any who wish to attempt to express my words, my communication. That you will be patient with this process. It is not easy for a beginning transmitter to move easily into this, and therefore, any amount of being a supportive audience will most effectively be a catalyst to whatever we can create among ourselves as a Teaching Mission class.