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Have Courage To Make Changes

JANUARY 10, 1999


PRESENT: Ashley, Harrison, Calvin, Ellen, Nina, Ineara, Miriam, Tectra, Michael, Janet, Samuel, Zach, Jonathon, Glen, Honoray, Rachel, Anthony.)

TR: Nina

(Meeting began with some good healthy discussion, and another of those times when some tender feelings were exposed in group dynamics.)

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is strange in a way for me to be on this side of mortal life watching you and asking myself.. "Do I believe what I have just seen?" What an advancement you have just made. Those courageous individuals willing to step out and make change are those who lead in our mission.

How important it is that we make clear we have understood one another, or, if not understood -- at least - heard. Yes. What an extraordinary time in your learning. No aspects of your spiritual education may be passed over. No matter the discomfort, we must be willing to allow Father's expressions through us.

My suggestion for your mission group would be for you to keep your discussion mostly concerning mortal living -- every day life. How does your divine education serve you in your work, your family, your community? I am quite honored to be counted among you as a friend, a co-learner. You each know me better than you think - we are family on a soul level. I would take great pleasure in discussing anything with you or perhaps answer some questions. You may begin.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I had d very pleasant and enjoyable surprise yesterday. I am quite sure you know about it. After five years, Melissa came to see me and spent a couple hours with me. (Melissa had left our original group in 1992 from fear these lessons were not of God). She was very, very interested in everybody, and how they were doing and what was going on. As you know, I said to her, "if you would like to come see all of them why don't you just come to a meeting with me? " she said, "okay, I will." So I am going to get back in touch with her and have her come with me. I know before, you told us that it would take time with Melissa and that we weren't to push her--just to be friends. Can you assess her some now and tell me about it please?

ABRAHAM: I am understanding that Melissa is somewhat interested, and yet, still apprehensive about getting too close. There still is some fear concerning the origin form which these words stem. I would always welcome Melissa back to visit with us, and confirm -- within her is the source of all goodness, all protection, and she need only look at the fruits that have been produced by our Mission. Melissa does well with or without our group, and the Urantia Book. She is a highly spiritual individual who lives and acts from her heart. Yes. Is this answering? (Yes and thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?

INERIA: Father Abraham, thank you very much for the lesson tonight and last weeks. Is that what He meant by stumbling over Him when we are swimming? Like when we make our own assumptions that He doesn't have time for such a small matter and we just do it ourselves?

ABRAHAM: In part, yes, this is stumbling. There lies at your feet all the Master's capabilities and it is easy for mortals to say, "with all the worlds difficulties why would he take interest in mine? This is the reason for the existence of the Spirit of Truth. Michael's Spirit of Truth is not limited by lists of tasks and chores, no. You could perhaps understand His capabilities as a computer in which an unlimited amount of information may be accessed when appropriate time would be. So you could pray for His involvement and not receive an answer in your time. The Spirit of Truth is capable of synchronizing events which would serve the whole, and this could take time, but surely, each individuals petitions are heard and coordinated through the best methods of teaching. The Spirit of Truth looks at the individuals difficulties as concerning the whole. To serve the individual is to serve the whole. Michael's Mission here on Urantia was for that very reason--to let His children know His assistance is immediate. Our Indwelling Adjuster works also with the Spirit of Truth, and are honored each time you choose to utilize their capabilities. Are not your personal lessons wonderful, for they show you a now and higher way? You do well Ineara. Carry on.

INEARA: Thank you very much. You just brought it full circle for me quickly. Thank you.( You are welcome. Another question?)

MIRIAM: Abraham, in following up with that description of Ineara's: First of all, I want to say thank you for the lessons, I especially loved the positive energy ones. Those helped me so much through my surgery. It is such a tangible way to relate moment to moment with what was going on there, as are these lessons. So, in trying to understand the process, this weekend I hung out a lot with what I think was you and my Indwelling Fragment, and asking for Michael's help, and asking for Mother to help my brain connect the right circuits, and all of that. Could you describe to me or give me some pointers of like what that process . .. and Will's book helped me through the evenings as well too. I am just trying to benchmark what some of that guidance was. Could you help me with that? Are you able to do that? Do you know what I am asking?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I can try. It would sem there are questions you have to which there are not answers at this time. Your asking and not understanding, promotes some discomfort. Your meetings over the weekend were to aid you in just being, to aid you in trusting, and curbing your curiosity toward patience. There are so many things we do not and cannot right now understand. The diligent mortal insists on doing the math and sometimes it doesn't add up. You are very spiritual, and yet, you come up against things which do not seem to be spiritual. It is difficult for you to understand some individuals who cannot see the obvious truth of spirituality. This could cause you some anxiety, and yet, you are utilizing the forces to assist you. Well done. Your enthusiasm is a light which draws many individuals to it. Our visits were to assist you in decreasing anxiety and direction you on opening the doors to higher understanding. Is this helping? (Oh yes, Abraham and I needed it. I thank you very much.) You are welcome. Another question?

MIKE: Yes. Happy New Year Abraham. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come talk to us. I got a question. I don't know if you can answer it, but I would sure like to see if you could illuminate us on it, or at least me.... I have been doing a lot of research and gathering data on "planetary realignment." For those who have been with this group like Calvin and the others, you have never addressed anything like that. It has been kind of a topic of discussion amongst a lot of prophesiers, revelators, fortunetellers, predictors. It is all over the Internet. I guess you know what the Internet is. There is all kinds of data on there. I would like to know if you have any information that you could share with us, or share with me, concerning this planetary realignment as the planet is trying to get its perfect equilibrium. It is the goal of all of us--to be balanced. What kind of situation would it bring to the planet physically as far as the land and the water and the air? It is not a fear question. It is like just a thing to know.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Planetary alignment is mostly unseen, changes in which you can only feel spiritually. The changes are going to be noticed mostly by you who sit here today, while the youth of Urantia will be born into this change -- so it will be as if it always was. You, yourself, have spoke of spiritual awakening, and this will certainly force moral changes. The moral changes will have a huge effect on the world, and there will certainly force moral changes. The moral changes will have a huge effect on the world, and there will be a natural outworking that occurs. The outworking being--all individuals are well looked after and taken care of. There will always be environmental upset, environmental changes, natural occurrences and yes, lives will be taken, or at least affected. Your spiritual upliftment is what shall see you through these devastations. There have been many natural occurrences that have taken lives, but none more damaging than what man has done to man. How wonderful it will be when Urantia discovers that there is no cessation of life, and this alone can eliminate much fear and increase more energy spent on things spiritual. Is this helping?

MIKE: Yes. Can you give particulars Abraham, any particulars, specifics. Is it possible? Just so you know, I have seen futuristic maps of the world, and I am seeing a common thread through some of them. So I was just wondering with the non-physical--yourself--if the spiritual realm can see, or what you are allowed to see, or what you are allowed to share? Anything?

ABRAHAM: I cannot know the outcome of natural occurrences. I do not know specifics. I cannot say "California will be under water." I know as much as you do. Another question?

INEARA: Father Abraham. Is a lot of that due to the fact that we have free will, and that the future -- no one knows because it could change with our free will and our choices?

ABRAHAM: Yes, exactly. There are a number of scientific discoveries that could be made if man were willing to give up any glory for them. There is understanding in predicting earth disaster. There are medical discoveries that would eliminate devastation diseases, yes, the planetary knowledge is limited due to free will. You are correct. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, in what way are you suggesting that our free will, our thoughts affect what is created? In other words--how are we creating by what we think?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Absolutely. We create those things in which we focus upon. If we worship money for example, we spend our time in trying to create that. Our ideas and energy go into those things we find important. Power for example . .. some individuals put their energies into gaining power, and like with money, it may be obtained through causing pain or taking from those which are weak. The energy is what manifests our desires. Our attention on what we want draws attention away from other things so our resources are used up. Those who desire world peace can spread the word over the computer networking, and then turn around and be unfair to his neighbors. Yes, Harrison, it is what our energy goes into --there is your material labor, and there is your thoughts, which travel the circuits petitioning to those individuals who could help you to fulfill your desire. These traveling thoughts are also affecting them, as well as those you know. Thoughts have power in a material realm, yes, but also on the spiritual. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

MIKE: Yes. I have another question. I need to know the ‘source' Abraham of the life force that flows through all of us. I was looking it up on the Urantia Book and I was getting different things. I was just wondering what you know from your background experience in the universe where the life force comes from and how we can use it effectively in our life?

ABRAHAM: This is easy... (laughter) The First Source and Center, God the Father, who dwells in Paradise.... He is the source of all things who need sustenance. He is easily accessed through your stillness or prayers. Does this answer?

MIKE: Not really. I guess it sounds like a pretty obvious question. I know God is the source of all things, but I will try to get more specific. The Urantia Book talks about energy and mind and then the Third Source, you know, the Infinite Spirit that materializes everything the mind and through this energy... So, I am trying to tie it all together. We obviously have our mind, our personality, you know, the working inside of us. And this life force thing--I want to know if it is totally separate from all of that, from all of these entities, and from whence does it come, and how it can effectively be used to physically create in our own personal lives, cause if a lot of people know they could use this force and have physical manifestations, and tap into it, it would make life a lot easier. So, I am trying to know if this life force is something outside of the Thought Adjuster, the Universal Mother Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and the mind.

ABRAHAM: Understood. It would be well to simplify, my son. Father is not so complex. He, being the First Source and Center, does supply this force to those beings who came after Him. He is the life force. Those in whom you mention are also recipients. They do add their own flavor to the soup, so to speak, as you add to contribute to the reality of the Supreme Being. Yes. Is this helping? (Yes. I don't want to create anymore problems.) Thank you. (Laughter) Another question?

MIRIAM: I don't know if there is a lot of time left, but we have some new people here tonight.

ABRAHAM: Have you questions? (Not for tonight. Thank you.)

ALAUNA: Abraham, I have a question. I don't know if you can call it a question cause it is more of a comment. You talked tonight about enjoying here speaking more on our mortal lives and realizing how the teachings have affected our mortal lives, not so much our spiritual thinking, or wondering about the world, or what is going to happen in the future. My question is a little bit more about the balance between the mortal life and spiritual life. I feel like I have been pretty spiritual all my life. I have always known Christ Michael in my life, and I have always been able to speak candidly with Father, asking for help in my life, but I feel like I spend so much of my time living this mortal life in raising a number of children, helping with children, my grandchildren, working a job, dealing with families through my work. I feel like probably these evenings that we spend together are really the only time that I feel like I can work on the spiritual. I am wondering if that is enough of a balance? I try to be the best person I can be in my daily work and dealing with my children, but is one day a week studying on the spiritual enough of a balance, I guess si my question?

ABRAHAM: My daughter ALAUNA, you live the spiritual every day in work, in home, children, grandchildren, friends, and family. The two are not separate in your life. Your combination is wonderful--in that you live what you believe. You fear not in stepping out to help an individual. You are helping so as to help, not to gain glory, and this is what we endeavor to teach. Worry not on your spiritual concentration only being one night. Your underlying spiritual understanding is quite enough to carry you through on those assignments Father would have you do. Yes. Well done.

You each here are excellent examples of those not afraid to stand up for doing what's right, spiritually and morally. I learn each time we meet. I am slipping. I have enjoyed our time together. I would send you each a note of my deep feelings for you. Until next week, shalom.