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Woods Cross Group


Being Aware

Eleanor TR

January 20, 1998

I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to my friends. It is always my great privilege to teach here with you. I am quite aware of the difficulties regarding relationships and my experience helps me to better teach. My spiritual path has been a wonderful teacher in that I learned various concepts that would bring many to this point in my eternal career, to be here with you, unseen, but believed. I can say my appreciation for you each goes beyond words. Your faith in me and as a teacher enables me to excel in my position. I would also express my faith and trust in you as my friends and co workers.

Last week we discussed the reflections from relationships. Are they just shadows of judgment or are they guidelines to learning? We also discussed changing other individuals or building upon their awarenesses. This is always a challenge for me in my position. I must teach on many levels to bring about a balance, understanding. As you increase your awareness concerning relationships, will you be able to better withstand your fellow’s critical judgments and continue to teach and spread the good news?


In this day and age of aesthetics we feel obligated to maintain a certain status or reap the consequences there-from. There is a fear of drawing too close to individuals who may discover you are not all that you pretend to be. You and others you know desire to be accepted and are sometimes in fear that your genuine self is not complete, is not enough. There are many individuals who live their whole life and do not recognize this.

And there are those shadows of non reality, shadows of self loathing, shadows of being inferior. In these shadows there is that extra energy put forth determines creating a screen of sorts, a screen that would appear to be good and accepted, and a screen that shows what you would have people know about you. Are you seeing that this screen is also a shadow of non reality?

My point in this lesson is simply this: With all the energy put forth to create a screen of beautiful imagery, there are walls built, there are barriers, which keep others at a distance. Some feel these walls to be a safeguard against their fellows’ rejections. Some feel these barriers keep others from knowing their shortcomings or faults. Do you see that in building this wall it does not block others out so much as it locks you in? In keeping a save distance from your fellows is so much experience missed; so much that you could know that you forfeit.

As I have said, my experiences regarding relationships made me to better teach. Your relationships will also elevate you in your spiritual education enabling you to also better teach. All must experience relationships, relationships of every kind. All your experience is valuable and the walls built are indeed a detriment to your learning, to understanding, which would only be of benefit to you.


For whatever reasons, one might build these walls they minimize your participation on the cosmic circuits. You may possible be delaying some spiritual learning. This is not to worry. Every chance is given to gain experience. And yet today on this world relationships seem to create more sorrow than ever before. I would wish for you to feel that joy of being free from these walls of self protection and experience the Father’s through your fellows. It can literally double your joyful experiences. Hold not your fellows pains from you. Be not afraid to step forth with a smile of friendship and willingness to be open.

The apostles of long ago had their Master whom they loved dearly and without their fraternal feelings toward one another their mission could not have met with the same success. The apostles learned to tolerate one another and allow closeness. The apostles had a real friendship and this made the difference in their spiritual progression.

This week I would ask you to attempt to remove any barriers from those you know. We are to step forward with that inner spiritual light leading the way. Allow yourselves to experience that joy that comes from superb friendship, real friendship, honest friendship. Worry not what you may think others would take from you. Focus on what you could perhaps give to them.

Are there questions?

Norwood:       (paraphrase) How do you tell someone they are doing something wrong that needs to be corrected without hurting their feelings or attacking their self worth?

Abraham: Understood. Your speaking on this topic will already point you in the right direction for more understanding and movement. It is difficult when you know another is making errors and something should be said. You know that the Master’s words were not always soft and kind. At times he was passionate about his feelings toward the wrong doing, yet he refused to degrade another’s character. There was always an appeal to the wrong doer’s heart. Always was the Master attempting to turn the wrong doer inward to look for the correct answer. Jesus did this with questions. My friend, are you not aware that this is detrimental to this person? Or... "You are well knowing in your self what the right answer is." Do you see he would put forth faith in that wrongdoer, a faith that he had that they could make the right choice? The faith that they would make direct contact with their Indwelling Father. Jesus did not tear down this wrong doer’s character. He put forth questions appealing to their Inner Light and this was sometimes used in a gentle and charming manner, but also he used a harsh and truth confronting manner.

You do, Norwood, my son, have many aspects of the Master and most of the time follow in that direction. There could perhaps be a time or two when there was bit of frustration that would lead you to be sharp with others. Also, there is a possibility that these were opportunities to 'show what you know.' I can only say now that where you are in your life, you have been trained to be there. You do well.

Claireesa: Do you have any words for me in the situation I find myself in spiritually, mentally and physically?


Abraham: Yes, Claireesa, my daughter, on more than one occasion have I sat with you and felt your sorrow, your frustration, your fright and I must say that you truly are a strong individual. I know you do not perceive this in yourself and yet you can see when you add the totality of your experiences you have been made to see with a spiritual clarity to embrace the simple joys that others overlook. You do indeed act from soul when the physical body is allowing. My understanding for you is you have been to the bottom and are now beginning to ascend. Your climb back up is slow and yet with each new step the foundation becomes stronger. There are certain health issues that plague your mind and you are knowing the remedy for these. Your step building will help to strengthen you to find the courage to put forth these remedies. I can say I will continue to work with you on this. You are doing well. Continue and carry on.

DeVon: (paraphrase) Do you know Enoch?

Abraham: I do not on a personal basis know Enoch, but I do know a little about him.

Miriam:          (paraphrase) I had a different experience last Friday. I have been doing inner work to look to the Father as the source and identity and my behavior is different. In a conversation I had with the insurance company I have perhaps in the past been low on self esteem. This time the way I reacted was different. Did this come from the source, the Father, or was it a fluke? It was very uncomfortable and new.

Abraham: Yes, I am understanding that this behavior was brought about through your new understanding and yet it was also feeling uncontrolled. I would believe that you in your attempts to be self forgetful are opening yourself to Father’s communications through you and this will take some getting used to. Not every situation will be always handled with good emotion good or bad feelings. Know your most serene dealings with others would indeed be your standing aside to allow for Father. It is perhaps frightening for you to allow someone else to steer while you are in the driver’s seat. You are attempting to maintain a 'spiritual air' about you and yet there is business to be done. Your detachment to emotions would be of great benefit when doing business. Is this at all answering?

Miriam:          (paraphrase) "Dis-attachment to emotion would be a great benefit." But emotions show feelings. Are you saying to not let your emotions get in the way, just stand back and do the business?

Abraham: Partly in that to be spiritual, to embrace truth, beauty and goodness does not mean weakness or passivity. No, the detachment from emotions is to be self forgetful, to keep focus, to allow Father to help. And Father is neither weak nor passive. Is this helping?

Miriam:          That is the driver’s seat, huh?

Rachael:          (paraphrase) Introduces newcomers, Doug and Sherrie.

Sherrie:           (paraphrase) Goes back to when you were in your physical body. Did Father ask for blood sacrifice or was that made up by people out of fear?


Abraham: No, Father had never asked us to sacrifice anything. Through years of evolution it was once thought that there were many gods and each god having a different personality, likes and dislikes. The people believed it was necessary to give the gods their favorite gifts. Yes, it was invented by man’s faulty belief system. As I learned from my friend and mentor Machiventa Melchizedek, there is only one God and He asks nothing material of us. He would not ask us to sacrifice one thing, unless we could call love a sacrifice. Father deeply loves his children and desires our love also. But even this is not necessary nor would it take any of Father’s love away. Is this answering?

I appreciate your patience and dedication to our mission. I will attempt to assist you with this particular lesson during the week. My love goes with you until next week.