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Michael - The Nature of Personal Beings - 20 Oct 2016 - Jerry Lane, Lightline
Michael Lightline on October 20, 2016.

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit: Michael, again I would like to have you answer a very specific request. That is, it occurred to me that we use the word “spirit” casually and in so many different ways. We talk about a spirited horse, or even a spirited football team. Sometimes it refers to loyalty--the Esprit de Corps--in a military unit. I appreciate the way you and Mother Spirit give a new depth to these words that we almost too casually throw around. So if you would tonight, would you give us your meaning of how you understand what this word “spirit” refers to? Thank you very much. Amen.

Michael: Good Evening. This is Michael and I would be delighted to examine—probe--explore all the dimensions that single word refers to inits spiritual sense--in the religious sense, in the sense your Urantia Book gives it. It has, as you know, that chapter called Personality Survival where it gives a wonderful, comprehensive definition of what a human being is.

Primarily you are a living personal being with a unique personality that comes directly from God the Father. Then you have other dimensions: a body--a physical body, and a mind that is partly your own, and partly collective in all the language and cultural meaning you were raised in, and that you share with those around you. And then you have a personal spirit, and soul of all your experience from birth.

All personal beings have this uniqueness to them. It’s what “personal” means. Now to fulfill your request to get a new depth of what “spirit” means, let me state again: All spirit is personal. It is an endowed part of a living personal being. In this sense: There is no impersonal spirit abroad in the universe. It literally does not exist. Yet this causes us to go deeper and explore what we mean by a “personal.”

The most fundamental distinction, difference, and delineation of Reality Itself--all that exists--is the distinction between personal and impersonal reality. We just said that personal reality refers to individual persons whose unique personality comes directly from God. Only the Supreme Being can bestow personality upon a living system such asyourself, or such as Mother Spirit and me, or even such as the head of a Super Universe. The Melchizedeks, the Seraphim--the angels: these too are individuals not identical to any other in all the trillions of trillion of trillions of personal beings in existence.

This is contra-distinct from impersonal reality which is absolutely uniform. It is what you call matter and energy--all the physical-ness of existence in the whole physical universe. It is the chair you are sitting in, the house you are living in. It also applies to all the plant and animal life that you know that is not human. This is a surprise and maybe disappointing to some--that their favorite cat or dog or pony does not have a true personality. Certainly they acquire a kind of rudimentary personality as they live and gain their own knowledge and understanding, but they do not have a kind of soul that can survive death. They are not so individual but are more distinguished and
determined by their breed and what function they served, evolved over thousands of years to fulfill different roles. But they have no true personality in the sense of a human being or the higher personal beings. They do not survive their physical life here on earth. Their continued existence is simply part of your soul, is it not?

So this is impersonal reality, and there is no impersonal spirit abroad in the universe. All spirit is personal. This is the distinction of the origin of personality, God himself. We cansay correctly that God is spirit, and of all his characteristics, the primary one we all rely on is his creativity, for without this there would be nothing else but him. The whole time-and-space universe, the universes of Havona and Paradise: all of this comes from God.

He shares this creativity of his with all his personal beings that either he creates directly--such as Mother Spirit and I coming from the Trinity--or, in turn, our children. He bestows personality and creative spirit on our children. Just as Mother Spirit and I were given creativity, so are you--all of our children. All of our Melchizedeks, all our angels: all personal beings are co-creative. You exist in a reality that is not only given to you here on earth, but you yourselves are partly creating your reality and everything, absolutely everything, in it.

In this way, for a human being, objectivity--in some abstract sense of a reality that is devoid of your own subjective interpretation--does not exist. It is an illusion. As a matter of fact, it can be the most arrogant illusion. Some folks feel they have such a grasp on an ultimate objective reality that, for its ends, they can use the most obscene means with their fellows, claiming they alone know what is totally, universally, absolutely true.

And so for a human being especially, another word for your kind of spirit is creativity, and it is part of everything you have known. You have creative spirit, and this is actually what enables you, as a personal being, to keep up with--if you will—a living, ever-changing reality both interior and exterior to you. God not only created everything to begin with way back when…(There never was a big bang. Even our own local universe is over 400 billion years old since Mother Spirit and I came out from Paradise and got things started here)…in a very profound way, God is not repeating himself, but iscontinually creating something new.

All of reality is not repeating itself; only in its impersonal sense. You know for sure thesun is going to come up tomorrow because your whole planet is rotating and going around your sun. That absolute uniformity of physical reality--matter and energy--is repeating. But there is something else happening, some spirit creativity right within time and space, and it comes from all the personal beings who exist--from God the Father right on down to us.
Ironically, your own life can seem repetitious, even boring. This is--super ironically--an unrealized function of your own creativity. It is what we call “a bubble of familiarity.” You are so creative you can gain such control--for a time--over your own functioning reality around you that you can be bored and totally miss the fact that every day is somewhat new.

This is God not repeating himself. This is the fact that this present moment is changing not only in ways that are absolutely reliable in all its physical manifestations, but you yourself are changing and, hopefully, growing--growing a soul of experience. Yet this creativity of yours is so profound, and so seamless, most folks are not aware of it. They can get caught up in something called fatalism where they feel they are just a helpless pawn of something totally outside their own control. Or even worse, their life was written out sometime in the past. Like a train running on rails, their personality somehow or another got programmed and put on a track that they themselves cannotdeviate from. They have no sense of their own spirit, their own creativity. They cannot, in a very profound sense, be responsible. They have literally lost their ability-to-respond right from their own bubbling creativity--were they only able to tune into it.

That is the purpose of these lessons that Mother Spirit and I give, to give you a feeling, a taste, as you look around you, that all of that is partly your response. You can sit side by side with someone else and they are actually experiencing the room somewhat differently than you. So this is what we mean by spirit, creative spirit. It’s that aspect in reality which is personal and ever fresh, and not only in the sense of the total creation which is itself evolving and growing.

Absolute reality is not just repeating, but is growing, not only with the number of personal beings who are coming into existence, but as all these personal beings areeach gaining a unique soul. Registering the totality of all the souls of the personal beings who are in existence is that aspect of God we designate the Supreme Being. This sum total of all personal experience literally is that aspect of God that is growing.

This too is what spirit is in a human sense, my children. It is a functioning, creative part of you. It is given you so you yourselves have the ability to keep up with and respond to an ever changing reality all around and within you. This is especially true with these other personal beings you encounter, these other human beings. For they too are changing and growing. Consider the quality of recognition--re-cognizing--re-knowing—knowing again your dearest friends and loved ones. This is a creative act that gives you the ability to act, rather than just blindly re-act by habit to what is coming your way.

So, my dear spiritual children, Mother Spirit and I are so delighted in this creativity that comes from your own unique personalities, and they from God himself. Perhaps—perhaps not--he is surprised by the very power and ability he has given you. In one way, of course, we all act within the parameters he gives for our kind of being. Yet as you comprehend and appreciate your own creativity, so you are free. This is how
you can be a free-willed being enjoying something coming right out of your own self.And if not God our Father in all his infinity, then certainly Mother Spirit and I can be ever so delightfully surprised and rewarded by what our own children come up with.

So carry on!--my dear ones. Appreciate and develop this very spirit you areendowed with. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, let them come from your own self too.

Student: I have a question. So then: Spirit is not One—with a capital “O”? Itis strictly individual, amongst individuals?

Michael: Yes, my son, absolutely. Just as each personality is unique, each spiritthat is associated with it is part of that personality’s creative ability. Yet this is also
contrasted with God’s. Don’t forget that God’s spirit is omnipresent and universal. In this sense there is a single, unifying, and comprehensive spirit: God himself. His spirit includes and is cognizant of all the subordinate spirits he endows. These subordinate spirits, including mine, including yours; our separate creativity is real. Your spirit, your creativity is as unique as your personality. Does that solve the paradox?

Student #1: Yes, yes… So in what sense then are we all one?

Michael: We are all one in God.

Student: Got you.

Michael: He is the one personal being in whom we all share. So thisoneness that we have, even in itself is his spirit, and personal. Deity--thedeity aspect of all of reality is personal. We are One--with a capitol ”O”--in him, and only in him. Otherwise in your personal, spiritual, physical, mental, and soul of experience dimensions—in all these aspects human beings are very unique.

Student: Good. Thank you.

Michael: No one else has your identical body, mind, spirit, soul, or personality. This very thing, experienced as loneliness, is what leads many to a point of desperation and suicide: the fact that they are unique. There is part of every person that is impossible to share with any other because you are not yet perfect in your expression of yourself. So in this light it is amazing and wonderful that you can share so much of yourself with others. It also means that God--and to a lesser degree Mother Spirit and I—are the personal beings with whom you can share everything.

The presence of God is right within you, literally making a record of everything you experience of a spiritual/valuable nature as your soul. God is the one being with whom you can share everything. So thank you, my son, for the question.Student: You are welcome; and thank you for the answer.

Michael: If there are no more questions or comments; tonight I hoped to give you some deeper understanding and appreciation for this living continuity. Something is continuing that is both absolute and universal in a physical sense, and yet is unique in a time sense. Each moment that you experience has never happened before because total reality itself, by way of God’s creativity, is developing and changing in a way to make each moment unique.

You know this in your own world history in the fact that there are more folks all the time with all their inter-relationships on a family basis, and communities, states, and nations. Appreciate that reality is not repeating itself on a human level, and embrace this as God’s way of doing things. Trust in him because so much of lifeis unpredictable, while at the same time you have your own human need to plotand plan and make provisions for your future and that of your loved ones.

This is why there is a truly dramatic thing happening. Like I said: it is asupreme irony that some folks are almost dying of boredom because they
don’t realize their own spirit is creating a little bubble of familiarity around them. So it is by God’s will that their little bubble will not last for long, if for no other reason than the big change you call death which will save them from themselves. They will be re-born in an entirely different dimension of reality.

So carry on, my dear ones. Let this be your love for God’s creation and for God himself—this situation within and without you that you yourselves are sharing in creating a portion of.  It gives you the responsibility--the ability-to-respond right from your own unique self.

Be in my peace. Mother Spirit sends her love, and we wish you a good night.

Student: Thank you Michael.