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Michael; Mother Spirit - Unique Personalty is Fathers Contribution - Apr 21, 2016 - Jerry Lane, Lightline

Teachers: Michael  & Mother Spirit -
Subject:  The Uniqueness of all personality is the sure hand of the Father;
Mother Spirit - Comforting Those who lost a loved one.
T/R Jerry Lane
April 21, 2016.

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit; and then--both through you and very directly--Dear Heavenly Father, our Universal Father: thank you. Thank you for me. Thank you for this life I have. Thank you for this human life I have with all these abilities and potentials that I can explore, develop, and call my own--right as I put them to use in  this Eternal Now that you have taught us in our home. Thank you so much.

Thank you for my ability to experience. Thank you even for your lessons on how we  sometimes try to avoid or eliminate experience through bad habits, saying, “OK, I’ve  had enough—I don’t want any more!”   Thank you for reminding us of the eternity of experience that is potentially ours if we so  choose it—and all the freedom that implies. It’s a wonderful spiritual quality of humility  to stay open and in touch with such an enormity. We can feel so tiny in the face of it  all--both in space and time--yet we can be thankful for our very ability to feel just how  enormous it all is, and all that awaits us each moment.

Thank you for our ability to forget ourselves--forget all that we are and have been in  order to tune in to this other human being who is keeping us company. So thank you  for this company, for all of us, this whole world of us. Thank you for your Urantia Book  and its promises of all the celestial beings to come, and our potential to befriend them  too.

So thank you for all of us, dear parents, that we can open our minds and our  hearts to you. We can be empty unto ourselves and let you fill us. For in our very ability  to feel our uniqueness—that there is no other quite like us--this could lead to an  absolute, fundamental loneliness. Yet we can feel this uniqueness and, at the same time, see it and then appreciate it in all those we meet. So for all of this, dear parents,  we do thank you. Amen.

Michael: Good evening. This is Michael and Mother Spirit, and we wish to return your  happy invitation for another evening, another precious time to spend together. We too  can thank our Father simply that we are!--both Mother Spirit and I. We have our lives  and we too are unique by his hand. This is the signature of his hand, this uniqueness of every personal being throughout the universe and beyond. This is the very universal quality of the universe--all these personal beings that your Urantia Book introduces you to, and you can look forward to meeting someday. It is the universal uniqueness that ties us all together. It is what we all share--the signature of our being, coming  right from God.

True, it can be very lonely, but then this loneliness is nothing to be afraid of. Explore it  as well. Be not be afraid of this overwhelming feeling that comes over you because in  one way, yes, you are alone--alone with only us and our Father for company. And yet  when this is fully accepted, this experience of just being who you are, hand of God, this feeling of personality is like a floor you can bounce back from. For  you open your eyes and ears, and heart, you can have that marve experience of another person, another unique being. Then, oh my good be yet another transformation.

We call it realizing the two-hundred-percent-ness of life, for not only a your God-given personality uniqueness, there’s so much of your past soul that is equally unique and inexpressible, just in the limits  talking together. Can you recognize this in another? “Eyes seeking  eyes bring out everything,” as your wonderful poet once said. It’s recognition, that here is another unique being right from God with all  and unfathomable dimensions within them too. It can be an inexpressib humility in the face of so much, just in another person, one other pe when you get together in groups.

It is this quality, this quality of humility and thankfulness, upon which a true democracy can be based and thrive. This is what it takes, this acknowledgement, this recognition of what another human being is, that, in a sense, purposely drives you to find a way of accommodating everyone. It’s opening yourself to wonder, deeply wonder, what kind of society can you create with all its political ramifications of how you get and choose your leaders; how you invite and follow each other, and s together. This is the true democracy of equal souls, this recognition of walking infinities”--as we call you, and remind you what you are.

So welcome this experience, my dear ones. Be not afraid in your medi your life and how unique it has been. Think of your parents. Think of yo sisters. Think of your school mates and all the kids you played with. The people you have known through your television and movies. Think of a who are now in your soul. They are a unique bunch are they not?--uniqu No one else has quite this same soul of experience that you have, an their own.

So in your meditations let this all come forth. Be not afraid to feel this impenetrable, bottomless depth of your own soul, your own experience and all that you have known. This is you, and you share it with our Father, the co-author of y holding sacrosanct all that you have been as a gift to you. Tune into it. Be  really feel who you are. Then, oh my goodness!—here comes another o they have this same boundless soul within them too, whether they  whether they too meditate and experience it in its pure form. They too m fear to feel how alone they are in being unique. Yet they too have t experience of all that folks they have known.

This is that two-hundred-percent-ness of life. There’s the totality, the 1 you are, alone, unique among all other personal beings. Yet you have a soul of all the others you have known, and all you have experienced with them. This rec only why, but this is also how we thank our Father for putting us in such  Truly it leads to the greatest humility--so ungraspable in a way--because are alive and in motion. It is all changing except what is truly pa happened, what is truly available because God himself is holding it sacrosanct for us.

And so we thank our Father for these souls of ours, for holding all that  to us, and with us, and all around us. We say thank you, dear Father me. Thank you for my life, and thank you for all of these others that I  Thank you for them. Now if you have any questions or comments anything else that tickles your imagination, and your wonder, and your sou to come forth.

Student: Thank you, Michael. Thank you so much for the reality check. I have a curiosity question for Mother Spirit. My friend Adam just lost his wif years, and my curiosity question is about comfort for him.

Mother Spirit: Yes, my dear, this is Mother Spirit. Are you asking another?

Student: My friend I have with me here tonight—Adam; his wife of twenty-one years graduated suddenly. I was just wondering if you could give him some comfort on the whole deal of graduation. Does that make sense?

Mother Spirit: Oh yes, my dear. That brings it into focus. Certainly. This is very much a matter that brings us right back to what Michael talked about this evening. It brings you right back to you might say is the nitty-gritty of your own beliefs of just what life is. It includes what happens to each one of you when this very first phase  can only assure you that all of the really fundamental reality that t presents you with in such detail of so many of the next phases of your et true. I always invite you to re-read those chapters on morontia life and  assuage any fear you may have. Let the words fill you with what God has ordained  provided for each one of you to continue.

When you have the loss of someone so dear to you, it is like half of resided in this other person for the very ability that Michael ta ability to love and share your life with another. For this loss I invite you to  time, as you have loved this person and shared so much with time to honor them. Deeply meditate to let come forth and open yourself  have shared, all that you have known with them. Open yourself to your  experience with them.

Sometimes this can be very painful at first because it causes you to mi more. But I am inviting you to celebrate your life together and be jo that, as Michael talked about this evening, each of you is like no other. Think of how deep this ‘no-otherness’, this uniqueness went, and how deep y explore it with each other. So with the two of you, your relationship of that you gave each other was also unique and full. Be joyful for that.

For that promises an eternity to come. God himself is holding this relationship of yours sacrosanct for you; and in that, his promise has no limit in terms of time, no limit to the time you two will once again spend together, subject only to your wills  same thing that has kept you two together all of these years. It is  connection, that divine attribute of sharing your life with another that has no limit.

So be unafraid to let moments in the past come forth and remind you of this most precious ability of sharing your life with another person. Let this comfort you, both in all that you have already known, and all that you hold in promise fr Now do my words ring true?
Next Student: Thanks very much, that helped--and the lesson before, you said afterwards. It all rings true. It is how I have to use it in my daily life.

Mother Spirit: Well, my son, that for certain, for the very fact that you did share so much of your life with someone else. It is like suddenly losing a part of you, because you did. The more you shared with someone who was very much a p more you were definitely a part of them. It takes a while to get used to  are physically not here. But all that they were, and still are to you,  you. And so be unafraid to visit there, and be so thankful that you had this to share.

Student: Thank you very much.

Mother Spirit: You are welcome, my son. Be in my love; and Michael sends you his peace.

Student: Thank you.

Michael: Are there any more questions or comments this evening?

Student #1: No, I just wanted to thank Father and Mother, and than your service of tr-ing, and getting it transcribed and down on paper service.

Michael: This is Michael and Mother Spirit--the two of us. Thank you so much for your faith, for your attention, and for giving us reality right within yourselves, f choice. Spiritual beings--true spiritual beings--do not in any way force themselves upon you. You live within the parameters that God himself establishes for human beings, but those parameters are so elastic and so faithful to your free-will and your choices. This is your human reality, and it is infinite from the inside out, your own experience of it. There is no limit to what you can experience, and what you can know, and what you can understand; what you can share w This is that two-hundred-percent-ness of your own personal life relationship that you can establish and know with another is where on three. Two unique spiritual beings such as yourselves get together a dynamic relationship that you share is fully known only to the two of you and God.

So, my dear ones, our blessings upon you. Open your hearts to feel them. Open your will to get behind all these abilities you have. Keep developing, kee being thirsty for more experience; that is God’s promise. He is the on this way, this eternity and this infinity in which you are surrounded, and right  in these souls that you are growing.

This is Michael bidding you be in my peace. Reach out for it, accept it, and settle into it. And this is Mother Spirit sending you my love. Good evening. Students: Good evening. Thank you very much.