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Jeremiah the Prophet of Old - I Lived a Simpler Life and Time - Jan 31, 2016 - Newstarsapphire  

Received:   31-Jan-16 4:04 PM
Names:   Jeremiah
Transmitter:    Newstarsaphire


You wonder if I am the same prophet Jeremiah you read about I the Bible and I am.  I am enjoying my ascension career and have yet to meet our beloved Jesus face-to-face so to speak but that will change soon.  Yes you just remembered that Jesus said he is bringing many back with him and I am among the blessed allowed to come back home to a very different world from that in which I grew up.   Life in many ways was much simpler in those days although there were pressures and challenges of a different nature and some yet the same.  I can feel your struggle to understand and connect with all that is spirit and relate to the daily struggle to place self in the service and alignment with the divine will of Father and all the wondrous journeys that can take us on.    You are right that after this mortal life time is not a limiting factor and yet in some ways it can work for us here in this mortal realm if we can but learn to let be so.

Millennia ago I walked the fields of the same sun burnt areas as did Jesus after my mortal departure.  There was in some ways much more time for reflection and meditation and looking within and yet we fought the same daily struggles of our needs, some more than others of course.  It is these times of searching for more than the teachings of the day could give me and the call of spirit was strong in the land as there was a few devout courageous brothers who dared to step outside of the man-made box of religious confinement and dip their toes into the waters of life that are so freely given if we but ask.  Truly these are the waters that quench the thirst for the spirit life which is far more real than the partly spoiled beauty of our dear Mother Urantia, who is experiencing her own travails.  This is truly a journey you are on dear sister and always remember wherever you are nothing and no one besides yourself can ever bring your journey to an end.  There are rest stops and treasures and wondrous events and amazing discoveries to be explored as well as the strength building challenges that will reveal to you who you really are and all that Father has gifted you with to bring glory to His name and draw you into his loving embrace and eternal loving service.   I bid you good day

Heavy burdens can build strong muscles or break strong backs, depending on how you carry them.