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Michael - Courage And Curiosity - Mar 19, 2015 - Jerry Lane, Lightline
Michael Lightline - March 19, 2015.
Jerry Lane

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Welcome! We are tickled and pleased and thankful to have you with us this particular way, transmitting that we may receive. But even more important are all the other days and weeks of the year, between our transmissions, when we are even more thankful that you are literally part of us with your Spirit of Truth and your Holy Spirit. They are just wonderful company orienting us in the right way towards more truth. They tease us to stretch ourselves and embrace all beliefs that might seem antithical to our own, simply because they are sincerely held by others whom we might get to know this way.

Mother Spirit, we feel your Holy Spirit as Life Itself sometimes. Then there’re all the ways you do augment our understanding, our knowledge, our courage, and even our gregariousness in enjoying each other’s company. You both speak so well in constantly pointing us to the indwelling presence of our Father, and reminding us that, as we look back on our life and reflect, sometimes we can be very sure those great ideas we had--some of those great inspirations we’ve had all through our life--came directly from him. They were those discreet, comprehensive thoughts I used to call satori after a little Zen study—little satori's of enlightenment that would occur. So we thank you for being our spiritual parents and maintaining your presence that we can tune into. Amen.

Michael: Good evening everybody, this is Michael. Mother Spirit and I are happy to join with you once again this particular way. We definitely agree with your introduction that we can be even more in you to the degree you can acknowledge us, because we take pains not to be intrusive. For this is truly the way of spirit. Spirit already includes everything, culminating in the omnipresence and omniscience of our Father--our mutual Father, our universal Father.

And so everything--in this sense of being alive--everything dynamic--everything is always, always around you. I’d like to introduce the idea--the notion if you will--that when you think of God, and the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit; although they do have a personal presence forming the very center of Paradise--another name for God is being The First Source and Center; think of them also as dimensions of reality in which you live right now: personality, spirit, mind. The Urantia Book puts it rather technically as their omnipresence transcending time and space, instantaneous everywhere; and ubiquitous right within time and space. This can even be extended to the higher spiritual beings--the Master Spirits, the Ancient of Days, the whole Order of Days then coming down to Mother Spirit and myself. We are literally dimensions of reality in which you live.

As your Urantia Book teases you, as you progress through the Mansion Worlds you grow through five hundred and some physical, mental, and spiritual changes. These ascending worlds are largely what these changes will open for you. You will be slowly growing by encountering them and acquiring the ability, a growing ability, to realize these dimensions that are even right now all around you, except you lack the ability yet to register them and tune into them.  

This is part of what you will be doing as you meet more and more spiritual kinds of beings--the lower angels, then beings like Melchizedeks or the Life-Carriers.   Each order of living being you will encounter has a greater and greater sensitivity towards, and ability to register, these dimensions that are pervasive throughout space and time. It is part of the delight in getting to know the seraphim and their order of beings. They can introduce you to how to sense new dimensions that they pick up. So this will be very like your living experience even now--making things real for you.  

Since these are spiritual dimensions, it is not like learning greater and greater determinisms that are binding you, and you are yet unaware of. On the contrary: these dimensions offer you an ever greater freedom through an ever deeper understanding of simply what leads to what. This is coming in the expanding life of yours

True enough: your sense of meaning and even of value will change, but only insofar as what you have now will be introduced to even greater dimensions.   

So this is very much like your childhood--leaving you family and going out into the world and kindergarten, meeting another few dozen youngsters from their own families, with maybe very different meanings and values. But in coming to know them--maybe going home with them and meeting their families--you are introduced to the greater world of your community.   

Now of course, with all your mass media, you can be sitting out in the middle of the woods with your electronic devices, carrying on a conversation with someone in India. This is what the spiritual dimensions all around you are like.  They are greater reaches within time and space, and kinds of living beings.

This is what you have to look forward to, but this is also what you are capable of now, with all this mass media. As Mother Spirit and I do not endorse any particular political party or social point of view, we encourage you to be as broad-minded and open-minded toward them as you can be. Your duty as a citizen is to be as informed and understanding as you possibly can be. Your voice into the mix can have a great spiritual value of being more inclusive, more aware, and less prejudiced in the fundamental sense of pre-judging something before you even encounter it--as it is in itself. Remember our lesson on the outside and the inside--you might say--of every political or social group: as it is seen from without, and as it sees itself on the inside. Sometimes those are very different things, and extend into all the differences of race, sex, age, beliefs, culture, and experience. There is also God’s variety of personality.

Think of the biological history of this planet. Your Urantia Book mentions the deliberate diversification into different colored races, just so each can pursue a different way of organizing their reality within their lives. They are destined to come together at some later moment, like right now, with this very diversity of cultures. This is your human wealth. This is your Urantia, your earthly wealth of all these different folks all over the world and all their different situations. This can be your delight to learn.

A month ago, my last meeting with you, I emphasized the fact that what you call terrorism is very deliberately and succinctly designed to thwart people’s ability to know, then compare and contrast, whole different ways of thinking, right down to one’s personal relationship with God and who God is—and what he is—and what he asks of you. What delights him?

We of the spiritual community think one of the most obscene notions that people have, and use to gain power, is the notion that God in any way wants you to ever to go out and kill and even torture people for political or social purposes--for the sheer physical power that one gains by doing these things. I even talked about how difficult it is to comprehend things that would never occur to you, or that many of you would perhaps give up your own life to refuse doing these kinds of things to others, and can only begin to imagine them done to those you love.

Yet this is a reality. This is still happening on our beloved Urantia, this beautiful world that can amaze you of the seeming miracle of a sunset, and then another sunrise--that “Sweet, Spontaneous Earth” that your poet spoke of, answering all your philosophers only with Spring.

So, my dear ones, if we would ask anything of you it is this--to reflect, to meditate, and to wonder. Never be settled in a certain way. Never feel you have a big loop thrown around It All, but realize even in words, even in our articulated thoughts: there is something deeper and more profound. Just feel your way along with all humility and know that Truth Itself is enormous. Yet it is something you can dedicate yourself to, striving to take in more and more of it, more and more different folks. Then, goodness!—you can see every single one is a unique personality created by God.

If there is one thing we could ask of everyone in the world, it would be to meditate and reflect on what they are doing. It’s to have their own unique self inside, irrespective of how difficult and almost impossible-seeming this is: to be independent of the very culture in which they were raised; even being independent of their family and friends. Then they can come up with the new ideas unique to them, to offer their family and friends and help move the whole society along.

It’s to help themselves and everyone else to keep growing. This is what Spirit asks of you, my dear ones: keep growing, keep reaching. Get used to being unsettled, meaning: don’t settle for anything shy of Everything. Welcome the fact that only eternity can begin to disclose it for each one of us, Mother Spirit and I included.

We too have to keep open-minded for all of our experience. We too know the wonderful spiritual blessing of humility when we consider God’s creation. So keep growing, my dear ones. Keep reaching. Keep wondering, and treasure your wonderful combination of courage and curiosity. As we’ve said before, you were not given these to plague you, but because you will never ever come to the end of things and persons. They actually give you hope that your growth can be forever.

Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s do those.   

Student #1: Well, I have no question--other than a lot of questions. But no specific question, but to say: What a great lesson!--to think in terms of dimensions of reality. That is a wonderful framework with which to face the everyday future. Thank you.

Michael:  You are welcome, my son. I mention that because there is a tendency to think of the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, even The Ancient of Days--right on down to Mother Spirit and me—correctly as some kind of very discreet beings, but way far away somewhere--which in one way they are.

There is a Paradise. There is such a thing as a center--God, the First Source and Center. Then you have been informed that the inner creation of Havona has some three hundred dimensions, compared to, generally, only the thirty or so that you experience now; and that there is, somehow, beyond your time and space, a different time and space--if you will, in its own way--all around. These are real dimensions that you will encounter in the different kinds of beings you will meet.

Just like getting to know each other from totally different cultures right here on earth--one of the liberating delights in traveling--so you have a lot of traveling ahead of you. These dimensions you will meet and begin to register are not so much greater determinisms as, being spiritual, they support an ever-greater freedom. They do affect what is happening. They are real, and as you encounter ever greater reaches of reality, that alone is liberating--is it not?

Student #1:  Yes, and as we open up ourselves to them now, they will reveal themselves?

Michael:  A lot of them do await you. They await your having a different kind of body with a growing mind and spirit, a greater sensitivity. You have been informed a lot about your personal changes in the coming Morontia realms that are required in large degree. You are not really meeting and talking with seraphim quite yet. True, some of you are transmitting Melchizedeks, for instance, but most of these meetings do await your re-birth. They are part of those five hundred and some changes you experience going up through the Morontia realms of your Local System, then Constellation, and so forth. A lot of dimensions will await these changes in you before you can register them.

This is kind-of a tease, I will admit, but they are real and they are all around you now. They do transcend time and space in your sense, and in many ways they keep everything oriented.

I compared going through life, one time, to that hesitation you feel going into a five-street intersection where five streets meet in one spot--most of which the roadway engineers try to avoid. What do you when you get there? You hit the stop sign, and then before you go, you look all around. But at the last moment you relax your focus as you head off into that strange intersection, trying to be as open everywhere as you can be to what you cannot anticipate. This is just getting used to a sense of wonder.

Student #1:  Yes, I certainly find myself--personally speaking--I certainly feel myself opening up to, what shall we say?--a wider grasp of the spiritual realm; a deeper understanding. So that was my question. If I am, as I do, find myself, find my--what shall we say?--my antennae stretching, my antennae seem to pick up greater frequencies, frequencies I have not felt before. I was just wondering how far such a stretching could go, in opening to how many different phases of spirit? As you say, most of it happens after we shed this present “mortal coil.”  But I certainly notice that now, while still within this mortal coil, I am opening up in my interior journey to far greater horizons. I see them in the distance, and I feel them coming closer daily.  

Michael:  Yes, my son, and that wonderful aphorism: “As within—so without” As you get this inner growth--sensitivity is what it is--to be more and more sensitive within--it is also a matter of your understanding the phenomenon of projection, the “so without” of encountering yourself in what you experience as outside yourself.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience that, as you come to understand something, then you can begin to see it. So you wonder: where does reality originate? Well, actually it originates in the living dynamic between you and your surroundings.    As the Urantia Book says, this is the attitude you have towards what is outside of you, by recognizing that, to a degree, it is your own projection of meaning and value that you see.

As you just said: as you feel these things inside you with greater sensitivity and reaching, you can see them manifest. We have given some examples before, like getting over something like racism. All of a sudden individuals of different races begin to emerge—as individuals--out of a blanket stereotype.

So as you grow inside, so your ability to sense and perceive what is around you grows apace. This is the reward. It lets you know as more and more individuals emerge. Their greater detail emerges. Then, as you get older, you can feel your soul growing. You find more value in things and people. This is the delight. This is the encouragement to keep going.

Student #1: Yes, thank you – thank you.  

Michael: Thank you, my son. Just keep going, and keep reaching.

Student #1:  Yes sir.

Michael:  It is kind-of disquieting at first. Remember the very first things you encountered when you were young, and perhaps your family taught you one way; and then you come across someone else and go to their home, and they have completely different values. It is rather uncomfortable at first. Encountering something greater than you can be rather humiliating, especially if whomever you encounter is deliberately trying to make you feel small and insignificant.   But as you encounter that and embrace it, you rise above it by the very act of taking it in unafraid.

Let things stretch you. Be unafraid of that feeling of being stretched, which can be very uncomfortable at first. One morontia mota given in your Urantia Book is that so many people are born with a great ability for this stretching, yet they don’t take full use of it. You might say this this is a great credit that they never spend.

But after a certain point you begin to realize that what makes you initially uncomfortable—if you can recognize that feeling--you realize that, “Hey, this is just something new! It helps to be thankful that I can recognize it.”

So thank you, my son, for bringing up this need to stretch. Be in my Peace.

Student #1: Thank you.

Michael:  If there are no further questions or comments, let me sign off by repeating what I said about courage and curiosity. Those are two adjutants, or dimensions of mind and spirit that Mother Spirit actually is as part of you, and gives a little boost, a little encouragement to have the courage to be curious. We talked about how uncomfortable things can be at first, so there’s the need for courage--to keep your nerve--to keep extending yourself even though you get bumped on the nose every now and then, even deliberately by someone else.  

Have faith that God deliberately gave you this insatiable dimension of curiosity, as uncomfortable as it might feel at times. You have all these notions about too much curiosity killed the cat, yet realize for your growing self what a blessing this is. It enlivens everything. It draws your interest out of you and away for a while, until you come back to yourself, and laugh, and say, “Wow! What was that?” It’s all those delightful things that curiosity leads you into, even if astray from time to time.

We thank our Father that we have these qualities, and thank your Mother Spirit--my dear Nebadonia--for giving you a little boost with these things that make life so delightful through curiosity; and at times make life even possible through your courage.

So carry on, my dear ones. You have only a toe in the water of eternity, but we can say: Come on in, the water is fine. All these dimensions of timelessness beyond space are already all around you; you just need to grow into them. As you do, as you become aware of these dimensions, they can be your most precious gifts of worship and thankfulness to our Father. Even on a very practical side, your very continuing to grow this way, can be the greatest gift to your loved ones and companions.

Mother Spirit sends you her love and I bid you be in my peace. Be still and let it penetrate you through and through. Good night.

Student #1: Good night.