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Monjoronson Conference Call - Monjoronson and Michael - Mar 22 - Apr 26, 2015 - Four Transmissions - CCC

Monjoronson-Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness
March 22, 2015

 Topic:  Imprinting on Mother’s LOVE and POWER and focusing into the circuits of planetary consciousness

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo

 PRAYER:  We are very grateful to be here today, Mother and Father, to join in this circuit of love as one.  Thank you for connecting us heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, Adjuster-to-Adjuster, that you may use our energies to further the implementation of the Magisterial Mission here on our world in the ways in which you wish this plan to be implemented and demonstrated.  Help us to settle in our hearts and be mindful of your presence that our desires for the healing of this world may be amplified with the help of our celestial brethren who are participating with us.  Thank you for protecting this circuit from any outside interference.  We open ourselves to you now that our efforts may be used in furtherance of your WILL being done here on beloved Urantia.  Thank you.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, dear brethren!  This is Monjoronson.  I am pleased to join you in this forum today and invite you to go with us on this journey of creating more spiritual vitality into the circuits of Urantian planetary consciousness.

The field of consciousness is an open environment wherein the WILL of the Paradise Father is enacted.  You, as His evolutionary ascending children, have an integral and vital role to play in the enactment of divine WILL into material reality.  You do this within the domain of the Divine Minister—your Holy Mother Spirit—that personality which you have come to know as Nebadonia.  She is the vital link between the realms of eternity and time and space, wherein the Father’s WILL flows through Her and into you to help you in the furtherance of your participation to work in these fields of creation and to bring the Godly ways of life through your own individual strivings, longings, desires and efforts.

You have participated in this field of consciousness now for several years.  It is our desire that you would gain a greater understanding of how to apply your thoughts and feelings to construct a better reality, not only for yourselves, but how your own individual fields of consciousness contribute to the overall growing Planetary Supreme Mind—that which you may call your Mother Urantia—that this planet’s consciousness may continue to ascend to the realms of Spirit and offer a more safe, positive and productive environment for children of this world to live and grow and learn the ways of the Father’s creation.

You Mother’s presence in your life is vitally important to your ability to grow.  She extends lines of energy that convey certain kinds of information into your systems of consciousness.  You live in the container which is Her womb of life, and you are all connected to Her through Her circuits of being.  I say these words to you today so that you would open yourselves more fully in your desires to grow and in your strivings to learn the ways of the universe—to help you become more attuned to the power you have access to that is contained within the persona of your Divine Mother.

So as we begin now, I encourage you to focus on Her in whatever way helps you connect with Her: to see Her name, to focus in your hearts and feel your desire for more of the power of your Mother to come into you, to clear out those circuits within your being that harbor erroneous information, to receive a deeper imprinting of Her presence within your life that will render you more aligned in divine WILL.  And this will help the Father’s presence within you gain greater depth and breadth to help your thoughts and feelings be aligned in the WILL and action of Spirit.

Focus on Her now, and allow the POWER of Mother to move in you while we help you open to new circuits of what She wishes to endow into you today, dear brothers and sisters.  Receive as we impart and help you grow in Her.  (Pause)

The POWER of Mother is such that it can render a level of purification in your inner beings—a purification, you might say, of your thoughts and feelings that liberates you to be a more awakened and enlivened son and daughter of God that you may be here in a more Christ-like manner.   This POWER of Mother has been distorted through the influence of the rebellion but now as that influence is being outworked, the strength of the power of Mother within you can take deeper root, render you more clean and clear of any influences that are inimical that are to your own personal development.

Mother’s LOVE is the power of the universe as it comes into you through the Holy Spirit through the influence of Mother and Her desires for your lives to be healed and aligned and that which the Father wishes to help you achieve during your lifetime—not only this human incarnation but all through your universe career.  So you might say you are growing in Her; you are learning the ways of the universe and you are becoming more Father-like in your personality expression.

Growing in Her will also help you become more spiritually and socially fragrant as you outwork the ways of self-centeredness and move into a greater understanding of who you are as Father’s unique expression of personality and grow in the comprehension of others who are likewise these unique expressions of the Father.

I say these words to you today to help you relax more in the embrace of your Spirit Mother.  You may gain a more simplified, childlike trust in Her and your Father Michael to help you grow in your capacity as a liberated personality, that which comes from the Father of your uniqueness of being that contributes to the healing and transformation of Michael’s beloved world.  Continue to allow us to help you receive these endowments, as well as to help you liberate yourself from that which may still hold you back in achieving more direct communion with the Father’s presence within you.  (Pause)

The POWER of Mother is gaining strength in Urantian consciousness.  There is a resurgence of interest in that which you call the divine feminine aspect of deity.  As you know, this world is out of balance, out of harmony with the laws of the universe and the ways of creation, and this renewed interest in the divine feminine is the outworking of Mother’s presence gaining strength here within your consciousness.  (Pause)

Mother’s LOVE is nurturing.  It is protective.  She provides the womb of the environment of your consciousness, and She is safe.  However, the environment of this planet has deviated from the ways of the Mother.  So in finding its way back to Her you are allowing Her presence to gain greater strength and stature within.

So as we continue to minister to and through you, I invite you now to place your focus at your solar plexus chakra—that place within your energy system you know as the will center—and ask for the POWER of Mother to be generated from this place in your being as you direct the line of energy from it into the WILL center of the planet’s consciousness.  We know where that is and we can apply your focused energies into it.  But we ask you to feel your love for your Mother, as well as your desire for more of Mother’s LOVE to bathe this world:  the POWER of the Mother, the ways of the Mother which is the action of Father’s LOVE in creation upon your world.  Do your best, and above all, do it with great love for your world and for Mother’s presence to bathe this world in the POWER and LOVE of Mother.  If it is helpful, envision these words in your mind THE POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE.  Let it spiral around the planet, north to south pole counter-clockwise as you generate that desire for Her POWER and LOVE and love to predominate here in Urantian consciousness.  (Pause)

I invite you to join us now to feed the circuits that we have co-created with you into this energy field of the POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE:  REPENTANCE, WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE, CHANGE OF HEART, CHANGE OF WILL, DIVINE FORGIVENESS, DIVINE JUSTICE, DIVINE MERCY, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, RIGHTMINDEDNESS.  When we add these circuits of co-creation together, they form a blanket of healing transformative energies to bathe this world’s consciousness.  The Planetary Seraphim are able to direct this where this will do the most good.  Do not underestimate the power of your own intentions and desires.  Continue to add them into this matrix of CHANGE that more individuals may open in this field of energy now and perceive the beauty of Mother’s LOVE and the type of power that it contains.

If this is new to you, simply hold that inquiry in your heart and mind of asking Mother to show you Her ways, fill you with Her LOVE, redirect you understanding of what power is into Hers.  Let this be an opportunity for you to come into a deeper relationship with these circuits of co-creation that you may become more attuned to Mother’s presence within you and how She functions in your beings to build more love on this world through your individual efforts. (Pause)

This is the time of the liberation of Urantian consciousness.  THE POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE is truly healing and transformative.  You are all being encouraged to allow Her presence to expand.  It will press on those areas in your own lives that need to be healed and transformed.  There is nothing to fear for Her LOVE will build you in more of the security you need within the environment of your consciousness that Michael’s presence within you through the Spirit of Truth shine more brightly to help you imprint upon His Fatherly nature.  Your own indwelling Father Fragments will have more breadth, width, depth to convey to you more of the Father’s desires for your life that you may cooperate more fully, come into a greater understanding of your own innate beingness that takes origin in Him.

My dear brothers and sisters, welcome your Mother’s presence in you.  Drink deeply in Her.  As you send that line of energy from your will center into the will center of the planet, trust that Her presence is growing in the fields of Urantian consciousness.  Her love is liberating Her children in new ways.  (Pause)

May this time of transformation truly alter your perspective of the nature of reality, moving you from the density of rebellion into the light of what it means to be a member of the universe family—the family of God.  Let Mother wipe away the tears, remove the veil from your eyes, help you perceive more of what the TRUTH wishes to express itself through you and all children of this world.  (Pause)

So I ask now as we elevate our gaze to the very Source of our life to our Father in Paradise.

Father, our hearts are directed toward You in praise and appreciation for the action of Your LOVE predominating here in the circuits of Urantian consciousness.  Receive our gratefulness in that You have created a means by which Your LOVE may be transmitted through the starry realms to bathe each world in LIGHT, to fuel each body in LIFE, to touch each heart with LOVE.  Thank You for Your GLORY as it blazes out from the center of all creation out into the starry realms that Your ways may be more fully implemented, each individual personality You have created, and especially to this little world so beloved by your Son Michael.  And we of the heavenly realms thank you for fortifying these brave men and women who have stepped up to participate in this monumental time of correction.  May Your LOVE continue to gain greater presence within them  that the light in their souls shine more brightly out into a world that the darkness may recede into the past and the GLORY of Your LOVE be emblazoned upon all life here, and may Your WILL be done.  (Pause)

My dear, dear brethren, take a few moments to envision yourself extending from Paradise down to Urantia carrying with you the most precious gift of all—the gift of LOVE that comes from the Father through the presence of your Mother.  Seed these words into the planet:  THE POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE.  If you desire to see yourself planting these as seeds vibrating in LIFE and LIGHT, plant them into the soil of Urantian consciousness.  Let the seeds carrying these energies with the POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE be watered with your desires to see more change and healing occur here.  And then stand upon the ground and allow the power in those seeds to spring forth, connect into your feet, move up into your hearts, move up into your heads and embrace you, for you are the POWER OF MOTHER’S LOVE, and it is by your actions, words, and will that this world changes and heals.  Feel your desire for more individuals to connect more deeply into these circuits of Mother’s LOVE that were seeded into this consciousness now.

We will continue to help you attenuate in these new energies.  So do not be dismayed when you feel certain vibrational frequencies in your bodies begin to change for you are being calibrated in different frequency now—a higher one to help you release what no longer serves you that Michael’s Spirit of Truth may resound more clearly within your beings and help you grow in the LOVE and MERCY and GOODNESS of the Father.  (Pause)

If I may indulge your visualizations once more before we conclude, simply see the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION in your mind’s eye, and from your solar plexus chakras, let it be directed into the will center of the planet to take deeper root for more people to receive the energies of this dispensation.  (Pause)

I will leave you now, my dear brothers and sisters, but know that you will continue to receive and that we are here to support your efforts when you focus on healing and transformation in your own times of stillness.  I encourage you to seed these energies of Mother’s LOVE into Urantian consciousness in the ways that are familiar to you.  We will meet you there.  As you integrate into these new energies, know that there will be new seeds of potential catalyzed within your own beings to be about the Father’s business and to serve in this time of correction.

For now, take your time coming back into your normal waking consciousness and enjoy your day wherever the Father takes you.  Thank you for your participation and flourish in the Father’s LOVE.  Good day.

Power of Resurrection
Michael’s Easter Message
Center for Christ Consciousness
April 5, 2015

Topic:  Imprinting on the POWER OF RESURRECTION for personal and planetary transformation, lifting Urantia up to the Paradise Father

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we’re very grateful to be here today to receive the words of our beloved Father Michael as we remember His life here and the passage that He underwent into this glorious day of resurrection and rebirth and renewal in the morontia form.  Thank you for helping us receive more of these resurrection energies, that which we need of the morontia frequencies to help us in our continued spiritual growth and transformation.  Thank you for helping us hold the focus that you may impart more of these healing energies upon our world through our intentions today.  We’re so grateful to Michael for His life here and how He showed us how to open in our own personal relationships to the Father’s presence within us.  We thank you for helping us not only receive what you wish to share with us today but to help in the continued transformation of this beloved world so dear to Michael’s heart.  Thank you and may your WILL be done.

MICHAEL:  My Easter blessings are upon you, my dear children.  This is Michael.  I am so pleased to join you in this gathering to convey a message of upliftment and encouragement as you celebrate this day of Easter Sunday with your brethren.  For many Christians this is the most sacred day in all of the traditions of Christianity.  It represents the rebirth into the life eternal.  It represents that my presence is still alive here on this world through the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit.  With more people focused on this celebration on my life and resurrection there is great potential for more change to be invoked here through the hearts of many individuals who are dedicated to my life as Jesus.

I call upon you as my liberated children to join with me and your Mother Nebadonia and those of the celestial realms to infuse more spiritual energy upon this world.  This is a time of great promise and of adventure as you in your own lives through your own desires, decisions and actions grow in the promise that Father’s presence holds within you, become more living and vibrant souls of divine LOVE sharing that with those around you and in your prayer life to ask for more of this LOVE to grow in the circuits of planetary consciousness.

When you remember my life as Jesus, I invite you to focus the faith that I demonstrated as I underwent this passage from material life to morontia life.  You too will take this passage.  It is not something to be feared, but to be welcomed with an open heart and a peaceful mind. You see, my children, your energy systems are all being upstepped and there are new circuits of light and morontia energies coming into this world that will help you in these transitions in your lives into the higher realms.  Some of you will undergo this transition of receiving more morontia energies through your physical bodies to help you grow in the comprehension of the next level of living that you may help in the impartation of these energies to support this world’s healing and transformation.

So with this being said today, I invite you to simply focus on me.  In your hearts allow the energies of my RESURRECTION to be shared with you.  You may imprint upon this; the Father’s presence within you may use this and that your personalities will become more expressive of the Father’s nature.  Hold this as a focus in your heart as best you can as your Mother and I move in you now, my beloved children.  (Pause)

The resurrection halls of mansonia are teeming with LIFE, a variable of energy of the Father’s LOVE that this world is starting to receive and understand.  The rays of LOVE bathing this world containing these higher frequencies of morontia energy will help you in your own healing and transformation to move into those areas where there is, what you have come to understand as, subconscious resistance to the Father’s WILL.  This will bring new hope and joy in your lives that you may be more cooperative with the Spirit of the Father Within.  Your creator potential will be catalyzed and you will find new strength and interest in leading more dynamic lives of the Spirit.

This is what the world needs.  Individuals need to see other humans who have transformed their lives through spiritual development.  They need to understand that they do not need to buy any more material things, ascend to higher positions of authority or power in their jobs, to live in larger houses, buy newer cars.  All this is changing.  Within the heart through this power of RESURRECTION is the renewed interest in Spirit to engage people’s hearts and minds for them to ask these internal questions:  What does this mean for my life? Who am I?  Do I have to provide or share with the world what is meaningful or productive?

When you engage with your fellows you can carry this charge of the powers of RESURRECTION to help them in their own spiritual development to charge that seed of potential with love, promise, peace, and liberation.  I share my power with you, my children, that you may be potent catalyzers of change, continuing to be of service to me and your human brethren as well as to be more cooperative with your celestial helpers who are so dedicated to me and this world for the healing thereof and all of the other planets that participated in the great rebellion.

Continue to allow us to infuse you with these energies.  Feel your need to become more enlivened agents of change upon this world.  (Pause)

The world is undergoing a major outworking of divine WILL. This is a push, you might say, of WILL relieving the tension caused by the effects of the rebellion in the human energy system of consciousness.  Sometimes you can experience this push as a major force.  Sometimes it is a gentle pulse that creates new sparks of LIFE within your beings.  So I invite you to join with us now to engage this circuit of RESURRECTION to move more into the planet’s consciousness, that we may apply the necessary momentum through this endowment where it will do the most good.  Some regions or areas in the planet’s consciousness are ready for a more major thrust of this energy and some areas require a more gentle touch. We know where this will do the most good and we invite you to simply engage your hearts and minds and desires for more of this RESURRECTION power to move through human consciousness.

If it is helpful to focus your energies, see this word RESURRECTION in your mind’s eye, spiral it around the planet in that counter-clockwise rotation north to south poles as you have done so many times before, and ask for these energies to move into energy system of the planet’s consciousness.  Do your best as you maintain this central focus as we meet you there and engage with you, amplifying your energies and efforts.  (Pause)

The eyes of Nebadon are focused upon my beloved Urantia.  There is sentimental interest in this world.  The hearts of my children of other worlds are joining with yours now.  More of this power of RESURRECTION may be extended to Urantia and applied to the other worlds who succumbed to the Luciferic doctrine.  Continue to hold your focus as best you can with the added knowledge that the whole universe is participating with you and much GOOD is being restored and augmented throughout this world and those of the other planets of the rebellion.  (Pause)

These circuits of RESURRECTION have much to impart into the circuits of your will consciousness—that which you might call the desire to do the Father’s WILL.  As you know, a mighty disruption in the divine plans of evolution occurred on this world and the others, and we are using this RESURRECTION circuit to re-establish more of the energies that you need that you may follow in the unfolding of the Father’s divine plans within your own individual beings.   Much of what you are receiving and imprinting upon is very subtle.  But over time you will come into a deeper awareness of the power the divine outworking of the evolutionary plan of CREATION that brings you great creative power, and you will feel more motivated to seek truth, to do good, to harmonize those aspects of your being into a beautiful work of art, replicating what I was able to achieve here in personality development and symmetry in my own human life.

Do you recognize what opportunities are being given to you to undertake this stupendous and monumental creative challenge?  I say these words to you because you have it within you.  Do not doubt yourself or the Father’s presence within you.  And when you do at times succumb to the lower natures of your beings, come to me and say, “Father, help me through this passage.  Help me move beyond the limitations of my present state of mind to a greater understanding that I may demonstrate more of the fruits of the spirit.”

The world is beginning to understand its present transformational challenge, so I look to you, my fortified children, to carry this message forward, not only through words but by your very actions, by your creations of love and goodness and peace that you nobly demonstrate as best you can each and every day. So know as you continue to participate with us in the healing and transformation in this collective circuit, you are also being healed and transformed, that your evolutionary ascending nature be more fortified in the Father’s WILL.  Continue to join us in the focus in this collective circuit.  Allow the energies to pass through you and seed the world in what it most needs now. (Pause)

Join me now as we add one more layer of focus into this collective circuit.  In your own hearts and your own thoughts, focus on the words and energies of RESURRECTION OF DIVINE WILL.  RESURRECTION OF DIVINE WILL is a fortification of the Father’s presence within you.  And, as we seed this into the planet’s consciousness may it form a powerful internal foundation for others to perceive the leadings of the divine within. Father’s presence is in all of the minds of every human being on this world who is of normal ability and capacity. Through this focus of the RESURRECTION OF DIVINE WILL we are seeding more potential for more individuals to open to this…not only in their hearts, but in their ability to perceive the movement of the power of the Father in and through them, to cooperate with the essence of the Holy Spirit which conveys the Father’s WILL through your consciousness.

In focusing and spiraling these energies RESURRECTION OF DIVINE WILL into the planet’s consciousness, you are helping others break through that subconscious resistance that they may open to more of the Father’s LOVE for their own lives.  (Pause)

Join me now as we lift our gaze to our Paradise Father.  I invite you to spend these final moments with me in worship of He who gave us LIFE and gives us the environment to participate in His HOLY WILL OF CREATION.

Father, it gives me great joy to join you with my children of Urantia as we thank you for this infusion of your WILL streaming into this planet’s consciousness.  May this truly be a day of RESURRECTION of your WILL in their minds and hearts, strengthening them, purifying them, renewing them in what they need that your presence may bring them into a deeper level of contentment and ability to follow where you are guiding them, each and everyone.

I give you praise and thanks for my life, and especially for the ability to experience what it is to be a human on an evolutionary world.  My experiences here are such a part of my being and I cherish them with a great love.  And I thank you for fortifying these men and women today all around the planet who have turned to me both as Michael and Jesus and to fortify them in this Spirit of RESURRECTION that your Divine Presence may be stronger and more perceivable in them.  May the LIGHT of your GLORY shine upon their minds, and may the truth of who they are resonate deeply in their hearts and souls; for it is your WILL that is done in heaven and on earth and it is we who make it so through your LOVE. (Pause)  

Dearly beloved children, my heart is yours!  I give it to you gladly that you would minister to your brothers and sisters more of my LOVE for them. And as you go into this Easter season, this time of renewal and rebirth that is part of the rhythm of LIFE on Urantia, we encourage you to make more bold attempts to help your brothers and sisters be catalyzed in their spirits. This is an opportune moment upon the planet during this season—the Spirit of Truth can resound more clearly within the individuals’ minds to open to the reality of Spirit. So do your part each day as best you can, remembering who you are, acknowledging your cosmic citizenship privileges and responsibilities, and we will meet you there and augment your efforts.  We need your hearts, your thoughts, your words, your actions that the Father’s GLORY may shine through you catalyze and fortify another individual to the presence of the Father Within them.

So celebrate joyfully with your family and friends this Easter Sunday, and I will be with you whenever you focus upon me, remembering my LOVE for this world and all of the worlds of Nebadon as we grow in the Father’s GLORY OF CREATION.  Good day, my beautiful and precious children.

Great Awakening
Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness
April 12, 2015

Topic:  Receiving and imprinting upon the Father’s LOVE; focusing the energies of the GREAT AWAKENING into planetary consciousness; worship of the Paradise Father

T/R:  Donna  D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we’re here today to cooperate with you and our celestial brethren for the furtherance of the Magisterial Mission here on our world.  Thank you for weaving us together in this circuit of your love—heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster—that we may function as one in your WILL.  We thank you for helping us to receive these energies and focusing them into the planet’s consciousness for more of the Father’s LOVE and His action to occur more on this world.  You know the massive challenges that we’re facing.  You know how much we need your support because this effort is truly a collaboration of divine and human effort.  We’re grateful for all the help you provide to us, and we thank you for fortifying us that we may be more strengthened and emboldened in your LOVE and your WILL to help in the massive transformation that is occurring here during this time of correction.  We thank our Magisterial Son’s presence on the call today.  We thank our celestial brethren for helping us to receive these energies and focusing them into our planet.  Thank you for the protection that you provide us so that there is no interference from any adverse personality or agency on this call.  And we thank you for your WILL being done.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, my dear brethren!  This is Monjoronson.  You are indeed in challenging times.  There is much coming into the light of your planet’s consciousness of the plans of destruction that are now in full swing upon your world.  But as you know, this planet will be healed.  It is Michael’s desire for His beloved world, and you are now all active participants in this massive rehabilitation effort that is now well underway.

There is a growing awareness that this world has been held captive in a way of life that has been highly detrimental to the Father’s WILL, and now more than ever, those individuals who have awakened are being fortified in new ways to assist in this time of rehabilitation and healing. To further fortify you, and before we focus into the constructs of the planet’s consciousness, we invite you to simply receive more of Father’s LOVE and LIGHT—the energies that emanate from the very bosom of the Father and from the material reality of the Isle of Paradise wherein the LIGHT of all creation takes origin and moves out into all creation to impart the Father’s WILL throughout the far flung universe through the efforts of the co-creation efforts of His children.   We are here to fortify you in the Father’s LOVE.

So as we begin, I invite you to focus on these words: FATHER’S LOVE.  Let it form a cocoon around your energy systems.  Let it wrap you in the LIGHT and LIFE that is contained within His LOVE that you may imprint upon this more; that it may go deeper into your own systems of consciousness, edifying you in new ways, revitalizing you in new ways, and bringing you into the greater ability to share His LOVE through your own individual existence—that is essentially to BE the Father’s LOVE as a living, vibrating energy presence in the world.  Let us begin.  Focus on these words FATHER’S LOVE and allow us to move in you now, our dear brothers and sisters.  (Pause)

The circuits of your mind are undergoing change.  Much of what you are receiving is occurring at levels beneath your waking consciousness.  But over time these energies will connect more into various levels of your being changing you in ways that you have yet to experience.  What is most significant thing at this juncture of the Correcting Time is for you to desire to be greater conduits and containers of His LOVE.  While you may not understand or appreciate the fullness of what this means for your lives, you do have some awareness of this through the presence of your brother Jesus who achieved this great status of a completed human during Michael’s earthy sojourn.  

You only have to call upon Him and ask Him to help you move through this passage of becoming greater vessels of the Father’s LOVE.  For it will be to your delight and responsibility to become this now, and put aside those material influences of your mind, that your spiritual capacities may expand, and your souls may truly grow during this time of change.  Place doubts aside.  Succumb no more to fear!  Father’s LOVE in you can overcome these lesser concerns and strengthen you in His presence that you may be more representative and function in divine WILL.  You may not know what this means fully in your lives—how you will change.  It is a matter of great faith, and you are all being trained and tested in this undertaking of growing your faith in the Father’s LOVE.  Your agondonter status fortifies you for this undertaking, and the more you agree to live as faith sons and daughters of the Father, the more love you will receive and give you strength to carry on in the midst of turbulent changes and troubling times.

So there is a great awakening occurring on this world.  Soon the awakening will intensify and magnify what you are currently undergoing and what challenges you face in healing this world.  But you will receive help.  While you may think this is a daunting task, it truly is the most thrilling time to be alive to participate in this great rehabilitation.  So as these words settle in, continue to feed on the Father’s LOVE as we help you calibrate your energy systems to imprint upon this and that it may gain strength in your beings and enliven you in new ways. (Pause)

The circuits of light are gaining strength upon Urantia.  You have been collaborating with us many seasons to build these streams of LIGHT into the planet’s consciousness.  There is a momentum underway now wherein a great awakening is occurring within the hearts of individuals of this world and with a willingness to change and open to something unprecedented.  We have long awaited this time for this world to undergo this transformation, and we ask you to collaborate with us once again to build these circuits for more change to occur.

To assist us in this endeavor I invite you to focus on the words THE GREAT AWAKENING.  THE GREAT AWAKENING!  Feel your desire for this to occur on this world.  Feel your intention to participate in the ways that the Father wishes to express His LOVE through you.   When you are ready, focus on these words THE GREAT AWAKENING, project this from you heart, from your solar plexus, from your energy field.  Project this from wherever in your being you feel the most energy.  See the words THE GREAT AWAKENING spiral around the planet counter-clockwise, north to south pole, in that visualization that we have trained you to hold while we minister in these circuits.

Take your time with this, and above all feel your need, desire, and intention for the Father’s LOVE to prevail here in the hearts and minds of His children, for these circuits of LIGHT to connect more with these individuals that this GREAT AWAKENING may indeed change the course of this planet’s evolution and connect it to the circuits of LIGHT and LIFE.  (Pause)

As you focus these words spiraling around the planet, also visualize Michael’s hands holding this world, and they are pulsing in His presence and in THE GREAT AWAKENING.  (Pause)

Feel your desires for Father’s LOVE, Michael’s WILL, and the energies of THE GREAT AWAKENING to absorb the energies of deception that have long held sway here in your consciousness; that these deceptive energies may be devitalized and expunged.  (Pause)

Let the circuits of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, DIVINE COMPASSION, DIVINE FORGIVENESS, DIVINE JUSTICE, DIVINE MERCY infuse the circuits of THE GREAT AWAKENING to help more people to change and open their eyes and hearts to the Father.

For some of your brothers and sisters it will be very challenging for them to see the truth:  to see how their actions, their thoughts, their very lives have contributed to the perpetuation of the deception.  You are here to help them forgive themselves, to help them understand that they are loved beyond all measure and that they have the opportunity for a new life—a life in the Spirit.  Much of what you will do to help them will not necessarily be so much through words but through your actions.  So it behooves you to continue to ask for more love to fill you, change you, and connect you for your Father Michael to expand you into your own Father Fragments.  And when you are called into service, answer the call.  Be not afraid, and know that you are supported in your efforts.  Continue to feel your desires and your needs and your intentions for this GREAT AWAKENING to embrace the planet in the Father’s LOVE through the POWER and ACTION of the Holy Spirit.  (Pause)

Gain strength in the days to come of this energy moving through you, my brethren.  Fortify yourselves in the Father whenever you are in need.  You all have been encouraged to learn how to quiet your minds that the Father’s presence may shine forth more TRUTH and GOODNESS.  You may embody these qualities more and more each day, and you will need more in the coming days as more change comes to this world.

So join me now as we lift this to the Paradise Father and the co-existent deities of the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit.  Join with us as we thank the Father for His LOVE moving through the circuits of Urantian consciousness and helping more of the children of this world participate in THE GREAT AWAKENING.

Father, we thank you for your WILL OF CREATION bathing this planet’s consciousness that more of its individuals know the TRUTH of your LOVE, that more hearts may open to you and more minds may be purified in the Spirit, and come to the recognition of who they are in the circuits of your PERSONALITY.  We of the celestial realms join with our human brothers and sisters of this world, and we thank you for the outpouring of your LOVE bathing this world and all of the other worlds caught up in the rebellion in Satania in Michael’s universe of Nebadon.  Receive our appreciation for your LOVE being made manifest to all life here in the ways that delight you and bring you joy. (Pause)

My dear brethren, as you descend back into the space in which you are placed, know that you will receive more LIGHT and LOVE to fortify you in the coming days to participate in this GREAT AWAKENING.  Remember who you are.  Remember that you are children of the Father.  And may He uphold you at all times as you go through this time of change.  Michael supports you.  Your Mother Nebadonia upholds you, and we are guiding you through this passage.  Fear not!   Be courageous and bold, and know that this is truly the time long foretold and that the Father’s LOVE is prevailing and will continue to prevail on Urantia.

Remember to do your part each day.  Keep yourselves aligned in the Father’s WILL to love your brothers and sisters as Michael demonstrated in His earth life as Jesus, and remember that you are all His representatives to your brethren.  And when you do this, we will meet you there to amplify your energies to help others grow in the LOVE that pervades all creation.  I leave you in that LOVE, my dear ones, and I thank you for participating with us today.  Farewell.

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Monjoronson Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness
April 26, 2015
Topic:  The Great Awakening

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Mother and Father, as we settle into the energies of our hearts, we thank you for weaving us together in this field of your LOVE, connecting us heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, Adjuster-to-Adjuster.  We thank you for the presence of our Magisterial Son, and we are here to support the mission here today as it continues to unfold in our consciousness.  We ask that our celestial brothers and sisters support our efforts today in our focusing.  We thank you for the ways in which you upstep us that we be more attuned to the leadings of your presence as well as to our Father Fragments and to be better equipped to labor in the fields of transformation with all of our helpers including Monjoronson.  We thank you for this opportunity to serve.  Thank you for protecting this call from any outside interference and, as always, may your WILL be done.  Thank you.

MONJORONSON:  My dear brethren! Greetings to one and all!  This is Monjoronson.  Take these few moments to reflect on the desire for the Magisterial Mission to unfold here upon Urantia within your hearts.  For this is a change of heart, a change of focus, a change of direction.  In our last time together, we invited you to focus on the energies of the GREAT AWAKENING—this time of planetary transformation wherein the energies of Spirit are speaking within the individual’s system of consciousness encouraging them to turn to the presence of Spirit.

This is a time long awaited upon Urantia.  Might I invite you today to continue to center your gaze upon the words and the energies of the GREAT AWAKENING.  To begin, feel your desire for this energy to move deeper into your own being that your own inner awakening may continue to reveal new truths through your mind and more of the Father’s LOVE into your heart.  Let your internal gaze see these words, and invite our presence to move within you and encourage you, prepare you for a greater awakening around the planet.  Relax and breathe.  Invite your Mother’s presence to expand you gently in these energies of the GREAT AWAKENING.  (Pause)

There are many who anticipate the Magisterial Mission to commence with a great show of material power, a demonstration if you will, of the presence of Spirit within material reality.  But I say to you, to focus on the spiritual endowments you are being provided to assist you and your brethren during this time of the GREAT AWAKENING.  It is the Spirit that leads, that encourages all humanity to awaken to the presence of the Father Within, and this single focus is the surest way to bring about those changes that are needed and necessary for this world to truly transform.

It is easy to become diverted into thinking that the materialization will somehow bring about these changes. But that is not the case, and you are being encouraged to step into the greater realm of the energies of the Magisterial Mission that you may cooperate and participate more fully in this time of the GREAT AWAKENING.  You, dear brethren, are awakening to the greatness within you—to the Father’s presence within you.

The socialization of the brotherhood of humanity is predicated upon the Fatherhood of God, and when this energy is more enlivened in the hearts of all humanity will this mission be more fully productive and active in material reality.  You are given much spiritual support to transform your own lives to BE the LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL that you desire.  You cultivate the attitude of RIGHTMINDEDNESS and are able to participate in the call for RIGHTFUL ACTION through these enhanced circuits that are being provided to you through the presence of your Mother through Michael’s GRACE and the Father’s MERCY.

So continue to invite these energies of the GREAT AWAKENING to stir deeper within, to catalyze deeper change, to seed into your minds higher truths, to relay within your hearts and minds the deeper revelation of the Father’s LOVE.  (Pause)

There is much change occurring upon Urantia.  Some of it you are able to witness, but most is happening behind the scenes of your waking consciousness.  And we invite you now to focus these energies of the GREAT AWAKENING into the planet’s consciousness, to the circuits of the planet’s energy system.  Let the energies from your heart and your entire being containing the GREAT AWAKENING flow from your being into the planet’s consciousness.  Let it weave around the world in that counter-clockwise spiral, north to south poles, feeling great love for your brothers and sisters and for all life to participate in the GREAT AWAKENING—the opening to the Father’s LOVE and MERCY bathing this world in His GLORY and BEAUTY.  (Pause)

If you wish, you may add another layer of focusing into this construct of planetary consciousness.  In your mind’s eye, see the words and the energies of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION and gently focus them through the energies of the GREAT AWAKENING.

As these energies combine and harmonize, they form a tighter construct around the planet’s consciousness for more individuals to hear the inner call, to respond to the energies of RIGHT MINDEDNESS, the call to RIGHTFUL ACTION, the desire for divine FORGIVENESS, JUDGMENT and MERCY to take shape within the human heart.

This will help your brothers and sisters respond to the energies of REPENTANCE, foster further awakening within them that COMPASSION, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE, FAIRNESS and EQUALITY may order the human mind and heart, facilitate great LOVE in your social relationships.  These are powerful spiritual qualities that are being applied in these circuits, and your focus on them through this GREAT AWAKENING and the MAGISTERIAL MISSION will help your brothers and sisters respond to the inner call.  (Pause)

Join me in another focalization of spiritual energies into the planet’s consciousness.  A divine mandate, if you will, of the energies IT IS TIME TO AWAKEN UPON URANTIA.  IT IS TIME TO AWAKEN UPON URANTIA.  IT IS TIME TO AWAKEN UPON URANTIA.  See these words spiral around the planet, as you deepen your love for the Father’s presence making deeper inroads into this construct of consciousness.  (Pause)

There is a powerful RESURRECTION of spiritual energies moving upon the planet.  Let the evidence of this grow within your hearts, even though you may not understand all of the outworking of its ways.  Trust in your Father Michael, trust in His TRUTH and PEACE.  His LOVE for Urantia is beyond your comprehension, and this rehabilitation program is designed to give every human heart the ability to respond to the call of Spirit Within.

While you certainly have you own desires and timelines for transformation, let that be your own for yourself.  Worry not for the world, but trust in the ways you are being guided to be the LIGHT, the PEACE, the LOVE, the TRUTH that your lives may be exemplary examples of what it is to be a Spirit-led son and daughter.  You have it within you.  The awareness of the Father is growing within you.  You have Michael within you and you also have His human experience as Jesus to guide you along these paths of righteous living.

So, let the changes commence upon Urantia, and let us lift this world up to the Father in Paradise as we spend the final moments together in worship of our Creator and His WAYS and WILL shining down upon this world.   

Father of GLORY, receive our thanksgiving and praise for your creative ways embracing this planet, bringing more hearts into the divine family of your creation.  We thank you for receiving these voices of love and appreciation from your children as we spend these moments together focusing on you, that our time of communion may strengthen them and embolden them to share your LOVE more fully and fruitfully each day.  (Pause)

Beloved brethren, as you descend from the heights of GLORY may you carry this within your souls, and may its spiritual illumination be yours to embody and to share with those around you. For you are the Father’s GLORY, and the more you gain strength and assurance in this, the greater will your abilities expand to be the Father’s LOVE those around you.

The GREAT AWAKENING is upon you, and you are being called into this adventure as you embody and reveal the Father’s LOVE more and more each day.  Revel in this time of change, and when you feel the distractions of the day take you away from your spiritual center, call upon any of us.  Center your gaze on Michael that you may continue to gain strength in your minds and hearts of the direction of the leadings of the Father’s WILL.

I will leave you now, and I thank you for your participation with us today.  Do your best to focus on these energies of the GREAT AWAKENING during your stillness times.  You may add more spiritual vitality to what is now unfolding on Michael’s precious world.  Good day.