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Dr. Mendoza; Michael; Light;  Charles -  Healing and The Health of The World - Mar 15 thru Apr 12, 2015 - Northern Colorado

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-03-15
Teacher: Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers

Michael: Greetings my dear ones, it is indeed my supreme pleasure to come among you and sit as one around your circle with you. Your vision of what you would create is indeed taking good shape and you all are strong pillars holding up and creating this space and I wish to demonstrate to you my desire to be one among you in this process, to be as you are in this created endeavor, seeking guidance from on high and bringing certain willingness to uphold and execute as we receive this guidance.

Very much of this creativity depends on the simple willingness of the participants to be led and to go where spirit may lead. To be willing to open up and receive such guidance is one of your greatest gifts, one of your greatest executions of faith, for it is your faith that is required to bring you the strength to lay down your expectations and desires long enough to receive insights. It is human nature to formulate a plan and to have a vision and to seek to flesh out this vision and complete this plan. There is an overwhelming desire to have some degree of foreknowledge, a list to refer to, an action plan to cite and it is very necessary for you to have an action plan, to be conscious of a list, to have the motivation within you to formulate these things as they express your desire to be in action.

But those who are truest to divine values also realize that while putting yourself in motion is critical, there is the juncture when in motion, to seek to adjust your course and adapt your methods to the highest values that you are able to ascertain. This is indeed in and of itself a motivating force because one can realize that they can set out on a journey and not have full realization of the direction or even the destination. But this intent to set out and to be purposeful in your efforts enables you to have the momentum necessary to move through the process even though you may be readjusting your settings and navigating differently your circumstances based upon your latest update of spiritual awareness.

This is what is so valuable about your faith and how it plays in this creative process, being willing to be engaged and being willing to be updated or upgraded in your perspective, in your awareness, in your basic definitions. These are the tools of the spiritual traveler who is unafraid to make plans, make lists and take steps and as well is unafraid to change all of those when new information comes to light for it is the very process of willingness and purpose that drives the process. But it can be said that all actions taken amount to appropriate actions at the time, for the purpose and with the intention.

And so it is that I come among you today as one who would contribute my intentions to this process as it unfolds, being willing to work for the sheer sake of goodness in pursuit of truth and as a demonstration of beauty, coming together and working together in this way, the unfolding of the Supreme, petal by petal. I appreciate that I am welcome among you at times like this. It brings me such great happiness to be welcomed by you in this process and it is such a grand demonstration of the gift that you bring to the process, your very choice to be here, your awareness that this is so and your participation in such a divine plan. All are such indicators that this plan is in fact, well entrenched, is unfolding as is the desire of our Divine Parent. Thank you all my dear ones, I leave you now only in word, I never leave you in deed and I leave my peace with you always, farewell.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-03-29
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Yes, indeed it is I, I come at your request and I receive this request warmly. As has been stated of me, I am indeed a very busy individual and I thrive on doing this work. The health and healing of this world is of great concern to me and so I devote myself to helping in this regard and I come to this place observing that you all have the same motivation. You all want to help as well and so I receive your qualification, I receive your intentions. I welcome your petition to have an alliance with me in this process. You are, as was expressed, physicians assistants.

You are the link that gets established wherein healing may occur. No physician is of any benefit if there is not a willingness, an openness and a chance for healing to happen. This is what your most important role is, is in the preparation of making the conditions right and present for healing to occur. You are the boots on the ground in place to establish the right conditions wherein the physician may be in attendance. I need many many foot soldiers just like you, each and every one willing to deploy in the fields and not simply in the fields of the material where you may indeed offer the use of your hands, your intention and your purpose but as well in the spirit realm where you are not confined by the elements of time and space but may still provide your intention, your purpose and your willingness to manifest the conditions necessary.This is your role, this is the part you play and I am largely unable to assist you when you do your part because your part is in preparation for my part which I will ever willingly provide when the patient has been properly positioned.

I thank you all for inviting me onto your team and now as well, I invite you onto mine. You have expressed your willingness to be about this process of using this execution of your faith and your will and here is another opportunity provided. I come to your team with a great many assets and you are a great many assets to mine. I sincerely appreciate your willful desire to include me and I assure you it is my willful desire to include you. Let us make this so together, opportunity by opportunity, day by day, even hour by hour for though I may be busy, I or one of my staff will most faithfully attend all opportunities that you make real. So be about your chance to make opportunities for the more you make, the more we get to work together. You assist me and I shall assist you. Let us make it so. I now leave you with this first taste of this energy signature but most certainly not the last. I look forward to our alliance, farewell.


Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2015-04-02
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Greetings to all assembled, I am Charles here to show up with you and complete the act of meeting and service. Any one in service can relate to the idea that sometimes you feel very secure in your awareness that many have benefited from your efforts and sometimes you show up and there are few, but still the service opportunity is the same and anyone with intention to be of service will gladly serve on any of these levels. So it is interesting to note how it may feel different to us when it is just us involved as when there is a larger group with more energy contributed to the process and a different feel as a result. Nevertheless we do what we do regardless of how many participate, regardless of what we perceive to be the success or failure of our efforts. We are steadfast in providing our energies and have an attitude of letting the chips fall where they may, letting the contribution to spirit go where it will and do what it does. This is a further extension of our faith in this process and I arrive here with you in demonstration of this faith just as you do.

I will respond to the comment made that there is an observation that more and more light is entering in the equation and I concur. I agree, I willingly participate in this process as do you. This invasion of light is right on schedule and is a part of the influx of spiritual energy which will be flooding this world as per the directive from Michael. This energy may be seen to take the form of light in all its different aspects, it may be felt to bring a change to the equation. It may be observed to be filtering in to the circumstance and altering the dynamics.

I invite you when you make such an observation that you invite yourself to ride the wave, to participate in the illumination, to be part of the circuitry involved in the transfer of this light into energy. This is the position you hold, the one in between this presence of spirit and the manifestation of the material. You are the ones that can direct this energy into its manifestation and be a conduit in the process. So, whenever you are privileged to be aware enough that light is filtering in from outside, and that it is changing the dynamics of the circumstance, then I invite you to go the extra mile and offer yourselves to be used in the process as well because you see it flowing, you observe it happening and you desire to contribute as well.

Put your intention into the equation to further the cause and have a greater manifestation of the influx of this light energy. In this way you become a director and a conduit of this light as well as a branch on the vine where the energy comes from, the great base, but you are directing your vine, your branch, your network for the good of the entire organism and the organism supports you so there is a grand connection. Seize the opportunity when you perceive it because if you have perceived it, it is your signal to act, to seize the opportunity, to take the reins of the energy and guide and direct it as you would so choose.

Let it be so because you can and because you will and because it is a gift of grace that you may. Let us all commit to playing with this light force and to directing its course into all places of shadow as it is our pleasure and privilege to do so. It is always a joy to commune with you in this way, to come together in this process, to reflect on these things as they are worthy of consideration and to reflect on our relationships to these worthy things. I bid you all good day and farewell and happy trails as you go about the process of your exploration of spirit, farewell.

Light: Hello friends I am Light, I arrive in response to your reflection on light and all the different meanings and values that come to mind when considering light. I am indeed named after many things, a force, a phenomenon, a directive, an opportunity, an awareness and a purpose. These are but a few of the things which can be attributed to this light force and of which I am a part. This is something that we share because you are a part as well, we are a part of this light force, this grand opportunity to be a part of this flowing current of grace, this bestowing of divine energy and we can be en-circuited in this process because it is our desire to do so.

We share this gift of grace, this opportunity to choose and participate in this force in this process. Like you, I share in the gratitude for being a part of this reality, a part of this truth, a part of this goodness. So it is my pleasure to come and reflect with you on what it means to be a part of these things together. I stand in gratitude as you do. I stand in willingness as you do. I stand in faith as you do and I stand in trust and conviction of the love of our Divine Parents as you do. Let us drink deeply of this cup of joy that we share. Let us cherish this fellowship that we have over sharing this opportunity in time and space and let us strive to emulate all those divine values and truths that we have come to know in this process.

Thank you for this relationship, like you, I cherish it. I go now in peace as you do and in love as you do but I maintain a connection as we do in this process. I bid you farewell and yet remain in commitment with you, good day.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2015-04-12
Teacher: Michael, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Michael: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I can resist no longer the temptation to enter into your circle in this way to make my presence known in this manner, to bring my energy signature to mingle with yours. I have been aware of your conversation and I understand the longing of your hearts. You each and every one have the same question in your hearts. Have my efforts been pleasing, have my choices served well in my ministry, indeed am I having an affect or is this all in vain? I hear these pleas, I do hear these longings you expressed. Even without words I desire that you know this, that I know you, that I cherish you, that I am indeed pleased beyond measure with your efforts, your efforts at discovering who you are, your efforts at discovering me and our relationship, your efforts at becoming a good child, this pleases any parent.  

And so it is that I and our Father are well pleased with you. If I could bestow upon you this one peace, I would, I will, I do. Receive this gift from me even now. Know of a certainty in your hearts that I have you in my reference now, in my heart, in my awareness and I have great plans and expectations for you and that you are unfolding as the miracle you are destined to be and I am indeed greatly pleased with you. Fear not that any efforts invested in this spiritual investment you make are ever wasted. In this life you may not in fact be privy to witness much of the effects that you have. That is as regards to your time/space living experience, but you will enjoy an opportunity to observe again from a different vantage point these acts of grace that you facilitate and be able to further identify the direct cause and effect. But for now, you are the ones playing the part and you are where you are positioned to be effective. Trust, believe and have faith. This is what is asked of you in every endeavor as a mortal of the realm, to maintain and have faith, to lean on it and use it, to exercise it. This is your training ground for this aspect of yourself.

So I come to you today with the express purpose of responding to this universal question of the heart. Are you doing right, are you doing well, does it matter, does it have an effect? It matters, you have pleased me. It matters to others as they have observed you in action. It matters to a universe at large that we all contribute, we all pitch in and we all work for the common good. I hope I have brought you peace of mind about this recognition that I have for you, this regard that we have for you. So go now in this peace with this recognition in your heart that it is so because it is so, and you know it. I cherish these opportunities to be with you in this way. It is indeed a rare opportunity.

I thank you for these efforts that you make, even this effort to be here now. I am aware of each of your acts of grace and kindness as are we all. To think that they somehow wouldn't matter as a contribution to the Supreme is simply the limitations of mortal thought. So be at peace with doing what you do, simply seek as you do to continually expand your capacities to do it. This is how you grow where you are planted. Ask for greater capacity to do what you do even better but trust that you are doing the right thing and simply go about doing it well. I leave you now with my peace, your peace, our peace that we share, this pervasive sense of contentment and belonging that we both have as a result of our being a part of the same family. I bid you all have a good and inspired week ahead. I will delight to return and be with you, until then farewell.

Light: [Cathy] How wonderful the lodge appears in its loving glow. I have been bringing light in also. The question was posed concerning the efficacy of sending light in passing to individuals. As I have encouraged your play with light in the past, I wish to reassure you that the light that passes through you is never lost and always brings increasing spirit vibrations to the recipient. It appears that the knowledge of spirit energy being sent increases its reception but all efforts are received and helpful. Your act of intention in sending light opens your conduit, increasing your capacity and skills. You have the increasing capability to assess need and the ability to address the need you find in encounters with others. As your spirit capacity increases you will be able to bring that capability and maturity with you in your daily interactions. You are encouraged to take action when you see need. The action is yours, the results will follow in accordance with God's will. As your instrument is kept in tune, you will be ready to play. I will bring the light through you too.