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Monjoronson Conference Call - Michael of Nebadon -  Focusing on the Creator Son to Help Each Other & Worship of The Father - Feb 22, 2015 - CCC

Michael--Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness          

Topic:  Focusing on Christ Michael as CREATOR SOVEREIGN AND FATHER for ourselves and into planetary consciousness, worship of Paradise Father

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo
February 22, 2015

PRAYER:   Mother and Father, we gather today coming before you requesting that you weave us together as one in your LOVE, connecting us heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, Adjuster-to-Adjuster that our energies that we generate from our intentions and our desires may be put to your higher uses for the Magisterial Mission.  You know what is needed and we trust in your plans and we thank you for implementing them in your ways and through timeline.  We pray for your protection for this call today, that we all be surrounded by our angels and Archangel helpers.  We thank you for elevating our thoughts to the realm of Spirit and that our hearts be more expanded in your love that our efforts may truly benefit this world and reverberate out into the heavens and do the good that you know it can generate.  Thank you and may your will be done.

MICHAEL:  Greetings, my beloved children!  This is Michael.  I will be facilitating the call today as it is my desire for you to come into a deeper relationship with me to grow in comprehension of the TRUTH as more LIGHT shines upon the fabric of planetary consciousness and exposes more of the shadows; that the ways of the past may be healed and transformed through both human and divine efforts.  It is not necessary for you to understand what my desires are as that you grow in comprehension of your relationship with me.

So to begin, I invite you to focus on me as your Father.  Center your gaze upon your heart, and to simply invite my presence to expand you, that your capacity for the reception of truth would grow and your mind increasingly be filled with light.  If it is helpful in your focus, to settle your gaze upon my name CHRIST MICHAEL CREATOR SOVEREIGN OF NEBADON.  Feel your desire to feel my embrace gently expanding you in my LOVE.  Let us begin.  (Pause)

There is a time coming when you will need to rely upon me more—that the currents of your mind will be maintained in my WILL and my LOVE.  The Spirit of Truth within you is fully equipped to carry you through this time of the purging of the ways of the rebellion, but it is very important for you to maintain that composure and that focus on me to keep you steady and balanced through this passage of the parting of the ways.

You have been upstepped in many ways and you will continue to be lifted into higher spiritual frequencies.  We share this with you to assist you in this transformational journey for yourselves and for the world.  Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to maintain your composure, your thoughts, and to exercise greater self-control.  There is no need to fear, for I have this world well in my hands, but by you maintaining more composure and control will help facilitate the spread of these higher frequencies into the realm of planetary consciousness where there is great need of your brothers and sisters to have these energies as well.  So continue to receive and allow me to share more of myself with you, that you may demonstrate more of me to your brothers and sisters—my beloved children.  (Pause)

Ensure that you are doing your part each day by maintaining an internal focus upon me as your Father and also as your elder brother Jesus, for there is an information band upon Urantia in the circuits of the Planetary Supreme Mind that contains the information of my life, and you can feed upon this.  You can ask the Father Within you to convey that information into your heart and mind to uplift you and steady you through more CHANGE upon Urantia during this particular period of the planet’s healing.

We share many things with you, but we also encourage you to act more responsibly of how you think, how you expend your emotional energy, and how you project your mind in usage of how you think.  It is important for you to recognize when your thoughts have gravitated to the future or the past.  Stay focused on the present moment where I can minister in your mind when you focus upon me and ask for my presence to support and sustain you.

When you do this, you become a greater bearer of light.  You feed your soul and your heart expands.  I cannot stress how significant this is at this time, my children, for you to accept the responsibility of cosmic citizenship now and to act accordingly.  I do not expect you to be in perfect alignment with the Father’s WILL, 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.  But it is now important for you to remember when your thoughts are spinning out of control and you are ruminating on the past or speculating about the future, and to bring yourselves back to the present moment and to say, “Father, I give you my mind and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.”

This helps you in many ways, not only that you will receive more of who I am and what I wish to share with you, but you also provide more space within your being for your indwelling Father Fragment to convey what you need into your heart and mind.  So there are many, many other benefits that you will gain and accrue when you become more habitual in recognizing that you must maintain your focus in the present moment.  So let these words settle in. Let my presence deepen within you. Continue to focus on me.  Your Mother will move and expand you in my presence, my beloved children.  (Pause).

Many circuits of human will have been co-created over time through this particular prayer call.  As you have done in the past, you have shared your intentions for more healing to occur and focus the desires of your heart into the planet as a whole.  Many circuits from the human end have been established to provide more light to come into this realm of planetary consciousness: RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, DIVINE MERCY, DIVINE JUSTICE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION.  And I thank you for your efforts and I invite you to join me now, once again, as you envision the globe in your mind’s eye before you.  

Simply focus on my name (CHRIST MICHAEL) and my role as your CREATOR SOVEREIGN AND FATHER. Send that ribbon of energy from your heart around the planet from that north pole spiral, counter-clockwise to the south pole of the globe.  Feel your desire for this world to be reclaimed in my sovereignty.  Again, it is not so important that you understand intellectually what we are inviting you to collaborate with us as it is for your heart energies to fuel the changes necessary for more of my presence to be made known within the circuits of the inhabitants of this world.  So join with us now as you focus the words: CHRIST MICHAEL CREATOR SOVEREIGN OF NEBADON AND FATHER, feeling your desire for more of my presence to dominate this world.  (Pause)

As you continue to send this energy from your heart centers, breathe and relax.  Trust in me, and know that many celestial and very powerful divine beings are joining with you know to move in this circuit of co-creation.  And, if you wish to upstep your thoughts to a higher realm, feel your desire for the other worlds who were affected by the rebellion to also receive more of these energies of my sovereignty dominating this particular realm where rebellion occurred.  

Send your love to your brothers and sisters of these other worlds.  Let the light upon Urantia be magnified.  Send the signal to those other worlds that my plan of correction and redemption is underway, and there is this massive outpouring of the heavenly realms to assist and facilitate this great transformation occurring in this particular sector of Nebadon.  (Pause)

Simply focus on my name and my role as your CREATOR SOVEREIGN AND FATHER.  Let my presence speak into your heart, that your heart may send forth this greater signal into the planet and be shared with the other worlds.  Let the light from Urantia become brighter, clearer that sends the signal into the universe—this world is transforming.  It is shaking of the ways of the rebellion and is moving into its bright future.  Let that light blaze in your hearts and be a presence of illumination for all Nebadon to see—my children responding to the truth and their souls being ignited in it and sharing it wherever it will do the most good.  (Pause)

Beloved children, join me now as we lift this circuit up to the Father in Paradise, to the Paradise Trinity in whom we all take origin and existence.

Father, you have glorified me in your being, and I thank you for glorifying this world in your

WILL, and the men and women who have awakened and are now making changes in their own lives to be greater vessels and conduits of your LOVE and HEALING.  Strengthen them in your
WILL.  Guide them through your presence within their beings as I minister to them and help them grow in their godly stature.  We lift this circuit up to you.  We hold this world and the other worlds of rebellion up to you, and we thank you for your GLORY blazing upon them, creating more pathways of LIGHT, TRUTH, GOODNESS, BEAUTY and HEALING to occur that all would be made whole and align in your RIGHTEOUSNESS, your HOLINESS, your GLORY.  And I thank you for these men and women of courage and faith who have stepped up to participate in this great time of healing and transformation, and I thank you for fortifying them as you have fortified and glorified me in your WILL, and as I share my LOVE and my presence with them strengthening them.  (Pause)

My children, thank you for joining me in this circuit today.  May the circuit of the heart be ablaze with LIGHT and may the TRUTH shine upon the human heart and liberate it to see the GLORY of the Father’s WILL, to cast off the shadows, and to come into the alignment of Spirit—the ways of LOVE and CREATION.

As I leave you in this manner, know that you will continue to be upstepped and that your hearts will increasingly be attuned to these frequencies of LIGHT and TRUTH.  Your souls may be liberated to grow freely and securely in the Father’s WILL.  Call upon me during your day, and know that when you find your mind is focused on things other than the WILL of the Father, ask me to redirect your thoughts and strengthen you in my being.  Good day, my beloved children.  My PEACE is upon you.