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Abraham; Dr. Mendoza - Urantia DNA Change by Force of God - Aug 18, 2014 - Steven Murphy, New York

Teachers:  Abraham, Dr. Mendoza

Transmitting by Voice Helping Mission; Urantia DNA change By Force of God
Date:  8/18/14
T/R:  Steven Murphy, PhD
Good Morning. This is Abraham. I am pleased to be with you at this time and in this space. Relax. I come to you this morning with a very uplifting message. I have talked about my various training responsibilities with all of you participating in the Teaching Mission and most especially in the Magisterial Mission. I am pleased with the efforts made most recently. I’m beginning to see a group mind develop; not so much by all of your choice and direction to become like-minded, but more so by increasing willingness of many more of you to relax and let spirit communication function. It is this granting of time and space to us through you that the group mind is developing. It is one that you are not fully aware of but one that we see and appreciate.
So many of you push for contribution. You are responding to an inner push from your thought adjuster to reach further. What is important is that you respond to this inner push with effort. Do not think that that effort is the final result. Know that the experience of responding to an inner push from the thought adjuster translated into early stages of actualization by making effort is the key experience for all of you.
So many of you, including this instrument, become concerned with the results, what is conveyed, the truth, the revelatory quality of what comes in your transmissions. I assure you, that is okay but do not be satisfied with that kind of curiosity. Turn your curiosity toward the experience itself of submitting to the austere nature of the influence from your thought adjuster to appeal to us for contact and communication.
This experience is not one that can be self-designed or self-directed. It is one only that is accepted. Some of you accept it with a feeling of faith, a dynamic faith, a faith of action. Some of you accept it knowing it’s a feeling you’ve had for a long time and at last you feel pushed to release this feeling.
In both respects, it is the experience itself that we want you to register in your minds, to become very familiar with, to be comforted by, not to just become comfortable with but to be comforted by this experience. That is why we have given a wide range of messages, knowing that your minds will filter them, knowing that you will have concerns about their validity or veracity, or even with some of you, the revelatory quality of them.
So be it. You are mortals and you are exercising your minds to commune with spirit. That is all to be expected but not to be taken too seriously. It is the experience of submitting, the experience of accepting, the experience of believing and not believing in the veracity of your transmission. It is the experience of perseverance beyond that point into a continued, sustained experience of willing to do the Father’s will through us.
I am most pleased to report that this level of training is beginning to take root and is manifesting. Attune yourselves to this experience quality. You will remain interested in the content of your transmissions. That is to be expected. In any event, you will feel inspired by the transmissions that all of you post. More and more, each transmission is directed to all of you as a group and ultimately to the world, to Urantia, to those that can hear and those that cannot hear. That is the reason that we have focused on hearing the message and asking so many of you to submit to the effort of doing vocal transmissions. We are pleased. You are becoming our partners. That is all I have and I will say good day. I do have a guest here who requests time to address one matter.
This is Dr. Mendoza. I just want to convey to all of you from a health perspective what it is you are doing and what it is that is going on in the world. There is a process of identifying the bad strain, separating it out and sweeping it away. But the nature of the damage that has been done is such that after the sweeping away of the dark or the bad strain, there must be regeneration.
Your effort and focusing on the experience of that effort is your mind directing and contributing to regeneration; regeneration of connections, regeneration of expressions which will change the very DNA of all of you and all on Urantia. This change in DNA is a process that has begun and is going on, however, very, very slowly and slightly. So directing your minds toward the experience of sweeping away negative strains and then regenerating, that’s the focus on experience. That’s what that does. It is regenerating. I leave you with this brief message only to supplement what teacher Abraham has given to you. I thank you for this time and this space and I, too, bid you a good day.