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Michael - Transmitting and the Ability to Feel Secure In Doing It - Aug 14, 2014 - Florida, USA

Teacher: Michael of Nebadon

Subject: Transmitting and the Ability to Feel Secure In Doing It

T/R: Larry Gossett

Location, Florida, USA

August 14, 2014

Transmitter: Good morning. I felt the nudge this morning to receive and write instead of practicing the voice reception that I have been working on.... I invite the voice of Spirit this morning and quiet my human mind to receive Spirit's message this morning....Let the Father's will be done in my life and on Urantia.....

Michael of Nebadon speaks:
Good Morning my son, you are indeed revved up this morning to receive Spirit as you feel the strong urge to receive our message. Go with this flow that you feel so strongly as the vibrations in you and in your brothers and sisters on your forum are daily developing. The feelings and insecurities that you all are feeling are all very natural at the beginning but these are waning a bit more each day. This is the natural process for most humans as they enter into these agreements and contracts with Spirit but now is the time to begin to let them go... Release them.. As the more positive reactions begin to replace these lesser feelings it is at this time that real progress can begin to make an exponential jump. This is the stage where most are , this is just the right and good place at which to be.....right where you are! We can, all together now begin to broaden the steps taken. Have you not felt this is yourself? Have you not called these efforts in yourself in your desires to advance these teachings and truths all round Urantia? This is the need....this is the calling that has gone out and this is your answer and response to that call.

This experience with Spirit will not only improve but will activate many talents and abilities in all of you that you are not even aware that you possess and as the needs arise these attributes which may seem to be latent in you will emerge as a lion when needed and called upon.

There is an old adage which states that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Well my son, that time is now!!! You have called; we have answered.....this mighty exchange of Spirit and humanity will crystalize in the days ahead. Your association with Us with this Mission with which you have chosen by your free will, which you daily renew with the Father, with Me Michael, and Monjoronson, is proceeding at near light speed in these upcoming days. This is what you have been feeling these past few days. KNOW...BE OF GOOD CHEER.. KEEP YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BE A PART OF!

It is this constant feeling of Spirit which abides in you that brings the Will and Service to the Father onto Urantia, as we all work toward the upliftment of Urantia and her people. This is SACRED effort, my son. This is the project of a lifetime of Service to our Father.

Let the Father's Love and Spirit be in you at all times. You are but a thought away for Him and Us. Use this truth and allow it to be a part of your daily interaction with all of humanity, one by one, day by day,  this guiding Spirit in you will show the way.  For, together, we do unite in our efforts to transform Urantia to be the place She is destined to become. Play your part, and bring the Fathers Love to everyone you meet and encounter each day. The Father resides in each person. See that light in each person. Spread and share the Love and Light that you are to everyone you meet...that is how it will be accomplished....that is how Love will transform Urantia. Be in My peace, my son....This is Michael