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Monjoronson Conference Call with Serena - Focusing From The Soul - Oct 13, 2013 - CCC Donna D'Ingillo
Center for Christ Consciousness -          
Topic:  Focusing from the Soul, and sending SOUL energies into the Fabric Planetary Consciousness
T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo
October 13, 2013

PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we’re grateful to be here to join our celestial brothers and sisters, to focus our love, our hearts and souls, in the circuits of your consciousness that this world may receive more of the energies of the Magisterial Mission.  We thank you for preparing us now as one unified heart, soul, and mind as we open these circuits for our celestial brothers and sisters to help us today.  We ask for furtherance of your WILL into the fabric of our planet’s consciousness.  We thank you for connecting us heart to heart, soul to soul, and Adjuster to Adjuster.  We thank our Archangels for protecting our energy field from any outside interference, that your WILL is made more manifest here upon this world.  Thank you.

SERENA:  Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters!  This is Serena.  I am pleased to be here today to facilitate the group energies of your combined hearts and souls, to direct these most beautiful energies that you co-create with us to feed into the construct of the planet’s consciousness.  You are seeing evidence of change occurring during this particular period.  It is part of Michael’s plans that there would be an outworking of the ways of the rebellion, and to bring in more of His light of TRUTH and GOODNESS to touch deeply the hearts of his children and to stimulate their souls to grow in His LOVE, His BEAUTY.

Today, it is my pleasure and delight to help each one of you receive more of what we wish to convey into your circuits and hearts that your souls may enjoy these beautiful energies of LIGHT and LIFE.  Today as we move in you, we invite you to feel your desire and have that intention for your souls to receive more of what we wish to share with you.  Before we combine as one and send our unified energies into the stream of the planetary consciousness, we wish to help you gain greater strength and breadth of focusing from your evolving souls to build that field of soul energy that can be so powerfully augmented and magnified in the Father’s WILL to send into the stream of consciousness.

As we begin, we invite you to let your gaze fall upon the words:  I AM MY EVOLVING MORONTIA SOUL.  I AM MY EVOLVING MORONTIA SOUL.  I AM MY EVOLVING MORONTIA SOUL.  We will move in you now.  Let us bathe you in the Father’s LIGHT and LOVE.  (Pause)

As you receive these energies we facilitate for your reception, we encourage you to feel your desire for Father’s GOODNESS to permeate your energy systems, the desires of your heart for His GOODNESS to bathe you, to nourish your ability to be more aligned and faithfully guided in His WILL.  Holding that focus of heart’s desire and the desire to do good will help these energies reframe your consciousness, and help you move more gracefully in the WILL of the Paradise Father.  (Pause)

IT IS GOOD TO DO THE FATHER’S WILL.  IT IS GOOD TO DO THE FATHER’S WILL.  IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER.  Allow the energies in these words to bathe your consciousness, to move deeper into your beings.  (Pause)

My dear brothers and sisters, you are so deeply loved.  The value contained within your souls is a precious treasure to the Father, to the creative plan of universe ascension.  Most of you are unaware of this treasure trove contained within your souls.  But you begin to experience that, to understand that.  You are in relationship with your brothers and sisters when you share your love with them—kindness, compassion, fairness, and many other wonderful spiritual attributes.  The potential contained within your souls is a marvelous thing to witness as we observe you growing in your abilities to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit in your daily actions and interactions with one another.  

Many, many hearts are being stimulated with the attributes of our Paradise Father, and you have been assisting us in building these circuits that you have come to understand as RIGHTMINDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, DIVINE JUSTICE, DIVINE MERCY.  It is good that you ask for these qualities of Father to penetrate into the Urantian consciousness, and it is indeed good that you are all learning the ways and the will of Spirit.

In the coming days we encourage you to identify yourself more as your evolving morontia soul, and to know that the potential for your soul growth is very keen indeed as the Correcting Time moves forward to change the consciousness of this world.  Therefore today in our outward focusing on the planet, we invite you to focus your heart gaze upon the world in front of you in your mind’s eye, and ask for the soul consciousness—of the energies of the human soul, which have now developed an evolving Planetary Supreme mind—to bathe this planet.

Feel your desire for more soul energy to come from your own soul to be focused into this field of construct.  Feel your love for your world.  Feel your devotion to Michael and His plans of correction to bathe this world and to engage with the evolving soul energies.  We do not encourage your delving into the realm of the curious, “what does this mean, what am I doing?” Just stay focused in the desires of your heart and the potential that you have of your soul development to engage with this growing Planetary Supreme mind.  And we will do our part to augment what you are generating.  Let us begin.  (Pause)

The planetary soul mind is an object of great beauty.  You see it evidenced in the lives of your brothers and sisters who demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit.  During this time of change, we invite you to become more focused in the desires that your soul would be more activated and operative; that you would demonstrate the beauty and treasures of your soul in your daily interactions.

So continue to focus as we amplify your efforts, directing them where they will truly bring more GOODNESS and TRUTH to the consciousness fabric of Urantia and help it grow and change and allow the evolving Supreme Mind to become more operative.  Each of you has a part to play in this, and we encourage you to carefully consider the repercussions of your thoughts and your motivations, and to be more loyal in your devotion to growing the Planetary Supreme mind here upon Urantia, for it is after all, you who are constructing this.  (Pause)

Shift focus slightly now, and feel your love and your desire for the Magisterial Mission to take deeper root in this construct of consciousness.  If it is helpful to focus, imagine the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION moving in the soul consciousness bathing the planet.  Ask for these energies to harmonize and blend together.  Again, it is not so important for you to understand how this will manifest, as it is to merely desire this.  Deeply desire this.  With all the combined forces of your heart and soul and mind, deeply desire this.  (Pause)

The Father’s LOVE is perfect in its application, and we invite you to allow this application to move deeper into your beings—moving you away from those energies of the rebellion that have plagued humanity over the course of its evolutionary history.  You are the Father’s conduits of LOVE.  He delights in assisting His children to experience and demonstrate that.

So as we have done in the past, lets us now elevate our gaze towards Paradise and the Creators domiciled there. Thank the Father for His LOVE flowing through you now—expanding you, deepening its expression through you.  Thank Him for His love and the ways in which He applies this to you now.  You may receive this outpouring and send it forth from your heart and soul to the planet.  Be that open conduit of the Father’s LOVE.  Simply BE, with appreciation as the attitude of your heart.  (Pause)


Join me in praise and thanksgiving of this energy pouring into this planetary construct of consciousness.  Thank Michael for His plan of correction now moving through the lives of His children, and for the ways of MERCY, and the dawning of the Magisterial Mission’s age to reverberate into this consciousness construct.  For it is time to build the Father’s WILL upon Urantia.  You are the children of creation and you are the ones who are building His WILL here.   Rejoice in the celebration of LIFE!  The Father’s WILL moves through this world.  And be in His PEACE.  (Pause)

My dear brothers and sisters, we are grateful for your conjoining with us as we co-create together in the circuits of LIGHT and LIFE.  Soon you will see more evidence of the Father’s WILL moving through the planet’s consciousness.  We invite you to continue and maintain that focus of heart and soul as you pray for the Father’s WILL to be more fully manifest here.

The currents of your thought channels are opening to greater reality, and it is a reality that we encourage you to continue you to build with your desires, your prayers, and your focused seeding of the Father’s WILL into this construct of consciousness.   Know that change is good.  Change is happening in Father’s TIME, and change is bathing the world in LOVE.  

As we leave you in these enhanced circuits, we share our love with you, and we thank you for joining with us today.  We will be with you whenever you focus your gaze toward the healing of Urantia’s consciousness.  We invite you to keep that in the forefront of your awareness as you go about your day, and more love may flow through you, and the treasures in your soul pour out yielding more GOODNESS of the Father’s WILL to grow here on this beautiful world.  Good day.