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Machiventa Melchizedek - Address to Florida Group - Our Mission of Mercy - Jul 24, 2013 - Donna D-Ingillo, CCC

Address to the Group at Marty & Lois Risacher’s Home
Center for Christ Consciousness
July 24, 2013

Good evening, my dear brethren.  My name is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am here tonight to impart information that will edify your souls and uplift your minds.  You may recall my name as the individual who taught Abraham in the times of your ancient past.  I was once here as a mortal of the realm to help the children of this world conserve the idea of a supreme creator.  I am of an order of personality that is known as the teaching corps of the universe.  I now serve as the head of the teaching corps that is devoted to the time of correction here on this planet.

There are many, many diverse personalities who are involved in this mission of mercy to the children of time and space.  We are here to assist the humans of this world in opening their hearts and minds to the universe and the loving family of which you are all integral members.  It is a tremendous event for the transformation of this world to unfold over a period of time.  Great love and great care are being provided to the individuals of this world to awaken.  Each individual has a spark of the Creator living within their hearts.  We are here to encourage you to develop that internal relationship with your divine spark that will not only illuminate your mind, but also stimulate your desire to grow and to learn and to love in this wonderful family where we are all evolving.

This world has suffered many hardships and deficits of being—of , what you might say, evolving in accordance to universe law and divine plans.  The Divine Creators have set forth this plan of rehabilitation, and it is intended to help this planet accelerate its evolutionary change over the course of the next one thousand years or so to reach a heightened state of living wherein there are no more wars, no more poverty and disease, and that people are living in a state of fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood in recognition of who they are in the family of the Creator.  Each individual is being contacted and some individuals are responding to that internal call.  Each individual is given an opportunity to awaken, and it is our desire to see all individuals participate in this wonderful time of change and transformation.

There is no paucity of spiritual help for this world.  Our Father Michael and His consort, our Mother Spirit Nebadonia, have pledged their love and devotion to the children of this world to bring them back into this family—this family of creation, this family of Spirit.  My message to you this evening is one of invitation.  We desire that you go within and ask questions to your own internal divine Source to discern and to ascertain if this message rings true to you, for it is only when you feel that ring of authentic truth that will confirm the words I speak.  We place no judgment upon any individual whether or not they wish to respond.  We are merely here to support your efforts in opening to the great truth that lives within your hearts and minds.

So if you are willing to try an experiment with us this evening, I invite you to simply relax in the chair in which you are seated.  Take a few moments to focus on your heart centers.  Focus on your love for your planet.  Focus on your desire to see your world transformed to a place of great beauty, peace and love.  As you do this, we invite you to take some deep breaths and to simply ask your own internal divine Source if this is something that you wish to join with us, and to allow the answer that is deep within your being to come forth.  (Pause)

As you do this and as you perceive an internal answer of the affirmative, know that you will be guided—that it only requires your assent.  There are many loving brothers and sisters who would desire to come close to you to speak loving words of encouragement and counsel into your mind and heart.  The transformation of this world from its present chaotic state to one where peace is the dominant force will be the undertaken by the humans of this world but you will not be doing it alone.  We are here to help.  And so, in a way, there is divine intervention for you to access.  But you are the hands, you are the eyes, you are the acts of love and transformation for this world.

So if you are perceiving intuitively that this is something you wish to participate, the way is open.  There are many avenues that will be made known to you in which you can participate with us.  There truly is no limit as to how much you can participate.  It truly is up to you to decide, but if you do decide and you wish to, then you will be given much help, and help to the degree you are willing to accept, for no one will ever be coerced.  This is entirely up to you.  Some people will be given personal teachers—celestial teachers—who will come close to you to whisper encouraging thoughts, ideas, concepts into your mind for you to consider.  Some people will form groups to perhaps work with a celestial teacher to bring change into a local community.  Some people perhaps be guided to write books to share these ideas with the world, and there are other means of participation.

What we are seeking are those individuals who have open minds and willing hearts.  It is open to any and all.  So this is my message to you tonight, my dear brothers and sisters.  Now it is up to you.  You do not need to make a decision this evening.  Take your time.  Ponder these words.  Speak with your friends.  Speak with your brother Marty.  Speak with your sister Donna.   But do consider these words carefully, I ask you.  Because in doing so you will allow something deep within you to come forth and help you in the discernment process.  And now, if you wish, I will be most delighted to entertain any questions you might have.  So feel free to bring them forward when you feel ready to speak.

Question:  Are the celestials planning to contact the higher ranking individuals to affect change?

Machiventa:  If they are receptive, then those minds will receive information that will be helpful to them.   We perceive the human, you might call it, receptivity in a different way than you perceive it.  It is as if there is this blanket of spiritual pressure that is being applied over the world.  The hearts and minds of those individuals ready to respond are now heeding the call.  They are feeling the spiritual information at some level in their being.  They may not yet understand its true depth of meaning or impact, but yes, these individuals to certain extents are responding to this spiritual pressure.  Does this answer your question, my brother?

Question: Yes.  Is there any known percentage of energy to affect change here?

Machiventa:  Can you clarify your question a bit?

Question:  Do you know how many people have to change to have change occur?

Machiventa:  Are you speaking from the human perspective or the celestial perspective?

Question:  From the human perspective.  Do you celestials know how many humans it will take to affect planetary change?

Machiventa:  Again, this is somewhat of a different perspective than what you might call it hard fast mathematical percentage.  I would say instead that we are looking for those committed individuals who are willing to step beyond the confines of the current planetary culture and influence of its belief systems, and that it requires a small percentage to evoke this change of heart which is at the crux of true transformation.  The energies of the heart system of consciousness are far greater than the intellectual energies that are emitted by mere belief systems.  I am trying to convey these words, this idea, through this transmitter tonight so I hope this helps you in your understanding of what I wish to convey to you.  Does this help?

Questioner:  Yes, thank you.

Question:  Machiventa, I have a question.  In discussion with an individual I have given the book, the question posed by this individual—if there are these celestials, then why haven’t heard of these before?  Why isn’t their presence been manifested in the media?  Why haven’t gone to the leaders of the churches or public officials?  Why is it that their presence has been known in a more public fashion?  I thought that was a good question posed, and I would like to hear your answers to that.

Machiventa:  First of all, I would wish to respond, who is to say that we have not?  Perhaps we are conveying information to these people of more public visibility, but they are not aware of the information that is being conveyed to them—thinking that this is the thought of their own mind and not that of a celestial personality.  You see, my brother, there are so few people who truly appreciate the realms of spirit—the varied religious traditions of your world have hardly encountered the variety and the vastness of the intelligence of the universes.  And so, how would you wish to convey that this realm exists to those people who have invested the majority of their lives in the planetary construct that denies its very existence?

Question:  I hope you are not asking me to respond to that rhetorical question, but my thinking of this is, as you say, a mission of volunteers.  The invitation has gone out from the celestials for anyone who is inclined to participate and that all are invited.  My sense is that those of high power who operate in the more exalted positions of society would be less inclined to participate than those who for whom change at the very pragmatic level is an issue for them in an everyday life.  I would be inclined to think that those individuals who would be most inclined to participate would be those people who do not have or occupy the highest positions in society.

Machiventa:  Not necessarily so, my brother, for what we see from our perspective is that there are some individuals in positions of power who are beginning to question the, what you might call, status quo mentality.  They are honest of heart.  But keep in mind that if their, what you call, egos are still very much invested in the authoritative power structure on the planet, then they will have a harder time accepting our presence.  But that does not necessarily mean that we are not trying to influence their minds.

This is, a perhaps you might consider, difficult concept for some humans to appreciate—that their thoughts are being influenced by those of us who wish to help them open to a better way through love, through compassion, through equality and fairness.  So it truly depends on the person’s heart.  Are they interested in changing?  Are they interested in the ways of the universe?  So, yes, some people will be recalcitrant and will not wish to participate, and then there are those who will but will not necessarily appreciate that they are being influenced by those of us of the higher realms.  Does this further address your question?

Question:  Yes, it sparks another thought of mine.  I’m wondering if you could clarify the situation that you mentioned where celestials are influencing decision makers and given free will.  How is it within the realm of your authority to be able to actually deposit thoughts, etc. within the minds of decision makers without the free choice of the decision maker to accept the thoughts and inclinations?

Machiventa:  It is not to say we are not manipulating their thoughts.  You might consider that the ideas we convey or wish to convey as little seeds. These seeds are, perhaps you might say, planted within the energy systems of those individuals where we see there is receptivity, and that can be in various places in their systems of consciousness.  We wait for these seeds to germinate within their minds and hearts.

So, it is a matter of great patience for us to wait and watch and to see how those seeds will provide information and bear the fruits of the spirit within that individual.  Those whom you might say are on the lower echelon of the society—those people who wish to see change generally are more receptive than those who are at the higher realms who have more to lose from this change of power.  But that is not always necessarily the case.  It is a general observation, if I may.

So that is what you might call the nuts and bolts of it.  But there is more to it, once your scientists understand how consciousness works, and there are many who are endeavoring to do so to manipulate the human mind, which is something we do not do, and it is an egregious breach of the sanctity of free will to do so.  We honor your decisions even though they are erroneous at times, but we do try to provide those seeds that will produce the greatest fruits of the spirit in those individuals where there is any modicum of receptivity.  Does this help?

Questioner:  Thank you.

Machiventa:   Are there any other questions this evening?  Thank you for this opportunity to address you.  As you go about your discussion this evening and out into the night as you return to your homes, I invite you to take some time to consider this message, and to speak frankly and freely with Marty at any time about this invitation.

My dear brethren, you are all so deeply loved and cherished.  It is our dearest wish to see this planet healed of all its social, moral, political, and economic woes.  The world is changing, and it is by and large that the loving efforts of the awakened children of this world to herald in a new era—a new era of love and light and life.  If you wish to participate with us, you only need to say “yes” and there will be a cadre of celestial brothers and sisters to come to your assistance and to help you awaken to the greatness that is contained within your being to help you bring forth those fruits of the spirit that truly transform, not only your lives, but the lives of others around you and out into the world.

I leave you in the promise of the fulfillment of that day—one day in the future when this world will be healed and all will partake in the joy and beauty of divine love on earth.  Good evening.