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Document 1 is a collection of transmissions by a lady living in South Africa and were received and collected from Jesus in the period of 1966-1978 - circa the activity in the United States of A course In Miracles and various other Christ prophecies in popular softback.  These 16 letters are of excellent quality and are basic to the premise that all things consist in God, including earth changes and the the depravity of the masses when they carry no thought of their Creator.   Document 1 is a PDF of their web page and contains all of the transmissions of this period.  The material on this page is chronological and indexed for easy view on the web of the documents.

Doc 1
Jesus Christ Returns - Doc #1 - Speaks His Truth - South Africa - Anonymous - 16 transmissions 1966-1978.pdf

Docuemnt 2 is a narrative of several concerns including the age of the English lady in South Africa by the mid 2000's (87) and her thoughts about what is to occur and other information the reader may find of interest.  It is also the web page used by the organization which supports these materials turned into a PDF file for archiving.

Doc 2
Jesus Christ Returns - Doc #2 - About the Receiver and Other Info.pdf    

Editor's Note: I have added the word "Jesus" to the title in order to have the material archive with the other Jesus book and material.  The original titles both begin with "Christ" only.