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Monjoronson Conference Call - Rightful Action - Jul 14, 2013 - Donna D-Ingillo, CCC
Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness          

Topic:  Personal imprinting upon RIGHTFUL ACTION; focusing RIGHTFUL ACTION over the globe and various places; lifting Urantia up to the Paradise Trinity

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo
July 14, 2013
PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we are grateful for this opportunity to gather, to participate in the energies of the Magisterial Mission, as we build our intention and our desires into this construct.  We ask that you connect us now heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster that we may act as one in our focusing, and that our celestial brothers and sisters use what we generate where you know it will do the most good and produce the most productive fruits of the spirit.  So we lift ourselves to you now, and we thank you for moving us now in your delight and in your will for the furtherance of the Magisterial Mission here on Urantia.  Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON:  Peace be upon you, my brethren, and greetings, one and all!  This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you today to this time together where we conjoin as family, and collaborate in this massive time of change and salvation that is pouring over the planetary fabric of consciousness of Urantia

Today, as we share with you these living energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION, we call upon you to open your hearts, that these corrective measures be infused into your being.  RIGHTFUL ACTION is, you might say, a living language of how you, through your own thoughts and decision making processes, discern and discover how to react and respond in alignment with the Father’s WILL.  

It is this RIGHTFUL ACTION that discloses new forms of living to your brothers and sisters who still live in darkness and fear.  It is a mode of living best exemplified by your beloved Jesus, as He demonstrated the will of Father in his life, through his actions—through courage, faith, love, forgiveness and mercy he demonstrated to one and all.  

You have awakened to the Spirit of Truth within you, and many of you are now very much more aligned with your Adjusters—beginning to make more conscious contact with the Father Fragment.  This is good.  This is progress, and we are hopeful that you will continue to stay the course of this transformational time.

What we now invite you to engage with us is for your own desire for RIGHTFUL ACTION to be more enlivened in your own hearts.  You have all made mistakes in judgment, errors in reasoning.  We all understand why the humans of this world have been so deficient in RIGHTFUL ACTION, and we impart no judgment upon you.  We do invite you to hold this desire in your own heart—in  your own being—for you to engage more rightfully with your brothers and sisters.  This will also help you to establish a greater capacity in your own mind for the reception of the Father’s WILL within you; to recognize that your Adjuster’s guidance and leadings—the thoughts of God—now becoming more firmly rooted in your own thinking that you might proceed from this place of, not only RIGHTMINDNESS, but RIGHTFUL ACTION.

We look to you to establish this within your own hearts and lives, that you may embody this now, and be the a standard bearer for your brothers and sisters, who need leadership; that they might find this in you, and to be truly inspired by those who are leading lives of goodness, truth, and beauty, and more fully aligned with their own indwelling Father Fragments.

So as these words settle in, focus in your hearts and feel your desire for RIGHTFUL ACTION now to go deeper into your beings, that we may help you step into these energies and attune yourselves to what we share with you.  And if it helps you to focus, center your gaze upon your heart centers with the words RIGHTFUL ACTION imprinting and radiating into that place—that sacred place within your being.  We begin.  (Pause)

Feel your need for RIGHTFUL ACTION to penetrate deep into the layers and levels of your mind and into your body.  The Father within you knows the right way, and when you long and hunger for this RIGHTFUL ACTION you are offering your honest and sincere cooperation to the Father, that your efforts may become more synchronized and unified in the action of DIVINE WILL.  What great joy you will experience when you and your Adjusters are more fully harmonized.  This is what your Father and Mother desire for you.  So feel your need—your innate need—for these energies to become more fully invested within you, my brethren.  We will continue to open these circuits and help you imprint upon them. (Pause)

We are adding another layer of this focusing energy.  If you wish, you may also envision the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION over your heart centers.  As the RIGHTFUL ACTION and the MAGISTERIAL MISSION energies combine as one and become more harmonized within your beings, simply hold your desire, your need, and your intention to become more imbued with these energies.  We will help you attune to these circuits.  Try not to engage the questioning mind:  “What does this mean?”  As much as you can, engage you heart by feeling an overarching passion—desire-- for these energies to become a living part in the deepest part of your being.  (Pause)

Many of the questions you have held within your mind about the Magisterial Mission can begin to be answered as your receive these energies today.  As you know, we are training you to become more confident of your ability to hear and discern your answers within your own being; moving from relying on other individuals or other external sources to validate or confirm information that you are perceiving.  We are helping to move you away from the existing authority structure of your planetary consciousness to that inner assurance you begin to intuit and expand as your ability to receive your Adjuster’s direct and conscious guidance moves within you.

So, we encourage you to spend time in communion with your Adjusters, and do present those questions you have been long waiting to hear the response.  Be patient and know and trust that the answers will be forthcoming when the conditions are right within your mind.  Having an attitude of the desire for RIGHTMINDEDNESS will set the stage for reception for these higher truths.  Of course, when you add that intention and desire for RIGHTFUL ACTION to be uppermost in your heart, this will set up the inner environment for this greater reception of truth.  So, you see my children, you have such capacity and power within you.  We invite you to expand in this through this desire for RIGHTMINDEDNESS and RIGHTFUL ACTION to be a very stalwart and grounded motivation within your being.  Again, let these words settle in. Let them take root in your mind.  We will continue to minister to you individually for a few more moments before we engage your thoughts out into the fabric of planetary consciousness. (Pause)

Let us now move into the focusing of the planet into these energies that we are co-creating with you.  To begin, see in your mind’s eye the word ONENESS, ONENESS.  This is a word form that you are beginning to understand at a deeper level of your being.  We now invite you to envision the world as a globe in front of your eyes, and see it gently being held in this field of ONENESS.  It is a form of living energy that is blanketing the globe, and as this image becomes stronger in your mind’s eye through your focusing; project that line of energy from your heart centers into the world.  This line of energy contains the words RIGHTFUL ACTION.  Do your best to keep your gaze centered on this image as we move in these circuits and use it where we will know it has the best possibility to produce wonderful fruits of the spirit in the hearts and minds of the peoples of this world.  

The world is held in ONENESS with the energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION streaming in to various points and places into this planetary matrix consciousness.  Feel your love for your world and all living forms—human, animal, and vegetable.  Let your love flow, and your desire for change be keen.  (Pause)

Feel your desire for RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, DIVINE MERCY, DIVINE JUSTICE, PEACE, GOODNESS to be more activated in these circuits of  RIGHTMINDEDNESS, drawing closer and closer to the minds and hearts of humanity, feeding this world, feeding this fabric of planetary consciousness with these attributes of Spirit.  Many people are feeling the pressure, awakening to their hearts, awakening to these new energies.  Let your love be so strong, so pure.  As you continue to gaze upon this world, compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness you are feeding your brothers and sisters at levels that they may not yet be aware, but that spiritual pressure is indeed mounting and they are feeling it.   (Pause)

Now we will localize your energies in the areas of your choosing.  As we have done in the past, you may pick a circumstance, or a region of the globe, or an institution where you would wish to see change.  It can be something that you desire on a personal level, or something that has a more global or collective effect.  It is entirely up to you.  But, what we ask of you is to, again, use this construct of focus of ONENESS, and RIGHTMINDEDNESS, and RIGHTFUL ACTION to fall upon this circumstance or region, as you send your energies of the heart into this place where we will meet with you and minister along with you in these circuits.  (Pause)

There is a time coming when you will see evidence of the changes you are now co-creating with us.  As we have asked you before, we indulge your patience as you witness the hand of Spirit moving through these situations of various needs and depths of change and restitution.   Continue for a few more moments, and if it feels right to shift you focus into another area, that is certainly acceptable.  All sincere efforts of focusing these energies are welcome and we will participate with you wherever you wish to see change and transformation. (Pause)

My dear brethren, we do so appreciate your efforts in building these transformational energies upon Urantia.  As we have done so many times in the past, let us now elevate our gaze to Paradise to the personalities of the Holy Trinity.  Spend a few moments in opening your hearts to the Father and for the Paradise infusion of divine MERCY and LOVE to embrace yourself and this beautiful world.

Father, receive these children and their hearts delight that your presence may be glorified in and through them, and that this world will be transformed through your GRACE and MERCY.  We of the celestial realms support their efforts as we conjoin our hearts with theirs in worship that your WILL will be done.  Thank you.  (Pause)  

Now as you leave the embrace of the Father, returning your presence to Urantia, let your heart be light with the understanding that IT IS TRULY TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA.  Carry this phrase within your hearts.  It is a simple reminder this world belongs to Him, and that you are a participant in this time of change, and that you have a very unique and wonderful role to play in this time.

Let yourselves be grounded in this awareness and understanding, that you may follow the will of your Adjuster more consistently and directly each day, and that the desire to do the Father’s WILL be a passionate fire that you kindle each day in your heart; for we are with you and we will support your efforts, large and small to create this planet, or should I say, re-create this planet to be the beautiful jewel of Nebadon that is its destiny.  Play your part in this destiny, beloved ones, for this is a part of your destiny as children in the family of God living on this beautiful world known as Urantia.  We thank you for your efforts today, and I leave you in your Father’s love.  Good day.