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Monjoronson Conversations #69 - Integrating While Sleeping Mind Upgrades - Feb 08, 2013 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

Conversations with Monjoronson #69 – Individual Empowerment; Hope – Feb. 8, 2013

  • Stay the Course
  • Integrating While Sleeping
  • The Empowerment of the Individual
  • God, the Individual and the Thought Adjuster
  • You Are Empowered to Serve Others
  • Post-rebellion Responsibilities and Developments
  • The Empowerment of the Planet Depends on the Individual
  • Your Consciousness Does Make a Difference to the World
  • Empowerment of the Individual Is Core to the Correcting Time
  • Upgrades to Your Mind
  • Many Atheists Make Wonderful Contributions
  • How Do Atheists Fit in this Plan?
  • Seeking Meaning in Your Life
  • Turning up the Rheostats
  • Limitations to Empowerment
  • Suggestions for Contacting Spirit
  • The Necessity of Having Hope

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Moderator:  Michael McCray
February 8, 2013

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, we greet you from this wonderful world called Urantia, thanking you for your abundance of love and fine gifts of Thought Adjusters and personalities.  We are grateful for our local universe parents, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and ask that they be with us as we seek counsel with our Magisterial Son, Monjoronson and his staff, with the intention of sharing his wisdom about our world with our brethren.  May we all become better stewards of our planet and bring you glory.  Amen.

MMc:  Good morning, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON:  Yes, this is Monjoronson.  Good morning, my friends.

MMc:  I wonder if you have anything to say to us this morning?

Stay the course

MONJORONSON:  Yes, I do.  Representing our team here and our side of the Correcting Time program is that we feel more sure about our capacity to engage more people on your planet, this planet, in the programs that we are developing.  I know that this is rather nebulous; it is very tenuous; it is so much like smoke in the air, but I cannot describe it more concretely than that as I do not wish to state exactly where we are involved and what we are doing.  It is much more of a global effort in raising the consciousness of your whole world.  Those of you who are involved in this overt activity have our full support and you can fully appreciate, I hope, that we have turned your rheostats up to the greatest volume of your capacity to broadcast a positive, uplifting and evolutionary consciousness upon your world.  You are making a difference and please stay the course.  Thank you.

Integrating while sleeping

MMc:  I’ve been sleeping more lately; I wondered if the statement that you made earlier applies?  You stated that you work while I sleep, and I wondered if I may be reacting to this by sleeping more.

MONJORONSON:  Yes, those individuals who are susceptible to that, who are engaging global dimensional problems and situations have a need for integrating their thinking.  Sleep is one of the most healing activities a person can engage to aid themselves in their lives, and in their purpose, and in their development on all fronts.  The mind is particularly helped when there is an intention before going into your sleep, of going to bed, so that your intention becomes enacted, or worked on, or developed in your mind through our efforts.  This is truly a co-creative effort.  You set the intention for what you wish to occur in your life that is in accord with your life-plan and the Father’s Will for this world, and we assist your mind in that capability as you sleep.  Few of you have thought of it this way, but this is exactly what does occur.  We do not push ourselves off on you during your sleep mode; neither does your Thought Adjuster.  The God presence within you is always teasing, tickling, urging you, but never cajoling, never obligating, never coercing you to make changes.  It is always showing you the better way forward in your life, and you are no exception, my friend.

The empowerment of the individual

MMc:  Well, thank you.  In preparing the questions for today’s session, I find myself brought back to one basic question and I wonder if you would expound further on the theme you introduced during our last session, the empowerment of the individual?

MONJORONSON:  Do you have a particular question regarding that, or do you wish me to expound on it as you suggest?

MMc:  I would like to hear you expound upon it; I don’t have any particular question, per se.  I would just like to hear what you have to say about “the future of our world is in the hands of the individual.”

God, the individual and the Thought Adjuster

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  One moment.  Let us begin this way:  First, there is God and second there is the individual, and third, the individual who is invested with that fragment of the Creator, the Thought Adjuster, the Father Fragment, that Mystery Monitor, and through this presence in you, you begin to be empowered to fulfill your life-plan and to fulfill your ascendant journey until the time—and even afterwards—that you are embraced by the Creator in Paradise.  This is the most fundamental aspect of empowerment for the individual.

The second realm of empowerment of the individual on this world and every world where either the Father, the Son, or the Spirit presence is to raise the individual to the point of empowerment where they voluntarily voice their desire to join in union with that presence within them.  This more fully empowers the journey of the individual.

You are empowered to serve others

Third, this is a lifetime of growth.  You have been told many times that your mortal career on this material planet is much like a school, that there are lessons to learn, there are deficits in your character that need to be healed and remedied, and those attributes that imbue you to the universe itself are augmented, are nurtured to grow and develop.  As you go through your life you are also in the process of service, that you are empowered to serve others and this makes the ascendant journey one of symbiosis between the spiritual realm and the co-creative, voluntary participation of the mortal individual.

Post-rebellion responsibilities and developments

On a world that has been in rebellion, as Urantia, and is now awakening to its position in the universe, there are many responsibilities and developments that must be attended to, and that is the empowerment of God inspired, God infused individuals in co-creative union with each other and with us, with the program managers and directors of programs and activities that support the Correcting Time program.  The empowerment of the individual is paramount to the success of the Correcting Time.  As this is a co-creative enterprise at the individual level, it is through the co-creative participation of individuals who recognize that co-creative relationship and consciously engage it, and consciously request and set their intention to participate with their life in this program, to bring about developmental improvements to the growth and evolution of their society and of this world.

The empowerment of the planet depends on the individual

Therefore, the empowerment of your planet to enter into the fold of other planets in this local universe is truly dependent upon the empowerment of the individual at the most intimate level within themselves, with their Thought Adjuster.  The most powerful development from that is a conscious awareness by the individual that they can make a difference in this world, that they truly believe that they can affect the consciousness of the whole world, which they can.  This may seem daunting to some of you, as you see yourself as only one out of seven billion people, but it is truly that fact that you make a difference.  It is as though you have a teeter-totter, a balance wheel, or a fulcrum balance where you have a weighted object on one side and it has pushed the measuring tray of the scale down.  And so as you add sand to the other tray, it begins to move and there will come a point where your addition of one grain will begin to move it from center to the side, and this is the effect of the individual.

Your consciousness does make a difference to the world

True empowerment occurs when the individual truly, sincerely, authentically believes that their life and their consciousness does make a difference to this world.  This is not false hope; it is not false confidence; this is true confidence with a “KNOWING” that they do make a difference.  This is not just an assumption or belief, but it is truly a value that is engrained in the “knowing” that this is so, because in terms of how the Creator sees you, the Creator sees you as making a difference to the universe, the whole universe.  You are one individual out of many trillions of individuals throughout the universe, and God knows you individually and God knows that you do make a difference, and you are special, and you are valued, and you are being prepared to be received in the very halls of Deity in Paradise.

Empowerment of the individual is core to the Correcting Time

Empowerment of the individual is the essence, the totality of the Correcting Time.  The empowerment of individuals of light, who join with the co-creative efforts, energies and directions of their spiritual companions, to make a contribution to the enlightenment of this world, to move it closer to its rightful place in the hierarchy of planets in Nebadon.  The empowerment of the individual is core to all that has come, has developed, and will come into being is through the individual awareness and consciousness.  They are active, co-creative participants in the evolution of this world, and they make a difference.

Yes, your spiritual companions do use individuals who are totally unaware of God within them, totally unaware that there is a Correcting Time, totally unaware that they are even participating or even contributing to the welfare of this world, but the individuals who are aware of that, who consciously volunteer to participate and [be] led into activity, assists us the most powerfully of all.

Upgrades to your mind

You will traverse through your personal problems, your emotional, social issues and you will be given upgrades, or upliftments to your mind process, so that you can more powerfully contribute [to] your work and your participation with us.  Many of you have wondered, “What is God’s Will for me in this world?”  You simply look at your life and see the problems that you have and learn to work through them, and then to volunteer to be of service and ask particularly for opportunities that will lead you in a way that will support this work.  Many of you think that you need to have everyone read The Urantia Book, which is also a wonderful activity, but it is not necessary to make wonderful contributions to your world.

Many atheists make wonderful contributions

We note with great regularity that there are many atheists who are making wonderful contributions to the welfare of your world.  They will be given the chance to recognize the deficit of their belief system when they cross over to the other side, into the afterlife.  There is no prejudice against those who do not believe, but there is every opportunity given to everyone to participate.  And so, your empowerment is important, whether you believe or not.  Empowerment of everyone on your planet equally would bring your world into the era of light and life within a century, if that were possible.  But until then, that evolutionary process of enlightenment and empowerment must proceed one person at a time.

MMc:  Wow.  A powerful story!

MONJORONSON:  Yes, it is the core to all the work that is being done on the planet.

How do atheists fit in this plan?

MMc:  I’m interested in… let me see if I can phrase this question….  The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man seems to me a very appealing, rallying point to bring together individuals on this planet to help them see into the future that we are all brothers and sisters of one God.  Your suggestion that atheists can contribute greatly to our world situation is not lost on me, but the two concepts of atheism and one God in a world that is filled with brothers and sisters don’t seem to go together very well.  I wonder if you could comment on how this all might fit together?

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  The social evolution and upliftment of the world is not done in a lifetime; it is not done in one hundred lifetimes, but begins to become very visible within one thousand lifetimes, or eighty thousand years.  The improvement of social evolution of a world takes many people to accomplish.  A belief in God is a personal and individual belief.  It is not necessary for people to make contributions to the social upliftment of their world by believing in God.  Simply, by the belief in God, they would have the understanding and awareness that there is purpose and meaning to all existence, and that their work makes a contribution towards that end.

If you consider the building of some grand Gothic Cathedral that requires four hundred years to complete, then the contribution of one passerby, who carries a finished stone from the quarry to the base of the cathedral, has made a contribution to it.  It is not necessary that the individual believe in the purpose of the church, the worship of God through the congregation or those people who gather there, to bring that cathedral into existence.  It is one step at a time; one brick at a time; one contribution by an individual in their lifetime.  It is the accretion of good deeds, good thoughts, good works that makes the difference.

It is quite thrilling to see individuals—even those individuals whose intent is not focused towards assisting God or Christ Michael in this world—to make a major contribution to the good of this world.  Yes, atheists, those who are thoroughgoing atheists are in the main, very rare, but they can make a difference and a contribution with their life to this humanity, to the upliftment of your world that will eventually enter into the age of light and life.  It is our hope, of course, and we celestials and those of divine origin, do have hope, as well as you have hope, that the contributions of individuals would assist them in their own enlightenment.  Think of atheists making contributions.  You think, “Well, how does this occur?  How does this come about?”  It is the simple fact that each individual seeks meaning in their life.

Seeking meaning in your life

Anyone who is engaged in the process of living, anyone who is halfway intelligent is always seeking meaning in their life through what they do.  Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Hindu or an atheist, you seek to have meaning in your life, exercising some purpose to discover that meaning.  It is through this aspiration of living that atheists can make a contribution.  Unbeknownst to them is the fact that their Thought Adjuster is influencing them in the process of aspiring.  It is quite an irony, is it not?  So the fact that we appreciate the good works of atheists is not ironic, but truly in accord with the all-pervasive, loving character of the Creator and Christ Michael’s expression through his lifetime here as an example for you.  No one was turned away by him no matter what their belief, or their station, or their gender.  All were accepted and all were loved and all were appreciated and it was not even necessary that they do “good” unto him, but he loved them nonetheless.  And so, atheists who make a contribution to your world, to the social upliftment of this world, are deeply appreciated and they are ever urged to continue their aspirations to find meaning in the higher definition of that, as they would find in a relationship with God.

Turning up the rheostats

 MMc:  Thank you.  You said that you turned up the… for lack of a better word, vibrational frequency, the amount of energy going into individuals who are aware of this environment situation.  You said you turned the energy up recently on these people expecting them to respond to…?  Is that correct?

MONJORONSON:  Somewhat.  You have not grasped the metaphor fully yet.  You have a radio or a stereo system, and it has an input of let’s say, 20 watts.  And you have a volume control which is a rheostat of some sort that controls the amount of volume that the radio or stereo produces that you hear.  And so, it is not that we increased the energy, but we, through your acceptance and your willingness, have modified your mind mechanism so that it broadcasts more fully, more capably, more powerfully to humanity, the frequency that others are sensitive to.  This is why it is important for you to be observing of your thinking, which is only reflected in your speaking and your behavior, but you are truly more aware of your thinking than you are your words.  What you produce, or what you broadcast, is directly related to your thinking and your attitude, and your emotional stability.

Obviously, you can realize that we do not do this with everyone, as many people have quite errant thinking patterns and are quite destructive in their thinking, even though outwardly they may not manifest this in their relationships and their behavior.  Only those who have evolved to a degree that makes this a good investment for us, do we approach and make this adjustment.  The mind mechanism of humans is “software” that can be adapted and can be adjusted by guardian angels and midwayers, but only with the discretion by those who are granted the authority to do so.  Neither would this occur if someone has refused to participate, or does not want to be exposed, or who is intrinsically shy and socially withdrawn.  Do you follow me so far?

MMc:  Certainly.  So it’s a matter of choosing those individuals who can most benefit from the changes that you would make in their minds?

Limitations to empowerment

MONJORONSON:  Yes, they can benefit as well as the global audience, to which they can project themselves.  There is a limitation to a degree, and that is the expansiveness of the thinking of the individual.  If they think only in local terms, then they have little effect upon the world, then that thinking is a limitation.  If they think that what they know and what they think can have an affect upon all humanity, then that projection is given to all humanity.

MMc:  I see.  Earlier in our discussions together, I talked to you about my being somewhat frustrated that I couldn’t engage my Thought Adjuster, or any of the teachers in conversation.  I have been told recently by a friend that you would be very interested in contacting me, so I have been trying to reach you, spending more time in stillness.  Do you have any suggestions for me at this point, along those lines?

Suggestions for contacting spirit

MONJORONSON:  Yes, I do not mean to be humorous, but there is a context in which many of you can relate.  Just as Yoda said, “There is no ‘try;’ there is only ‘do.’”  When you try, you actually are preventing that which you desire to come into being.  It is a very Zen sort of situation where you cannot accomplish by trying; you can only accomplish by releasing, by not trying.  The only requisites that are needed are stillness and intention of connection, an invitation and then letting go. Do not try to hear something in a soundproof box; you cannot make yourself hear something that is not available to you, but when you release the trying, you allow that capacity to develop.  This is perhaps, one of the most difficult challenges of people who wish to hear or have a discussion with their guardian angel or celestial teacher, Melchizedek or someone else.  It is that it cannot be forced to be done, but once you learn the practice of letting go and releasing, and you know how that feels you can accomplish this and it will fulfill itself very quickly whenever it is desired, or whenever you practice the releasing.

This is a very Eastern practice, to listen and let spirit come to you quietly in the stillness of your mind and the stillness of your space.  Once learned, you can practice it forever.  However, it has been for some people a skill that they have lost due to some disturbance or disquieting development in their life, but for most people, once they learn this, it stays with them.  You need to do three things, as I said, and that is first to set your intention; second, quiet your body and mind and emotions and be in stillness.  Of course, when you have achieved that, then the third thing to do is ask, “Is there someone here?” which usually begins the dialog.  If you have a sense of urgency of connection, if you are dialoging already with yourself and you have mind-chatter going, then you can anticipate that you do not provide an open reception to hear someone who is near you.

MMc:  Thank you.  Yes, I have not been able to pull off that hat trick yet.

MONJORONSON:  It comes with persistence, time and practice.

MMc:  I need to continue to practice.

I thank you for expounding on the goal for our future of the empowerment of the individual for me.

MONJORONSON:  You are most welcome.

MMc:  I really don’t have any other questions for you today.  Is there something else that you would like to discuss with us?

The necessity of having hope

MONJORONSON:  One moment.  There is one topic, which is perennial on every world and that is the necessity of hope.  I know that many of you have an urgent expectancy of us arriving and resolving the problems on your planet.  I want you to know without doubt that we are here, that we are engaged in assisting “you” to resolve these problems and we wish you to know that it will take a good deal of time.  It is in some ways very similar to a sore on a person’s body that needs to erupt before it can be cleansed and healed and made whole, and so it is that your societies on this world are closed wounds that are festering, that are in the process of erupting, and that this will take some time to resolve and cleanse and heal.  In the meantime, your firm belief that good will come about will assist you and assist us, and that takes the form of hope.

For English speakers it is a four-letter word, but in hope there is much that is not said, and that is the anticipation of something better, something good occurring, some wholeness coming into existence, some meaningfulness through the difficulties and the travesties and travail that people will have to live through.  Many will pass by without ever seeing the fulfillment of that hope, but many as well, will.  Hope is something that you can project with your being, your consciousness, that you have hope for better days.  Hope is encompassed in the phrases that “This too shall pass,”  “Tomorrow is a different day,” and “Circumstances change and I can make a difference.”  Thank you.

MMc:  Roxanne, do you have any questions today?

Roxie:  No, Michael, I’m sorry I do not.

MMc:  Then, Monjoronson, I would thank you for being here with us today, and for the knowledge you have given us.  Certainly, I think that you have given me, at least, some hope for the future and a way to use the rules that I now have to look at the future in a positive way.  I sincerely thank you.

MONJORONSON:  You are most welcome.  Good day.