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Monjoronson Conference Call; Serena - Focusing Mercy - Jan 13, 2013 - CCC Donna D-Ingillo

Serena -- Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness          
January 13. 2013


  • Further Attuning to the Energy Signatures of the Magisterial Mission’s Staff,
  • Receiving  Mercy,
  • Focusing Mercy into the Fabric of Planetary Consciousness in Various Places,
  • Building the Power Presence of Jesus into the Fabric of Planetary Consciousness,
  • Lifting Urantia up to the Paradise Trinity

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we invite your presence into this call today to be encircuited in your mind, to be connected heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul, that we may participate with your helpers in the furtherance of the Magisterial Mission upon Urantia. As you know, we do not know the timing of this when it will materialize, but we do appreciate that the materialization occurs within our hearts. We send forth that energy from our hearts into this arena of consciousness that you may use it where it will do the most good. We thank you for protecting this call from any outside interference, and we appreciate all of the help that you give us that we may work toward planetary transformation, personal transformation that your may will may be done. Thank you.

SERENA: Greetings, one and all! This is Serena. I welcome you today to this first focusing session of the new year. As you know, there is much energy of change upon Urantia echoing down from the higher realms.  We bring into this fabric of planetary consciousness more energies of change.

Today as you focus, we will continue to foster these energies of change in the areas where there is receptivity, and we will also direct a portion of your focusing efforts into those areas where there is resistance to change, seeding those energies of DIVINE JUSTICE, DIVINE MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL in these areas of planetary life. Doubt not that your efforts to focus from your hearts and from your desires for more change to occur on Urantia are producing many seeds that are now sprouting the fruits of the spirit. We ask you to keep your minds and hearts open during these times of change that you may receive these change energies to help you in your own personal journeys that you may be more motivated in your desires to be of service to Michael during this time of correction.

To begin for this call today, focus in your hearts now with the desire to receive more of the energies of the Magisterial Mission. We will do this for a few minutes then we will engage your focusing efforts outward into the fabric of planetary consciousness. Let us begin.

As you focus in your hearts, feel your desire for the energies of the Magisterial Mission to go deeper into your own energy systems. The desire for this will help you open, expand into what this truly means with us, allowing the Father within you to add new meaning and depth of understanding to what it is that will occur here upon this world. So if it is easy for you to visualize, simply invite the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION to hover over your heart field and invite those words to settle into your minds and bodies. We will minister to you now. (Pause)

The power presence of our Magisterial Son is a growing awareness within your being. As you focus on him now, ask for his divine personality essence to move in and through you. Feel your desire to be an embodiment of MERCY. This quality of spirit is something that this world truly needs to more fully understand and use. This quality will serve you well as you grow in its attributes. As you focus on that who you have come to known as Monjoronson and the Magisterial Son, let this energy go deeper into your being.  (Pause)

Let MERCY penetrate into the cellular structure of your physical bodies. Feel your need for this quality to reach that depth within your being. This is a true need of your physical makeup. We invite you to open to its resonance and frequencies that it may help you in many ways. (Pause)

The MERCY endowment is a gift. It is a gift for you to receive and to focus on during your stillness practices. You have learned about MERCY as an attribute of the Father’s LOVE. Like His LOVE, this quality of His being is able to penetrate into your cellular makeup and heal your being in many ways. So when you feel certain resistances within your mind and body, allow this quality of the Father to come in. Simply open your heart and ask to receive more MERCY and ask it to go into those areas of resistance—whether it be in your emotions, in your mental habits, or in your physical bodies.  Let this MERCY penetrate into many depths of your being and allow what it can do to help you to have its course.  (Pause)

Now we will begin the outward focusing of your heart energies. In your mind’s eye, envision the globe before you.  From your hearts, project a line of energy. Let that quality and word of MERCY move from your heart into the planet’s energy systems. Feel your desire for more MERCY to penetrate into this sphere of consciousness. We will use your efforts and place it where it will do the most good.  (Pause)

Today we invite you to feel your desire for the energies of violence rampant on this planet to receive these energies of MERCY. We know many areas of the planet there are in conflict and there is a place in the consciousness of this world where this tendency is very well entrenched. Simply feel your desire for this energy to receive MERCY. Feel your love for those individuals who have been infected by this scourge. Let your MERCY and the ability you have to focus now embrace this planetary energy and we will add it where it will do the most good, and place it in those pockets of resistance that it may open up and receive this MERCY endowment. Do your best. Stay in LOVE and MERCY. Feel your desire for Michael’s PEACE to embrace these tendencies as we minister in these circuits now. (Pause)

Feel your desire for Michael’s PEACE to penetrate into these areas. Feel your desire for MERCY to free these individuals who have been ensnared in false ideology. Feel your COMPASSION for the victims of violence and let your hearts swell with gratitude that the Father’s WILL will be made manifest in this arena of planetary life. (Pause)

Let yourselves open wider to the Father’s LOVE as you project this from your hearts into the planet: LOVE, PEACE, MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL. These are the qualities that will heal your world.  These are the attributes of spirit you have access to to heal your world. Send it forth from you hearts and we will continue to minister in these circuits where you are generating this energy from the human heart and mind. (Pause)

Michael, when He was on Urantia as your brother Jesus, left a mighty imprint of his human life. Yet, in the spread of the Christian theology, it tends to ignore those aspects of his personal imprint, you might say, of how He brought everything to the Father in communion, and how He demonstrated the fruits of the spirit in his life and teachings.  As you continue to focus from your hearts, feel your desire for this power presence of Jesus to become more activated on the earth plane—that the fabric of planetary consciousness would open to this awareness of Jesus and the imprint that He left here. The minds and hearts of humanity may open to His matchless personality and that which He demonstrated and exemplified in his human life. Invite your Adjusters to minister in this circuit as well as you focus from your hearts and ask for this power presence of Jesus to become more activated into the fabric of planetary consciousness.  (Pause)

My dear sisters and brothers, I thank you so much for your efforts today. Let us now engage our collective efforts in worship of the Father in Paradise.  Lift your gaze up to the Paradise Trinity in appreciation for the thoughts of God moving into the Word of God through the Acts of God, going into this dimension of the earth plane. Thank the Father, the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit for their ministry, not only in and through you, but around the planet as a whole. Take a few moments to engage in worship as we conjoin our appreciation with yours in this circuit of worship.  (Pause)

As we descend from the heights of glory, let us envision Urantia bathed in the wonder and the splendor of the Father’s glory. In your mind’s eye, see the word GLORY embracing the planet as you continue to focus from your heart and feel the Father’s GLORY embracing this world.

IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT THE FATHER WILLS UPON URANTIA.   Hold this desire in your hearts, dear brothers and sisters. Let your thoughts occupy this desire. Send it forth from your hearts into the planet from time to time during the day. Use spiritual power that you have access to, to project into the fabric of planetary consciousness and we will meet you there and add our ef

On behalf of the vast retinue of celestial presences who attend you and are present today, we thank you and we acknowledge your efforts. We stand with you during these times of change. Let Michael’s PEACE and LOVE fill your hearts now as we take our leave.  Carry this with you throughout the day and know that all things are in His hands. Good day.