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Monjoronson Conference Call - Attuning to Energy Signatures - Dec 23, 2012 - CCC Donna D'Ingillo

Magisterial Mission Conference Call with Michael and Serena
Center for Christ Consciousness          

Topic:  Receiving Michael’s Peace, Attuning to the Energy Signatures of the Magisterial Mission’s Staff, Focusing the Magisterial Mission into the Fabric of Planetary Consciousness, Lifting Urantia up to the Paradise Trinity

T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo
December 23, 2012

 PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we are extremely grateful for all of the spiritual energy that has been imparted to this world over the past few days as many of our brothers and sisters have focused on the higher consciousness of your love. Now as the world continues to open her heart to you, we ask that our helpers today amplify these circuits of LIGHT and LOVE, and that you use our energies to further the spread of this energy across the planet. We ask for a deep settling of peace to come into our hearts.  We thank you for providing all the help we need to enact these changes that will pave the way for the Magisterial Mission to incarnate here on the physical plane. May your will be done. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Christmas blessings upon you all, my children. This is your Father Michael. I come to you today to minister into your hearts that PEACE which soothes the turmoil within the human mind. As you drink in my PEACE, I ask you to demonstrate this more fully and readily to your brothers and sisters that the PEACE I share with you exudes from your hearts a living reality of the ways of spirit.

The world needs my PEACE. The world will be sustained through my PEACE. Many hearts are focused on my presence as Jesus now during this Christmas season. Their hopes, their dreams are focused on my presence pervading the planet, and so it is through your Spirits of Truth.

As you experience a deepening level of peace within your hearts, I invite you to focus this PEACE upon the world. Focus on the phrase PEACE UPON EARTH as you visualize our beloved world in your mind’s eye, sending the PEACE you experience in your heart from your heart into the planet. Join with me now as we build more of this circuitry of PEACE and let your hearts lighten in JOY as your brothers and sisters of the higher realms join in your efforts. Drink in my PEACE and then send it out into the world. (Pause)

My PEACE forms an underlying foundation for your emotional well being and balance. As you are more secure in this foundation of PEACE, you are better equipped to handle the energies of change—those circuits of upliftment that are moving about the planet. This quality of my being is something that you can embody and carry with you, sharing it with your brothers and sisters to help stabilize them as more change is fostered upon the earth. All of you have many desires for change, especially to witness the physical incarnation of divinity upon this planet. And so it is.

But I do ask you to grow in your patience and a sense of farsightedness that will help you expand into the divine timeline of change, rather than your own desires and longings of your hearts. Do you not know that I know of all of your hearts’ desires? You must understand and appreciate that the changes that are being made to Urantia unfold over a period of time. Social progress is predicated upon individual progress.  I ask you to consider have you done your part in your own individual spiritual growth that you indeed are exuding this fragrance of LOVE and PEACE in your daily lives to augment the fabric of social change. You can always come to me and ask me to feed you with my qualities—my attributes of PEACE, FAR-SIGHTEDNESS, JOY, PATIENCE that you may stay the course as this world opens up to a true change of heart.

In a few moments, I will invite your sister Serena to lead you in the focalizations of energies to help in the implementation of the Magisterial Mission upon earth. Continue to feed upon me for the next few moments and allow this PEACE to permeate into the very core of your being. Embody my PEACE, my children. I share it freely with you. (Pause)

In time changes you wish to see with this world will be secured upon the planet. Trust in me during this period of transition and know I am with you as one age passes into the next. I wish you the joys of love and peace, light and life as you celebrate the traditional understanding of the day of my birth. Let a new light flame within your hearts as you remember me and the life that I lived among you. Merry Christmas, my dear children! Let it be a merry one indeed. Good day.

SERENA: Greetings, my dear sisters and brothers. This is Serena and I am filled with joy as I address you this day to impart more of the spiritual current that you may receive the energy signatures of the Magisterial Mission. When it is time for this to appear on earth, your hearts will know.  As these energies of PEACE continue to deepen in your beings, receive this endowment of those of us who are here to help you in this mission of MERCY upon the planet. Receive us now. Simply focus on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION, and feel the desires of your hearts to receive what we wish to share with you. Take some deep breaths and invite this expansion to move deeply into your being.  (Pause)

There are more awakened hearts upon Urantia.  Over the past several days more focus has been placed on this evolution of human consciousness to ascend to higher levels or dimensions. The morontia circuits are well in place now, but yet there is still more to be achieved that this mission of MERCY through our Magisterial Son to be here in the material level to labor with you for the upliftment for all of the world.

So today in your focusing upon the desire for the Magisterial Mission to grow and take its place upon Urantia, feel your desire for the energies to merge with those of the many light workers around the planet who have been focusing on this ideal of conscious evolution. As we have done in the past, you may envision the world being embraced by the Magisterial Mission as you focus your heart energy into the world, adding your desires and intentions to connect with other hearts who are also ready to receive this.  As you focus, continue to feed upon Michael’s PEACE as we use all of what you generate to bring these spiritual missions of MERCY into this wonderful web of light-consciousness that is growing on this world. (Pause)

Feel your desire for the attributes of MERCY and PEACE, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION to soften the resistance within the human heart. We will circulate this where it will do the most good. (Pause)

There are mighty angels who diligently work in these fields of consciousness, securing connections between circuits of varying levels of the frequencies of your consciousness. Take a few moments to appreciate their efforts and know that we are assisting you to the maximum of our abilities to evoke changes that you can use in your own lives and in service to others.

But as I stated to you during our last time together, you must ask these questions within your own heart, if you are doing your own part to convey peace and love, forgiveness and compassion in your own lives, and if you are truly ready to participate in this mission of MERCY to all of the people upon this world.  Purify your own hearts that you may receive more from your Father Michael and from Monjoronson that you may indeed be more useful in the ways we can guide you into these wonderful arenas of service.

Feel your love for this world. Deepen your love for your brothers and sisters, letting Michael’s LOVE truly flow throughout your being, whetting your appetite to be more whole, complete--that you may be larger containers of his LOVE and PEACE and grow in this ministry of MERCY to engage more change upon Urantia.

Now in your mind’s eye, focus on those areas around the planet you wish to see change. This might be in a geographic region, or any kind of planetary social institution, or in any circumstance. When you project your desire to see more love infuse that area, we can add more into it as well. So let this variety of all of your energies cover the globe in various ways, and we will add into it. Take a few moments to feel your desire for change in whatever area you choose as we conjoin with you to build more life and love in that area. (Pause)

Please join me now in one final visualization. In your mind’s eye, see the words CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS embracing the planet. Focus your hearts’ desires for this energy to embrace the world—to seed into the human heart the desire for the human mind to open—that more people may indeed feel this desire for themselves, to achieve the potential of personality development and Father-recognition in their lives. We will add our desires for this as well into this. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye, lift this world up embraced in CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS to the Father in Paradise, to the Eternal Son, to the Infinite Spirit—the Paradise Trinity. Feel your appreciation for the ways of Spirit reaching down to this tiny world as they hold it in their LOVE. Spend a few moments in worshipful communion.  (Pause)

Take a few moments to now turn your gaze back to Urantia. On behalf of all of us who have ministered in these circuits we have co-created and participated in augmenting, we thank you. We love you. We join our hearts with yours, and we invite you to stay focused on the higher realm. You would live in these two dimensions being aware of the help you have around you as you walk on this very solid ground of the earth. I wish you all much joy as you celebrate the birth of Jesus—Michael incarnate on Urantia. May His LOVE burst forth anew in your hearts the Christ being you are all destined to become. Good day.