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Michael - Your Choice - Ultimately - Nov 15, 2012 - Jerry Lane, Lightline

Michael Lightline -- November 15, 2012.

  • (Your Choice)
  • (An Extra-continuity in Your Life)
  • (Reflection)
  • (Ultimately)

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, welcome. I feel a little repetitious in saying that, but I hope it expresses all of our feelings at this moment of just “Welcome”--even though we know you’re always here; you’re always with us. You’re actually a part of us, Mother Spirit, with your helping us think and understand, appreciate, worship. And Michael, we rely upon your Spirit of Truth to help us sort our way through these complex lives we live. And, of course, we have our Father always with us, even supplying thoughts for us to consider.

And in all cases of these three wonderful spiritual influences right within us, we do thank them and honor them for respecting our free will, for never intruding upon our lives more than they are welcome. So I try to remember, and I offer this as a suggestion, that each of us, from time to time, just stop and say, “Hello.” Send them some love that we do appreciate them being a part of us. We certainly look forward to meeting them in person some day. So thanks for these three great spiritual presences in our lives, and what we can see of them in others--how much they too are being influenced by our spiritual parents. Amen.

(Your choice)

Michael: Good evening, this is Michael. I accept your warm welcome, and to all of you who are listening in right now, Mother Spirit and I send our warmest regards. This is our delight as a Creator Son and Creator Daughter: to be part of your lives, to help influence you for the better; and always, always at your discretion, at your choice.

Recently, I had to say no to a request to evaluate another transmission, given by other beings, through another transmitter-receiver. I can only pray, myself, that you will understand why Mother Spirit and I refuse to do this. We only encourage you to be open-minded and entertain--read or listen to--almost anything, anything that doesn’t right-up-front offend you. Entertain whatever comes your way, and be curious, and seek out all kinds of things, for this is how you exercise your free will like a muscle.

Sometimes you have to exercise your mind and your open-mindedness very much like you exercise your body to keep a certain range of motion. You get up in the morning and you’re all kind-of stiff and sore. You move around a little bit and then get into your daily stretching exercises just to keep that range of motion in all your moveable joints. The same is true with your mind. You don’t want to get all cramp-minded, all locked up in some ideology or religion or set of beliefs, no matter how subtle or seemingly comprehensive. All the better to just be curious. Be curious about everything.

Understand by using it that there are no limits to your mind other than those you put on yourself. True enough, if you take in a lot of different viewpoints, it does take a certain amount of work, a certain effort to sort through them all and let them settle out; and then reflect on which is the more inclusive. For this is a spiritual endeavor of value.

Keep in mind our old trilogy of physical facts, mental meanings and relationships, and spiritual values. Not only what means what, generally, but what does it mean to you? What value does it have in your life? This is the main reason for reflection, for your stillness moments: to be still and allow whatever, whatever it is that wants to come into your consciousness for consideration. This way you’re not wasting your time pursuing some predetermined course of action. You do that necessarily most of your waking hours, especially if you’re really busy with family and jobs and you’re responsible to a lot of other people for many things.

(An extra-continuity in your life)

The whole idea is: taking a small part of your life, maybe twenty minutes, to be open, to be still, and let whatever wants to arise do so. Let it come up for consideration. This is keeping touch with your deeper, broader, higher self. Give this part of you a voice within you. Then, right within this open-mindedness that you are cultivating, stillness becomes an extra-continuity in your life, as well as all of your other plans and projects, all your responsibilities to others. Stillness becomes just between you and yourself this extra-continuity if you do this day after day. As we’ve characterized it before, it’s a home base to which you can return and say hello to yourself and all that you are—body and mind, spirit and soul. It’s the way your personality can appreciate all that you are by letting it come to the fore.

This is one of the tools we would give you to put in your Owner’s Manual for Human Beings that unfortunately, as we’ve said before, you were not given one at birth. Actually, we would delight to see this sort of thing being taught right from kindergarten on up. As well as giving all the little kids a blanket for taking their afternoon nap, you could maybe have them sit still for five minutes and think, cultivate the habit of enjoying thinking. Think how this would develop, how this would give everybody more and more a sense of themselves, and a way of tuning into themselves throughout their whole life.

This is a wonderful gift to give yourself, this tuning in, this opening to whatever, whatever at all wants to come up. This is especially true for those poor souls who feel themselves being harried through life, never catching up. Every time they would stop to be still and think, they’re overwhelmed with all they are so busy trying to deny--perhaps poor health from a bad habit that is consuming them.


It’s been said, “A life without reflection is not worth living.” Mother Spirit and I have called this the two hundred percent-ness of life--this reflection, this allowing yourself to look into the mirror of your own soul, allowing this story of your entire life to come into consciousness. For your souls, my dear, are enormous; and you have so much to help yourself with. It’s how you gather up your own sense of wisdom, that Mother Spirit helps you with, with her Mind/Spirit Adjutants--that wise aspect of you that includes all the other parts of you--the intuition, the courage, the understanding, the knowledge.

Listen to yourself. Realize that you have this enormous soul that God has been keeping for you from the beginning. Let this come forth. Re-live in full consciousness previous moments of your life that have given so much meaning and value to you. This is what you are. You’re a nodule of experience out here in time and space. This is how you are evolving along with the whole rest of the cosmos, along with God the Supreme Being. This soul of yours, my children, this your only possession, ultimately because it’s your only necessary one. It’s what you have for you, so give it a chance to come forth. Believe me, it will help you appreciate all these other people you’ve met, for that is what your soul contains, all these other little walking infinities that you have known.


But enough of my teasing you to spend more time in stillness. Still, and finally, and always, and ultimately: God’s gift to you is that you decide these things. This life you’re living is yours. We can only tease and encourage you to take responsibility for it. Be able to respond joyously, courageously to all that is happening to you. This is how you grow. This is how you get character.

Well now, enough for my lesson this evening. Let me hear from those of you who want to come forth with either questions or comments. I certainly welcome both.