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Triunity Number One - Proclamation To Urantia - Before This Year Ends - Sep 25, 2012 -
Speaker: Aya, Master Spirit Seven, Revealing the Unanimity of God through Triunity Number One
Subject: The Father’s Intention Is Real, and its Manifestation Will Become Evident Before this Year Has Come to an End.
T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, WA
September 25, 2012

I am Aya, and I speak for the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Listen with the ears of Spirit the message that I am about to convey.

The Universal Father has decided to intervene directly in your material and evolutionary affairs of your world, with the assistance of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

The Father’s intention is real, and its manifestation will become evident before this year has come to an end. In the realms of time, as well as those in eternity, the affairs in your world have been constantly watched with great interest and even apprehension, as throughout the centuries your capacity to recognize Spirit has become increasingly denigrated, to the point that the Universal Father no longer finds any value in the continued existence of the “brute of a man” race, the “homo sapiens”.

There are many kind hearted servants to the Universal Father in the numbers that study His gift to humanity in the form of the Fifth Revelation. Father is eternally pleased with the service of all of these dedicated children and expects them to continue at His service, even after this world has drastically changed beyond the understanding of some, and perhaps the acceptance of others.

From the destruction of the old, the new will gloriously rise up; Father will indeed make everything new with the cooperation of the Magisterial Son of assignment to this very important and critical task, as well as the Sovereign Creator Son and the representative of the Infinite Spirit in Nebadon. The apparent position of power and control of many unrepentant mortals is at an end, and in order to prevent unnecessary damage to Urantia, its Planetary Supreme will very soon now commence its changes in order to prepare itself for its new role as an eternal sphere of perfection dedicated to the training of Sovereign Creator Sons and Father’s garden in Nebadon.

Those that have and continue to cause suffering to their brethren, through their abuse of power and false sense of superiority over their brethren, will have no place to hide from Father’s justice and the consequences of their acts will be paid for with extinction. Some indeed already walk among you as dead in spirit, so wicked they have been in their existence in the flesh.

The mortals of this world are on a course of self destruction that not even the good deeds of the readers of the Fifth Revelation will be able to change without the direct assistance from Paradise and the apparition of the Magisterial Son with his staff.

My dear children, the worlds of time are not yours to do with as you please, you are merely their stewards. You are allowed to live and thrive in them, to take the first steps in spiritual experiences in them. They are merely temporary homes for you where it is expected, during your sojourn in them, that you seek to understand the Universal Father and to decide to be as He is, where it is expected that eventually all mortals make that supreme decision.

Open your eyes and ears of the Spirit mortal! Observe Father’s will become manifested on Urantia!