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Monjoronson Conference Call - Focusing on The Middle East - Sep 23, 2012 - CCC, Donna D'Ingillo

[Transmitter's Note: Here is the transcript from our call yesterday.  I have also added a report from attendee Rosemarie on what she “saw” during the Middle East focusing.  Enjoy and ask for this PEACE blanket to tighten in this region.  Thank you!

  • “When you got to the place in the prayer for the Middle East and the exhortation to use mental imagery to see the Power of the Prince of Peace invoked over the area where Jesus walked centuries ago...I could see clearly...a beautiful blanket of PEACE . a snow blizzard...settling down over the Middle East.  As I watched, I could see crystals of beautiful snowflakes falling gently on the land.  When the blizzard ended...the entire land was covered with snow.  Nothing was visible but the blanket of beautiful snow for as far as the eye could see...a white blanket of PEACE extended over the area of agonizing war, hate, ugliness, vomit, blood, fire, and death.  he blanket of PEACE held everything warmly, silently, securely...beneath it---transforming, healing, melting the pain.  SAVING the land as all lay under the healing blanket of overwhelmingly beautiful crystals of PEACE.”]

Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topic:  Building the Circuits of the Magisterial Mission, Focusing on the Middle East, Lifting Urantia up to the Paradise Trinity
T/R:  Donna D’Ingillo
September 23. 2012

PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for gathering us in your circuit of love, that our energies may be used to build more of your attributes on the planet to prepare the world for the Magisterial Mission.  You know what is necessary for this mission to materialize at the physical level.  While we all anticipate that, we are here to serve in the preparations that our efforts may be used to augment what the heavenly realms are doing to help us to bring about your ways and your will upon this planet.  Thank you.

MONJORONSON:  Peace be upon you, my brethren!  This is Monjoronson.  Many hearts have been touched recently by those individuals and organizations who have orchestrated global events for more of the ways of peace and love to focalize within the hearts of humanity.  As these spiritual currents begin to augment in many of your brothers and sisters, you will begin to see more of the planetary constructs of the rebellion mindset begin to loosen their tethers, and this will cause chaos and confusion for a while as these new attributes take root into the collective conscious, feeding a wider range of human hearts and minds.

You might say that this is time when many of the olden prophets foretold this great shift in your planet’s functioning, but yet no one has truly identified what this really means or how this will come about…what will be the human role to play in this great awakening and change of operation.  As you know, there are many predictions of gloom and planetary cataclysms that are presaged.  But I am here to offer you another perspective.  I am here today primarily to help you imprint upon those circuits of MERCY that are the cornerstone of the Magisterial Mission.  It may be challenging for you to truly comprehend what this means, for your world has never experience a magisterial mission.  This is new, and so you would have many questions about how this would transpire.

But today I invite you to open your hearts—to let the desires of your hearts for planetary change open this place within your being where you may imprint upon more of the circuits of the Magisterial Mission: that this mission would draw closer to the earth plane, that it would be able to yield some of its qualities into the earth plane for the fabric of consciousness to feed upon and make further adjustments in comprehension.  These circuits are real, they form a new matrix of thinking that is much more aligned in the Father’s WILL, and is able to penetrate into certain levels of human consciousness wherein the Adjuster circuit is able to convey more of the Father’s WILL into human consciousness.

Many of you have stepped up to be of service to me, and many of you have considered what it would mean when I am here physically resident on the planet.  But you do not need to be in this particular manner engaged sometime in the future, but to recognize that here and now you are collaborating with me and my staff to bring in these circuits which form the mindal construct for this planet to use wherein my mission may manifest more deeply into this earth plane consciousness.

We have been constructing those frequencies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS, MERCY, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, MICHAEL’S PEACE, MICHAEL’S TRUTH and DIVINE JUSTICE.  As these circuits continue to make more in-roads into the fabric of planetary consciousness, today I invite you to open your hearts in your desire for this mission to come closer to these, let us call them, the circuits of human thought and create new openings for my presence to bear more spiritual pressure upon the planet.  If it is helpful to use a visualization in your focusing today, simply focus on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION over your heart centers and draw them in, letting them circulate throughout your body, gently radiating and pulsing into your heart; feeding upon that.  Let us begin.  (Pause)

As you do this, know that I will be infusing each one of you with my LOVE and MERCY that you may expand in your containment of these energies—these qualities of our Creator Father that He uses to share with His expansive universe family.  Receive and grow.  (Pause)

Feel your need and desire for my presence and that of the mission to penetrate deeply into your cells, that you may stand upon this grounding—this internal awareness of this mission of MERCY to Urantia.  Let your hearts hold this frequency of MERCY that we may add this more into that strata of consciousness that is necessary for more change and opening in the hearts of humanity to occur.  (Pause)

I invite you to now hold that intention for all of your energies, combination of those you on the call today and ours, that it may embrace this world.  In your mind’s eye, envision the world before you and let the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION embrace this world. My hand holds this world.  Feel your desire—your combined desires and intentions—for this world to receive me.  (Pause)

It is quite stupendous to observe the LOVE pouring into Urantia during this particular interval of its evolution.  You would be quite awestruck if you were able to perceive the spiritual pressure that is being applied.  The sheer numbers of your celestial brethren focusing upon this world, praying for you, holding that intention for this mission and Michael’s MERCY to gain its dominant stature.  So much LOVE is being focused your way.  But as you are human and have this limited perspective, we thank you and ask you to continue to trust—to recognize that your thoughts aligned in divine WILL and merciful action are indeed making a difference.  You do not yet know what changes you are making.  Much of it is in your own selves and the cells of your body, but you are changing the trajectory of Urantia in helping it maintain its course in its return to the LIGHT.

So let us take this LIGHT and focus it now on the region of the Middle East—this raging inferno of conflict.  As you focus there in whatever way you can, simply invite more of Michael’s PEACE and the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to be infused there.  If it helps to visualize these words MICHAEL’S PEACE and MAGISTERIAL MISSION over this region, then let your heart’s energy be added into that particular language visualization that all things may align in Father’s WILL.  (Pause)

It is not ironic where the great God-man walked upon Urantia that this area is a major source of conflict in the world?  And so it is the region wherein many changes will be made that Michael’s PEACE may provide that place of origin where much change occurs, rippling underneath the foundations of cultural life—rippling around the planet to reverberate His message, His life, His love around the globe.

Let us now take a few moments to lift this world up to the Father in Paradise—to the personalities of the Trinity—the Father, Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit.  Let them embrace Urantia.  Let their LOVE, their presence hold Urantia in unspeakable LOVE and MERCY.  I simply ask you to lift this up and hold that in your focus to the best of your abilities.  We will add what we can into this circuit.  (Pause)

We thank the Paradise Trinity for their presence imparting upon the fabric of Urantia consciousness.  We continue to know that the Father’s WILL is making its mark upon this world:  In His LIGHT, His GLORY, His POWER, and His MAJESTY.

Let your thoughts descend back to Urantia now.  Feel your love for your world.  Let us move in this circuit once again, creating more connections, more ties, more grounding that my presence may indeed change the course of this world’s history as Michael’s plan of correction takes deeper form and shape upon this world.  (Pause)

Grow in me, dear children.  Grow in what this Magisterial Mission provides to this world.  You have been trained to focus your thoughts in intention upon what you wish to co-create with Spirit.  So use your thoughts wisely each and every moment holding that desire for the Father’s WILL to bathe this planet in His LOVE.  Let these dimension of heaven and earth can conjoin as ONE as we boldly collaborate to bring Light and Life back to Urantia.  I leave you in our Father’s LOVE, dear children.  Good day.