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Jacinth - Whisper Session 1 - You Are Not Ever Separate from The Creator of All- Aug 30, 2012 -

Jacinth, a Trinity Teacher Son
Subject: "I Am Here to Augment What it Is You Are Learning from Your Father Fragment"
T/R: Paul Conklin
Location: Trenton, NJ
August 30, 2012

Jacinth, A Trinity Teacher Son

What a pleasure it is to speak with you little brother.  Can you tell that I am excited?  Can you feel my enthusiasm?  I have been waiting for this day when men and women on Urantia begin to waken.  That is my joy, you know.  It is my joy to reveal to evolutionary children of our Eternal Father the truths that live right within their own hearts.  You could say that I am here to augment what it is you are learning from your Father Fragment.
Who am I, you may ask?  I am a trinity teacher son.  I am a “child,” if you will, of the Eternal Deities.  I know the Eternal Deities in a most intimate way.  I can see their three-fold unity, their three-fold harmony.  It is this three- fold unity and three-fold harmony that I wish to share with all of you.  You may want to know why I am so excited.  When I come, a Trinity Teacher Son, it is the precursor to Light and Life.  You may say that I come here on an individual and on a collective level.  Yet, each heart opens individually.  As each heart opens individually, those waves of love are spread through the ether, so to speak.  What you are becoming on the inside begins to be projected on the outside.  So, it is indeed true that, as individuals awaken, so does the planet, eventually.
What am I concerned with?  I am concerned with your spiritual growth.  I am here to increase your understanding of all things spirit.  My brothers and I work in tandem to reveal to all of you the inner workings of the Eternal deities.  We all have our individual roles to play.  Yet, we are not divided.  There is a coordination of spirit that works to harmonize all of the seemingly discordant activities that are taking place behind the scenes.  There are no discordant activities taking place because spirit is the epitome of order and precision.  Each of us, all of my divine brothers, work together in harmony to reveal different aspects of the Eternal Deities.  That is quite a task as you all realize because the Eternal deities are infinite and you are all finite.  So, imagine the difficulties in translating divine truths into the hearts and minds of evolutionary minds, and are of children that are still subject to an electro-chemical system.  But, I never shrink back from a challenge.  As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy the challenge of teaching all of you, even though such a task can be arduous.  There is a certain joy when my hard work pays off and you are able to understand what it is that I am teaching you.
What is Lesson One?  It may seem that lesson one is a little difficult to grasp.  Yet, if you grasp this lesson, if you understand this, all of the other lessons will be much easier to understand.  When you look out at all that surrounds you, what do you see?  Say you are walking in a park and you are looking at all that surrounds you.  Your senses are confronted with so many sights and so many sounds.  As you walk down this path you first notice the ambient temperature.  You begin to hear the sounds of children playing.  You hear the music of the songbirds as you walk by.  You notice that the sky is so blue today.  There are perfectly placed clouds, white and fluffy, that lazily float up above.  There is such a magical harmony to everything.  There is an effortlessness there.  What is the source of all of these beautiful things?  What is the source of all this life that unfolds before your eyes?
Before I answer that it is necessary to trace our steps back to the source, the First Source and Center, the Infinite Father.  From that One springs all things.  For too many years you have had the veil of illusion clouding your vision.  You seem to think that everything that you see with your eyes is separate.  You are like a solitary planet spinning without being connected with the whole.  But I tell you little brother to write this in your notebook.  You are the offspring of the I-AM presence.  The I-AM presence is like a vast, limitless ocean that connects with all things animate and inanimate.  The harmony that you see in all of nature is as a result of the I-Am presence.  There is not a place where the Father is not.  In this well-nigh infinite universe the I-AM presence is everywhere.  You yourself are another flavor.  You are another aspect of the I-Am presence living out your life in the covering of flesh and blood.
Ah, my little brother.  Do you feel the peace and the harmony?  How can there be disharmony and chaos when the I-AM presence is everywhere?  The I-AM presence is in you and in all of nature.  The I-AM presence lives in everyone and in everything.  I too am a flavor, a particular aspect of the Heavenly Father.  That One expresses Himself through me as He expresses Himself through you.  You see little brother, we are not disconnected, you and I.  We are connected to the great and limitless source.  We are connected to the great Cause.  That great Cause lives in you and through you just as He lives in and through everyone and in everything.
Take just a minute to reflect on that.  Consider that in the stillness.  You are like a little atom that connects to the whole.  You are like a member of the body that is our Eternal Father.  How could you ever be separate from the Great One?  How could you ever be separate from the vast and limitless sea that you are a part of?  Now when you look outside of yourself, what do you see?  You see reflections of you in everyone and in everything that surrounds you.  You are not separate from the vast cosmic sea that is our Father.  You, you, are an expression of the I-Am presence.
When you go to sleep this night, be not afraid.  You are surrounded by the I-Am presence.  That One is you and you are that One.  All is well in the great chasm that are the planets and the stars and the galaxies against the backdrop of space.  From the Great Source and Center everything has come into existence.  Forever and ever that One’s presence will permeate the heavens and the earth and the stars and the sky.  Like branches that connect to a massive oak, the branches are extensions of the I-Am presence.  And that great and majestic One, the One at the center of all things, has the eternal power to extend His creative works.  Those branches, those branches are you.  You are a branch from the tree of the Almighty One.  When His “heart” beats your heart beats as well.  You are in perfect harmony and in perfect synchronization.
My little brother, if you can remember this one lesson, this one lesson, then all the lessons that follow will be easy to understand.  When you lie on your back, looking up at the stars, know that you are everything and everyone.  You are connected to the greatest, the most astounding person in all the universe.  You are the I-Am presence being expressed in this life and in the lives to come.  Oh, who can know the glory and the might and the majesty of the Holy One?   In your own little world you can begin to discover that One.  You can begin to discover the only thing that will ever exist.  You will begin to discover that everyone and everything are aspects of the I-Am presence.  All is well little brother, all is well.  Because forever and ever you shall live in the fragrant aroma of the I-Am presence.  From this lesson all other lessons spring.  Look back from time to time at your notebook and see.  See from where you have come.  You have sprung from the glorious One, the I-Am presence, the First Source and Center.  That is who you are and who you shall always be.