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Monmacion Melchizedek - Forerunners - Aug 06, 2012 - Rob Davis, South Carolina
Monmacion Melchizedek
Subject: We Are Moving Through A Field of Ice to Make Progress
T/R: Rob Davis
Location: South Carolina
August 06, 2012

[T/R Note: Dear Friends, The following short lesson was received the last day of the Summer Study Session [Chicago, Illinois, The Urantia Book Fellowship Conference] where a panel discussion on the Teaching Mission was featured with Marty Risacher, Donna D'Ingillo, and Byron Belitsos on panel. Those attending this impromptu personal meeting were Dave and Mer Tenney, Byron Belitsos, and myself who "ran into each other" near the end of the conference and felt it necessary to allow ourselves time to regroup after absorbing a sense of rejection at this gathering.Gratefully, Rob [Davis]]


My friends, greetings! This is Monmacion. Some of you know me. I have worked with this one and friends. We have developed a rapport, and of course this is the challenge of our shared dilemma that you have discussed. You have experienced injury, encouragement, progress, and purpose at a deeper level. Your efforts are a reflection of ours to build a place where we can join as one here in Urantia as in other worlds.

Our Magisterial Son has said previously, we are moving through a field of ice, and it is a very slow process. You, my friends, are those who have truly disembarked from the ship to go ahead and manually break a place where this larger vessel could insert its bow. Be careful, as you know, your bodies are precious to us. Too few of you exist and the ice is sharp. There is no intention in ice; it is not malicious, but it can be harmful to your bodies upon which we depend to be our efforts upon the ground of Urantia. Take heart, while you have disembarked temporarily to do this advance work, and yes, there are those on board this ship along with you who may think that you are committing suicide, some sort of danger that is uncalled for, (as if) doubting the strength of this hull. I tell you, your knives, your hands, we just need the littlest opening to insert a great bow. So, carry on!

My friends, there are many many who cheer you, who are amazed at your courage. Your exploits cannot be known in full because very few of us actually see what you are doing, but those of us who do take note, and a record is made for others to see as they request. It is the archives of Nebadon, the story of Michael living in and through you, seeking to open a place for a larger body of light to live on Urantia. The Master himself made expert contacts so skillfully, carefully, and lovingly preparing the way for those he knew would follow him. My friends, it is your privilege to be in such a position.

Do not worry about when this ship will begin to enter these spaces you create for it follows shortly behind you. You are never far from us, but in the realms of time you will not be surprised to see that your lives have been given to create, to make a way, forerunners working in (a) quiet, almost undetected mode making a way for the Master. So I extend to you my appreciation, reassurance that you are known by those who attend you, and you are part of a large program including even those who would dismiss you for they have their roles to play in this drama that is unfolding.

Remember, you may stand in the waves, and they will roll their force against you, but they break around you. Allow yourselves to enter this living water, the ocean of our Father's love. You are simply diving more deeply. Enjoy the experience of His affection covering your bodies, enfolding you fully in love. Take courage! We are encouraged by you!