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Monjoronson - I Am the Lamb of God - Aug 16, 2012 - Paul Conklin, Trenton NJ    

Subject: I AM The Lamb of God
T/R Paul Conklin
Location: Trenton, NJ
August 16, 2012

I Am The Lamb of God
My dear brethren, this is Monjoronson.  One day soon you will know me by my real name.  Yet, who I am is not really a mystery.  I am the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.  The darkness that has been Urantia is now turning into impenetrable light.  That is why I have come here.  I have come here to reclaim this sphere for my dear brother Christ Michael.  He is my brother and I am pleased that I can be here at this momentous occasion in Urantia’s history.  From this point on my brethren, there is no turning back.  All of your dreams will come true.  You have always had those dreams within you awaiting to see the light of day.  Now, I am pleased that I can help all of you realize your dreams.
“Where do I come from,” you ask?  I have come from Paradise.  That is my origin, just as your father Michael had his origin on Paradise.  What can I tell you about my “birth?”  How can you describe the indescribable?  How can you relate spirit to the ears of human beings that are immersed in concepts?  That is impossible.  All I can tell you is my astonishment at the moment of my creation.  Once I was not, then I became who I am now in an instant.  Yet, in those ages that have followed I have grown immeasurably by those things that I have experienced in this expansive universe.
“Who are my parents,” you ask?  My parents are the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  Again, it would be impossible to describe their matchless glory and majesty to you.  One day, when you cross the threshold of Paradise you will discern them.  When you finally discern them you will be astonished.  I can say that your astonishment will be akin to my astonishment at my “birth” so many eons ago.   
You all remember that when your father Christ Michael was here he made a startling pronouncement.  He told his followers that if you have seen me you have seen the Father.  There are no separations between your Creator Son and the Eternal Father of us all.  How can I make you understand that the eternal deities are united; that they are one?  Each of the eternal deities have a role to play.  But in those roles there is unity; there is harmony.  There are truly no separations between them.  Their relationship is astounding.  The relationships that the eternal Deities have is like a blueprint for all the relationships that formed since that time.
Just as your father Christ Michael made that startling pronouncement so many years ago, I make this pronouncement.  Some may ask to see the Eternal Son.  Yet, I would tell them, if you have seen me you have seen the Eternal Son.  The Eternal Son is the epitome of mercy.  What is mercy?  Mercy is love in action.  Of what use would love be if love did not act in such a way that proved the merits of that love?  The original Michael Son is effuse with mercy.  Should it be any surprise that his children also possess this wonderful spiritual quality?  No, it is not a surprise at all.
You may think that on this planet known by the name Urantia, that you are the least desirable of all of the Eternal Father’s children.  No, no, my brethren.  Do you all know how much you are loved?  Do you all know how long the celestials near and far have been working for your restoration?  We have fought tooth and nail so that you, our Urantian brethren, could return to the fold that we have been a part of from the beginning.
Do you know how we view all of you my brethren?  We view you all as a meek little lamb that has lost its way.  You are all alone in the wilderness, bleating plaintively.  You do not know where you are or where you are going.  You weep because you do not know the power that you have.  You have pulled a veil over your eyes and we are here to remove that veil.  We are here to help humanity, a little lamb that has lost its way.  We have heard your cries; we have heard your pleadings.  That is why we are here now; that is why we are here.  But I would say to you my brethren, that what is in me is in you.  You are not helpless.  You simply needed someone to show you the way so you could navigate this world.
What is a shepherd that does not search for a little lamb that has lost its way?  If a shepherd knew of just one sheep, just one sheep of millions that had lost its way, that shepherd would spare no expense to find his lost one.  I am a great shepherd sent here by my father, the original Michael.  The Eternal Son is a great shepherd; he is the greatest shepherd.  He knows when the least of his children go missing.  When the very least of his children go missing he springs into action.  There are no priorities greater than the recovery of his lost child.  There is nothing, there is nothing that will stand in the way of the original Michael to find that one; just that one lost child among myriads of children accounted for.  But my brethren, do you think that I am separate?  Do you think that my feelings are somehow separate from my eternal parent?  No, no, my brethren, we are one.  I too am a shepherd that has come to look for the lost sheep of my brother Christ Michael.  I will stop at nothing until I find all those lost sheep and hoist them up on my shoulders.  That is why I am here.  I am here to restore that which has been lost.  I will restore children to their parents.  Children that have been lost far too long.
Yes, yes, my brethren, I am the lamb of God that comes to take away the sin of the world.  The darkness that has encompassed you for so many years is beginning to dissipate.  Will you work with me, my brethren?  The shepherd is pleased that so many are making themselves available to search this world for those sheep that have lost their way.  Will you stop at nothing until your brethren are found once again?  Will you hoist them upon your shoulders like a great shepherd that rejoices when even one little lamb; even when one little lamb is found?  That is why I have come.  I have come to restore this sphere to the family of Nebadon; to the family of a benign universe that has been waiting for this day to come.
Can you feel it?  Can you feel it now?  Can you feel the energies of mercy working their way into your very souls?  Those energies are the energies of the great one, of the original Michael, searching for his children that have gone astray.  But I say to you one and to you all, I am not separate from the original Michael.  The original Michael Son, the Eternal Son of Paradise and I, are not separate.  If you have ‘seen” me you have seen the Eternal Son.  These are the days when love is active.  These are the days when love springs into action.  These are the days when the mercy of the Eternal Son is put on display for an entire universe to see.  Oh, you will always remember these days.  These days when love was rediscovered on a humble little sphere known as Urantia.  Here on this humble little sphere , a little lamb had gone astray.  A great shepherd came looking for his children lost and all alone.  I am the great shepherd that comes looking for Michael’s little lambs that have gone astray.  I will stop at nothing until I hoist these little ones upon my shoulders.  Will you join me, my brethren?  Will you help me to search  for the lost ones?  Work alongside me and see love in action.  Work alongside of me and you will see the mercy of the original Michael.  For I am the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.  I am the great shepherd that looks for Michael’s children now lost.  I will not stop until I have found every one.