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Merlon Archangel of Salvington - Clarification of Special T/R s Use During Monjoronson Mission - July 21, 2012 - Everett, WA

This transmission is also an Addendum to Document -K- (July 20, 2012)
Internet Link to Doc -K- is

Archangel Clarification on Transmission Usages by T/R’s -  detailed below

July 21, 2012
From: Merlon, Archangel Stationed on Salvington
Message through the Archangel Circuit operating from Urantia.


Transmission Assistant: Felix Caro, Everett, WA

Clarification about Transmitters Usage of Reflectivity to That Section Reported in Document -K- Dated July 20, 2012, Page 13 “Setting the Record Straight Concerning Certain Designations to Describe T/R Usage”

[Note From Merlon he added on  July 22, 2012 - The following information is meant to clarify some ambiguous statements found in the ABC Summary Paper known as -K-.  Our clarification is meant to address what was not clear from the beginning to any transmitter on Urantia.  

Transmitter/Receivers are universally known as Transmitter Assistants and/or Transmission Technicians.  We prefer to use the term Transmitter Assistants since there is a composite technology on the mansion worlds which parallels what is given on Urantia to make transmissions possible.  Thank you.  Merlon]

Here then are my remarks to clarify what we mean:

“Greetings once more! Let’s clarify the “Transmission Assistants” concept for the benefit of those interested in it. For said assistant to exist, the following has to happen:

1)      They must be talented T/R’s, with the capacity to receive sounds and even messages, and with special attention to details.

2)      Per force, they will have to be part of Monjoronson’s staff, as they will be prepared in special ways to assume extraordinary support duties to the Magisterial Mission. The especially prepared would have undergone the required DNA changes that will have been brought into existence adding the 24th chromosome, which will provide them special spiritual capabilities, especially in the transmission and reception area. The brain would also have received important changes to make the special spiritual abilities possible.

3)      Also, in preparation to the arrival of Monjoronson to Urantia, the mortals that are to assist him on the mission would have undergone the pre-fusion process with their Thought Adjusters in order to be able to acquire the important spiritual connections and knowledge necessary to be efficient in their execution of any tasks to be assigned to them.

4)      During the great changes on Urantia, the “talented” T/R’s will be assuming fundamental transmission and reception duties in order to consolidate the establishment of Monjoronson’s staff, as well as to help facilitate the orderly resettlement of the population away from the areas being affected. These T/R’s will also be on the lookout of potential new T/R’s in order to assist in providing the fundamental transmission and reception duties already being performed by members of the mortal staff.

5)      Once Urantia has achieved stability in terms of the changes that just took effect, and as soon as some stability after resettlement has been achieved by the population, Michael will return to Urantia. At this point, the establishment of Manotia’s reflectivity circuit will be completed on time for it’s inauguration by our Sovereign.

6)      With Manotia’s reflectivity circuit complete and inaugurated, the talented T/Rs, to be known as “Transmission Assistants” will be transitioning to Mansonia in order to assume said assistance duties while helping operate said circuit for the benefit of the T/R’s that remain on Urantia that will be making use of it. The “Transmission Assistants” will be working with seraphs specialized in communication duties and the operation of said reflectivity circuit. Whether the transition to Mansonia takes place after the natural death of the talented T/Rs or after complete fusion with his/her TA will depend on the spiritual achievements of said mortal or on motion of the Father’s will at the time.

7)      Whether the “Transmission Assistants” will continue to assume said duties in Mansonia until the culmination of the Magisterial Mission, or even after it, will depend on Father’s plans for the said talented formal mortals.