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Monjoronson - Seeding Divine Justice into Planetary Consciousness - Apr 22, 2012 - CCC Teleconference

Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
Topic:  Seeding Divine Justice into the fabric of planetary consciousness
TR:  Donna D’Ingillo
April 22, 2012

PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for this time together as we ask for the encircuitment of our minds and hearts, our souls and Adjusters to act as one. We thank you for providing all the celestial hosts to participate with us on this call as we direct our heart energies and our mind energies in the way Monjoronson guides us. We are so happy to receive him and co-create with him what is in your will to serve our brothers and sisters and our planet as a whole. Thank you and may your will be done.

MONJORONSON:  Greetings, my beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to our gathering today that you may receive more of my energy signature into your being and then join with us today in the focusing of spiritual energy upon the world. Let us begin now with this infusion of my presence into your being that you may embody more and more each time you come to me of the qualities that I represent: those aspects of deity which are mine to share with you. Receive me now, my beloved brethren. Drink deeply of my presence. (Pause)

The prevailing spiritual attribute that I convey to you is that of MERCY. This powerful energy presence converges within your being to help you respond to your brothers and sisters in a more positive and understanding manner. There are many instinctive and reactive patterns of judgment and condemnation that humans react to in relationship to one another, yet I say to you it is MERCY that is truly the appropriate response, which will help you encode more of this into your system—to strengthen you with this attribute of the Father.

As Urantia continues to open to spiritual pressure, you will need this prevailing spiritual attitude to help you, to embolden you, to look beyond the errors of the past, to not judge your brethren who have erred or sinned consistently. It is only through the impartation of these energies, when you come to me that will help you continuously to embody what is now necessary for more changes to occur on this world. Continue to imprint upon me for the next few moments before we engage your focusing abilities into the arenas of planetary change.  Drink deeply. Let my presence embrace you. (Pause)

Many more Urantians are feeling the spiritual pressure contained within their hearts. There is an anticipatory feeling that is quickening within. Soon it will be time to inaugurate the new era of Light and Life. We ask you to continue to do your part each and every day. You have received many lessons, many helpers to change your thinking, help you become aware when you feel to fear and doubt, to help you focus in the right direction in the Father’s LOVE. Continue to pray that these energies flow more deeply into the fabric of planetary consciousness. Feel your heart’s desire for the shift to occur. Truly feel your love for your world, for your brothers and sisters. Look deep into that place of your desire to see societal change unfold. As you feel this, project this energy from your heart as you envision the world in your mind’s eye before you. Focus here for a few minutes while circuits are being established at our end, feeling your love for Urantia open you deeper.

Now in your mind’s eye, you may envision my name embracing the world. As you do this, also let us now add in the energies of JUSTICE—DIVINE JUSTICE. Feel your desires for DIVINE JUSTICE to now penetrate the realm of planetary consciousness as we labor at our end to bring in these circuits. As you focus now, do not engage your intellect to try to understand what this means; rather feel your desire for my MERCY and true DIVINE JUSTICE to embrace this world.  This is beyond your understanding, dear ones, and yet your desires will add mightily into the fabric of planetary consciousness, to open various portals for this vital component of spirit to intersect into those regions where this is now necessary. You may envision the words DIVINE JUSTICE embracing the world, as MERCY and my presence also converge here. Do your best to focus now, and we will do the rest. (Pause)

The planet is undergoing a period of adjudication. The divine attributes will render this period of time more effective as the human heart yearns for this to come into the fabric of planetary consciousness. You have conjoined your minds and hearts with us to build RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, MERCY, and now it is time to add this flavor—you might say—into these circuits. JUSTICE, as it is orchestrated at the higher levels of spirit, has never prevailed upon Urantia. Now it is time for this to occur. How is it to occur? Partially, it is through your desires for this, now that you have formed this field of desire to add this into the matrix of conscious understanding. This will grow in time. We ask you to, in your visualizing exercises for the healing of the planet, focus on this attribute for a period of time. Few Urantians truly understand what this means for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail here, yet we look to you to build this circuitry that this may indeed come to pass in the Father’s time. In his WILL, in his GLORY, and in his POWER. Feel your desire for this. Continue to embrace the world. Add as much heartfelt desire as you can into this circuit and we will amplify it. (Pause)

We will, in the coming weeks, continue to focus on this, to build the spiritual pressure, you might say, for JUSTICE to prevail upon Urantia. As you deepen your desire, as you continue to focus, over time you will receive more impressions of what this truly means for JUSTICE to prevail. For now, all we ask is that you generate this field of desire that we may continue to labor in your heart energy and seed this more deeply into Urantian consciousness. Continue your focus for the next few moments as we continue to add and build and weave these circuits together. (Pause)

There is one more visualization to add now. Visualize in your mind’s eye the Ancients of Days, these words, and simply lift your planet up to them. Let them hold Urantia in their hands. Let them bathe Urantia in their presence. Do your best to hold this focus for a few moments as these circuits of JUSTICE descend and converge upon this world. (Pause)

I invite you now to take a few moments to praise the Father in Paradise, all that He has bestowed, all that He has endowed to you, to this world, the part of His creative plan and design. Spend a few moments in worshipful praise and thanksgiving that the energies that you generate from your heart to the Father can be used for transformation for Urantia. Focus only on the Father now. We will do the rest. (Long pause)

As you descend back to your waking consciousness, I thank you for your participation with us today. I invite you to continue to co-create with us each and every day during your stillness practice. Add more of your heart energies into the field of planetary consciousness, to evoke the changes that are necessary for this planet to heal and transform.

I leave you in your Father Michael’s LOVE and PEACE, my beloved brethren, and I do so look forward to the time when I am with you in the flesh as we endeavor to build a new planetary culture here on Urantia aligned in the Will of the Father, glorifying in Him. Good afternoon.